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AutoPilot streamlines the entire process, removing costly and stressful distractions. Save Username Forgot Username? But inthere was a rash of price slashing from pretty much every top-tier discount broker, and the competition is getting stiffer. If you have a position that is in winter, and does not have any activity in it for a given month, you will not be charged for that position in that month. This potentially costs you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

TradeKing offers clients a comprehensive package at a competitive price. The broker has a strong foundation for the future with its TradeKing LIVE responsive platform and new parent, Ally Financial. Today, inTradeKing continues to operate as a standalone brand underneath the Ally umbrella. The broker remains focused on providing clients discounted trades without sacrificing a smooth client experience. In years past, TradeKing had competition from other discount brokers.

TradeKing also does not currently offer any commission-free ETFs. One thing I did not like on the TradeKing website was the process of placing a trade. Instead of an all-in-one trade ticket, TradeKing has more than a dozen separate trade ticket pages, which makes it inconvenient. Fortunately for clients though, the trade ticket provided on the new TradeKing LIVE platform is far superior, and I highly recommend using it rather than the website.

TradeKing finished 10th out of 16 brokers for phone support. Phone support aside, email and live chat were much more impressive. Live chat finished fourth overall in the industry, and email support finished fifth. Ease of Use is a category encompassing quite a large area. TradeKing has had several challenges in the past. Everything about the client experience has improved.

Streaming quotes are everywhere, and trades can be placed from any page using the right sidebar trade ticket. A fully customizable dashboard takes advantage of tiles similar to Microsoft products. Even monitoring orders, pulling quotes, and assessing portfolio performance have been creatively refreshed. TradeKing LIVE was initially a little weak in the charting and options areas; however, thanks to updates made inboth have been enhanced. The charts are smooth, easy to modify, and now include 10 drawing tools as well as 84 different technical indicators.

Both counts are a monster improvement over the two and three, respectively, we counted the previous year. Deep analysis now also includes the flexibility to be able to assess theoretical positions with live positions. First, ironing out the viewing experience should be a priority for TradeKing — the desktop is clean, but the smartphone view still needs some UI tweaks.

Compared to other brokers with similar discounted pricing, TradeKing is offering is the best. TradeKing does a very good job of bringing visuals and interactive analysis into the research experience. Whether analyzing earnings or insider transactions, the graphs have overlays that identify key points, which makes the experience far more insightful than staring at straight data. TradeKing also includes a peer comparison chart for equities research, another nice touch not found with other tradeking pricing list brokers.

Customers can even download historical pricing spreadsheets for any security. With the offering of discounted trades, multiple third-party reports cannot be provided because the cost is simply too high. See: Best Brokers for Research. For mobile trading, TradeKing offers customers iOS and Android smartphone apps, but nothing more. With TradeKing LIVE being designed for mobile devices as well as desktop computers, we tradeking pricing list TradeKing is going to eventually either sunset its mobile apps in favor of TradeKing LIVE or decide to support the app and invest more resources in updates.

See: Best Brokers for Mobile Trading. TradeKing's community, the Trader Network, allows clients to share their real trades, write notes on why they made them, and interact with the rest of the community via blogs, forums, and groups. While the area was active in the late s, over the years, clients have found other interests. Twitter, StockTwits, and other financial social networks now dominate the social landscape. While always hard to let go, TradeKing is probably best off to sunset the Trader Network in favor of a more modern-day approach to social trading.

That, or it needs to make a serious investment to re-spark client interest. Over the past three years, TradeKing has hurt itself by spreading its development and leadership resources too thinly. Acquisitions of competitors and expanding into new business lines such as professional advice see our TradeKing Advisors review detracted from developing TradeKing LIVE and fixing website usability issues such as navigation and client login.

Not only that, TradeKing itself was acquired by Ally Financial inwhich, as one could expect, took up resources. These growing pains caused delays but were necessary steps in the long-term effort to evolve and provide a fantastic experience. For our Stock Broker Review we assessed, rated, and ranked sixteen different online brokers over a period of tradeking pricing list months. In total, we conducted customer service tests, collected 5, data points, and produced over 40, words of research.

Reviewed by Blain Reinkensmeyer. Blain heads research at StockBrokers. Blain currently maintains funded accounts with more than a dozen different US-regulated online brokers and has executed thousands of trades throughout his career. He enjoys sharing his experiences through his personal blog, StockTrader. TradeKing is an online broker with a straightforward commissions schedule.

This is regardless of order type and size. For multi-leg spreads, only one base commission is charged. Lastly, there is no commission charged for buying back short options valued at 5 cents or less. Note other charges apply for loaded funds. If you believe any trade on mobile listed above is inaccurate, please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.

For options orders, an options regulatory fee per contract may apply. Disclaimer : It is our organization's primary mission to provide reviews, commentary, and analysis that are unbiased and objective. Operating as an online business, this site may be compensated through third party advertisers. Our receipt of such compensation shall not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation by StockBrokers.

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