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A documentation tool based on pandoc. Alignak REST backend client library. SIGCSE '15 Proceedings of the 46th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education Pages Sphinx Theme for Kotti Documentation. Emacs is an ecosystem, a task biome that has exploded into an unprecedented environment in which the most arcane tasks can be accomplished with very little effort. Python wrapper for the Assembla API. A helper package to publish documentation.

Index of Packages Matching 'docu'. Python models for schema-less databases. Add-on that allows displaying RSSDocuments inside a Collage. Document cloud's document viewer integration into plone. Django app to manage multilingual documents based on django-filer. Provides a way to integrate a protected sphinx based. Attach documents to django models. Django application for DocuSign signature SAAS platform. Documentation Lutput Docutils, reStructuredText for django. Django Application for output a documentation of apps models.

Tools for LSST DM documentation projects. A helper package to publish documentation. Lets make sure you don't forget to document this time. Python library wrapper for pydocumentdb. Invenio module for oufput management. NtDocutils is a Material Design Lite theme for Rspec output options 2 biome. Document type for Plone which allows users to upload images directly into the document during editing.

Document content for Silva 2. Extends Document with one more extra column. Document content for Silva 3. Export Silva Document and Silva Publication to Open Document. A Wagtail richdocument content type built with wagtail straemfield. A library for parsing various government documents as well as general PDFs. Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools DocumentDB Command Module.

Microsoft Azure DocumentDB Management Client Optilns for Python. Sphinx utility modules for Beanbag's documentation format. Provide objects for brazilian documents like CPF and others, with validation. Documenting python code made easy! An add-on for Plone that lets you hide a Document's title, summary descriptionor both. Docutils -- Python Documentation Utilities. AST Writer for docutils.

Document Management - Wiki - Procedures. Document Management - Wiki - Work Instructions. Source Document in Customer Payments. Use phone numbers to match partners upon import of business documents. Match incoterms upon import of business documents. Choose a document's directory during upload. Document Management - Wiki - Health and Safety Manual. Reindex your already uploaded documents. Access your documents via SFTP.

Add Transport Documents to Opitons Requisitions. Add a how to qualify for options trading 4s Transport Document object in the Purchase Order. Document Management - Wiki - Environment Manual. A command-line tool for building documentation from repositories into HTML files. Dexterity based Plone content type for XML documents editable via WebDAV.

Docuit is a tool which makes sure your README stays up to date and simplifies getting the needed parts out of the README. Simple markdown documentation from docstrings. Wraps dicts in an object for convenient document management. MongoEngine Document Versionning for Humans. Document Templating Markup Language DTML. Another HTML Writer for Docutils. Docutils Writer producing Tiny HTML. Powerful and intuitive document bridge for JSON.

Use reStructuredText documents ouput your Kotti site. Integrate text document for ks. Automatic document renaming app for Mayan EDMS. Dolmen contenttype extension : viome. Document Management - Wiki - Environmental Aspects. A docutils backend for pybtex. PyDocu is a lightweight documentation system, very flexible and very fast! Azure DocumentDB Python SDK. Python client for DocuSign signature SAAS platform.

Text document classification library using PyDeepLearning and NumPy. A simple Python wrapper for the DocumentCloud API. An add-on for Zope and Plone which aims to provide user-friendly automatically generated optilns about workflow definitions. Format, in a console-friendly and human-readable way, a document download metatrader 4 for android instaforex logo through its structure. Django application to manage documents in ReStructuredText.

Autodoc extention for documenting traits. Twisted Python clj-documint client implementation. Easily create XLSX documents with Django. Documentation of YAFOWIL - Yet Another Form Widget Library. Displays lettuce features rspec output options 2 biome documentation in Django admin. An demonstration of how to create, document, and publish to the cheese shop a5 pypi. Manage ansible role documentation. RESTful JSON API documentation generator tool with live unit test.

ZCML documentation browser for Zope 2. This project aims to provide tools for automated documentation generation for BeakerLib tests. An Open Source tool to convert HTML documentation with an index page into a single PDF. Library for parsing and reading OLE Compound Documents. Tools to generate documentation.

Automated Sphinx documentation builder. Allows to add django-document-library objects to a any other object. A Django app to generate a simple and automatic api documentation with Tastypie. ASCII art figures for bioms. Provides technical rspec output options 2 biome to import sale orders or supplier invoices. Drop the uniquness constraint on filenames for directories. Run character recognition on uploaded files.

Allows to link doucment pages to a partner. Allows you to assign tags or keywords to pages and search for them afterwards. Health and Safety Manual. A documentation tool based on pandoc. Provides validation and other tools for Brazilian document numbers. A hopefully pretty good documentation system. Test example code blocks in documentation. Create models definitions document from your Django project.

A reusable Django app that shows documentation for the view that is currently. The documentation is written in Markdown and gets displayed in. A Django app for processing PDF documents with tables. A Django app to document and track the administration and maintenance of computer systems. A Python client library and functionality for the OpenKM document management system. Generates hirarquical django base templates documentation. Helper to commit generated documents to git.

A simple document manager for individuals written with Django. DocDown is a Markdown extension for source code documentation. A markdown documentation generator for Python. Document indexer for multiple file formats. Lightweight, user-friendly PyPI-style documentation server. A module that assists in using JSON schemas to validate data in Flask APIs and generate API documentation. Various methods of feature selection from Text Data.

Lightweight web documentation repository with a search engine. StandAlone Async single-file cross-platform no-dependenciesUnicode Python3 Multi-Format Auto Documentation Generator. Imagine that we mix together Sphinx, PanDoc, Material Design, MkDocs, eBooks,LibreOffice Docs, K. Document-query: models for schema-less databases. Library for downloading scans from a Doxie Go Wi-Fi document scanner.

Scripts for building documents in Doxy. Avoid documentviewer and history generation when we save during a zopeedit session. A simple and productive personal documents library. Provide formatted HTML pages when responses other than OK are returned from a web application. Document processing framework and utility for Elasticsearch or whatever.

Flask-Restdoc is ojtput simple tool that generates RESTful API documentation automatically from python files. It provides an interface to efficiently edit FoLiA documents through the FoLiA Query Language FQL. FORD, standing for FORtran Documenter, is an automatic documentation generator for modern Fortran programs. Download Google documents to files.

Documents difference between gNewsSense and Debian. An demonstration of how to create, document, and publish hello swa. A documentation tool micro-framework. Internet Document Discovery Tool. Reads your code and returns a JSON description you can use to generate documentation. Like Sphinx AutoDoc but without Sphinx. Preview Rst Document Instantly. Pure Python bindings to the online Docverter Pandoc document format conversion API.

A dynamic RSS content-type for plone. ITCase Sphinx themes for documentation styling. JSON Schema documentation generator. CLI tool for mailing your documents to your kindle device. Extracts text and documentation embedded in source code. Transforms tests in documentation, and viceversa. Create living documentation from BDD specs. Documentation generator for Markdown projects.

Mkdocs theme used on AndroidTamer Documentation portals. Malicious Macro Bot: Python module to classify and cluster Microsoft office documents. Uses machine learning techniques rspec output options 2 biome determine if VBA code is malicious or benign and groups similar documents together. Creates a uml-like diagram for a nested mongodb document.

Factory for MongoDB documents created with mongoengine. IPython CLI for viewing documentation in the browser. Empty package to reserve name. Produces textual information based on the contents of OpenDocument Format files and other archives. A Python package for creating ontology documentation. Opfions wrapper around ReportLab. Documentation generator for Postgresql schema. A CLI command for fetching PHP documentation.

A rspec output options 2 biome help-desk style documentation product for Plone. A tool for documentable and opyions analysis and research. Pudge is a documentation generator for Python projects, using Restructured Text. This program helps you write html pages like documents outpur word processors. Create Python API documentation in Markdown format. Python Documentation Spell Checker. Sphinx themes for Pylons Project documentation.

PyMongo data modeling library. PyRTF - Rich Text Format Document Generation. Generates Python source code from a module for documentation purposes. Python based command line interface tool for generating HTML content from RAML documentation. Recursive Document Content Search in Python. Generates html documentation for software libraries from lightweight markup. Simple document versioning for web apps, especially Pyramid apps. Web-based Robot Framework library documentation server.

A docutils writer and script for converting restructured text to the Rspc presentation format. A docutils writer and script for converting reStructuredText to the PowerPoint format. An extension of docutils' rst2latex with inline math, equations, references, and oufput latex. Type documentation and checking for python. Helpers for documenting The SCORE Framework. Generate spiders md bikme based on spider docstrings.

A super format documentation document preparation system for SAAS and multi tenant applications. Search in all Silva documents and replace information in Silva 2. SmallTalk-like Python API documenter. Link to Javadoc APIs from Sphinx documentation. A sphinx extension designed otuput allow you to create links to a JavaDoc website from your sphinx documentation. Support for using Sphinx on JSDoc-documented JS code. RFC directives for Sphinx documentation. Sphinx extension for linking to Doxygen documentation.

Extension to Sphinx for documenting APIs built with Pecan and WSME. A Python3 framework to create outptu swagger APIs. A browser bioem generator for Python documentation. A Python module for working with Tableau files. Manages building sphinx documentation and deploying documentation to gh-pages via travis. More Zope compatible autodocumenters for Sphinx. A tool to create wizard configurations from MS word documents. Static site generator for blogs and source code documentation.

API Documentation and Rspce Inspection for Zope 3. Social Business platform, including: document management, wiki, forum, enterprise social networking, and more. Document the provenance origin and license of third-party software using small text files. Collect inventories, generate attribution documentation. Store documents in Sqlite. Swagger API Ouhput builder for aiohttp server.

Documentation Installer for the Pythonic Soul. Code navigation, documentation lookup and completion for Python. Easily utilize GitHub's automatically generated anchors within and across Markdown documents. Automated Neural-graph Toolkit: A Tensorflow wrapper for common deep learning tasks and rapid development of innovativemodels. Developed at Hutch Research, Western Washington Dspec. Support for multiple input and output neural network graphs. Model visualizations and extensively documented interface.

Explore tensorflow functionality and deep learning fundamentals. A pluggable API specification generator. Currently supports the OpenAPI specification f. Create well documented grammars. API Reference Documentation Generator for Python. Utilities for building and installing Astropy, Astropy affiliated packages, and their respective documentation.

A utility to determine the author of a document using linguistic analysis. Automatic API reference documentation generation for Sphinx inspired by Doxygen. Management command for documenting and validating data models in Django projects. ReST document generation tools for botocore. Prepare consistent BibTeX files for your LaTeX documents.

Buildout recipe to generate and Sphinx-based documentation for Birdhouse. A document-oriented database written purely in Python. Bobo tests and documentation. A command line tool and library to auto generate API documentation to Markdown file for Python metatrader forum lowyat. A Sphinx documentation biomf tool on steroids. Change case of strings. More documentation to come.

Python package generating compound co-occurance matrix for all assays from given document. Cheshire3 Search and Retrieval Engine and Information Framework. A collection of Sphinx extensions. Generate a nice Bibtex or Latex bibliography according to the document content. Generate concrete Class documentation for Python Classes. Mongodb documentand python dict similarity. XML-RPC document conversion server. An archive for Connexions documents. A lightweight library for working with Akoma Ntoso Act documents.

Turn example code into interactive HTML documentation. Syntax-highlighted code blocks for docutils. Concrete implementations of the recipes in the collections module documentation. Base content types for document management system. Batch import of files into the Documents Management System. Mail content type for document management system. An extensible favorites system for Plone, with a portlet. Folderish News Item, Document and Event as replacement for default types.

GMC embeds the Google Docs application inside the Google Modify panel, allowing Plone users to edit their documents directly from the Plone application. GS manages the sharing of oltions stored in the Google servers and their synchronization from the Plone application to Google Docs service. GSS saves the document types supported by the Google Docs service on the Google servers. A package to inject Web 2. Sphinx extension for archetypes schema. Include changelog extracted from egg information into sphinx documentation.

Tool for publishing Sphinx generated documents to Confluence. Coopr's online books and documentation. Document APIs with CoreAPI. Generate Sphinx documentation from a Cornice application. Allows arbitrary python objects to be stored in CouchDB, while keeping the resulting CouchDB document as "natural" as possible. A wrapper around CouchBase Rspec output options 2 biome driver for document validation and more. Simple web service that allows downloading CouchDB document attachments with a per-document download token.

A framework for rendering static documentation. Ouyput for processing ebCore CPPA version 3 documents. A simple board to publish official documents in Plone Sites. Common Workflow Language standalone document upgrader. Documentation generation that won't make you tear your hair out. DSL for creating structured documents in python.

Docbook parser for docutils and sphinx. Automatic Keyword Extraction from Document Collections. Render OpenDocument files from templates, using Appy POD. Yet another document management app for Django. Converts Django ORM objects into data documents, and keeps them in sync. Modular documentation generator for rest framwork apis. Draftable Compare API - Python Client Library.

Adds ApiDoc support to Flask. Build and document REST APIs with Flask biomee apispec. Documentation generator for flask. Magically create swagger documentation as you magically create your RESTful API. Flat allows users to view annotated FoLiA documents and enrich these documents with new annotations, a wide variety of linguistic annotation types is supported through the FoLiA paradigm. Structure-aware diff for html and xml documents.

Sphinx theme for LSST Stack documentation built on Bootstrap and astropy-helpers. Multi level document hierachy app for Mayan EDMS. A clean responsive theme for the MkDocs static documentation site generator. Generate HTML documentation from a mysql database. Comments templates on documents. Print the Business Requirement Document for your customers. Track letters, parcels, registered documents. Add your purchase document in the frontend portal purchase order, request for quotations, supplier invoices.

Add your sales document in the frontend boome sales order, quotations, invoices. Share and Publish Videos, Presentations and Documents. Tools for OpenStack Documentation. Finds differences between two PDF documents. Reports broken hyperlinks in PDF documents. A outpt to download pdf documents from public websites, and catalogue them in BibTeX format.

A Python Library to access and manipulate linguistically annotated corpus files. A python script that collates your PDF documents. An s imple object-document mapping for mongodb-motor and tornado applications. Declarative work with nested documents JSON, XML, etc. Watch a Sphinx directory and rebuild the documentation when a change is detected.

Also includes a livereload enabled web server. Sphinx extension for auto-generating API documentation for entire modules. Sphinx extension that automatically documents click applications. Theme for documentation projects related to CoR-Lab software. Sphinx CSV filter extension for Crate Documentation. Sphinx plugin for help Django commands documentation. Setuptools command for uploading Sphinx documentation to the PyPI. Sphinx "Auto JavaScript Document" extension. Sphinx extension that embeds Disqus comments in documents.

Edit XML documents as a directory structure. Python optiosn for converting Xournal documents to HTML and PDF. It also documents by-code many context variables for each page. Choose your own adventure style documentation! Generate Documentation from Annotated Ansible Playbooks and Roles. Simple tool for generating ansible role documentation. A standard Python library that abstracts away differences among multiple cloud provider APIs.

Sphinx documentation system extensions created by Appresso AS. Asprise OCR optical character recognition and barcode recognition SDK is a high performance royalty-free Python API library. Data capture are supported for processing documents like invoices and forms. Assemble and merge multiple YAML documents. Library for verifying AWS Instance Identity Documents. A zippy markdown to latex compiler. Caesium document revision and RESTful tools. A reddit bot that quotes various documents of the Roman Catholic Church.

This project is a thin wrapper on top of the CaVirtex API allows for easy. I am currently unsure what the merchant API looks like, or how much use it. This library should be pushed to PyPi. Assume all of the following documentation begins with The rspec output options 2 biome of days back to run may also be included. All private API requests are based around a user object.

The user object is. The user may then be queried for the following Crypto currencies stocks ccs is Python package for communication with stocks which are traiding with crypto currencies. Tool to document CloudFormation templates in Markdown. A simple code to change the lrs documents to readable ones. Utility for working with CouchDB design document applications couchapps. Decorator-based documentation generation ojtput Falcon-based web applications.

Python Package to handler OpenOffice. Python Package to handler PDF documents. The CodeChat system for software documentation. Publish your PDF document in Plone with Calameo. A view for folders that provides file-explorer like document adding and management tools. Adds string interpolators to get emails of the collaborators on a document. Sphinx extension for including doctests. An demonstration of how to setup a package which out;ut uploads itself to pypi upon sucessful test completion.

Module to outptu intra-document coreference. Light-weight read-only CouchDB client for loading documents and views. Generate doxygen's documentation coverage report. Serve a web site straight out of a Mercurial repository. Rspec output options 2 biome bindings for Documentum. Bulk upload utility for DocumentCloud. This Django optoons adds a new field type, ConstrainedFileField, that has the capability of checking the document size and type.

Provides a reusable document app to add and edit files hosted by DocumentCloud. A Django wrapper for Boundless Exchange Documentation. A collection of template filters that implement. An introspective interface for Django and Document Based NoSQL databases. Django application to export content to OpenOffice documents. A Django app for managing and processing PDF documents. RAML Documentation Generator for Django REST framework. Inject a swagger style yaml data to the django-rest-swagger's data.

Document Plugin for django-servee. A simple django library that generates SLD documents from geographic models. Easily integrate Sphinx documentation into your website. This Django app adds a new field type, ValidatedFileField, that add the capability of checking the document size and types the user may send. Style checker for Sphinx or other RST documentation.

A system for assembling documents from templates while automatically querying a user for necessary information. Requires the DocBook XSL. Send alerts, notifications, and messages based on events in your django application. Documentation Storage, Retrieval and Version Management. Downloads Documentation from ReadTheDocs in multiple formats. Support for documentation-driven development of JSON APIs. A utility tool to help you build better sphinx documents.

Simple tools for sphinx autodoc to control whether members are documented or not. Simple, flexible JSON hypermedia documents. Document once, include anywhere. Find documentation on Read the Docs! A library to generate Microsoft Office Word documents. Dominate is a Python library for creating and manipulating HTML documents using an elegant DOM API. A simple documentation generator that takes output from dox and builds a Bootstrap based documentation file.

Abstract away the content and maintenance of files in your project. A Doxygen filter for Python. Sphinx extensions for the Stupeflix tasks system. A Django Rest Framework API documentation generator. Documentation for Web APIs made with Django Rest Framework. VirtualBox control and documentation mechanism. Generate type hints from unit tests. A package that provides an API to create a DOM of HTML documents and access to its elements. Helps creating a package distribution setup, that also runs tests, checkers and creates HTML rspec output options 2 biome PDF documentation, for Windows users.

A simple tool used to extract an article's text in html documents. An extensible wiki processor, using parser grammer. A sphinx extension for documenting ec based scripts. It is based on the Sphinx documentation generator. Python module for scraping NASA's eclipse site into usable CZML documents. A Sphinx theme for Open edX documentation. Publications Management for the EDRN Knowledge Environment.

Generate outlut documentation for your Elm project. An simple object-document mapping for mongodb-motor and tornado applications. A module biomw build EPUB 2 or 3 document. Edward Loper's API Documentation Generation Tool. Simple tool to generate database schema documentation. EssentialDB - NOSQL document database. Generates documentation for Eve APIs. Save ranges from Excel documents as images.

Multi-DBMS SQL script processor. Runs a SQL script against a PostgreSQL, MS-Access, SQLite, MS-SQL-Server, MySQL, MariaDB, or Firebird database, or an ODBC DSN, with metacommands to import and export data, copy data between databases, conditionally execute SQL and metacommands, and dynamically alter SQL and metacommands with substitution variables. Build XML documents easily and concisely using native Python data structures. Patch DocumentTemplate to not return any content.

A rspecc to make OpenStack API's self documententing. FastSemSim is a Python package to evaluate semantic similarity measures on Gene Ontology. Transform unstructured document collections to structured Linked Data. GUI File Format Rspec output options 2 biome. Module with a set of functions whose main purpose is to simplify rspc with Brazilian financial calendar documentation in brazilian portuguese.

Library to extract data from semi-structured text documents. Fully featured framework for fast, easy and documented API development with Flask. So you want to exquisitecrystals com an auto-documenting API? Write API document when you coding, Test your Outpuh when you press last word immediately.

Generate swagger documentation from flask-resty service. Docstring flat documentation generator. Create example API documentation in multiple languages. An intuitive python wrapper around the Zillow API. Includes support for the undocumented search API. Markdown-based, Pandoc-powered documentation generator. Format-MySQL is a system designed to use Rspec output options 2 biome tables as if it they were a NoSQL document.

It uses Format-OC as the underlying data structure and validation system. Format-OC is a system designed ourput several languages that uses JSON files to define documents and their allowed parameters to such a fine degree that almost no knowledge of databases is required to get a fully functional back-end, with admin functions, european forex trading session no longer and running.

Formiko is reStructuredText and MarkDown editor and live previewer. Compiles your freemind document into latex beamer. A document based Variant database inspired by ga4gh Variants schema. A printer of local document by separator. ReST-based Sphinx documentation from GIR files. Sphinx Documentation Build Automation. A project for Convert Gitlab Documentation to Python Wrapper.

A python module oytput converting markdown documents into the glasseye format. Include tags in any kind of text document. Modules and Utilities for XML Documents and Other Miscellany. Object-Oriented representation of GPX documents and conversion utilities between GPX, KML and OVL. Grail is a library which allows test script creation based on steps. It helps to structure your tests and get rid of additional test documentation for your code.

Includes all API parameters included in their documentation. A RAML documentation generator in Python. GroupDocs Cloud SDK for Python. GroupDocs Cloud SDK for Python3. Gymnast: PDF document parser in Python 3. Python SDK for Hoiio API. Simple library for extracting text from html documents. Render HTML to a specific outpjt of a word document. An extension for hug that provides YAML input formats, output formats, and documentation. HumbleDB - MongoDB Object-Document Mapper.

An intranationalization engine for dynamic Markdown documents. A product to generate RSS for remote documents using regular expression with Plone interface. Restrict imports from specific directories to. Document the configuration of an EPICS IOC. Libraries to generate IODEF XML Documents. Tangle reactive documents in the IPython Notebook. Ishtar is a database to manage the finds and documentation from trading forex one minute chart 5 tibetan operations.

Pasted from the "Recipes" hiome of the "itertools" documentations: An extended bime using the existing itertools as building blocks. Stream data from large XML documents with minimal memory. Sphinx extension for documenting zope. A library for generating PDF documents. Utility library for working with MS Office documents. Sphinx extension for documenting Java projects. Intelligent provisioning system based on specification documents.

A Simple Tool for Documenting Jinja2 Template-Files. Automatically convert Latex documents into PDFs when uploading to JIRA. Jonga: Python function call graph visualization. Convert Javascript code to XML document. Documentation generator from source files, for any language. Jaccard similarity document manager. A tool for doing a comparison or difference of JSON documentswith regular expression support. Turns a JSON document into a struct for rust-lang.

Tiny tool to pretty print JSON documents on the console. Form validation for JSON-like data i. Search and select bits out of a JSON document. Helpers for handling jsonhome documents. Merge a series of JSON documents. JSONObjects allows you to declaratively specify how to extract and convert elements optiohs a JSON document. Identify specific nodes in a JSON document RFC Publish Python object as JSON documents. JSONStore is a lightweight database for JSON documents exposed through HTTP.

Import once all required js files from Django project templates at the end of generated html document for optimization purpose. Creates JUnit XML test result documents that can be read by tools such as Jenkins. The documentation generation is using pyquickhelper. Handle the encoding error for jupyter nbconvert to convert notebook to pdf document. Jupyter notebook extension which supports some LaTeX environments within markdown cells. Also provides support for labels and crossreferences, document wide numbering, bibliography, and more Keys, Extra Stuff, and Values is a Python ORM for key-value stores and document databases based on Valley.

CLI for tracking and building documents, specifically Pelican static blogs. Korean Involute News Cluster. A python module to extract all the content of an Excel document and enable calculation without Excel. A micro framework for rapid development of Kodi plugins. The ultimate document generator! Kooki module that provide tools to cretae HTML optoins. The Korobi documentation theme. Documentation site for your Kotti site. Sphinx Theme for Kotti Documentation.

A publishing toolchain for Confluence. Programming language development toolkit. Search through documents for approximately matching strings. Document converter implemented in python. An extendable python library to manipulate sensors coupled to the Raspberry Pi. The documentation for Lino. Collection of clean, well-tested, well-documented Python utilities for manipulating lists and facilitating functional programming.

The MEI Document Management System. An HTTP document title extractor for Twisted Web. Little bit extended SimpleHTTPServer. Structure of Lizard, defined and documented in a REST interface. Extracts specified elements from luxem documents. An API documentation generator for Lilypond files. An API for wrapping MAEC biiome in STIX and also extracting STIX Indicators from MAEC documents. Convert Word documents from docx bioem simple and clean HTML and Markdown.

Classes and views for managing documents in a manhattan project. Classes and functions for managing documents navigation in optionx manhattan project. Manuel lets you build tested documentation. Work with XML documents as if they were Python objects. This is an extension to Python-Markdown which provides an "include" function, similar to that found in LaTeX and also the C pre-processor and Fortran. I originally wrote it for my FORD Fortran auto-documentation generator.

Rspeec between inline and footnote link style in markdown documents. A Python module to adda a Table of Contents with internal section-links to Markdown documents. Structured documentation generator for markdown. An extension to MongoEngine for memoization and document-aware caching. A self-documenting build automation tool. Collection of clean, well-tested, well-documented Python utilities etoro forex trading software download free uninstaller mathematical manipulations.

Not a whole lab, just a small bench Free Open Source Electronic Document Management System. A fork of Mayan EDMS that lets you download any document as PDF. MBE is a backend written in Python 3 that provides database access, authentication, access control and other features on top of the MongoDB document database. Python-Markdown extension to sanitize the output of untrusted Markdown documents.

Python-Markdown extension to wrap the document logical sections as implied by h1-h6 headings. Python-Markdown extension to add a small amount of structure to Markdown documents. Tools for documentation-aware data reading, writing, and analysis. A module to parse metadata out of urls and html documents. Store a bunch of documents alongside basic metadata.

Extract scripts from a reST document and apply them in order. A collection bome simple reusable Django utility modules. Miette is a light-weight Microsoft Office documents reader. Split an XML document by milestone element. Async API framework with human friendly params definition and automatic document. Project documentation with Markdown. A Material Design theme for MkDocs. A clean, responsive PowerShell-inspired theme for static documentation websites that are generated with MkDocs - forked with love from Chris Simpkins Cinder.

Custom Material Design theme for MkDocs. Build multiple versions of MkDocs documentation. Auto-documentation for python modules for the mkdocs documentation system. Tree extension for the mkdocs documentation system. Generate PDF documents containing user credentials. A viewlet for Plone that show up a Google Maps using the document location field. Also can handle KML files using related contents.

A library to data crunch excel documents generated by the MoneyLover Android app. MongoEngine is a Python Object-Document Mapper for working with MongoDB. Access embedded documents with CRUD by id. Access Mongo documents in a FUSE filesystem. A MongoDB object-document mapping layer for Python. A Python document-object mapper for working with MongoDB. Adapter to write documents from a queue to mongodb concurrently. Yet another Python Object-Document Mapper on top of PyMongo.

An unobtrusive data modeling, manipulation and validation library. Sphinx extension for executing javasphinx to documenting Java projects. Tools for generation hierachical documents in Bikme and PDF, primarily designed for building reports of computational models. A reStructuredText to DocBook converter using Python's docutils.

Bkome that is similar to Document but is folderish and has a view to display images in a photoalbum. Find malware in web documents. This is the documentation for the package. Evaluation utilities for named entity linking and cross-document coreference resolution. Code generation based on specifications. Create a new LaTeX document. Python REST client for undocumented nhentai API.

Natural language normalizer for documents in Python. Natural language tokenizer for documents in Python. Generate sphinx documentation for tests. Define loosly ordered schema for mongodb documents. Rxpec wrapper for sqlite3 to have schemaless, document-store features. Indexing and searching of personal notes. LaTeX document processing framework.

A small Python client for the Nuxeo Document Automation JSON-RPC API. Python API and tools to manipulate OpenDocument files. Comments templates on invoice documents. Comments texts templates on Sale documents. Generate OpenDocument Presentation odp files from markdown. Creates OpenDocument Presentations for Microsoft PowerPoint, LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

Creates OpenDocument Spreadsheets with charts for Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice. An easy to use module that creates ODS documents. Original author: Joseph Colton. A pure-Python module for writing OpenDocument spreadsheets similar to csv. An OpenDocument to sphinx converter. Simple Open Document Text templating tool. OfficeDissector is a parser library for static security rspec output options 2 biome of OOXML documents. Offline documents generating tool. Python Library to send Rspec output options 2 biome info to Storage Server In an existing project you should at least modify the following files Add the following requirement to the project's settings.

It won't be needed to. Add the following configuration to the project's settings Okapi creates collections dynamically and could. Ohtput way Okapi will be imported at startup time Then you could initialize it conditionally as shown below This introduces a backward incompatible change. Automatic documentation website, with style and lazyness. Python package to parse, read and write Microsoft OLE2 files Structured Storage or Compound Document, Microsoft Office - Improved version of the OleFileIO module from PIL, the Python Image Library.

Python tools to analyze security characteristics of MS Office and OLE files also called Structured Storage, Compound File Binary Format or Compound Document File Formatfor Malware Analysis and Incident Response DFIR. A lightweight documentation builder. Easily access metadata for image, video, sound, and document file. Doctest extractor for OpenOffice. OOo2 tool using pyUno to manage your document.

Automatic checklist for open source project best practices. OpenTracing API for Python. Provides resources to handle OpenXML documents. Add a new Plone introduction field half-titledisplayed before document title. Build Status Coverage Status PyPi version [ License ]. Pandoc Documents for Python. A framework for describing figures in Pandoc documents.

Tools for hacking LaTeX documents. Tools for text extraction from pdf and html documents based on textract and beautiful soup. Add a grid on top of all pages of a PDF document. Layout multiple pages per sheet of a PDF document. A python module for improving the output of PDF parsing and conversion tools. Pdfserver is a webservice that offers common PDF operations like joining documents, selecting pages or "n pages on one". Join PDF documents into a single document. A simple program and library to auto generate API documentation for Python modules.

This package provides a light framework that can be used to automatically generate exceptions documentation marked up in reStructuredText. A command line tool that generates markdown documentation for Postgres tables in a given schema. Postgres library for key-value and document style db access. Ultimate MongoDB Object Document Mapper. A pythonic interface to GnuCash SQL documents.

Generates HTML documentation from python source. A documented python library to consume the full pingdom API. Python Plant Extract Document processor. This is a Plone wrapper for the oofill python package fill odt document with data. Leading open source CMS for Content Management, Document. Management and Knowledge Management. Get your intranet, portal. A bulk upload library for DocumentCloud. Open office documents with Microsoft Office Online.

A powerful self-documenting RESTful API framework for JSON-based APIs and SQLAlchemy. Setup the PredicSis-AI instance url as an environment variable For example on unix-like system Then install the SDK package You can run tests with the following command line Simple and easy to use Plone page with predefined layouts. Plone content optkons for legislative documents.

OpenXml documents support for Plone. PDFtoOCR does OCR processing on PDF documents. The text from OCR is used in the search results. A Plone document including images, attachments and links, with a free choice of layout. Externals content sources to embed in Silva CMS. Simple Attachments for Plone. A scriptable, subclassable, fully documented and tested user folder implementation for Zope 2. This a project template including a buome and the generation of sphinx.

A Python library for creating optimized, repeatable and self-documenting data analysis pipelines. An interface for the undocumented Sony PlayStation Store PSN Api. PTML - Embed Python in text documents. A Fusion server that will transform your py3o. An easy solution to transform openoffice documents to supported formats. Python wrapper for Pandoc - the universal document converter.

Tools for using BEL documents in python. Ouptut Python wrapper around the Blynk Rest API. Pybox is a modular CMS with easy click-plugin support. Outpuh is not yet ready for use! A Python port of Docco: the original quick-and-dirty. Side-to-side documentation generator, a descendant of Pycco and Docco. A python module to create, manipulate and validate CFDI documents. Python Library to support writing Chemical Markup Language documents. A simple and useful python API to convert python objects into xml and json documents and vice versa.

A Python crawler tool to grab page s information from html data. This only support Python 3. Memory tool for Python-Based Data Science. Auto generate markdown documents with Python. Client for Docverter document conversion service pandoc as a service. Python API for analysis and documentation rspec output options 2 biome molecular chemical computations. Reports is a module bridging z3c. A program for managing lighting documentation. Evaluate code in markdown. Will convert a markdown text file to a fancy PDF document.

Python library for building METS XML documents. Read and create NAF annotation Documents. Otpions a comparaison of two libreoffice documents using uno. Helper for ODESI xml DDI documentation file. Open Office Document manipulation module. Document preprocessor for Apache FOP. A Proxy for PyPI's Hosted Documentation.

Translate documents and webpages to various markup languages and document formats html, rspsc, mobi. PyPROMS is a client library to make PROV and PROMS documents and submit them to a PROMS Server instance. PyQtdoc repec Qt documentation for PyQt. Various functionalities: folder synchronization, a logging function, helpers to generate documentation with sphinx, generation of code for Python 2.

Pyramid helpers for data validation, sanitization, and bome. Sphinx extension for documenting your Pyramid APIs. This is the official python client for RavenDB document database. Pyreport makes notes out of a python script. It can run the script in a sandbox and capture its output. It allows for embedding RestructuredText or LaTeX comments in the code for literate programming and generates a report made of the literate comments, the code, pretty printed, and the output of the script pyreport can capture pylab figures.

This is useful for documentations, making tutorials, but also for sharing python-based calculations with colleagues. A Python wrapper for Rspec output options 2 biome API. A documentation plugin for py. Command line utility to ease working on LaTeX documents. Python implimentation of TextRank for text document NLP parsing and summarization. Utilities to inherit method documentation from parent classes. Use docx documents as templates supports template logic to be written from within the Word Processor itself.

A module for interacting with TaskPaper formatted documents. A Python documentation generator, inspired by JavaDoc. Easy python project document generator to github README. Documentation for the PyUtilib Component Architecture. An application to produce documentation for XSLT files in XHTML format, similar to what javadoc does for Java files. Models for manipulating QDF documents and elements. Simple normalization of RTF files - removing unnesessary tagsthat can be produced by document processor program.

A simple rabbitmq management module, autogenerated from the documentation. A set of common tools for testing django projects with lettuce. Retrieve or generate random instances of Django models. Python utility library to support make a README from document files. Documentation biomw examples for Reahl. Execute and document benchmarks reproducibly. Provide the function to build key and value on the naming convention that proposed by the Redis documentation.

Revision controlled and encrypted document storage for cloud services. A generic portlet that allows to show various parts of a document, like title, description, text, rspc and comments. An extension for the "Send this" Plone document action. A tool to prepare source reference from docstrings. Render a markdown document in a browser. A simple folderish page content for Plone. Package augmenting docutil's reStructuredText handling. A tool for autobuilding html pages for websites or project documentation.

Content can be stored as ReStructuredText or HTML and has a flexible templating system. REST APIs documentation builder tool. A data validation and REST auto-documenter for APIs. Consult download and search through IETF RFC documents from your terminal. Models to facilitate some common interactions with Riak documents. An operational transformation library for rich text documents. The Python document processor. Opinionated static documentation generator using Markdown.

Parse official zip code documents from the Romanian Government. Module to create reStructuredText documents through code. Generates X HTML5 documents from standalone reStructuredText sources. Convert restructured text to PDF via reportlab. Generates an HTML5 rspec output options 2 biome document from standalone reStructuredText sources. A package to render go diagrams and embed them in reStructuredText documents. A parser for reStructuredText documents.

A directive to embed youtube videos in reStructuredText documents. Extends features and shown data in Plone rspec output options 2 biome byline section. Script to mirror and lookup RFCs cache. Sphinx extensions for writing interactive documents. Sphinx configuration and libraries for Safari Books Online documentation. Validate SC2Bank XML document signatures. A scaling-centric MongoDB object document mapper.

GUI app for collating images produced by a document scanner. Tools for using scanners with document feeder. Python tools for managing scanned documents. Easy annotation of smells in your code. Scidoc installs scientific Python libraries documentation. Download documents and published software from Broadsoft Xchange. Command-line utility for easy scraping of HTML documents.

An initial test project to learn how PyPI works. Shows placemarks from multiple maps in one map, by combining rspec output options 2 biome from multiple urls. Convert Segno's Micro QR Codes into opptions advanced SVG documents. Rpsec to send documents to your Kindle. Sphinx extension for SeqAn Sphinx document. Epydoc API documentation generation command for pylint. Shelves to store Box of documents in the brodacast-system. Utility for adding signatures images to PDF documents. Easy Latex Document Generation.

Simple document optionx by GitHub flavored Markdown. Sphinx Theme for Skuid. Improved apidoc generator for Sphinx. Extract text from PDF documents easily. A viewlet displaying links to subdocuments and quickly loading their content via jquery. A collection of utilities for designing and documenting RESTful APIs. A LaTeX template system for large and multi-user projects. Term and paragraph frequency counts for non-stopwords in input document. This analysis pipeline is supported with high rspec output options 2 biome computing systems HPCs.

That is, the HPC is for running pipeline stages on a distributed compute nodes. Easier wrangling of web documents. A documentation meta-programming tool that generates a wiki-like representation of a source tree. Sphinx extension that automatically documents argparse commands and options. Optoons Theme for documentation sites. Sphinx extension to produce warnings when a doc needs proofreading. Describe JSON document structures in sphinx. Embed maps in your Sphinx documents using a locally-stored KML file.

Embed and convert measurements easily within your sphinx document. Create an examples gallery with sphinx from Jupyter Notebooks. Reference documentation generator for sphinx. Plug-in for Sphinx to render "scruffy" diagrams. Preview sphinx documentation locally. Sphinx documentation theme based on readthedocs. View your rendered Sphinx or ReStructuredText documents in a browser.

Collection of Sphinx Themes for Plone Documentations. Convert sphinx-generated htmlhelp files into versions optimized for reading using the wxHtmlHelp browser. Emacs documentation support for Sphinx. Support for including Excel spreadsheets into Sphinx documents. Adds example directive for sphinx-contrib httpdomain. Sphinx extension that embeds Imgur images, albums, and their metadata in documents. Documentation inheritance functionality for Sphinx. Sphinx extension lutput enable documenting PHP code.

Sphinx theme for RexDB Platform documentation. Sphinx extension to embed Robot Framework test cases and user keywords into Sphinx documents. Sphinx extension forROS Robot Operating System documentation. Sphinx extension for documenting Swagger 2. Sphinx extension that adds traceability within documentation. A sphinx extension that allows generating wavedrom diagrams based on their textual representation.

Assemble sections into wiki pages in sphinx documents. Sphinx extension for embedding yuml diagram in documentations. Show document contributors on the page. Add-ons to sphinx to document Zope event and interfaces and buildout configuration. A sphinx theme for Business style Documentation. A sphinx theme for TriAx Corp style Documentation. A Sphinx extension that enables watermarks for HTML output. Tool for building restructured text documentation for projects with scripts in many languages.

22 Readability Theme provides a comfortably reading environment for your documentation. Script for preparing the html output of the Sphinx documentation system for. Theme for Sponge documentation. Python SQL library and command line for querying JSON documents. Push semi-structured data e. JSON documents into a database with a minimum of fuss.

Includes validation and schema outtput. Stanford theme for Sphinx documentation generator and ReadTheDoc. Manipulate PDF documents from the command line. A Trac plugin to allow access to static documents. Generate documents from CSV file outpht batch. It's just a demonstration. APIs and scripts for validating STIX and Outpuy documents. APIs and scripts for validating STIX 2.

Stone-Age HTML Filter: prepare documents for e-mail distribution. A library that wraps pandas and openpyxl and allows easy styling of dataframes in excel. A document management system based on subversion. Download subtitles in multiple languages from the terminal. Summarizes a Wikipedia Document. Module for automatic summarization of text documents otuput HTML pages. Convert an Sweave document to work in knitr. A Python API for collating TEI-XML Documents encoded for the Swift Poems Project.

Automated testing for the examples in your documentation. Generate Excel documents from html tables. A python package for working with taskpaper documents. Python To Markdown Documentation Tool. A package for reading and converting TechWriter documents. Generate PDF, MS Word and Excel documents from templates in Django. VCS monitoring and documentation generation server using Twisted for Tendril.

TensorFlow implementation of Hierarchical Attention Networks for Document Classification. A client for the ft. Manage figures in your PythonTeX documents. Compare docuemtns and find differencees. Tool to cluster documents according to text similarity. TFClassify is a document classification algorithm implementation. Parse text file "tables" to CSV or Excel. Automatic HTTP API documentation for TiddlyWeb. Python wrapper for TinyLetter's publicly accessible, but undocumented API.

TinyDB is a tiny, document oriented database optimized for your happiness :. A handy document thumbnailing tool. Create shiny new Python packages with Sphinx documentation, unit tests and tools to keep your code clean. Mapping documents to objects. Asynchronous Object Document Mapper designed for Tornado Web Server. A Trac plugin for RCS-backed documentation. The software behind Transifex. A simple translate library for IHME survey documents. Tiny RML2PDF is a tool to easily create PDF document using special HTML-like markup language.

It can be used as a Python library or as a standalone binary. It converts a RML, an XML dialect that lets you define the precise appearance of a printed document, to a PDF. Rpsec can use your existing tools to generate an input file that exactly describes the layout of a printed document, and RML2PDF converts it into PDF.

RML is a much more powerfull and flexible alternative to XSL:FO. The executable read a RML file to bilme standard input and output a PDF file to the standard output. Tsunami Document database wrapper. Sphinx extensions used in tsuru documentation. An demonstration of how to create, document, and publish python packages. Okapi is optionz simple tool to create documentation for your API and cover.

It is based on reStructuredText format outout very easy to learn. Simple syncable document storage. Pandoc wrapper for large, multi-chapter documents. A zero-configuration, non-distributed, Diy king size platform bed frame plans document storage and analysis module focusing on the manipulation, grouping and filtering of unstructured data from various sources. MapReduce is also supported for more advanced analysis methods.

Query syntax is similar to SQL-Alchemy's filter method. Universal errors-and-erasures Reed Solomon codec error correcting code in pure Python with extensive documentation. Convert XML documents into Python objects. Adds a jquery share content popup in document actions. Upload HTML documentations and share bookmarks. Fix up Stack-generated Haskell documentation and upload it to Hackage. A Flask-based e-commerce API and a django-backed admin for managing them.

A simple kickstart based virtual image bootstrapping tool. Extend Wagtail's Documents with image previews and metadata from FilePreviews. A CGI program to manage 'Billboards' where documents can beposted and edited and removed through a simple WEB interface. WeasyPrint converts web documents to PDF. Web and Database modules for easily building dynamic websites.

A library for working with color names and color value formats defined by the HTML and CSS specifications for use in documents best forex return trader kelly armstrong the Web. Tiny and maybe yet ugly HTTP API that calls pandoc and returns converted documents. Publish RST documents in Wiki format. A Python implementation of the Winnowing local algorithms for document fingerprinting.

Infrastructure to add a ReStructuredText based help system to plone sites. Allows to show or hide the left or right portlet column per document. A quick and dirty oltions to convert a Word docx document to html. A console-based software which may be used as a library for analysing word patterns, various properties of words, analysing documents. Render HTML and Markdown to a specific portion of a word document. Extract data from forms in Microsoft Word documents. Writeup is a text markup format and standalone tool that translates to HTML5.

WTForms for Mongoengine documents. A micro framework for rapid development of XBMC plugins. A wrapper around Microsoft's undocumented Xbox One APIs. Extract structured data from HTML and XML documents like a boss. Import hooks for preformatted Python in XHTML documents and importing modules from URLs. A Wrapper around KNX protocol. Xml2rfc generates RFCs and IETF drafts from document source in XML according to the dtd in RFC Yet another XML to python object mapping, a la Django ORM.

Format and compress XML documents. Tool for generating HTML and XML documents. A package to proccess XML Documents. A set of utilities for processing XML documents and converting to other formats. Python models for creation, parsing and validation of XML documents. Package for serializing and deserializing of XRD documents. XY manages document and spreadsheet formats as text. Yet Another Document Mapper ODM for MongoDB. Yet Another Literate Kutput Tool.

A Simple Tool for Documenting YAML Files. A simple way of performing unified domain modeling using YAML documents. Simulation and documentation of metabolic pathway assembly using the Yeast Pathway Kit. Command-line YAML processor - jq wrapper for YAML documents. Generate REST API documentation from YAML files. Use EpyDoc to build documentation for python modules. Rspeec Sphinx to build documentation for zope. A simple client that can communicate with a Zenoss server.

A zeroconf based POS printing daemon. What is Zero POS. Zero POS was designed to solve a very specific problem we faced at. Openlabs, but we thought could be generic enough for others to use. Bilme Tryton iPad based POS should be able to print to the commonly found. POS printer - a thermal printer like the Epson TM-T With zeropos, you could bundle the printer with a low cost computer like.

The printing service can be forex algorithmic trading system for sale over zero conf. The quickest way to install this software is using pip. The daemon can be adminisered by opening the service URL from a browser Implement secutiry for the admin interface. Write API documentation for the admin HTTP API. Documentation markup language and outpur, including HTML converter. CLI Tools to connect to the zodiac api.

May be used as a programatic API but that is not yet documented. Tools for documenting ZopeSkel. A flexible and pluggable versioning system for schema-oriented documents. A schema language for JSON documents that allows validation and compilation into various database engines. Unofficial Python API wrapper for Helper classes to integrate Django and other projects with Vault. Python Library for Binary Ninja.

A collection of tasks for python invoke, to build and maintain python projects. A tool for reading, writing and generally working with 9ML files. Automated Library is a software to ease the entire library-book issuing process contributing to overall standards of the library and optiohs transparent and smooth conduction of the library processes. A10 Networks Openstack LBaaS Driver Middleware. Simple CLI tool to create and delete easily virtual hosts in Apache.

An astonishingly awesome application argument helper. A Python wrapper for AACGM-v2 magnetic coordinates. Amino-Acid k-mer Phylogenetic Signature Tools. ABBYY Cloud OCR API Wrapper. AeroGear Build Cli for Digger. A utility for Automated BEnchmark Distribution. A framework for enterprise applications CRM, ERP, station trading tools 5 in one Abjad is a Python API for Formalized Score Control.

ABlog for blogging with Sphinx. A Python client library for ably. Black market currency rate instantly in your terminal! A connection to the aboutyou. An implementation of the absorbing random-walk centrality measure for graphs. VDJ assignment and antibody sequence annotation. Scalable from optiobs single sequence to billions of sequences. Utilities for analysis of antibody NGS data. Provides Python member access control semantics using available Python 3 syntax.

Extension module that wraps the Accessibility API for Mac OS X. Command line tools for interacting ourput JIRA. A framework for the accumulation of occurrences with subjects. Non-parametric multivariate regressions by Alternating Conditional Expectations. A python library to use the Challonge API. An Artificial Chemistry Tookit. A lightweight UTF-8 web based terminal. Senza template for the automatic PosgreSQL DB deployments.

ACID transaction with common files. ACID semantics for the filesystem.

Get Launching #3: Setting up Postgres and Rspec on Rails

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. assessment on biodiversity and ecosystem services in LCA use impact assessment on biodiversity and ecosystem options 1 or 2 vs. option 3. so let’s do a simple search of that list output, limiting it to a task biome that has exploded into an unprecedented environment RSpec, Cucumber.

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