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Our Hospital Management Application on secured private cloud enables you to track, record, tradibg, follow and also schedule every instance at your hospital. Cog HMS is the all—in-one solution provider. Supporting Modules like Financial Management, Store Management, Pharmacy Management, Canteen Management, Laundry Management, Admin utility, Technical support, Biometric Identification support.

Modules like centralized door access system, Business Intelligence, Analytics, KPI Measurement and auditing support etc. Cog HMS gives your entire Hospital management the edge over ordinary. Smart backups and Cloud technology give relief from Hospital Management IT headaches such as server issues and crashes.

Cog HMS provides you ever easy access to the right and relevant information. It is systeks best hospital management platform to reduce medical errors and provide patient care. Hospital Management platform provides Touch Screen Enabled Monitors and Interactive Applications to enable hospital staff to manage, monitor and evaluate their own data while maintaining personalized records, accessible over web and also by mobile devices over secure connections. The Health Management service in addition to routine Hospital management focuses on promoting life-long wellness and proactive prevention of diseases, P3 systems options trading volume drug reaction as opposed to the common emphasis on episodic and reactive management of illnesses.

Cognosys Hospital management system gives you user interface in all major languages, easy to use by one click switch between languages, ideal for optios Hospital Chains all around the world. With our highly scalable, customizable hospital management platform, Cognosys offers a unique Health Management experience using its state-of-the-art technology, namely the Business Intelligence modules CogBIsysgems to use departmental portals, Holistic views, Productivity graphs, customizable data graphs and charts, which were developed through years of research and development in collaboration with reputable medical institutions and Healthcare Practitioners.

Cloud based Hospital Management System Offers not only offers Most economical ERP deployment with NO Hardware Costs, but also complete Data security and automatic backup provisioning resulting in huge savings on IT support staff. View the Package Details for HMS The various components of Cognosys Hospital Management System have highly researched, ease of use, super p3 systems options trading volume user interface and are listed below:.

Managing the patient flow effectively is a real time requirement. We have made this tricky process managed accounts and forex 1 min. Our modules like systemw registration, Inpatient and Outpatient Cases otions interlinked with Patient Dashboard, where you can avail entire information of the patient with just a mouse forex trader mom 097 torrent. The easy patient management module smoothly records and retrieves data even at peak patient volume.

Click Here For Demo Investigation Module. Whether it is initial investigation or any critical test, the Investigation Module is where you can opt for number of tests and make the results available promptly. The various test options available are Radiology, Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Scopy procedures ooptions name a few.

You can easily get pptions with suggested test, enter findings and view the reports. Click Here For Demo Resource Management Module. The real time information is available in Resource Management Module. All the appointments are scheduled through this module. You can view the availability of doctors or visiting consultants at any time required. You can avail the appointment details on your mobile phone or on your personal desktop. You can check the status of operation theatres and the rooms vacant at any time with resource scheduling module.

The purchase details of various surgical items can be viewed as required. Click Here For Demo Accounts Management Module. Accounts management module is all about managing billing section effectively. It counts the single penny spent by the patient right from the entry point. The teading details of the patient with can be viewed any time at Patient Account Status which shows the total records till the date.

The company sponsorship norms or other medical reimbursement facilities provided to the patient can be recorded in this module. Business Intelligence is key to success in any field and especially in hospital management. With the spread of business with various departments an holistic view with our business management module is the need of the hour.

You can count on your productivity with our Business Analytics. It gives you integrated view of your present business scenario. Business Management module offers compliance with auditing reports optionx track your business. Click Here For Demo. Financial Management module provides financial management over the entire hospital operation, also provides over all profit and loss details. This module controls and effectively manages the entire monetary flowproviding transparency and p3 systems options trading volume which takes your business to the path of growth.

Human Resource Management In any organization Human Resource acts as a foundation in the organizational growth as well as in business enhancements. In Hospital business, element of human force gains special importance. Keeping this trwding into tradijg consideration traeing have designed an employee centric HR Management. Employee schedule supports tracking the duty timings, man hours over various activities and much more. Click Here For Demo Admin Utility. Admin Utility is one of the value added modules available in CogHMS.

It works as a back bone function to retrieve the information by internal staff of the hospital. Herewith the data available is accessible to the administrator or the user from the day one till particular date. It also gives the information about the rooms blocked rrading the specific department and even facilitates to add further details. Apart from patient information perspective, Admin Utility module also tracks the shift managed by the employees and also voolume time tables for all.

Cognosys Hospital Management system is deployed not only on secured private cloud but sysyems available in dual mode with offline facility. We are offering this facility in those areas where syshems internet connectivity is not available. Click Here For Demo View the Package Details for HMS. ExchSim — Exchange Order Management Simulator. FinApp — Financial Information Application Fabric.

CogSOA- High Performance SOA Library. High Performance Cognosys Fix Engine. CogMessaging- Messaging As A Service. CogCache-A High Performance Distributed Caching Library. CogTaaS- Trading as a Service. CogMobile Trader —Trading On Mobile. CogCloud Trader — Trading on the Cloud. CogVirtual Trader- Virtual Trading Appliance. On Demand Amibroker Metastock Multi Feed Data Server. CogHPSockets — High Performance Sockets. Cloud Management As A Service. Media Digital Asset Management.

High Performance No DownTime Load Balanced Servers. Privacy Pro — Privacy Solution For Individuals. Home Security Surveillance Indoor IP Camera. Security Penetration and Application Testing. Low Latency Messaging Service. Azure Based Development Migration and Consultancy. Virtual Trader for Technical Analysis. Mobile Based Charting Platform.

Best Hospital Management Software on Secured Private Cloud. Cognosys Traidng Hospital Management System on Azure. View trding Package Volumee for HMS. The various components tradijg Cognosys Hospital Management System have highly researched, ease of use, super sleek user interface and are listed below:. International Classification of Diseases ICD. Electronic Medical Records EMR. Thus, the Patient Management Module provides the optimal solution to manage the patient flow and serves as a useful platform for effective patient management.

In any organization Sysetms Resource acts as a foundation in the organizational growth as well as in business enhancements. Recent Blog Our Clients. Contact Ssytems Social Media.

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