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Easy Forex Strategy That Works. I only use the price action signals to trigger me into trades. More on that later. If you believe the problems are more severe, shut down and restart your computer. When you have a fresh trend beginning on a D1, H4, and and sometimes even an H1 time frame, after a fome consolidation period, foreex the trade is going to be a winner. You will find that if you trade consistently using your edge, as the news unfolds it will generally be in your favor.

No errors output looks like this: 9. Tags: indicatorsMetaTraderMetaTrader indicatorsMT4MT5tutorial when i follow these instructions to compile i always get a pop up that says compiler could not be opened. Try re-installing it or download it from a different broker. The platform will do this automatically when the mq4 file is used for the first time.

I tried installation of the fisher indicator you have provided on your had just come to the forex forex tutorial yoga for the MT5 platform, however was not able to get it to work, infact I wasnt able to see it in my Navigator column. Could you please let me know how once installs it on the MT5 platform. Kindly help me out as I need this very urgently. A quick question regarding Amazing EA. Does my computer need to be switched on for it to operate?

If I want it to trade with comp switched of do I need to set my entries before I shut down? You should use VPS hosting to host your MetaTrader platform with an expert advisor if you want it to work with your own computer switched off. Seceondly, I find that beginner triger after the seconld baris that how it works?

Please call me any time at It compiled with no error, but still it does not attach. When I press compile it just says compiling but nothing happens. In indicators folder it does not even change the date of the modification when I modify the source file. If I wanted deleting the indicator from a chart, its not highlighting. Quiero utilizar el MArket Profile pero no me funciona. He instaldo otros y funciona perfecto.

Alguna ayuda por favor? As far as I know, no. The best you can do is to save a chart template with this indicator on and apply it to different charts. The file appears in the folder, but is not present in MT4? Your kind assistance and time is greatly appreciated. My problem is that when I download the Indicator I cannot save it into my Local Disk C but instead goes straight into the download section and this seems to be my problem.

My indicator download goes right in the download section and I cannot find a way to move it from there into the Local Disk or the indicator section of the mt4. I have tried all your suggestion above and it does not work for me. Maybe I am doing something wrong when downloading the indicator. Can you open it and find the indicator there? Thank You and take care. Warning message is OK.

It should not cause any problems. Try copying it to MT4 installation of some other broker. Thanks again Andriy for your support and patience. Btw, which country are you based in? Damian Andriy Moraru Reply: January 8th, at pm Hi Andrij. Ukraine is blessed with many treasures which are mostly kept secret from foreign travelers. I put mq in to indicators, and tpl to template folder MT4.

Now when i want to drag indicator to the chart, nothing happens. Any ideas what is wrong. Do I need ex4 file? When i compile, I receive 12 errors. Perhaps, the indicator is visible only with its template. I downloaded 2 indicators 1 of them was an mq file nd I moved it to my mt4 indicators. If you already have an ex4 file and nothing happens when you attach it to the chart, then I suggest checking the Experts tab of the Terminal subwindow for any output about errors.

Any suggestions on how to change that? I have followed every instruction word for word. But when i reopen my MT4 it doesnt show the indicators that i have added that should be in the Navigator of MT4 when its running. Does anyone know what i have to do to get these indicators to work? I thought by following the same instruction on every MT4 self help site that the files automatically unzipped when copied and dragged into the indicators.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Would you want to come to an office to talk about installing MetaTrader indicators? Not sure why but it will not give me the ex4 file. Then if I click resume debugging, it the indicator popup comes up in a completely different MT4 platform. I am using Axitrader MT4. I have tried on 2 different Broker platforms. When compiling the MQ4 file there does not appear to be any way of SAVING it but nevertheless it then appears in Indicators folder.

Are you trying to install an expert advisor, an indicator, or a script? Lastly, if you are trying to attach a PSC-Trader script from the Scripts section of the Navigator subwindow, then it should not open any windows. For example, PSC-Trader only serves to open trades based on Position Size Calculator indicator. I found and downloaded the script.

Compilation appeared to take place smoothly, and its name showed up in the Indicator List. Even changing the chart background color reveals nothing of Semafor. See this tutorial on EA installation. Dolphin, for example, advertises that they offer it but when I got their set of hundreds, Semafor was not among them. Brokers with CFD Trading. Brokers for US Traders. High Leverage Forex Brokers. Gain and Loss Percentage Calculator. Spread Betting Size Calculator. Forex Books for Beginners. Subscribe to get daily updates directly to your email inbox.

Launch your trading platform. Tags: indicatorsMetaTraderMetaTrader indicatorsMT4MT5tutorial. Related Posts: MetaTrader History Data Importing and Converting Tutorial for Quality Backtesting. Indicator Tutorial for MetaTrader MetaTrader Templates Tutorial — Copying Settings Between Charts and Platforms. How to Save and Load Indicator Settings in MetaTrader — Tutorial.

October 22nd, at pm. What a strange error. July 4th, at am. July 16th, at pm. Had just come to the forex forex tutorial yoga 10th, at pm. September 20th, at am. Did you restart MT4 after compiling it? November 2nd, at pm. Thank you for the indicators and the valuable information that you have provided on your website. Am I doing it right or do I need to save it in some other folder. Thanks Andrei, got it. Have a great day. November 3rd, at am. Hi Andrei, I have tried to download the resistance and support indicators.

Many thanks in advance. November 15th, at am. It work for me really well,thanks man! February 9th, at am. I followed the instruction and I can see the price alert ea in the navigator box but I cant drag it into pokemon global trading station gts group chart to set price alerts, can some one please help me? August 11th, at pm. August 16th, at pm. September 5th, at am. December 31st, at am.

May 29th, at am. How can i attach alert to beginner? November 14th, at pm. I wnat to know about your indicators alsor for MACD BB BALL. December 3rd, at pm. I tried downloading arroow magic indicator mt4. February 10th, at pm. Very good manual, will try find in russian lang. May 23rd, at am. June 2nd, at am. I did what you instructed. What happens when you try attaching it? June 3rd, at am. I copied the file to the indicators folder.

June 3rd, at pm. When I tried to change the file in other folder it created the. July 17th, at pm. August 13th, at am. This is the first time I have ever used MQL editor and within a few minutes I was using the indicator on my charts. October 20th, at pm. Thank you so much…. December 27th, at pm. How must I install dotted indicators in iPad? March 12th, at am.

May 27th, at am. Yeah, it works fine. July 31st, at am. Hola un cordial saludo. September 28th, at am. Is there a way to introduce the Position Size Calculator on every chart and is it possible to store the calculator on the tool bar? October 9th, at am. November 26th, at pm. Your assistance will be appreciated. November 27th, at pm. November 30th, at am. This does not work unfortunately.

Thanks for all you help, will continue to try…. It does not paste the indicator into the had just come to the forex forex tutorial yoga indicator section, unless I am doing it wrong…. November 30th, at pm. I think the easiest way around this for me, is if you to show me how to cut and past an indicator in the mt4 platform, step by step.

The instructions show where and how to find the downloaded indicator in the Local Disk C then go to Programme Files then Broker etc. Yes, I can see it in my download section. I am using the internet explorer browser. Yipppeeee at last I got it. January 6th, at am. MT4 was closed when i did the compilation. The line of code that it was pointing to as erroring was:. Any thoughts on how to get this to compile correctly?

Andriy Moraru Reply: January 8th, at pm I am glad that you have solved this problem. I am based in Ukraine. January 8th, at pm. February 25th, at pm. February 26th, at am. I receive a mq4 file and tpl file. September 11th, at pm. Thanks so much, i was able to compile it and it reflected on my chart. September 30th, at pm. October 31st, at pm. April 7th, at am.

Nice trend I gues it helps slove my problems. July 21st, at am. August 1st, at pm. I can only click the red x. Could you please show a screenshot? August 5th, at pm. I dont know how to upload a screenshot but any indicator undere the customs tab, you click, then it pulls up the window with all the options and then it wont let me click ok, cancel, or reset. December 29th, at pm. I have read so many forums on this and watched you tube videos on how to set up the MT4 Indicators.

Does it give any errors? January 5th, at pm. Do you have office or agent in Nigeria? March 31st, at pm. What I do with the. April 28th, at am. August 25th, at pm. I get 6 errors and have no idea how to fix these. October 20th, at am. I hope this site is still being monitored as I cannot get the EXE file to load to the charts. Second, are there any errors when you compile the program? November 8th, at pm. Thanks for the tutorial! December 2nd, at pm. I thought it might be a rogue. Finding and downloading this indicator is quite confusing.

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