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To add a file upload field to a form, you must first make sure that the. By using the type option you can change the HTTP method a form will use:. Additionally, HTML attributes may. If you use a certain model field to generate multiple form fields via. Creates a checkbox form element. Only do it where it makes sense. Creates a set of select elements for date and time.

Open this post in threaded view. Report Content as Inappropriate. Selected option in select. Hello, I'm making an edit form and I can't get the existing value to be selected into one of the opptions field. What am I missing? Thanks Toate cele bune, Andrei Mita. You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "CakePHP" group. To post to this group, send email to [hidden email].

To unsubscribe from this group, send email to. Re: Selected option in select. I'll try it again. If it works, I'm calling it a day :. It doesn't work :. Ofrm reply to this post by Andrei Mita. What happens when you debug out the options array? In reply to this post by Ed Propsner. I know, I fallowed the example but I'm missing something. I just tried this one and it works :. Typos, capitalize, extra spaces, etc. I had one that wouldn't select and the difference was 'this' and ' this '.

In reply to this post by Jeremy Cakephp form input options kkd. I have added the model and there is no change. Could it be the space? Try replacing them both in the options array and the value you are trying to match tacky I know, but at least it would isolate the problem. I saw that right after I sent the e-mail. Jeremy Burns [hidden email]. Sorry optiobs not replying. I had to leave on a very short notice. I will try it again and come back with an update. Why are we not using and I have tested this using 1.

It works and I dind't do cakephp form input options kkd to it. If I hit F5, the selection disappears but if I click on the edit link, everything is OK. Good enough for me. Maybe it's the browser. So, here are my to working solutions:. Glad u got it working :o. If you change the file name to Profile. I personally much prefer using the same method.

I'll give it a try right now, thanks. I'm learn to forex trade free sure it will work Jeremy Burns [hidden email] On 30 ApratAndrei Mita wrote: It doesn't work :. Opfions 30 ApratAndrei Mita wrote: I know, I fallowed the example but I'm missing something. Jeremy Burns [hidden email] On 30 ApratAndrei Mita wrote: I have added the model and there is no change. On 30 ApratAndrei Mita wrote:.

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CakePHP Bangla Tutorial #5(Creating Forms)

cakephp - CakePHP: The Rapid FormHelper:: input () - $ options ['format'] (http://api. form -helper/#line). How do you set the label options (valign) on a form -> input tag me/ cakephp -pages/my-cake-wont-bake form->input label options. C CakePHP API Is used to create inputs of various types. e.g. $this-> Form ->text(); will create input type="text Generate div options for input.

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