Airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies

The type of person you are is the type that acts like a sheep and merely follows what they are told, truth or no truth without question. These buildings were designed to withstand aviation fuel part of the design brief and physics dictate that it couldnt possibly collapse at freefall speed 'naturally. Some places its easier and safer to have the bag on my back too. European Union may create new class of 'supranational' MEPs after Brexit. Blogs Columnists Letters Lifestyle. Assistant Commissioner James Drury — WTC survivor.

The more powerless or alone we feel, the more likely we are to develop such theories. It's all linked to self-esteem. If you're the sort of person who feels isolated or disenfranchised, you're much more likely to develop wild theories as a way of making you seem more knowledgeable, more powerful, more special. That might help explain why many Americans are into conspiracies.

The irony of our technologically over-connected age is that there are scores of socially disconnected people sitting in dark rooms extrapolating all sorts of crap from factoids they find online. Here are six of the worst: SIMPLE REBUTTAL: People who say it was an airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies job are split into two camps. There are those who say the US government cooked up and enacted the whole crazy plot, and those who say they let it happen without intervention.

In both cases, conspiracists generally claim that the aim was to give the Bush government an excuse to wage war on the Islamic world. So here's your simple rebuttal. US governments have shown for decades that they will intervene when and where it suits them. The last thing they need to do to justify any foreign policy is kill of their own citizens.

Well, that'd be because no office fire was ever as big as these two, with as much jet fuel to help airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies along. But the real reason the twin towers collapsed was structural. Most buildings have their core structural supports at the centre. The towers had some airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies central steel columns, but that elegant exterior steel shell was also crucial in providing perimeter support.

Also, the perimeter columns supported massive steel trusses which supported each floor. So basically, when the exterior of the building was penetrated so devastatingly by the planes, the structure's ability to hold itself up was threatened. So when one floor went, the combined weight meant they all went. You've got storeys of rubble pummelling a storey building, setting it on fire, covering it in untold extra weight and inflicted untold stresses.

And later that day, when the smaller building collapses, it's obvious the CIA did it with explosives. And Elvis left the building right before it happened. Oh, and if you want a secondary explanation of why the building really wasn't toppled by mysterious people with explosives, try googling any of the so-called architects or engineers in the wacky YouTube vids.

STUPID THEORY 4: FLIGHT 93 was shot down in Pennsylvania and the people who were supposedly on it were murdered or relocated. SIMPLE REBUTTAL: The small jet flying low in the area, which some day trading forex forecast software shot down Flight 93, was in fact a business jet which had been instructed to fly low to inspect the wreckage.

Also, the log of calls made from Flight 93 is pretty compelling evidence that those were real people aboard a hijacked jet. If these people are actors who are actually still alive somewhere, the real mystery is why they haven't made squillions in Hollywood. Because they were seriously convincing. Shanksville Source: AFP STUPID THEORY 5: There was no "stand down" order, which proves the US government dunnit. SIMPLE REBUTTAL: A stand down order is an order from the North American Aerospace Defence Command Metatrader ea tutorial movie to scramble fighter jets.

This didn't happen until too late on September 11, prompting conspiracists to say the government deliberately held off to let the carnage unfold. Also, the hijackers turned off the transponders on their planes, which meant Air Traffic Control couldn't track them. And NORAD needed an alert from Air Traffic Control to act. So basically, you had a system which ensured bureaucratic bungles, but that's a far cry from complicit officials.

SIMPLE REBUTTAL: Some of the worst nutters claim that the original planes which struck the twin towers weren't planes but missiles. This was fuelled by an early eyewitness account broadcast on live TV from a journalist who said he thought the first plane had no windows. But the journalist saw the plane in a blink of his eye - a fact ignored by conspiracists who have seized on this statement.

The obvious plane-sized holes in the buildings are a bit of a giveaway too. But you know, maybe they were just caused by Batman or something. Continue the conversation on Twitter via newscomauHQ antsharwood If you lived in the 70 or 80 I suppose you would be writing the same thing about US not starting the Vietnam war. If this article was written in Russia or Korea it would be called propaganda, yet in Australia we call it news.

Ask an engineer, or a demolitions expert to look at footage of the buildings falling. They will all tell you it looks suspiciously like a controlled demolition. Why is it SO ridiculous for people to question the "official" narrative? Why are those who choose to question, very quickly labelled nutters? Don't be afraid to ask questions and challenge the official story.

And what exactly is the point of this?? To prove there are. Yes we know this. What is less clear is why you would 'choose' to run something like this instead of a simple tribute to the victims? Running this kind of thing while the US president tries his hardest to justify yet another conflict on the back of ZERO evidence and despite the advice of all manner of external experts just smacks of kiddy plan propaganda.

The only one of these that has been proved false is theory 6. This isn't to say i believe or dont believe in the other theories. However, in another theory that cannot be proven otherwise, i do find it very hard to believe that the passenger jet that supposedly hit the pentagon wasnt seen on any of the cameras that surround one of the most protected buildings in the world.

And those cameras that did apparently catch footage i. The hole not being large enough to be for that of a passenger jet. Nothing sus there at all This is news? It seems the only "stupid" one is the author of this article! So Anthony I guess you also believe in immaculate conception, the man in the whale, the talking snake, or was it bush, the parting of the oceans, the resurrection and the ascendency into heaven. Oh and very reasonable and logical things such as angels and demons and leprechauns.

Maybe you also believe that the Wall Street bankers had nothing to do with the GFC either Please find your favourite rock and climb underneath it post haste As for me I believe that politicians are lying, scheming pathetic excuses for human beings that will do whatever it takes to retain and grow their power while also making as much money on the side through "deals".

If you actually post this to your news site, it shows a 5minute video which can quickly add info debunking alot of your claims The Author of this article "ANTHONY SHARWOOD" has obviously just accepted the US version minus any actual REAL non fabricated evidence. The type of person you are is the type that acts like a sheep and merely follows what they are told, truth or no truth without question.

The bottom line is this. They then need to prove, to the same ridiculously high standard, whatever it is they say happened. So good luck with that. This has to be one of the worst written pieces of news I have ever had the unfortunate mind to read. Simply more proof that news. Apart from the blatant spelling mistakes and wildly condescending attitude towards those who may challenge the 'obvious answer', maybe do some research before spouting such rubbish on a news website.

The ignorance of this article if it can even be dubbed as such is a testament to both the Australian education system and our 'high standards' of integrity among journalists. Please don't ever try and teach our youth the meaning of the word debunked I don't believe in any of these conspiracies but I do think this is a poor article. Very weak on the facts, just an opinion piece. School kids write like this. How about for once just writing an article about the tons of innocent people killed by America.

How about wiki leaks video about when the Apache killed innocent Iraq citzens. How about the victims of dones? No Steve, you do. If you really think a government could be that organised you are living in fairy land. The attacks were real. There's always been and always will be a whole bunch of conspiracy theories relating to everything, some true the majority false. The majority of people that buy into them are a little unhinged, think Jack Ripper in Dr Strangelove.

Anthony Sharwood, Journalist - undoubtedly a conspiracy! Not saying the conspiracy theory is true nice attempt to discredit those who will say so, at the beginning of the article btw and the tone of the article is annoying but there are quite a few that you're missing. That's definitely not a plane. I find these to be interesting questions, nothing more. The first rebuttal is a good point though.

Clearly there was a stand down order given, hence people are saying it is an inside job. And in regards to Building 7, if you actually read the official government report on it. The reason it collapsed was supposedly due to a new phenomenon that had never happened before and hasn't happened since. There no extra weight on World Trade Centre 7, american put options with dividends read the government report.

To anyone who hasn't seen the collapse of World Trade Centre 7, look it up on YouTube. Building 7 was one of the best controlled demolitions ever done, I challenge you to find a better one. Your explanations of this event are simply wrong. Building 7 is the only the third building in history that fell due to fire. The first 2 were tower 1 and 2. These buildings were designed to withstand aviation fuel part of the design brief and physics dictate that it couldnt possibly collapse at freefall speed 'naturally.

Your own pic posted yesterday showed a twin hull plane. This is a military design and the aircraft that hit the tower had this feature Zero evidence of plane hitting pentagon. Why did they do it. You have provided no evidence whatsoever to support your claims. You are forex trading hours monday friday 9 seconds puppet to the mind controlled media.

Wake up and do some real research and you will find the truth. This is the the most ridiculous, stupid, ignorant, poor excuse for an argument I have ever seen written by a supposedly 'educated' journalist IN MY LIFE. It's an absolute disgrace that it's been chosen as the home page headline. Whoever wrote this article. Is bored and has nothing better to do. I could go on. This is not very thorough airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies regards to the actual conspiracy theories and doesnt assess the reason why these conspiracies were brought up.

Like the explosions from the building as it was coming down or the questionable plane that crashed into the pentagon. I'm not into these theories, but this article seemed more like a poor rebuttal rather than a convincing piece of news. Thanks for responding to my tweet Ant! The official NIST report put the global collapse down to 'thermal expansion'. A previously unheard of phenomenon. NIST determined that the collapse was not due to debris from the falling towers or the net result of fires within the building itself as stated in your debunking article.

This is NIST determination and it is as official an explanation as it gets. Never mind the countdown over the radio that was witnessed and reported by multiple EMT workers, the owner himself saying the building was 'pulled', the explosions heard from within the building and the under seven second global collapse. There is only one determination you can come too about this building.

I challenge anyone to watch any building 7 collapse footage and explain to me that building was not demolished by any classical controlled demolition. Another load of bull crap from a Zionist slave paper. The whole world is waking up to the truth! I have no opinion on the pentagon nor flight 93, but show me in the history of physics where one falling object that hits another only a few meters below actually falls at the rate of 'free fall' time after time.

It took just around 10secs for the towers to collapse, this is the rate of free fall with no airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies. You are a complete twit. I can't stand conspiracy theorists who feel the need to constantly scream out their views past the point of good taste for example, the 'truthers' who protested at ground zero. It's good to have a healthy scepticism of the world and to question events that happen around you. Questioning how it happened doesn't need to be obnoxious.

It doesn't have to delegitimatise the pain and suffering of those who died or their families. Very rarely does a journalist take government comment at face value - I don't see why this situation has to be any different. Well having cleared up, now try and explain building 7 which collapsed a little after the twin towers and was not struck by a plane, and before you rush in check airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies how many very qualified engineers and architects have given a unified explanation So, on building 7, why didn't every other building within m also collapse.

I'll tell you why, because they were not laced with explosives. Dozens of fireman were recorded at the scene claiming to have heard explosions from the basement just before the building came down. It was an inside job. I have no doubt about that. Ok airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies would the author of this article then care to explain why over 16x the average daily put options where taken out just a day before the attacks on american airlines?

Also the complete lack of debris from flight 93 that supposedly hit the ground and disintegrated instantly which effectively would be the first time that has ever occurred. Get back to me on brodyjohnbower hotmail. These nutters don't realise that it was clearly molemen who dug holes under the towers which made them collapse. I hold academic qualifications, I hold an IQ of according to the lowest of 3 tests I have sat over the years, yes I know how high that is even at my worstI work in a specialised field of finance and hold a successful, fruitful career, belong to many major charity groups and have no shortage of friends, family and colleagues that I regularly spend time with.

One of my pet hates in this world is stupidity. People who can't see past the BS of the world. Now Conspiracy Theorists often fall into this category. People who regurgitate other people's words without understanding what it means. People who have to do these sort of things to make themselves feel important or special, instead of looking within themselves and correct that which they lack. That said, I find your article to be offensive and just as ridiculous. Please reference your facts to verify your points, if you cannot do this, you're not better than that which you argue against.

At the end of the day, all of this is just the AUTHORS OPINION. While the same can be said to the conspiracy theorists. They were at least more convincing than this author. I seem to recall the US Government stealing personal information was once considered a conspiracy theory until it was revealed by Edward Snowden, Fluride in the water which is harmful for your teeth yet the Australian Government still puts poison in our water, even the Mafia was virtually unknown until a member revealed the secrets to law enforment officials.

Watergate, Asbestos, Operation Mockingbird, CIA Drug running in LA Need I go on? Why isn't this article in the Fiction or Opinion sections? What an embarrassment and disgrace to have such drivel trying to pass as 'news'. Not one word to encourage folks to seek truth, rather you endorse the notion to believe everything the media tells you.

Get this crap off your front page, news. Anthony, you must surely be trollin'? This story is just another way for the MSM and Govts to cover up yet another FALSE FLAG! You forgot to put in the Live report from the BBC announcing the collapse of Building 7 a full 20 minutes before it was actually demolished! Google it and look for yourself. Nice try guys, but your way too late! I personally can blow away every point that airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies author of this silly article has made - with HARD FACTS, backed up by HARD EVIDENCE.

We already know that the videos of Bin Laden that the FBI trotted out were fabrications - because the FBI admitted it. There's all sorts of anomalies - airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies Boeing that completely vanished at the Pentagon and the Boeing that completely vanished at Shanksville Pennsylvania. It goes on and on. Yet this clown Sharwood ignored the hard facts and is trying to whitewash this atrocity. Well some conspiracy theories wind up as facts. Gulf of Tonkin, WMD in Iraq, USS Maine I find the conspiracy theory crowd a lot like religious people actually, possibly more annoying too.

The more evidence you present to them that contradicts their beliefs the more they twist and contort to try and make their story work. This is the trouble when you have an unalterable predetermined conclusion and are unwilling to change it if reasonable evidence to the contrary is provided. The most obvious reason wasn't an inside job is that thousands of people would have had to be involved, and they all would have had to have been sociopaths and not one degree of separation from any of them would be allowed to cotton on to what was up.

Bill Clinton couldn't even hide something as pathetic as an extra marital affair so how on Earth could the government have gotten away with ?? You would need every person within the administration to be sadistic psychopaths, a whole bunch of crazy people to rig the buildings with demo gear without anyone in the trade towers knowing about it, suicidal maniacs to fly the planes and the list goes on.

It's unconscionable that people could not see the faulty logic involved but then again we are only a slobbering pathetic mammalian species. That is the worst piece of writing i have ever read. The writer is just as pathetic as those he is referring to in this article who airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies in these theories.

The sad bit is he is not very convincing at all and he provides a weak argument to his simple rebuttals which perfectly sane people may stupidly believe. You are calling thousands of people stupid? Are you a news site at all? Theory 1 Rebuttle : People actually generally think the US was behind it so that the US people will accept the reduction of their freedoms.

Not so that they could go to war. Theory 3 Rebuttle : Tower 3,4,5,6 all had much more rubble, debris and structural damage compared to Tower 7, yet they did not collapse, neither did anyone think they might collapse, unlike the relatively undamaged in comparison Tower 7. Theory 6 Rebuttle : People think that the plane that hit the Pentagon was actually a missile, people do not think the planes that hit the towers were a missile.

Poeple do however think that the planes that hit the towers were not commercial planes that is where your no windows quote comes in. Do i believe the official story? No I do not. Do i believe these theories here? Did you know NIST fabricated information in their report on tower 7? They stated the beams were not secured, but they were. This is the reason the beam moved according to their report, and the initial point of failure that sparked the collapse.

New Low All of your simple rebuttals are wrong in so many ways. Where did you get the rebuttals from as they show a clear lack of thought and accounting of the evidence? This reporter is a 'cut n paste' master! The whole article is just cut and paste from garbage websites and is factually wrong in so many places! It was an 'INSIDE JOB'. Sometimes paranoia is having all the facts Do you read bro? I heard Anthony Sharwood is a deep undercover MOSSAD agent, posing as a journalist believable once youve read his stuff whose mission is to infiltrate media organisations and covertly discredit reputable conspiracy theorists "plane-sized holes in the buildings" perhaps, but what about the Pentagon?

Only planes or could it have been made by missiles? After all, where are the engines and wings that would have torn off? There is no way they went through the hole, and please don't try the "oh they disintegrated" rubbish! Wow, typical ignorance from a journo who looked at the issue for two seconds and now portrays a condescending opinion on the topic. You only need airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies look back to the fire at the Reichstagg in to know that a false flag attack is plausible.

The attack gave Bush a mandate to pass the Patriot Act. If that is not enough of a reason to hold a theory as plausible, I am not sure what is. Of course there is no concrete evidence. This is because plebs like you in the media are not actually journalists, but are reporters. You report what you are told to report. That is all you will ever do and that is what causes the truth to be lost.

Bahahahahah this is proof of a world empire of self admitted bankers who's power reign is falling at dramatic speeds, any piece of propergander to keep the masses of people waking up to turn away from waking up to the fact that they have been lied to severely by the governments around the world. What about building 7,???? This is the most kindergarten pathetic article I've ever read, this whole site is just a shambles of properganda with a slightly fraudulent alternative spin to it. Open your eyes mr news.

The powers that be must be worried if they are making such an effort to brainwash the masses. This article is about as biased about the truth as you will ever see. Ant, you should have known better than to turn the comments section on for this piece. We already know what most of the comments will be. Now where did I put that tin hat. Do your job as a journalist please. Simple rebuttal: the hijackers were inept in their training and had very little hope in removing said transponders considering the amount of time it takes to actually remove one, and even then, regardless of transponders being removed, the aircraft are still trackable simply turning them off doesnt work quite like you believe AND!

None of your so called rebuttals actually negate the theories you have put forward Theory 1 - Pearl Harbor anyone?? Theory 2 - A fully laden B bomber hit the empire state building ina building very similar in design and construction to the trade center towers, this building did not fall? Theory 3 - Witnesses report suspicious activity from security guards in and around trade center in weeks prior to collapse, a security company owned by Marvin Bush, Georges' brother, not suss??

Theory 4 - Show me the bodies?? These are theories that can not be proven either way so they are really hypothesis not theories Stop trying to be Buzzfeed, you're not Buzzfeed, it's just annoying. Could you also pass that onto the other 'journalists' at news. And what city in it's right mind would buld towers taht basically couldn't support their own weight? While most theories are ridiculous, as a pilot with a few thousand hours, no one can convince me that a rank amateur could fly the flight path by the 'pilot' that crashed into the pentagon.

Amazing that there is no clear pictures of that. I want to read news when I come to this website, not rehashed 12yr old media propaganda. Yeah it's sad, so are the years of dirty conflict in the Middle East that followed. To be enough of an arrogant cynic and believe that by constantly plugging this we will all get behind another US strike on another Middle East country is ill conceived and dangerous.

No one will ever know all of the truth. Too much of Mike Moore's Farenheit is too true to be good - and watch the movie Arlington Road if you don't think that scenarios like this can't be manipulated. To call this airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies 'debunked' is charitable at best. It's just one guy's badly researched opinion piece. What hope do we have when a recent arrival to the debate uses his privileged position to broadcast erroneous info about tower 7.

Put it this way. All professional demolition experts lost their extremely lucrative jobs that day. All you need to do is lob some debris at the side and light a couple of fires in random places. The building will fall exactly as it would if you had an extremely complicated demolition performed. Sorry demo experts, you are all out of business. Turns out they were all just a bunch of hucksters and the explosives were just for show. Random fires are all you need not "engineers".

Dear Anthony, your future at news limited is assured keep up the "good" work. I am scared to death by terrorists. I really like the "stupid, simple format" it caters to my child like understanding of the world. Psychologists will tell you that even perfectly sane people have the ability to accept wild conspiracy theories. It also helps id your employer pays you to do so.

I accept your apology This has to be the worst thing I have ever read. People who tend to seek conspiracy theories on any matter, do because the official story either doesn't add up or is missing details. The one thing I myself don't understand about this conspiracy is the fact none of the black boxes were found. None, what so ever, apparently. Answer that one for me, Sharwood. I agree Josh of Melbourne. But be careful, after a few comments and digs at their lack of knowledge, common English and opinion pieces instead of actual news worthy articles the friendly folk will not post a thing you submit again, positive or not.

What a Joke - Next you will argue that a plane REALLY DID hit the Pentagon, because 'they' said it did. How do articals like this make ANY news site? By treating these conspiracy theories forex trading system automated roulette such distain as in this story you will only reinforce the opinions of people who believe this. You can't just say you're crazy. That's not going to do anything positive. What a stupid article with no actual scientific findings to back up either claims.

Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel for one so theres that but what about the pentagon? To plane parts no footage and a hole that was smaller than what a plane could actuall fit though and A flight path into it that all pilots have testified to being impossible. A bit sad but of course why would anyone expect mainstream media to properly investigate any incident fairly on both sides?? Jet fuel burns at about degrees, Steel melts at about degrees. Can anyone tell me where all that molten metal came from that was pouring from the sides of the building when the fuel was no where near enough to melt the steel?

As a factual conspiracy-debunking article, I think airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies article was pretty thin on. If you want to re-write something grand, how about looking at the facts and conspiracies regarding the pentagon plane crash? If you can unravel the truth from the myth on that one, I'll have my faith somewhat restored in your journalism. I have never written airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies response to a piece either in the newspaper or online but I felt compelled to - regardless of the facts in this case, this article, the way it is worded, the tone, the content - has to be the worst I have ever read.

This author and the editor responsible for publishing it need to lose their jobs - I agree with some of the others who have commented - you can learn to write pieces better than this in Primary school. This is such a let down from a site that I genuinely respected for its objectivity Dislike this article immensely. This guy has no idea. Of course was an inside job. It's now the minority that believes the opposite.

Don't try and force feed us this propaganda. What a terrible article. This site may soon be renamed "uninformed-opinions. Some people are so determined to find a conspiracy they will make one up if need be! What an appalling slight on the memory of the unfortunate victims for so many dis-empowered nutbags to be dreaming up mad conspiracies. To The Author, trying to degrade and call people who are ultimately seeking the truth "conspiracy theorists" makes you the writer an absolute hypocrite.

To discount something without doing any viable research is just bad journalism. The people who are uncovering the HARD TRUTH have more credibility than options 365 trading 3x as presented with this pathetic article. If the world is Trillions of dollars in debt, WHOM are we all in debt to? ET and Alf were catching an unscheduled yankees training session while slamming back tequila shots, they had to dodge a high ball and spun out into the towers.

What i dont understand is that the author of this article is a stupid and naive person for believing that terrorists could crash planes into buildings or that this may even cause said buildings to collapse, yet everyone commenting on here has watched a youtube video or 2 and they are enlightened. Tosser This one of the most pathetic articles I have read. Purely based on opinion and no hard evidence to back up any of the statements made.

You call yourself a journalist? Maybe aspiring to a job at Fox news one day. Next you will be attacking people for suggesting the earth is round. Go do some real airline put options 9 11 jumpers bodies, there is such a thing called EVIDENCE. Such as the sort which raise many questions about the "official story'' rammed down the throat of the masses and so "patriotically' defended by people like you too ignorant to think for yourself. Pathetic peice of writing.

Let's not forget that news. It's no surprise that the writing is garbage Government planned this did they? Dare you internet warriors to go the US and tell the victims families that to their face Kill all those terrorist scum you've got my support US and I paid my respects when over in NYC. Brothers in Arms Can you explain the plane that hit the pentagon? There was no wing damage to the pentagon! A normal fire cannot bring down a building.

It also fell into its own foot print perfectly. Believe what you want but if you do some real research you will understand. Also it was still a very sad day, I just think we are being played. Anthony Sharwood the sports writer probably needs to have a look at the below. He probably wont, but maybe you will. The people from the caves actually did it? Waiting for your explanation of the Pentagon and why the US Govt refuses to release the footage of the plane hitting it?

The history books still tell us that JFK was killed by a lone gun man. We know this is a lie made up by the Warren Commission. If you don't care then accept anything fed to you. Remember former VP Dick Chaney openly admitted to a Senate enquiry that he had no idea where one quarter of the US defense budget was being diverted. When he asked he was told it was classified. This from the former Vice President;granted he was number two to the dumbest President to ever elected.

So which one is it, crazy conspiracy theorist or not??? First you making a mockery of conspiracy theories and calling them stupid and making anyone who thinks this way as crazy Media at its finest This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read, have taken your child's school project and decided to publish it? If so please advise your child to do some serious research on the subject, figure out the real facts ie;how was 22, tons of steel vaporized in each tower in 8 seconds by aviation fuel that burns at degrees then wtite something adult.

I could comment on how daft the journalist who wrote this looks, like most other comments already here, but instead I'll just point out something that demonstrates the journalist who wrote this lives in fantasy-land The "missile" was reported to have hit the "Pentagon" Time to search this article for the word "Pentagon". OK, article is questionable just for this omission.

It doesn't take much more to determine it's just an opinion article from someone who never researched any of the facts. But can you explain how the WTC 5 collapsed, when no plane hit only a small fire on one of the levels? By the look at the comments I think someone upset the conspiracy theorists. If you just look at how many people would have needed to be involved and the level of skill, timing and finally secrecy to pull off such a grand 'inside job' I think you are giving the government too much credit.

If their motivation was they wanted to go to war it would have been much easier to set of a dirty bomb or something like that. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. Skip to: Main Content Site Navigation Site footer Site site-search Site Map Network Navigation other sites Hipages Fox Sports SEEK Carsguide RealEstate News Network News.

We decided to pull it. I accept your apology. Media at its finest.

No bodies, just body parts, NBC, 08:49, 9/13

Click Here - Movie Star Planet Starcoins Generator. HOW TO BECOME POPULAR ON MSP! Tips and tricks! Hope I help:)) Video Rating: / 5. Click Here - Movie Star Planet. PSYCHOLOGISTS will tell you that even perfectly sane people have the ability to accept wild conspiracy theories. The more powerless or alone we feel, the more likely. This webpage provides responsible criticism of the 9 / 11 Commission Report by survivors of 9 / 11 and family members of those who perished.

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