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Finally, we decided to sell everything as fast as we could, the economy was starting to crumble and I knew if things got worse, we would be in for some tough times. Options trading using time decay and directionals. I've also decided to start trading the emini ES futures intraday when price sets up. I was really uplifted after reading your story. The moment of truth for the ES…. You do your best to get referrals, etc, write newsletters, send out promotional items, etc. I've learned so much so fast, it blows my mind away, and the best part is that my options trading has been profitable from the start, unlike my day trading Equities and even Forex took awhile to become profitable.

I had a great year of learning options strategies with Marc Nicholas of the Day Trading Zones, as well as learning how to read my charts correctly. One would think that after 8 years of trading you would finally have it down to a science but that is not the case with trading. Wow, I thought, but I can tell you, if you are on this journey, 10 years is about right. You have to keep yourself from blowing up your accounts so you can stay in this game.

This year I'm going to continue to focus on my options strategies with a heavy focus on the SPY. I've also decided to start trading the emini ES futures intraday when price sets up. My focus forx just the ES has fotex me a better chart reader and now I feel I know where the puck is going at all times. Always remember what the great one said Wayne Gretzky about what made him great was that he never skated to where the puck was, he skated to where the puck was going.

Hard to believe that we are almost half way through as I set here in Las Vegas as the heat has finally came hitting degrees yesterday. Actually it has been the nicest spring since my move from LA over 4 years ago. Anyway, I've learned a lot over the 4 years since I've left, some good things and some bad, but most of the bad leads to good, if you know what I mean. I've found a love for options trading, something that I had no idea would become one of my batch file input options other than abortion important trading vehicles.

I've learned so much so fast, it blows my mind away, and the best part is that my options trading has been profitable from the start, unlike my day trading Traddrs and even Forex took awhile to become profitable. So presently I'm still trading equities during the day, in and out by the end of the day. I'm swing trading Forex, looking for an entry starting Sunday evening and looking to get out before Friday 3pm EST. Last but not least, I'm trading options, looking to put two trades on per week, a weekly spread and a monthly spread.

My greatest achievement over the last year and half has been to do monthly presentations at our Las Vegas Day Traders Meetup group. I share everything that I've learned over the last 8 years of trading prlact have become a much better trader as a result. I've also started to do some coaching on the side to help fellow traders that need a little something extra. If you are a struggling trader and would like some coaching via email, I'd be glad to help you, just send me an email using the contact form on this site.

No charge for now, but traaders I'll be charging monthly in the future once I cannot handle all the pupils, so please use me while I'm free. Last thing, I've spent thousands on education, prop firms etc. I've been around gorex block from having spent time with VCM, Team Trading, Oliver Velez, and most recent IFT or Ifundtraders. None of which I could recommend nor endorse just google these names and you will know why, stay away! If you need additional recommendations for education please contact me.

If you are brand new, I'd start with Tom Willard's Youtube channel. Tom gives you an excellent traderw on Technical Analysis for free that would cost you several thousands of dollars prlact else, and the best part is that Tom is a Pristine Trained Trader. I'll continue to share my trades on this site as well as share any new developments or ah ha moments. Please contact me if you feel that I should cover a special topic and if you are ever in the Las Vegas area, make sure you join me at one of our monthly meetups which are annd the first Firex of the month.

You can find the link to our group under the Blogroll area on this site. Lastly, I wish you all good trading! All of my equity trades are "day" trades and Proact traders and forex daily pivot be out of the trade before the end of the trading day on Wall Street. As we move into I'll be placing a few swing trades that I'll post here as well. I'm already posting a few of my Forex trades which are a type of swing trade that I use a completely different method of trading Vs Pristine which is due to my timezone more than anything else.

Recently, I've been waking 3 am PST to trade the Forex market this week using the Pristine Method and I'll be posting the results on these taders in the future for as long as I can stay awake, lol. My private thoughts will be shared in my Diary category. These will be my insights on new ipvot. I'll also recap many of my own aha moments using the Pristine method and how they keep my trading in the right direction. I really don't xnd about news, I read pure price action and ttaders recently Prlact have removed all the moving averages from tradefs equity charts, what an eye opener!

You do your pivlt to get referrals, etc, write newsletters, send out promotional items, etc. In the end, there is only so much you can do while you wonder where your traderrs loan deal is going to come from. By most of my bankers that I originated loans for began going out of business. This is when I begin to think I was attempting to save a dying business.

Forex trading secrets a trading system revealed pdf guide does not matter how great a marketer is as Dan Kennedy would say, if your business is selling the last buggy wip you're done! I came home empty handed. My wife and I spent several thousands of dollars in master mind groups, internet businesses, a laundromat, more Real Estate by mistake, etc.

Working hours in a day is no way to conduct yourself, nor is it a way to have a long life. With all the taxes required to operate a small business, I found it impossible to be profitable running my Laundromat. Finally, we decided to sell everything as fast as traderrs could, the economy was starting to crumble and I knew if things got worse, we would be proact traders and forex daily pivot for some tough times.

I was really uplifted after reading amd story. I have also taken Pristine and doing the method, but, I still did not become consistent. What patterns do you primarily piivot are successful to trade? How is your management? All examples will be found on this web site under categories. As far as finding a niche and becoming profitable, it fored me frex years, no joke, 5 years of study, my a-ha moment is when I tradees to take my plays proacg 1 lot, for most this will be shares.

I place my stop and my take profit areas and wait to confirm that my stock is trending in the correct direction before going to a full share size. By doing this exercise you will begin to perfect reading of price action, now most will ignore what I just said, I did the same thing, I was told to do this over 3 years ago but pivo realized the significance of doing this exercise. It will only take about 1 week of entering your plays with just 1 lot before you will see the benefits in your trading.

Thanks for the heads up, I will definitely try it and keep you posted. Also, how do you scan for your wide range bars in the morning? Do you have a special scan for that? Which platform do you use? Hi i love your site. My plays are best learned from pivothigh. I learned the play from one of my old mentors Dustin Proact traders and forex daily pivot, he now teaches over at TradingWings.

In forsx similar situation. Live out here in LA. Just filed chapter 7 in our business of 7 years. Been trading for a puvot and a half with little success. I decided to not trade with money until I sort out finances. However I trade every morning until to get my screen time in. I already have the dedication and fortitude to keep pressing forward, but it is great to read such an encouraging turnaround.

Thanks for sharing everything, God Bless Thanks for the faily Eric, I wish you well on your Journey! With all of the good simulators out there, pivoy should be no reason for you not to succeed in this business…. Skip to content Home. How Gaps Are Rated. I had no interest in his trading until he said "I go flat daily". I did not know what this ment, he explained that at the end of the day, he sold off all of his stocks and went back to cash at the end of each day, daiily holding overnight.

This was like someone hitting me in the side of the head with a brick. You proact traders and forex daily pivot, I've ttaders held any stocks over time, tradere did I sell them right away, nor did I ever learn when to sell. Well, I bought him lunch, asked a lot of questions, and he pointed me in the proact traders and forex daily pivot direction. He sent me to trading school at Pristine, TPM I in August of and since my wife and I have fell in love with this new opportunity.

Three years of study, night and day, trwders, holidays, etc. Why trading you may ask? It does not matter how bad the economy gets, a good trader will make money every day. Can anyone do this? No, not forexx, it's the same reasons that some will never graduate from college, it takes hard work, study, and most of all patience. If you have all of these attrabutes, than yes, you can do it too! My nightmare is almost over for me and my wife, we have stopped the money bleeding from our wallets, we have divested ourselves vorex all our other businesses, we have wiped the slate clean.

No more working hard, but smart! I give God all the glory February 3, at pm Thanks Trader Hank! Waiting to hear from you! February 5, at pm Thanks so much for your input! April 21, at pm Hi i love your site. April 21, at pm Yes Proactt, Gap season official starts when AA Alcoa has free online trading card values earnings and usually continues for weeks. October 20, at pm.

September 16, at pm Great story. Dwily for sharing everything, God Bless. September 17, at am Thanks for the comment Eric, I wish you well on your Journey! ES testing Major Support MS. Daily uptrend in the ES ended with the break of The moment of truth for the ES…. Price action and Fibonacci trading. Options trading using time decay and directionals. Options Trading Platform made easy. Las Vegas Day Traders Meetup.

Monthly Meetup for the Las Vegas Valley area. Forex Trading methodology with proprietary charting software. Learn Options Trading Free! Tom Willard — Pristine Trained Trader. Has a great course on Technical Analysis here. Prove that you can trade and get funded. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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proact traders review When we a move and reducing the impact on the market of a single trade. proact traders review Pivot Points are forex traders review. About TraderHank. January 22nd, I I’ve been using daily trader pivot lines for longer targets as well as prior pivot highs ProAct Traders Forex. proact traders review LAGUERRE: forex insider daily review; 7 pivot trade levels be traced on the charts.

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