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Why we are Different. I told you GBPUSD would break this level and head up! You HAVE been warned!!! Clcik here to see the webpage for the University lectures. The Power Hour News AUGUST www. Dean starts corex session by drawing in horizontal support and resistance lines. I ask for a refund and did not receive one!

I am a forex trader Show Posts Go to Page Apr 15,pm. I am a forex trader with 18 months experience. I know an awful lot about technical analysis and price action. I have been in several live malonee, only to eventually find out that the presenter is a scam merchant forexx FAR from being a trader. My research lead me to have nothing but respect for the guy.

The basic Synergy system seems good. So, I thought I would give them a go. This is some feedback on my findings. First off, here are the costs:. Advanced Synergy includes the standard Synergy indicators, plus a further SEVEN indicators. You download and install the indicators to your MT4 platform. Then you watch a large number of videos which are in the Advanced Synergy Member area.

The videos are comprehensive insofar as they give LOTS of details on the indicators, but there is nothing which explains how to bring them all together into one cohesive trading strategy with fixed entry and exit criteria. Stop loss placement is never discussed! So far, not great, but certainly not particularly bad. Into the live room. Of all the custom Advanced Synergy indicators, Dean only uses the Synergy Trade Signal and Volatility!! The others are nowhere to be seen on his charts [admittedly, the Synergy Trade Signal IS looking at the other forex trader dean malone well service before signalling an entry].

Right, so, into the live room proper. Dean starts the session by drawing in horizontal support and resistance lines. If price breaks support, look for shorts, if it breaks resistance, look for longs, we are told. No explanation is given for why these levels are selected. I told you GBPUSD would break this level and head up!

During foex entire time in the live room, NEVER did Dean refer to an Advanced Synergy entry. Neither did he call his trades in advance. I said that was a very risky strategy long term, trading news spikes on THE most volatile pair, without a stop loss, and he actually agreed with me!!! But the point here is, in fact, Malkne points here are:. Details are only given afterwards. Welll join a live room to SEE how a professional trader serviec his trades, with details of WHY he is thinking of entering, where forex trader dean malone well service stop will go, and what his exit strategy is.

Without this information, how can they learn!? The MT4 platform which Dean shares with us is NOT the one he trades on. Whichever platform Dean DOES trade on, he only trades MINI lots!! If you were being cynical, it would be because you would get your calculator out and think Because, Compass FX are a retail broker. You think there is another trader on the other side of your trade? Because I amid australian forex trading brokers licensing looked at it and seen how many false signals it generates!!!

Dean trades without stop losses or targets. How do I know? Well, most of his trades produce a profit of less than 10 pips. MANY of them are as low as 2 or ,alone pips. Well, you do tracer One of many things I found amazing was that Dean obviously has a Bloomberg feed and just seems to keep quoting it ad mxlone I got the impression that he is more of a fundamental trader than malon technical one!!

Dean Malone is not a trader! My message is simply this: Forex trading is, without question, one of the most [if not THE most] difficult endeavours a human being could ever undertake. THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A MINUTE!!! IT IS SOOOOO true, otherwise, you would not be reading this now!! You Mwlone been warned!!! I could go on and on and on about why this is a SCAM, but I think the above speaks for itself!!! Apr 16,pm. Has there ever been tradrr single live trading room that is not a total ripoff?

I mean seriously, have we ever seen one which is not doing sean what you've just outlined? Does he actually have subscribers or are some of those on a short term free demo? Show Printable Version Advanced Trrader. Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1 0 members and 1 guests LinkBack URL About LinkBacks.

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Deposits/withdrawals of funds without commission for all our clients! Free funds withdrawal - RoboForex. Ready to start? Join now. Apr 26,  · Dean Malone/Advanced Synergy Review. merchant and FAR from being a trader. Dean Malone /Compass FX seem to are not a signal service ” is rolled out. Well.

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