German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade

She moved to Vienna and after World War I became manager of MENSA ACADEMIA JUDAICA, a boarding Ogan for Jewish students, where she once defended her charges against anti-Semitic rioters. Cops are above the law. The hierarchy instructed priests to combat National Socialism at a local level whenever it attacked Christianity. And the fact is that soon after the war the illegal State of Israel was created. Jenna McLaughlin 3 days ago. Ret Marut arrest photo taken in London ; Marut is the most popular candidate for Traven's true identity. Philosophers do think in abstract ways and do figure and reason a whole lot differently than traditionally more factual-based fields.

Can you stomach it, quacks? Dosch, Manual of Neural Therapy According to Huneke 2 nd editionGeorg Thieme Verlag, p. Skip to main content. I will be hardly or not be attending my computer and thus mail and websitepresumably until mid-June, while on a small island. For his supportive messages, my gratitude goes to Edzard Ernst Personal blog Emeritus professor of complementary medicine.

Former professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. A really interesting article on homeopathy and Heel. For her supportive messages, my gratitude goes to Maria MacLachlan Personal blog The Nightingale Collaboration. Heel's fortune stems from war fraud. Heel's fortune comes from Nazi Germany: The Quandts were rich enough to escape the Nuremberg trials.

Heel's fortune is used for scientific fraud. Heel funds "journalism" by pseudo-scientists. A history of fraudulent claims. Heel announced to cease all its activities in North America. To me, its activities seem rather continued, covered up by a mere name-change. Heel awards its Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Award to pseudo-scientists. Obviously formally affiliated to Heel, yet claims to be "independent". Another lie by Heel. An overview of some of Jan Kersschot's most obvious pseudo-scientific claims and practices.

The usage of some "bio-energetic" hierarchical body-level, which can not be understood by "official and universitary" thought, which features "high vibrational frequencies". Typical pseudo-scientific health-care fallacies. A suspiciously long list of advised treatments. Pseudo-scientific locations of injections, expressed in cun's, which is a patient-specific measure. More pseudo-scientific facades of Jan Kersschot's biopuncture. Annual financial statements in the company register records of DELTON AG.

Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH Official site. HRB Local Court : Mannheim DE Dr. DELTON AG Official site. HRB Local Court : Bad Homburg v. If more strict emission limits would have passed, this would have harmed e. KG, Nussbaum support CAM Media. This amount of money is deployed for the redaction services of these blogs. KGI'll just translate 1 pseudo-scientific claim by 1 of their leaders atmentioned in a documentary about the company, namely In Edzard Ernst's recent book 89explains he had just finished a project for the WHO, in which all 27 economic evaluations then available on the topic, were included; whereof no conclusions could be drawn regarding the cost-saving of alternative medicine.

He had concerns about the validity and soundness of Smallwood Report :. This report was not peer reviewed - yet it was going to be put directly into the hands of healthcare politicians. The final draft contained claims that were "so unspeakable to me, that I had to speak out. I told them what I thought, and that created another headline," he says. I'll display all direct quotes by Edzard Ernst:. The Prince of Wales also seems to have overstepped his constitutional role.

They have over interpreted and misinterpreted the data they do include. The direct quotes by Edzard Ernst, thus, don't even involve contents of the report. I had been interrogated, investigated, treated like dirt for 13 months and exonerated in the end. Not that I ever went out myself to talk to the media.

I just was trained to give polite responses when journalists inquired about my work. He instructed me to seek his approval. I told him to go yonder and multiply. I just ignored it, because he effectively was interfering with the freedom of press, with academic freedom, et cetera. Nevertheless, after intervention by Clarence Houseall fundraising activities including those of the Edzard Ernst's university itself of Edzard Ernst's research unit abruptly stopped, and Steve Smith decided to close his research unit.

As for Edzard Ernst, things turned out less prestigious:. People in this country are really quite anxious in certain positions to get a knighthood. My two superiors did receive a knighthood once they had mistreated me - no causal connection implied, because otherwise I might get sued for libel. Richard Charles Horton WHOeditor-in-chief of The Lancet sincehas concluded about the prince of Wales 's Smallwood Report on CAM :. It is a life-threatening condition that can be controlled by the effective use of drugs.

The idea that homeopathy can replace conventional treatment, as the prince 's report suggests, is absolutely wrong. Not one shred of reliable evidence exists to support this incredibly misjudged claim. Lives will be lost if this practice, apparently endorsed by the president of the GMCis followed. Michael Baum Personal website University College London has also heavily criticized Prince Charles 's unscientific claims.

He tries to explain the practical importance of evidence-based medicine to Prince Charlesin "An open letter to the Prince of Wales: with respect, your highness, you've got it wrong" :. Sir, they patronise you! Nothing could be further from the truth. The scientific method is based on the deductive process that starts with the humble assumption that your hypothesis might be wrong and is then subjected to experiments that carry the risk of falsification.

More harm to science, produced by Prince Charlescan be read in Edzard Ernst's "A tribute to Prince Charles, champion of anti-science, on his 65th birthday" There has been a documentary about the British Royal Familydocumenting the false and misleading information German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade the Smallwood Report The links to specific time-points of the video have become obsolete with them. I apologize for this inconvenience.

Harald Walach Psiram German Personal site Samueli Institute is especially affiliated with the pseudo-scientific company Heel. He has strongly contributed to Claus Fritzsche's blogs. Most unfortunately, he holds a position at a university, which is completely funded by Heelat the Viadrina European University in Frankfurt, Germany.

They explicitly state the institute should be abandoned to exist affiliated to a university in any way. The sentences of this pseudo-scientific publication are so stupid they can only be laughed or cried at, it includes massive intellectual failures. Notice that both Harald Walach, as well as Stefan Schmidt Samueli Institute Official site another pseudo-scientist, such as Harald Walach, working at the Samueli Institute ; cf.

Peter Conrad, The Kozyrev-mirror in practice, Viadrina European University, The following can be seen as an example of pseudo-scientists who work at the Samueli Institute cf. Yount California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute CPMCRI Personal Mind-Body Medicine Research Group is 1 of the people who worked for the Samueli Institutewhere he was entitled as a principal investigatorfor research co-funded by Sekai Kyusei Kyo, Izunome Association.

Yount has published a paper about BioEnergy, together with e. While external bioenergy e. Yount talks about qigong masters, of which he claims to have seen evidence to be able to direct qi to other bodies These masters develop the ability to direct and manipulate qinot just inside their own bodies, but outside their bodies as well. Yount also states that a qigong master revealed to him that what he thought was a healthy cell culture, actually contained cancer cells But after treating the cells he came out of the treatment room shaking his head.

I tried to eliminate them. There was no question. These were normal brain cells. He defied me outright. I sensed an abnormal qi. I realized there were in fact only normal healthy brain cells in that dish, and they were growing on top of 10, tumor cells in the process of committing cell suicide. Garret Yount studies effect of the intent of Chinese Qigong master on human brain tumor cells growing in vitro. The cultures served as the target for both control and test runs.

One can see him talking in "Infrasonic Component Of Qigong: Potential For Integration With Oncology" In their information about injections to supposedly lose weight, on Imke Plischko's websitethey refer to the following video, which was clearly shot in Imke Plischko's practice Graphical representation Trade mark name Application- Trademark office of origin Nice class U.

The connections in the correlation maps between teeth and the organs have been corroborated since many years, as shown in the following diagram Neurofocal Dentistry Center Yosette Osorio. Relationship between teeth and organs. Center of Neurofocal Dentistry". This is uploaded via the official Youtube-channel of Dunes Title: My Health! Description: Centre of sceintific and research information a real. Private sun is subscribet. This is uploaded via the official Youtube-channel of Dunes Again, the logo of Dunes is shown at the beginning of the video; together with its ads, which are also shown at the end.

The holding includes Closed Joint Stock Company "Center of family and social technologies "Institution of the family"founded by "Dune". Doctors at the widely used methods of non-drug treatment: phototherapy using the apparatus "Dune-T"electrical "Silver", "Photon" tabletsaromatherapy the device "EFA". Granting of Heel 's Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Award From right to left:. The date of merging is not exactly clear to me. Graphic representation Trade mark name Application- Registration- Trademark office of origin Trade mark status Nice class Applicant name Application date Registered Owner Address.

UK UK Intellecutal Property Office Expired 5 Cosmochema Dr. Graphic representation Trade mark name Application- Registration- Trademark office of origin Trade mark status Nice class Applicant name Application date Registered Representative Representative's address Expiry date. RUBIO PHARMA Y ASOCIADOS S. R Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial IMPI Registered 35 RUBIO PHARMA Y ASOCIADOS, S. R Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial IMPI Registered 44 RUBIO PHARMA Y ASOCIADOS, S.

R Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial IMPI Registered 42 RUBIO PHARMA Y ASOCIADOS, S. Diseases for which it is applied Ulcers of the lower limbs. Degenerative vascular diseases atherosclerosis obliterans. Burns and wound healing. Acute hepatitis C by increased cytokine production. Inflammatory processes and breast abscesses. Obstetric and postpartum septic complications postoperative infections in cesarean section. Obstetric trauma tearing of the uterine cervix and perineum.

Chronic placental insufficiency and fetal hypoxia. Experimentally in some cases of AIDS. Iatrogenic complications in the gastrointestinal mucosa by cytophylactics. Migraine headaches, migraine-associated sensory disturbances. Local treatment of septic processes osteomyelitis. Postoperative septic complications in tibial fractures. Renal ischemia and reperfusion. Company Graphical representation Companies' address Website.

Remember that an address of Cascade Medical was Mykoly Vasylenka Street 7 Kyiv Ukraine. Companies' name Graphical representation Address Phone number E-mail address Permanent site-wide banners including e. This is Heel 's Ukranian "bioregulatory" society which distributes Heel 's pseudo-science, e. In a newspaper which heavily advertises Heel 's products, seems to claim that Cascade Medical is actually a subsidiary of UBIPharm.

In fact, yet another company is located at the same physical address. It is clearly made by Heel. Companies' name Graphical representation Address Phone number E-mail address Permanent site-wide banners also e. It shows a picture of a Heel 's building in Baden-Baden. I'll mention an excerpt from the information which Heel Apteka offers on its website, e. The following comes straight of its Heel 's product list, and features a giant footer of HeelBaden-Baden Inflammatory diseases of different localization:.

Otolaryngology Genital organs of women. A cute R espiratory V iral I nfection Acute upper respiratory tract infection Infectious-inflammatory diseases of internal organs. It gets frequently mentioned that it is indicated to be used on A cute R espiratory V iral I nfectionamongst other things. Please don't trust any claims by these un-trustable companies.

What about the Ukrainian Heel website itself? Companies' name Graphical representation Permanent banners on its front page More clear affiliations. In certain documents, e. Sincethis company has been the exclusive Ukrainian representative of both Symbiopharm Ukraine which is also located at another Cascade Medical's address, cf. In the same article, they said they are the exclusive distributors of Symbiopharm products, in Ukraine I suppose. Companies' name Graphical representation Address Phone number E-mail address.

Its address is 1 of the addresses of Cascade Medical itself cf. About the pseudo-scientific Bio Regulation Therapy BRT :. PEMFs deliver targeted electromagnetic signals to the cells in very specific communication channels. Once the communications paths are cleared, the body can then efficiently regulate and process the electrical and chemical exchanges associated with those channels.

With LENYO BRT devices, based on advanced, high-precision PEMF technology, this cellular fine-tuning can be safely and easily accomplished on a regular basis. If anyone finds a better resolution of this version, please do not hesitate to contact me. Progressive Auto-Sanguis therapy High susceptibility to infections Chronical diseases By the shaking of a drop of blood with homeopathic ampoule preparations one creates a special autonosode. Homeopathic version of auto-sanguis therapy.

Auto-Sanguis therapy Immune deficiency High susceptibility for infections Various methods, from the small auto-sanguis therapy, also mixed with homeopathic drugs and phytotherapeutic drugs, up untill the large auto-sanguis therapy with Ozon-Oxygen mixture and UV-light-irradiation. Electroacupunture According to Reinhold Voll Chronical diseases Focus-quest Allergy- and drug testing By measurement of the skin's resistance on an acupunture point are statements about the energetical level of the meridians and the there to belonging organ-systems possible.

The testing allows research of causes and planning of therapy. The effect of homeopathy is accelerated, the effect of acupunture holds longer. Magnetfeldtherapie Pains of the movement apparatus Good efficacy on degenerative changes in the movment apparatus. Improves the healing of injuries and fractions. Enhancement of the O 2 -utilisation. Improvement of wound- healing. Tai Ji Quan Stress Effeteness Pains Relaxed natural movements that unite the body and the mind.

The exercises bring the body in to an energetical balance. Thalasso-Therapie Rheumatic diseases Respiratory diseases Effeteness Use of seawater and sea products, e. During all these years, Klaus G. I have omitted them here for brevity, but I'll just mention a few flabbergasting pseudo-scientific claims In auto-sanguis oxidationtherapy, 80 mL's of blood is taken from a vein, by a small, so called "butterfly needle", anticoagulated with citric acid and then irradiated in a special machine outside of the body with UV-C-light of the wavelength ,7 nm.

After foaming with oxygen and renewed light treatpent, the total mixture is then injected by this same needle in the punctured vein. However, it proves to be effective even in lipid metabolism disorders, gout, diabetes and supportive in most liver diseases. Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, suffering of rheumatic, skin diseases and allergies often speak well to the auto-sanguis oxidation therapy. From the method Electroacupunture According to Reinhold Voll :.

Over EAV -points are empirically verified. From the method Cranio-Sacral therapy :. The therapist lays its hands in the neck of the patient and feels the rhythm of the dura mater. While the patient relaxes, the therapist test the mobility of the cranial structure and the total membrane system up until the coccyx. If he encounters irregularities here, he gently corrects the rhythm. The articles also explicitly carried the following meta-information:.

HTML Meta-tag Tag's content. Audience Doctors, pharmacies, patients. As listed on its website Therapy with organ fresh extracts. Electroacupunture According to Reinhold Voll. Graphical representation Trade mark name Application- Registration- Trademark office of origin Nice class Applicant name Owner's name Applicant's address Application date Registration date. Graphical representation Trade mark name Application- Trademark office of origin Nice class Owner's name Owner's address Application date Registration date.

One can read more about this pseudo-science in an "official" manual of "eTouch for Health"which is the "official" software based on the pseudo-science of John Francis Thie The following is an exhaustive list of the subsidiaries mentioned, categorized as pharmaceutical Name Direct equity interest. Below are board members listed explicitly in relation to Heel.

However, I find it quite strange of DELTON AG to list him as a supervisory board member Supervisory Board of DELTON AG. Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH. WHO -expert in biological medicine University of Milan. WHO-Experte in biologischer Medizin Uni Mailand. Schwarze Male werden als Substanzverlust interpretiert. Innerhalb dieser Kreise werden noch einzelne Segmente unterschieden, die mit einzelnen Organen bzw.

Organsystemen in Zusammenhang stehen sollen. Durch spezielle Nadeltechniken Elektro, Laser kann dies vermieden werden. AS WELL WE HAVE:. PUES BIEN CONTAMOS CON:. Medicina Quantistica Piergiorgio Spaggiari, Caterina Tribbia - Teniche Nuove. L'Infiammazione e il Simile Luigi Marcello Monsellato - Olo System. Omeopatia Costituzionale Antonio Santini - ISMO.

Medicina Integrativa Ivo Bianchi - Mos Maiorum Editions. Testamento per una Nuova Medicina Ryke Geerd Hamer - Amici di Dirk Editiones. Weihe e altri Punti Leonello Milani - Guna Editore. Atlante di Elettroagopuntura secondo Voll Ivor Ruf - Guna Editore. Terapia con i Fiori di Bach Mechthild Cheffer - Nuova Ipsa Editore. Malattie Reumatiche e Terapia Omotossicologica K.

Kustermann - Guna Editore. Reckeweg - Guna Editore. Pediatria e Omotossicologia Ivo Bianchi - Guna Editore. Manuale di Medicina Biologica Hartmut Heine - Guna Editore. Iannaccone - Tecniche Nuove. Biodinamica Paolo Bellavite - Tecniche Nuove. Ordinatio Antihomotoxica e Materia Medica Heel - Guna Editore. Malattia e Evoluzione Fabio Elvio Farello - Nuova Ipsa Editore. Agopuntura e Omotossicologia Fabio Elvio Farello - Nuova Ipsa Editore. Manuale di EAVI Sabatino Meletani - Nobile Collegio Omeopatico.

Fondamenti di Elettroagopuntura di Voll H. Leonhardt - Piccin Editore. Materia Medica Omeopatica William Boericke - ISBN. Repertorio Omeopatico Omotossicologico Ivo Bianchi - Guna Editore. Essenze Fisiopatologiche dei Rimedi Omeopatici G. Vithoulkas - Proposte Nuove. Dizionario di Fitoterapia e Piante Medicinali E. Campanini - Tecniche Nuove. Fitoterapia Fabio Firenzuoli - Masson Editore. Cromoterapia Osvaldo Sponzilli - Iniziazione Mediterranee. Cromopuntura Auricolare Osvaldo Sponzilli - Iniziazione Mediterranee.

Gli Oligoelementi nella pratica terapeutica Ivo Bianchi - Guna Editore. Il Tao della Fisica F. Capra - Ipsa Editore. Every Tuesday, from Adriana Carluccio Pizzoccaro holds seminars introduction and update on the use of "Materia Medica HEELas Heel " handbook yellow. Participation, reserved for doctors, is free and takes just a notice within the previous Monday. Office: Guna Srl, via Palmanova Milan. For brevity I have posted just this version, although this message got updated after some time; wherein "la Dottoressa Adriana Carluccio Pizzoccaro" got replaced by "Dipartimento Scientifico Guna", or translated: "Dr.

Adriana Carluccio Pizzoccaro" got replaced by "Scientific Department Guna". Guna: trent'anni dis toria dell'industria omeopatica in Italia a cura di Luca PomaEdizioni Magi,p. The Italian version, which was uploaded together with the English version, was as follows:. Questo schema viene da molto lontano e affonda le sue radici nella filosofia di Empedocle di Agrigento a. A specific chapter, by popular demand of my descend, I dedicated to therapeutic method of Autohemotherapy.

I have learned this method in Clinical Medicine in the 70s, is part of the old good things of Traditional Medicine. The Autohemoterapy, with all its variants and customizations, may represent a therapeutic approach extremely effective in a number of pathologies in other ways difficult to resolve. I devoted particular space to the auto Progressive Autohemotherapy according to Reckeweg, also suitable for allergic and autoimmune diseases, in which the Classic Autohemotherapy is inappropriate.

In un capitolo successivo riprendo per esteso la trattazione del Concetto di Costituzione in medicina-filosofia e psicologia. La strategia terapeutica a lungo termine, la diagnosi profonda e la prognosi, possono facilmente essere dedotte da questo duplice inquadramento, reso semplice dalla lettura di questo testo. The German version, is as follows:. Die Alten, die kein Fernsehen hatten, machten Beobachtungen und leiteten davon die Hauptregeln her, die sie dann auf die Praktik der traditionellen Medizin anwendeten.

Sprache der Publikation ist German. The poster is advertised in Spanish as well:. Lastly, it is also advertised in Russian:. Si inquadra il paziente in una delle 4 costituzioni TAB. Nella personale esperienza il farmaco constituzionale agisce profandamente ed efficamenten se somministrate in 3 dosi giornaliere successive, nelle diluizioni CH, MK e XMK. La ripetizione del rimedio constituzionale va eseguita ad intervalli molto lunghi secondo la progressione della sintomatologia.

Kneipptherapie Chronische Erkrankungen Rheumat. Belastungen erfolgreich eingesetzt wird. Verbesserung der Wund- Heilung. Biologische Schmerzmedizin und Akupunktur. As can be found in:. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, Aurelia-Verlag Baden-Baden,p. Homeopathica Antihomotoxica 4 th completely revised editionAurelia,p. The full address of Jan Kersschot's "medical practice" is: Antwerpsestraat 72, Boom. Or to quote the " International Academy of Biopuncture ":.

Biopuncture was invented by the Belgian physician Dr. Jan Kersschot and presented by him for the first time in an academic setting at a medical symposium in Ostend Belgium in The date of the "medical symposium", supposedly in an "academic setting" by Heel was called the "Biomedical Therapy Congress". This name refers to the pseudo-scientific journal marketed by called Journal of Biomedical Therapy.

As can be found, e. Cragg, Natural Products as Sources of New Drugs over the 30 Years from toJournal of Natural Products 75 3p. Antihomotoxica-Heel: applied now Germany. Antihomotoxische therapie: applied now Germany. Bioregulatory systems medicine model applied Mexico NICE class Heel-Immunologische Beistandsreaktion der Homotoxikologie applied Germany.

Homotoksikologi applied Danemark. Homotoksikologija applied Lithuania. Homotoxicology applied USA. Homotoxicology applied now Germany. Homotoxikologie applied now Germany. Homotoxin applied Germany. Homotoxinlehre applied now Germany. Jan Kersschot, Father of Biopuncture Tours Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale - Heel - Healthcare Designed By Nature, altMD, LLC. As stated by the homeopath Abbey Wagner professional website :. InDr Abbey was approached by Heel leader in the manucture and distribution of homeopathic medications to become a Biopuncture trainer.

She received training in both Germany and Belgium and now tours South Africa regularly teaching medical professionals this very effective modality. Dr Abbey is accredited by the International Academy of Biopuncture in Germany. This can be done using many WHOIS lookup platforms, such as one of them which can collect e. Anna Aletta Smit Headquarters Sitz : Baden-Baden Corporation Handelsregister : Mannheim HRB Tax ID number Ust-Ident-Nummer : DE Dosch, Atlas of neural therapy with local anesthetics 2 nd editionThieme Verlagsgruppe, p.

Jan Kersschot states that he has had a medical practice, starting from october As can be found in an interview with the chiropracter and homeopath Christina Natalie Tsolakiwho is "Medico Scientific Manager" of the "International Association of Bioregulatory Medicine" and a former "Medico Scientific Consultant" of the "International Academy for Homotoxicology":. I followed a course in neural therapy in Germany inand that was a huge eye-opener for me.

As soon as I graduated as a medical doctor inI started to apply the procaine injections immediately in my private practice, as a family physician in Belgium. Jan Kersschot the founder of Biopuncture, International Academy of Biopuncture Baden Baden, Germany Dosch, Atlas of neural therapy with local anesthetics 2 nd editionThieme Verlagsgruppe, Dosch, Atlas of neural therapy with local anesthetics 2 nd editionThieme Verlagsgruppe,foreword by Deidrich Klinghardt.

Deidrich Klinghardt, The 5 Levels of Healing, Explore! Een nieuw concept in de natuurgeneeskunde Biopuncture. A new concept in the naturopathyInspiration,p. The Touch for Healthbook and system were developed by Dr. John ThieD. Beardall, Clinical Kinesiology, Portalnd, Human Bio-Dynamics, Walther, Applied Kinesiology Synopsis, Colorado, Systems DC, As can be found in chapters 1. A new concept in the naturopathyInspiration, The extra dimension of injection, inspiration,pages.

Jan Kersschot states these are effects, due to, what Jan Kersschot calls "higher frequencies". The extra dimension of injection, inspiration,p. Een theoretische en praktische inleiding voor huisartsen Homotoxicology and biopuncture. A theoretical and practical introduction for family doctorsInspiration, The DELTON Group at a glance Pharmaceuticals division. As a producer of homeopathic remedies Heel notes in particular the case of homeopathic complex remedies for human and veterinary world's leading market position.

Heel is represented by 11 subsidiaries and representative offices and distributors in more than 50 countries. Medicinal Products: Again a record. In the year under review, the pharmaceuticals division growth of previous years continued. Here, the domestic business was down 6. International business again made a significant contribution to the sales growth of the division. Was positive business developments in the markets of Russia and Ukraine, where, well above average growth rates were achieved through successful marketing activities, especially in the field of medical education.

Der Umsatz belief sich auf ,5 Mio. Die wesentlichen Tochterunternehmen des Konzerns nach IAS 27 zum Dezember sind in der folgenden Aufstellung erfasst:. Aufsichtsrat der DELTON AG. The merger of DELTON AG received the shares in Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH and shares in Fidesan GmbH. To the profit arising from this merger will refer to Note 15 extraordinary items. The disposals relate to interests in the ERGO-PHARM mbHwhich are set by the merger.

The merger of DELTON AG received the shares in Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH. Mit Wirkung zum Dezember wurde die ERGO-PHARM Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH auf die DELTON AG verschmolzen. Durch die Verschmelzung sind der DELTON AG die Anteile an der Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH sowie die Anteile an der Fidesan GmbH zugegangen. April mit dem vorsichtig ermittelten Zeitwert der untergehenden Anteile an der ERGO-PHARM Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH. Im Zuge der Verschmelzung sind der DELTON AG die Anteile an der Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH zugegangen.

As a manufacturer of homeopathic medicines, the pharmaceuticals division takes particular in homeopathic remedies for human and veterinary world's leading market position. After the sale of the Swedish subsidiary DCG Nordic AB in the second half of Heel is internationally through 10 subsidiaries and distributors in more than 50 countries present. Heel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of homeopathic combination preparations.

Overall, Heel is represented internationally by ten subsidiaries and distributors in over 50 countries. The production sites of Heel are in Germany, the US, Spain and Belgium. Die Produktionsstandorte von Heel befinden sich in Deutschland, den USA, Spanien und in Belgien. Although the sales of the total German market for prescription drugs in were slightly decreased, domestic sales could be due in particular, increased by the self-medication with Neurexan project and the intensive construction of partner pharmacies.

The share of domestic total revenues increased slightly from The growth of international business was divided into two parts. While sales in Eastern Europe rose sharply, the business was less in the United States. With the first product registrations in Brazil, Heel has laid the foundation in to exploit the enormous market potential for homeopathic products in this islamic account forex zarada. Zum Ende des Berichtsjahres erreichte auch Heel eine dieser Klagen in den USA.

Beide Klagen bergen das Risiko einer Strafschadensersatzzahlung. Thereto have contributed the continued successful continuation and optimization of self-medication campaign with Neurexan, the expansion of sales activities to physicians and pharmacies for Traumeel and Vertigoheel and the development of veterinary region. More information about text formats Notify me when new comments are posted. What code is in the image? Preview Leave this field blank. The Quandt family was the richest family of Germany in 12and thus obviously 1 of the richest families world-wide The Quandt family is also, by far, the biggest private lobbier of German politics today.

Heel 's fortune comes from Nazi Germany: The Quandts were rich enough to escape the Nuremberg trials. Unfortunately, the Quandt family has had a long history of concealing the truth and lying in favor of financial profits Not particular important regarding pseudo-science, but ever so sadly: their family and its wealth is linked to Nazi Germany, providing weapons e. And we should finally just try to just forget that.

There are totally similar things in other countries. There, no-one talks about any more; and it also doesn't have a negative touch. Watch the documentary " The silence of the Quandts ". Also to us, the Quandt family veils itself in silence. Since the beginning of our research inall requests for interview are rejected. Written, it is said that, amongst other things: they don't want to be brought in to a situation to have to defend or even apologize themselves to belong to this family.

Ferencz states that he was as guilty as the rest of them. Others sentenced of the Einsatzgruppen trial their money has been retracted, have been put to jail or have been sentenced to death. I cannot imagine the sufferings these people have gone through. I would like to express my deepest compassion to the survivors. However, the money built upon these war crimes, they are happy to inherit. I will now demonstrate some outrageous practices, for which the Quandts use this money Heel 's fortune is used for scientific fraud.

Heel funds "journalism" by pseudo-scientists. However, I consider it quite normal that a journalist paid by pseudo-scientific companies, who posts articles by pseudo-scientists; receives a lot of critique from people who understand the importance of science In this regard, I see Claus Fritzsche as a victim of pseudo-science, together with the great intellectual losses which pseudo-science is responsible for. My compassion goes to those who have lost a friend or family member in the death of Claus Fritzsche Claus Fritzsche admits his funding.

An introduction to the other pseudo-scientific sponsors. There arise different mixing relations, so called dilutions. Yet, in homeopathy trading forex courses uk quit is a rule: less is more efficacious. So, that is the special thing about homeopathy, that one doesn't speak of efficacy in the single dilutions. Instead: the plant passes on the information to the bearer. And that is potentiated further with energy. That doesn't get weaker, but instead that information gets inherited ever further.

KG propagates the pseudo-scientific guidelines of Samuel Hahnemann The guidelines of the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemannare stricly adhered to at DHU. They even think some special homeopathic powers arise when German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade pseudo-scientific products are shaken by hand The characteristic way of processing, i. It is this succussion that differentiates a potentiated medicine from a mere dilution.

DHU documents its production in their recent German video called "Die Produktion bei der DHU" download 33which can be viewed on its website. By the potentiation ; a central principle of the manufacturing; liquid active ingredients are diluted stepwise with an alcohol-water mixture, and subsequently shaken 10 times by hand. By this potentiationa homeopathic efficacy improvement is achieved: the dynamisation. The head of the company DHU, Franz Stempfle, has stated:.

Stempfle says, that in the DHU everytyhing is shaken by hand. Machines are not used for that. Medizinische Bedarfsartikel MBA is also the exclusive sale organisation for many products by the pseudo-scientific medical company Kindling Gmbh Medizintechnik. Pseudo-scientific medical staff of WALA has, e. WALA The pseudo-scientific antroposophic drug company WALA Heilmittel GmbH which also produces the cosmetic brand Dr.

The recommended list of this company, indicates at the same time, what potency-series are to be applied at inflammatory changes denoted by Ewhich ones for degenerations denoted by D and which ones for tumors denoted by Tu ; in ascending or in descending potency series. I often use this form of therapy, nevertheless it requires the availability and control of a good acupuncture-measuring device. The drug list of the company WALA indicates no less than organ and organ-parts; that are both delivered, both as single potencies, as well as sorted by potency-series.

They are prescribed as Tu-organ potency-series. It is started using the lowest potency; the ampoules are to be taken from left to right from the packaging. In general, they are injected gluteal, with days of distance in between the injections. WALA makes these pseudo-scientific treatments, because Rudolf Steiner suggested this. They believe; like true indoctrinated sect members which seem to follow every single idea, mentioned by their hallucinating sect leader; that organ preparations from biodynamically raised cattle have etherical powers, which can treat cancers in the homologous organs of humans.

WALA keeps distributing pseudo-scientific booklets, addressed to medical personnel, promoting their organ-preparations against cancer. It was founded by the founder of the antroposophic ideology: Rudolf Steiner His ideology, as continued by Weledastill includes his pseudo-scientifically formulated rules. He informed the American Cancer Society that he was aware of the FDA standards and then stated the following twisted claim:. The FDA regulations are devised for chemically definable substances and as such are not compatible with a drug like Iscador that represents a whole plant extract.

Available evidence from well-designed clinical trials does not support claims that mistletoe can improve length or quality of life. Differentiation of Cancer Therapy with Viscum according to the Mistletoe Host Tree: Viscum Pini mistletoe from the pine, Pinus silvestris Used predominantly in male patients - particularly in skin tumors.

Also in breast carcinoma in post-menopausal women. In inoperable brain tumors. Viscum Quercus mistletoe from the oak Used predominantly in male patients - in all localizations of carcinoma, sarcoma, in lymphogranulomatoses, leukosis. These ideas are dogmatically pursued by WALA 's un-critical sect members, since the pseudo-scientist Rudolf Steiner said that 1 should vary between particular host trees for specific cancers. Rudolf Steiner 's words in a footnote: Why are mistletoe plants from different host trees used?

Rudolf Steiner gave indications for the use of mistletoe plants from different host trees in the treatment of different tumor types. Many other perspectives have arisen empirically. Until recently it was believed that it is merely an anthroposophical idea that there is a definite difference between, say, apple and oak mistletoe. To process mistletoe from the oak, the apple tree and the pine Iscadoris directly according to Rudolf Steiner.

In other sources, it is stated that e. There seem to be no references to any descent randomized clinical trials. Please German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade it be very clear that Rudolf Steiner is a typical hallucinating pseudo-scientist, and is completely unable to reason. One can just get flabbergasted by the pseudo-science Rudolf Steiner: 65 Cancer therapy with mistletoe, Filmformat GmbH, I am not surprised by this, given the fact that the indoctrinated antroposophic sect just follows the hallucinations of Rudolf Steiner.

In this process, extracts from European mistletoe harvested in summer and winter are mixed together in the edge of a high-speed rotating disk. This means that the high-speed blending process of summer and winter mistletoe extracts seems to induce some specific properties in Viscum album extracts that support morphostasis, that is, that help entire organisms to maintain their organization and form when threatened by noxious external factors.

Summarizing, preclinical and clinical observations seem to suggest that anthroposophically processed mistletoe extracts may support entire organisms in general cells, German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade, animals, and humans in their maintenance of organization and form, when endangered by endogenous tumor formation or externally applied noxious influences.

We raise the hypothesis that part of the observed morphostatic effects of anthroposophically processed Viscum album extracts is due to the specific anthroposophic pharmaceutical processing applied. Other research findings from Stephan Baumgartner, include zodiac signs and mistletoe:. Furthermore, it could also have been possible that the high solar activity inand produced disturbances in the interaction of moon and zodiac that could have obscured differences between the trigons.

If we must pick out from within each element trigon fire, earth, water, air a constellation that is associated with the most pronounced shape changes, then for the element fire it would be the constellation Leo; for earth, Virgo and for water, Pisces. These constellations of the ecliptic have the greatest spreads on the celestial sphere and show the biggest swings within their respective trigons.

Interestingly, these are the constellations that lie closest to the celestial equator. Therefore, for reasons of symmetry, we would choose the constellation Aquarius for the element air, even if it does not appear to particularly stand out in the data set — which moreover could also be attributable to the below-average number of data points. Whether this is to do with the special nature of the mistletoe plant or with the fact that we investigated berries instead of buds cannot be answered at this moment.

This astral body — atypical for a plant — could mediate contact with the sphere of the fixed stars and thus with the zodiac beyond the sphere of the planets. Claus Fritzsche has been criticized e. Much has been written German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade these and other accusations 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 I haven't investigated all these claims and will only situate the targetting of Edzard Ernst Personal blog in relation to the Smallwood Report ; and will then further display some of the pseudo-science of the people and organizations behind Claus Fritzsche's blogs; by doing literature research on these people and organizations.

Given the debate that arose about the Blog CAM Media we decided to focus more on transparency in order to avoid future misunderstandings. A clear separation between advertisement and editorial content is important to us. We are interested in real communication and feedback. In this case, the former and current blog sponsoring will be stopped immediatly.

Theo Stepp, press speaker of Weleda AG Deutschland. Edzard Ernst, whistle-blower of the pseudo-scientific Smallwood Report commissioned by Prince Charles. Your leader October 7 concludes that doctors could learn much from complementary medicine, especially the importance of listening to patients. Doctors, of course, do listen to their patients. Taking a full and accurate medical history is the mainstay of diagnosis and effective care.

The dichotomy you present - CAM practitioners listen, doctors don't - is false and misleading, playing into the hands of a government that takes every opportunity to de-professionalise medicine as its preferred means of reasserting state control over clinical practice. Edzard Ernst criticizes it Edzard Ernst has also criticized many flaws in the published Smallwood reportas can be read e.

Edzard Ernst has been smeared by other homeopathy proponents close to the British Monarchy. Peter Fischer is actually the homeopath of the Queen since He is also multiple director of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital called Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. More German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade to science and health, supported by the British Royal family, can be seen documented in the documentary Since the Queen Mother death, all of her Royal Warrants have been retained nation-wide since However, the continuation of Ainsworths 's other 2 Royal Warrants ; which are supposed to be reviewed every 5 years for quality; again shows the promotion of pseudo-science by the British Royal family:.

A Royal warrant is initially granted for five years, after which time it comes up for review by the Royal Household Tradesmen's Warrants Committee. Warrants may not be renewed if the quality or supply for the product or service is insufficient, as far as the relevant Royal Household is concerned. I will add a footnote containing some names of products labeled as vaccine, taken from the "Ainsworths Remedy List, as of 16 February ": There, Ainsworths can be found offering many homeopathic products for life-threating diseases, especially when untreated Ainsworths has also sold products with incredible names such as In the top-left of the screenshot, the Queen's Royal Warrant can be seen, approving this dangerous pseudo-scientific practice.

Right next to it is Prince Charles 's Royal Warrant approving the same. These products are indeed listed on the same Ainsworths 's list: In attacks on Edzard Ernst and his work, Claus Fritzsche kept accusing Edzard Ernst of the supposedly unethical action of commenting on the Smallwood report. In this attack, he also said that Edzard Ernst supposedly hadn't give any critical overview of the flaws in the Smallwood reportwhich is clearly a wrong accusation.

One can argue nothing against a specialized well-founded, factual and professional explanation. How something like that can look like, physicist and psychologist Dr. Walter von Lucadou shows us, in his article "The magic of the Pseudomaschine". Lucadou is to the point. In the article "The Magic of the Pseudomachine", published on Claus Fritzsche's blog, one can read Walter von Lacadou stating e. It would thus be a mistake to believe, that skeptical people can't have any succes with Psi-experiments or can have no paranormal experiences; that, respectively for them, homeopathy wouldn't work.

It can be read in the article dealing with Harald Walach on Psiram German that Harald Walach promoted this disgrace after its completion, both via his Institute for Transcultural Health Sciences IntraG Germanas well as in an article of the German newspaper "Berliner Tageszeitung" Harald Walach has also said he loves homeopathy, to which he adds the flabbergasting claim that people who don't believe in the particular efficacy of homeopathy are basically stupid I love homeopathy - for the clinical effects I have noticed in myself, in my children, and in other people.

These are sometimes so quick and strong that only the blind and intransigent could attribute them to chance, placebo, wishful thinking, or deceit. He is also affiliated to the Samueli Institutewhich also heavily sponsors the Viadrina European University. For his pseudo-scientific work, Harald Walach recieved the ironic prize Das Goldene Brett inas can be read in Edzard Ernst's article " Professor Harald Walach, pseudo-scientist of the year ".

I'll mention a portion of the abstract of the presentation which was uploaded to the organizer's website Society for Scientific Exploration SSE : This presentation summarizes unpublished findings indicating that an infrasound generator designed to mimic external Qigong treatment can function as a potent chemosensitizer. Specifically in the case of treating intracranial tumors, infrasound may prove superior to ultrasound as its relatively longer wavelength can penetrate solids more easily i.

Thus, localized augmentation of PDF Chinese H share Brokers protocols by infrasound may qualify as a promising strategy to ultimately improve the clinical outcome of glioblastoma and perhaps other cancers. At face value, a comprehensive article which has documented this using archived sources, is: "Top Level Homeopaths Behind Ebola Mission in Liberia"which is a follow-up of "Homeopaths in Liberia: 'Mission Ebola'" I don't know what would be the best source, but I'll point you to some more articles in English, e.

A history of fraudulent claims. An excerpt from " Riding the Coattails of Homeopathy's Revival "; written by William M. Rader, editor of the FDA Consumer Late inthe agency sent regulatory letters to two homeopathic drug companies threatening possible legal action unless the firms changed their marketing practices. The two, Biological Homeopathic Industries BHI of Albuquerque, N.

Some of Heel 's numerous often dangerous, always damaging pseudo-scientific health claims, law violations regarding scrupulous advertisements and claims, and class action settlements; can be found in Stephen Joel Barrett Personal site Institute for Science in Medicine 's article " Heel-BHI. The World's Most Outrageous Homeopathic Marketer " A edition of the book Heel 's " Biotherapeutic Index " pictured to the rightwhich was distributed at an osteopathic convention inwas smaller but contained 12 pages on " neoplasia and neoplastic phases of disease.

These volumes contain most brazen set of bogus therapeutic claims I have ever seen. They are now referenced in his article, and can be found here. Its editions have been authored by Hans-Heinrich Reckewegwhich is the founder of Heeland is himself an incredible quack. You will find some of his own un-intelligent pseudo-science later in my article Stephen Joel Barrett, in the same article " Heel-BHI.

The World's Most Outrageous Homeopathic Marketer ", writes The Ultimate Fake " More recently, there has been a class action settlement filed as Case No. Heel 's immoral claims mentioned above, are but a few of the factual incredible amount. You will find more of Heel 's non-sense as you will read through this article To me, its activities seem rather continued, covered up by a mere name-change.

Actually, Heel 's products have just changed their names cf. Guess what's Heel 's official U. In fact, products in this line were sold identically by Heel in the U. Heel awards its Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Award to pseudo-scientists. Let's first take a look at who Heel says are their most respected scientists. When one goes to Heel 's official website, the site pretends that they rely on practice evidence-based medicine. In their research section, they only refer to the Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Award.

I will discuss some of his ridiculous pseudo-science later in this article The prize was given to the pseudo-scientist Karl-Heinz Ricken Official site. From what German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade can understand, they tried to investigate the "essence" whatever that may be of a piece of amber during a pseudo-scientific course of IGHH e.

Like already described above, electricity certainly belongs to the essence of amber. Another confirmed essence of amber appears to be the theme of cats. I will not list all the pseudo-science in this report, but I hope that you understand that this is an intellectual catastrophe, even if you can't read German. Ulrike Keim, besides homeopathy, also e. She is also vice president of Heel 's pseudo-scientific IGHH e. She also calls herself a professor at the University of Milan. If this is true, this ought to be a big shame for this university, which collaborates with other pseudo-scientists by Heel as well cf.

This pseudo-scientist even calls herself a professor at the University of Bonn. Reinhold Voll created the pseudo-scientific scam called Electroacupuncture according to Reinhold Voll EAV cf. The beginning of the present research is based on observations made by doctors Ferdinand and Walter Huneke while developing their therapeutic model: Neural Therapy.

The identification made by them and by other authors, such as doctors Peter Dosch and Ernest Adler, to name a few, about the interfering fields produced in teeth, led them to consider the pulling out of an important number of dental pieces as the sole alternative to achieve health for their patients. Inthe prize was awarded to the pseudo-scientist Angelika-Regine Dietz Official site.

As you can find on her German websiteshe is really a crazy and dangerous pseudo-scientist. I have actually managed to find the study, which was called: " In vitro and in vivo activity of homeopathic drugs against bovine herpesvirus-1 and bovine viral diarrhoea virus 1 " The study couldn't be found anywhere, using the title provided by Heel On the webpage of Nefedchenko Alexei Vasilievich, he writes about homeopathy In my experience good results in the treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases, allergies, inflammation of the urogenital area, all chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with behavioral disorders.

In my work I combine classical homeopathy with electro-diagnostics the method of R. Voll and Vega-testas well as use homotoxicology, floral infusions Bachnosodes prepared from bacterial pathogens, viral infections and parasites. On his "about me"-page, he also proudly presents his Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Awardproviding a picture of itand writes Intogether with TI Glotova and Glotov AG for his work "The antiviral action of Engystol, Euphorbium Compositum S, Echinacea Compositum SN in vitro and in vivo in a veterinary setting" was awarded the Hans-Heinrich Reckewegwhich since annually, the International Society of Homotoxicology in conjunction with the company Heelawards.

At work I use more than homeopathic remedies, nosodes and organic, homotoxicological drugs and flower extracts Dr. Bach TSNIMS "Imedis"electro-diagnostic apparatus of folic " Deka-Foll " and apparatus for energy-transfer " Biorep-P ". To select homeopathic remedies, I apply computer programs " Rainbow-5 " and " ExLibRus ". On the same page, one can see him holding such an electro-diagnostic device. Russian video material promoting Deka-Foll.

The video starts with the logo of "Medical-ecological center "Dunes". Dunes also created a manual for Deka-Follwhich is to be used with it's software counter-part Deka-Voll. The same company also sells many other pseudo-scientific devices There exists 1 English Youtube video on Dunes ' products. Russian video material of Dunes ' owner Vladimir Nikolaevich Dirin, promoting its products. One of these devises is called "Rectal-vaginal stimulator RVS ".

The practice of applying rectal-vaginal stimulator has shown that after the first application of a reduction in pain in the perineum, sacrum, German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade e. Male patients often called pill "electronic Erector". The fact is that when using the "tablet with a tail" literally minutes a man appears stable erection, significantly improves the quality of sexual intercourse.

Rectal-vaginal stimulator is well established in the treatment of female sexual organs. Clinical trials have been conducted in the Omsk Medical Academy at the Faculty of Obstetrics and Gynecology. As a result, were set real improvement of women suffering from chronic diseases of female genitalia, as well as algomenorrhea, dysfunctional uterine bleeding. All patients receiving treatment RVStogether with the beneficial effect on the underlying disease and noted improvement in general condition, decrease irritability, fatigue, increase sexual desire, sexual activity.

RVS - a new class of device that allows women without medication to achieve good effect prilechenii specific female diseases. At the Department of Pediatric Surgery, Siberian State Medical University Tomsk rectal-vaginal stimulator included in a comprehensive treatment of diseases in children. Since children use "of electronic tablets" is often difficult, and sometimes impossible, then as electrical stimulator used "tablet with a tail.

There was also a positive effect of RVS in involuntary urination - enuresis, treatment of parasitic diseases, spinal cord injury. During clinical trials was recorded unique case. In the hospital the child was taken after the accident with severe spinal injuries. Was disrupted vital organs of the excretory system, the work of the intestine. Stimulator RVS performed a miracle. Even doctors could hardly believe in what happened!

However, one and a half weeks the child was discharged home with full restoration of the function of the body. The use of rectal-vaginal stimulator for treatment of children is the most appropriate method at that age, because characterized by simplicity and security. A local and general effect of the application of RVS is not inferior to other embodiments of the stimulation of contractile function of the intestine.

Under the activity descriptions, as registered in The Federal Tax Service of Russiait is noted Electric appliances and household. Specializes in pharmaceutical and medical products. Further more, Dunes has a site-wide present on every webpage; thus also on e. Russian video material shows surgeries of Rectal-vaginal stimulator RVS on young children. The "Rainbow-5" also allows you to: learn to identify and automatic mineral and planetary constitution of the patient's intestinal nosode leading miasma miasmatic structure and encumbrances.

Rainbow-5 also utilizes the pseudo-scientific outdated concept German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade miasma. Guess who is listed on the testimonial-page of Rainbow-online the on-line version of the software series that includes Rainbow-5? Tatyana Ivanova Glotova; the second author listed in the study awarded by Heellisted above The program is a handy, smart and above all quickly.

Tatyana Ivanova, Moscow region. Tatyana Ivanova Glotova with Heel 's executives, at the Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Award The associations company "ERGO-PHARM Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH" held 4 companies Company information of ERGO-PHARM, which merged with DELTON AG. Trademark information of ERGO-PHARM's subsidiaries. Fides is another sub-company of Heelwhich markets something called "Homobione" Cienta Pharma GmbH might be a packaging company of Heel. The administration of pharmaceutical regulatory registrations and approvals.

The preparation, testing, storage and packaging, clinical testing, residue testing, the marketing of medicinal or other trafficking in drugs, however, are not the subject of the company. Its address is exactly Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH 's address, namely: Dr. The sole shareholder of Cienta Pharma GmbH is Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH. Its financial statements are included in DELTON AG 's statements. Heel 's holding company DELTON AG claims most of the sales German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade were generated outside of Germany.

The company Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH is one of the world's largest producers of homeopathic medicines. It has subsidiaries in 10 locations and sells natural and innovative medicines in over 50 countries. Global research and sales activities are coordinated from its headquarters in Baden-Baden, which is also the location of its largest manufacturing facility producing, among other things, around 90 million injection ampoules each year. Many names can be listed. I'll give you some examples Rubio Pharmawhich has been the exclusive Heel distributor in Mexico.

Its website is scattered with Heel 's ads, products, as well as ozone therapy devices: As soon as he created Rubio Pharmawhich he states was dedicated to the marketing of homeopathic products in Mexico, it started selling Heel 's products in Then init German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade the exclusive rights on antihomotoxic products in Mexico. Trademark information of Rubio Pharma.

Rubio Pharma is also the exclusive Mexican distributor of ozon therapy devices. Diseases to treat with ozon therapy Rubio Pharma. Rubio Pharma 's website features lengthy descriptions on how to apply the ozone therapy devices rectally, as well as how to perform Auto-Sanguis therapy with them, which they call "Blood washings".

Guess who advised these Suis-Organ organ preparations? Their pseudo-scientific sect leader Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg. Rubio Pharma 's website also features a list consisting of many of Heel 's nosodes which are pseudo-scientific homeopathic vaccines. The list contains psuedo-scientific products marketed against e. The executive of the latter was arrested arrested and sentenced to 4 years in jail.

Such actions comes after revealing on the LLC "Cascade Medical Trade House" territory of unpackaged and unregistered medicines labeled in German and Ukrainian languages. Medicines packages have no batch numbers, expiration dates and medical instructions, etc. Incidentally, one of the medicines - of German manufacturer Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH "Traumeel S" was among the top 20 largest in terms of volume in Ukraine in On the site of this company was located equipment German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade packaging and labeling of medicines.

LLC "Cascade Medical Trade House" does not have a license for manufacture of medicines. SAUMP ensures all necessary measures required for the withdrawal of falsified and dangerous medicines. As to the discontinuation of illicit manufacture of medicines by the LLC "Cascade Medical Trade House" - the official distributor of Heel GmbH brandOleksii Soloviov commented: "During a joint unscheduled inspection by SBU and SAUMP experts inspectors found equipment for packaging and labeling as well as expired medicines.

Over a 24 hour period SAUMP issued a temporary cessation on all series of all medicines of German manufacturer Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH containing 60 items. LLC "Cascade Medical Trade House" wholesale and import license was suspended. The same Oleksii Soloviov also said in an interview elsewhere, about the case It was found that the production, which produced drugs for Ukraine does not meet the standards of GMP.

For example, in the warehouses of the plant temperature storage of drugs was much higher than indicated in the instructions to them. Another violation - manufacturer and importer do not hold mutual inspections to verify the conditions of storage products, although it is one of the rules of GMP. In the course of the exchange of information with the German regulator, we found that the gel is manufactured by "Traumeel S" in Germany was recorded exclusively for use in veterinary medicine, while in Ukraine - as a remedy for people who sell in conventional pharmacies.

And now it has already been removed from the register in Germany even as veterinary preparations. No one knows how the active ingredient of the drug affects the human body - because tests were conducted only on animals. Executive Director of the LLC "Cascade Medical Trade House" in July was convinced under article of the criminal code to four years imprisonment with confiscation of counterfeit medicines, raw materials and equipment for their production.

Number of medicines found during the inspection accounts up to 3. On the territory of LLC "Cascade Medical Trade House" inspectors found unpackaged and unregistered medicines labeled in German and Ukrainian languages without batch numbers, expiration dates, instructions. There were also revealed some packaged medicines labeled in Ukrainian language.

The most dangerous for the consumers are the injectable forms of these medicines, since the inconsistency founded accounts to the first German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade of dangerous medicines and may be life German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade. SAUMP, according to the Law, had already taken measures to temporarily suspend and withdraw from circulation all batches of 68 trade names labeled by manufacturer Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH Germany on suspicion of falsification.

These medicines are used as treatments in gynecology, trauma, pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology. Additionally, 44 trade names of unregistered medicines labeled by the The Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH were suspended. Yet, the illegal scandals regarding Heel in Ukraine keep coming. The accusatory the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine interpreted this as unfair competition, which could deliberately mislead customers.

In fact, Heel 's propaganda was, again, outrageous. The Anti-Monopoly Committee AMC filed similar claims and relatively used in gynecology homeopathic remedy "Gynacoheel. Guess who received Heel 's main Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Award in ? From replies to this, it seems at least clear that he has German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade working there since a long period of time.

Cascade Medical's of course: shamugiya cascade-medical. He gives lectures at the Georgian department of Heel as well, which is about 2, km's away from Heel 's Cascade Medical in Ukraine As only person of the list in Kiev, his address is exactly Cascade Medical's address: Mykoly Vasylenka Street 7 Kyiv Ukraine. Since I haven't listed this company above yet, I will provide some information here Registro Mercantil de Madrid, Tomo 8.

Heel 's pseudo-scientific societies. Rather, I see the emergence of these multiple Heel societies as a business strategy to impress e. Another scrupulous function of multiple such societies can be an attempt to try to hide affiliations to Heel. Some of the pseudo-science propagated via these societies, is illustrated in other parts of my article In fact, IGBM e.

International Society of Homotoxicology and Homeopathy e. Its educational head is pseudo-scientist Ivo Bianchi. Its first international trademark was first applied by a employee of Heel Anja Selzerwho represented the trademarks of multiple of Heel 's homeopathic drugs as well. International Academy for Homotoxicology It explicitly admits to be a subsidiary of the "International Academy of Bioregulatory Medicine GmbH", which in fact was the International Academy for Homotoxicologybefore put and call option deed exchange was renamed cf.

It's general manager is pseudo-scientist "Anna Aletta Smit", which has also been general manager of "Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH". For members, its website features Heel 's pseudo-scientific Journal of Biomedical Therapy. International Academy of Biopuncture It explicitly admits to be a subsidiary of the "International Academy of Bioregulatory Medicine GmbH". Its disclaimer identifies itself with the International Academy for Homotoxicology.

Its trademark was filed by Heel 's International Academy for Homotoxicology GmbH Joachim Bandlow literally claims to be a " WHO -expert" in biological medicine at the University of Milan. He describes himself as follows Professor for biological medicine - University of Milan - WHO. Joachim Bandlow is a psuedo-scientist who uses a vast amount of scams. I'll give you an example.

On the website of his practice, under " Images of our practice ", there is listed the following image, which is based on the quack theory of Iridology Iris diagnosis Joachim Bandlow's practice. Indeed, iris diagnosis is listed as a diagnose offered in his practice. This is what Joachim Bandlow tells about his iridology The Iridology assigns the right iris of the right side of the body and the left iris of the left.

But it also differs, for example different zones within the iris: the upper zone is attributed to a relation to the head, the middle zone represents the hull, the lower abdomen and legs. In addition, divided by the pupil outward in three circular areas. The innermost zone is primarily the digestive organs correspond to the average of the metabolic and excretory functions, and the outer primarily the skeleton and the skin.

Within these groups, individual segments still be distinguished, which are associated with individual organs or organ systems. This helps enormously in radial and circular sections and their further subdivision arise as 96 zones that help in the evaluation of the patient. Is studied the iris by the therapist with either the "Iris microscope" or because of "Iris Photos" that increases are projected onto a screen.

Iris diagnostician can get important clues to diagnosis by the totally unproblematic and painless examination of the eyes only an attentive looking into the iris actually. Often, even in cases where other methods fail. In pediatrics, the German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade diagnosis of great benefit can be. This is what Joachim Bandlow tells about e. The needle-sting is partly painful, depending on the nature of energy flow disturbance.

Due to special needle techniques elector, laser this can be avoided. Perhaps just to bring to attention how much pseudo-science Thieme Medical Publishers has actually published over the years, we can start with " neural therapy according to Huneke" Let's take a look at the "Manual of Neural Therapy According to Huneke" by Mathias P. For just some flabbergasting pseudo-scientific claims, take a look at the figures on pagesreferencing to both electroacupunture in general and Reinhold Voll in particular, to explain pseudo-scientific connections between e.

The canines and the points on the mucosa in front of them are related to the hip and knee joints and the palatine tonsils. The premolars and molars and their respective mucosal points are related to the digestive and respiratory systems. The wisdom teeth and the retromolar area lying distally of them in the maxilla are related to the ears, shoulders, arms, and elbows. Is there even someone who reads the material being submitted at Thieme? Or do they perhaps think it is a good thing to distribute pseudo-facts e.

It is the particular aim of this book to provide the practitioner with the basis for using modern neural therapy and to show him or her what its possibilities are. Designed for use in the classroom and in the clinic. Another scrupulous book, published by Thiemewhich seems to have been written by not even 1 person which wasn't a pseudo-scientist, is a book called "Introduction to Bioregulatory Medicine"which was written entirely by people holding high function within Heel 's network.

I'll mention 2 paragraphs from Heel 's pseudo-scientific "Journal of Biomedical Therapy", which rapports of Heel 's International Press Symposium in Baden-Baden, which was titled "Dr. These extracts mention 3 of the authors mentioned above May 9 of this year was the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, a Westphalian physician who was one of the great pioneers of homeopathy. After a modest beginning in and several moves, Heel established its headquarters in Baden-Baden and grew into an international giant in its field.

Arturo O'Byrne Navia 's pseudo-science can be noticed immediately if you know Spanish by looking at one of his videos, such as the video I will present below, where he explains that he was enlightened by Gabor Lednyiczkywhich can be easily identified as a quack, e. The Spanish video referenced to, which clearly exhibits the pseudo-scientific practices of Arturo O'Byrne Navia Title: La BioFisica en el Centro de Medicina Biologica del Dr.

Other than drugs by Heelit is also clearly mentioned, in the same postthat they sell products by Gunawhich is a multinational that distributes homeopathy e. Inwhich is the year in which the company was founded, there is listed under "milestones", that the "Italian Society of Homotoxicology" was founded. For many years, Guna has held free seminars on the use of Heel 's pseudo-scientific maual "Materia Medica" on every tuesday; which were given by Adriana Carluccio Pizzoccarowhich founded Guna together with her husband Adriana Carluccio.

InGuna claimed that Heel is still its largest trading partner. The list of the pseudo-science which is sold at his center, is quite ridiculous; as well as very typical for Heel 's quack network. You can find people lying in quack devices such as this one. They also use something called "neurofocal dentistry", which uses the pseudo-scientific theories like the ones described in the figure on page 97 of the handbook "Manual of Neural Therapy According to Huneke", published by Thieme.

They also offer hair tests to find out what your body levels of "calcium, magnesium, zinc, lithium, etc. They preform pseudo-scientific energetical functional analysis, and heavily use the quack devices named Electroacupunture According to Reinhold Voll In Latin America and Spain we use Lenyo Devices with great success. Just take a look at the Lenyo devices' Graphical User Interfaces GUI sto understand what a scam they are. He is also very much related to Heel 's pseudo-science of homotoxicology.

Ivo Bianchi is also director of international education at Heel 's International Society of Homotoxicology and Homeopathy ISOHH. She was also an active poster on the forum of Ivo Bianchi's website. I fear for the patients listening to him:. Ivo Bianchi, leading authority in clinical homotoxicology. Bianchi has several clinics in Italy. To see how much of a hallucinating pseudo-scientist he is, one can see Ivo Bianchi's poster Ivo Bianchi's poster "Comprehensive Vision Of The Human Being" on which he bases his "new Traditional Medical Concept".

NEW POSTER EDITION!!! Ivo Bianchi after 35 years of medical practice in the field of Internal Medicine using all sorts of Natural Products and Types of Treatments, come to a Synthesis in this Esplicative and Enigmatic, Scientific and Philosophic … Poster of the Neurovegetative Outline that is to be intended as a Global Vision of the Human Being both from a Spiritual and Physical point of view. This Scheme come from far away and its roots are in the Phylosophy of Empedocles of Agrigento c.

Referring to him we can place the four elements of life water, air, earth and fire in a scheme conditioning the Reactivity, the Constitution and Finally the Specific Therapy of each person. The other Inspirers of German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade Schema are people like: Hyppocrates, Galen of Pergamon, Albert Durer, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Nicola Pende, Wolfgang Goethe, Rudolf SteinerCesare LombrosoEysenk, Carl Gustav Jung, Louis Corman, Samuel Hanhemann The Poster is a synthesis of the western philosophy and it want to be the basement of a new Traditional Medical Concept.

Four Human Constitutions, Four Human Temperaments, Four Different Disposition for the Disease, Four Groups of Therapeutical Possibilities in the field of Natural Medicine, this is this Scheme. Find your place in the Poster, see your Typology Phisically and Psychologically and work to reset yourself toward Equilibrium, using the Natural Remedies or the Colors, or the Music, or the Artistic Therapy or the fantastic Story specifically adapted, therapeutic and rebalancing to you.

Very much in line with his contradictions to science, is his contradictio in terminis "new Traditional". He can found talking in front of his poster, in 5 videos on his YouTube-channelmost of which are uploaded to his Vimeo-channel as well. The different parts of the volume are divided into 5 sections. In every section, there is a first part; which is the theoretical part.

We see, that there is an introduction in the first part. In the introduction, there is the concept of the constitutions; which afterwards was develeped more profoundly in the second volume of the "Lezioni di Medicina naturale". At "Guna Editore" cf. In a later chapter I take full discussion of the concept of the Constitution in medicine-philosophy and psychology.

In my point of view, a correct diagnosis of the patient on the table by Reckeweg and the Constitutional-Neurovegetatitve Poster-Scheme, may provide the key to understanding almost complete patient. The therapeutic strategy in the long term, the profound diagnosis and prognosis, they can easily be inferred from this dual classification, made simple by reading this text.

IGHH und IGBM e. Ivo Bianchi's "Vision"-poster is advertised on the "cooperation partners"-page of IGHH und IGBM e. Ivo Bianchi from the University of Milan has developed a poster with constitution types. The idea for the production of this summary framework, subsequently realized as a poster, goes back at least 20 years and comes from direct observation of nature and from noting the constant duality of events that take place in the German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade. The contrast between day and night, between hot and cold, between wet and dry, and between weakness and strength is so obvious that hardly any modern human being now gives it a thought.

We can in fact learn a great deal from an understanding of natural phenomena, as the very rules that govern the macrocosm are also applicable to the microcosm of our body. The ancients, who did not have television, made observations and, from them, deduced the major rules that they then applied to the practice of traditional medicine, which was characterized precisely by the fact that it took account of the balances and interactions between the various opposing forces that operate in nature.

Should you be interested in purchasing a copy of this poster 50cm x70cm from ISOHH, please contact us on enquiries isohh. If you wish to read the full text please login or become a member. The poster features a fee reduction for members of the ISOHH In an article by Ivo Bianchi, on treating ADHD using Heel 's homotoxicology, he explains what he means with constitution typeswhich clearly is a pseudo-scientific concept Is part of the patient in one of the four constitutions TAB.

The drug, which will be Calcarea, Silicea or Graphites for Phlegmatic temperament; Sulphur, Lycopodium or Thuja for temperament Blood; Phosphorus, Arsenicum or Calcarea phosphorica for angry temperament; Natrum muriaticum, Mercurius or Calcarea fluorica for Melancholic temperament. In the personal experience of the drug acts deeply constitutional and efficacious if administered in three daily doses of successive dilutions CHMK and XMK. The repetition of the constitutional remedy is performed at long intervals according to the progression of symptoms.

In the rooms where Ivo Bianchi records his videos, there also hangs a second poster, which looks very similar. Perhaps this is an old version of his pseudo-scientific poster? It clearly includes a tree. From watching the footage, it seems to also include a horse A second poster spotted in Ivo Bianchi's videos. Progressive Auto-Sanguis therapy By the shaking of a drop of blood with homeopathic ampoule preparations one creates a special autonosode.

Various methods, from the small auto-sanguis therapy, also mixed with homeopathic drugs and phytotherapeutic drugs, up untill the large auto-sanguis therapy with Ozon-Oxygen mixture and UV-light-irradiation. Stress Effeteness Pains Relaxed natural movements that unite the body and the mind. The website of Klaus G. Heel 's website is the first link listed. The specialities of Klaus G.

One can find lectures by Klaus G. Alta Smit describes herself as a homeopath. Perhaps I'll first mention some of the quack which Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg has produced: he has claimed that people in Islamic regions attain the age of years. For the scientific world however, there is not a single piece of well-documented evidence to believe such a flabbergasting claim.

Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg also claims that, under no conditions, boxers-dogs should eat any pigs meat, since they will soon get mange if they do. But for the sect member Alta Smit, that's certainly not a problem. She is happy to put any intelligence aside and to repeat whatever Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg liked to imagine, as her own medical advice. Reckeweg states that Ubicoenzyme has powerful regenerating action on blocked respiratory enzymes and is thus indicated for all impregnation, degeneration and neoplasm phases.

It is clear that antihomotoxic enzyme preparations have a large scope of application. If we consider Dr. The list goes on and covers almost all areas of physiological dysfunction and disease. Reckeweg formulated these preparations to German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade detoxification and resistance against toxins thus reactivating blocked enzyme systems. Reckeweg stresses to use Glyoxal comp sparingly.

It should not be used when the patient is in a highly reactive phase. Once it is administered, the physician should monitor the patient and refrain from giving a fresh dose as long as there is therapeutic action. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg is the founder of Heel. Whatever this pseudo-scientist has written, Heel has most likely sold it as a product. Jan Kersschot is a Belgian pseudo-scientist, which is very much related with Heel.

He is also an industrious contributor to Heel 's pseudo-scientific "Journal of Biomedical Therapy". Ivo Bianchi can be found as a reference in many of Jan Kersschot's writings, e. Jan Kersschot Official site still practices pseudo-medicine in Belgium. In fact, he is 1 of 36 unfortunate members who are listed as the homeopathic doctors in the province of Antwerp.

Each one of these terms are often used umbrella terms for pseudo-scientific medicine Biopuncture originates in a Heel 's symposium. I used the term "Biopuncture" officially for the first time. That was in Edzard Ernst has said biopuncture is quackery at its purest Obviously formally affiliated to Heelyet claims German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade be "independent".

Another lie by Heel. Heel holds numerous trademarks regarding antihomotoxicology, homotoxicology, bioregulation, and homotoxins. German Newspaper Points to Western Complicity in Organ Trade Kersschot has also advised Heel 's Biotherapeutic Index also called Ordinatio antihomotoxica et materia medica as a good source of information, in multiple books and articles. Most of the products I have used for the last 20 years are antihomotoxic remedies from Heel. The clear affiliations can e.

Less clear is that all the data-serving of these websites are provided by the same host ILK Internet GmbH in Karlsruhe, Germany; run on the same server names and many have the same IP-addresses However, crystal clear is that all their official registration data is completely the same.

"Tales From The Organ Trade"

5 Myths About the Chinese Communist Party «| Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas. Using other people’s research or ideas without giving them due credit is plagiarism. Since BibMe™ makes it easy to create citations, build bibliographies and. Nazi ideology could not accept an autonomous establishment whose legitimacy did not spring from the government. It desired the subordination of the church to the.

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