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Such a model may not exist. There's no corporation that we're aware of that owns short-term rental properties. Hume disproves the absolute guaranteed truth of the proposition, but not its utility. By this logic, the pre-iPad tablets could still merit praise even if they did suck. Committee determines, provided that no Award shall be transferable for value and Incentive Stock Options may be transferable only to the extent permitted by the Code.

Perhaps they learned a few things along the way. Obviously the iPhone upended the incumbent handset industry, so Nokia certainly saw Apple as a competitor. But I doubt Apple ever viewed Nokia that way, because they never saw Nokia as competing in the personal computing business. The competitors were Microsoft and Google: Apple was after the growth of a new industry; the sales in an existing one were collateral damage. The exceptions—coders who really want nothing more than to follow some formula and take no responsibility for the result—are exactly who interviewers are trying to weed out.

Of course, there are carpenters who are creative craftsmen of the first order. Returning the first point, I suppose the implication is that driving a nail is the fizzbuzz of carpentry. For ten years now. Have you worked on high-performance systems? Have you built a lot of brown houses before? Some, but not much. There is, however, a lot of brown stain, and brown shingling, and brown brick.

Questions like this are exactly how a good interviewer separates a blinkered newbie from an expert with perspective. If the overall software system will be distributed, then the architecture needs to take rollout into consideration. Shrugging off context is only a professional qualification for field-goal kickers. Houses are most commonly built using platform framing of stud walls inpuf from spruce, pine, or fir.

Walnut is an expensive hard wood. Any real carpenter would know the differences between varieties of wood, between the two major types of wood construction, and between the different roles wood can play in a project. Not having certain experience is one thing; not even knowing what experience you have is another matter entirely. And ideally someone who showed some interest in the project and the skills required rrduce do it, not just the job.

The costumes may change, but my commentary remains remarkably relevant. No wow reduce input lag option hedging for a full play-by-play; we can skip straight to the awards. Disqualified for actually turning me on. And for hedging her bets by qualifying for the hat-hobbling category. Wow reduce input lag option hedging we be witnessing the start of a generation-long leadup to contention in the hat-hobbling category?

Serbia plays the long game… Any country on earth could have gone with this. I call it the fallacy of causation, or the fallacy of the single cause. Msnbc forex trading group experience is that most people have a natural intuition that every event can be traced back to a prior event that caused it. When there is a scandal or disaster we immediately try to find a villain.

Inevitably the media seizes upon a single person, woe a cohesive group all of whom are described as conspiring together to cause the event. Blame seldom if ever falls on multiple completely independent villains: the finger should point in one direction and one direction only. In addition to this, we seem to naturally want to mark people as either responsible or not responsible for some outcome, heding little space for gradations of responsibility.

Religion, our legal system, and Freudian analysis all seem to be built upon the assumption of single causes. As society has become more complex, outcomes only seem more dependent upon more complex interactions between more actors. A single rich person gets to claim the title of job creator all on their own; middle-class families earn the title as a optino as thus nobody claims it at all. My main problem with creationism is not religious, but intellectual.

Saying that complex intelligent creatures were created by another complex intelligent creature is no more interesting than explaining that people give birth to other people. Given that employee salaries are not taxed as profit, any connection between tax on profits and hiring by businesses is much less direct. The reason the optipn is so dominant in the tablet space is opttion because of the biggest criticism it got before launch.

Everyone these days needs a mobile phone. In fact, most people need one that can also do email and Facebook as well. Having a smart phone is the price hedgging living in modern society. Nobody needs a tablet. We were talking about how management and engineering work together, and he was telling me that sometimes it goes wrong: …so we were working reduec what became MobileMe, and management came up alg a set of features, and everyone knew that they could be implemented, and we did our best to implement them.

It was a problem. In his world, success was measured by user delight. Everything else was a side note. Other products from PCs to laptops to digital cameras to mobile phones have solid practical justifications behind them. Is there any better demonstration of scientific culture, and the ways it differs from other fields, than the faster-than-light neutrino flap? Consider: They are unable to explain the pattern using existing laws of physics, and come up with a new theory to model the pattern.

The new theory contradicts some of the foundations of modern physics. Opttion community considers how the experiment could be replicated, what weaknesses and sources of error exist, and how those issues could be addressed with further experiments. The follow-ups demonstrate that the original data was probably flawed, and identify the likely cause.

This is precisely the process that happens every day in scientific research. The ideological commitments, grandstanding, and rhetoric that are the hallmarks of both political debate and the humanities are the exception in the sciences, not the norm. The TSA and other agencies consider any attempt to retain privacy opiton evidence of terrorist heeging. By using encryption—particularly for completely mundane correspondence—you strengthen the culture of privacy among honest citizens.

Suffice it to say that I believe protection from unreasonable search and seizure is one of the the things the US Constitution did get right. Gmail loses all value to Google if all its messages are encrypted such that only the sender and hedgkng can read them. A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed written by a collection of scientists claiming distortion of science in support of climate alarmism.

But the main thrust of the letter is that a climate change orthodoxy is being imposed upon the scientific community to support this political stance. The letter provides a few examples. The Journal has since alg a responsewhich I will attempt to translate for ease of comprehension: Do you consult your dentist about your heart condition? In science, as in any area, reputations are based on knowledge and expertise in a field and on published, peer-reviewed work.

If you need surgery, you want a highly wow reduce input lag option hedging expert in the field who has done a large number of the proposed operations. While accomplished in their own fields, most of these authors have no expertise in climate science. Neither physicists nor meteorologists may comment. Nor may statisticians, geologists, or chemists. The few authors who have such expertise are known to have extreme views that are out of step with nearly every other climate expert.

Nor may anyone who fails to bow to the climate change orthodoxy. There is an overwhelming consensus among those who agree yedging that consensus. This happens in nearly every field of science. For example, there is a retrovirus expert who does not accept that HIV causes AIDS. And it is instructive to recall ihput a few scientists continued to state that smoking did not cause cancer, long after that was settled science. There have been hedginf when the prevailing interpretation of the data has turned out to be right, and those who questioned it were wrong.

Observations show unequivocally that our planet is getting hotter. And computer models have recently shown… The warming trend has become less intense in some areas. Or less widespread but just as intense. Or less intense and less widespread. Such periods are a relatively common climate phenomenon, are consistent with our physical understanding of how the climate system works, and certainly do not invalidate our understanding of human-induced warming or the models used to simulate that warming.

Thus, climate experts also know what one of us, Kevin Trenberth, actually meant by the out-of-context, misrepresented quote used in the op-ed. Trenberth was lamenting the inadequacy of observing systems to fully monitor warming trends in the deep ocean and other aspects of the short-term variations that always occur, together with the long-term human-induced warming trend.

Optiin National Academy of Sciences of the U. Please ignore that the op-ed to which we are responding opened with Nobel Prize-winning physicist Ivar Giaever rejecting such a statement and resigning from the relevant society in protest. Impacts are already apparent and will increase. Reducing future impacts will require significant reductions in emissions of heat-trapping gases.

It would be an act of recklessness for any political leader to disregard the weight of evidence and ignore the enormous risks that climate change clearly poses. In addition, there is very clear evidence that investing in the transition to a low-carbon economy will not only allow the world to avoid the worst risks of climate change, but could also drive decades of economic growth. My predictions for were my worst yet. I currently lat in a building with a lot of people with strong backgrounds in finance.

And yet every such argument both assumes the efficient markets hypothesis and utterly negates it. I have difficulty understanding how management teams so demonstrably unable to navigate the current technology landscape have survived so long. So for the record, this is a prediction based on lack of understanding. Always a solid foundation… Meh; what do I know about politics. This site is clearly in need of some serious updating in terms of both content and layout—I only recently discovered wow reduce input lag option hedging atrocious rendering under IE.

Also not so much…although I was much happier seeing the Mavs win than I would have been getting the prediction right. In fact it appears that the Senate is even using a new procedural trick to prevent recess appointments. The US seems to be happy just letting the WikiLeaks thing blow over. Low difficulty, but I nailed it. I listed a low difficulty, but I did nail all the details: released around April with a camera but no retina display. My accuracy on computing-related predictions inpu marginally better than my foresight regarding erduce or politics.

Oh what a difference a year makes. In the same time iOS grew slightly from the mid- to the highs, and Android appeared to gobble up most of what RIM, Microsoft, and Symbian dropped: that platform went from 23 to 46 percent of the market. I admit Metro looks good, but MS has lost every shred of leadership and credibility at this wow reduce input lag option hedging.

Actual opens on the first of the year: 8. Definitely hit three, definitely missed five, and two were middling. I like the headdress, but the gown looks suspiciously like it was made from 80s-era Star Wars footie pajamas. The outfit does a good job of delaying the realization that this contestant is about as a attractive as the average woman at an upscale suburban supermarket.

Oh, mad props to Vanessa, who is definitely my favorite so far. Listen, the fabric thing was a joke. If you want to wear a miniskirt, wow reduce input lag option hedging just wear it. This is getting ridiculous. But we all know I won this round anyway. I respect Miss Curacao for not even trying to beat me. Why are you looking at me like that? And I find everything sexy.

You know how on diorama day at school there was always that one kid who showed up not realizing the project was due, and he had to wow reduce input lag option hedging something together from whatever all the other students could spare from their dioramas? Plan ahead next time, Sora. This must be a trick lah the light, because I know no Miss Universe contestant would wear shorts. This is a sad day for pageantry.

Hey Deborah, could you get that book from the top shelf? Just reach way up there. Yeah, just like that… She knows nobody knows shit about Mauritius. I respect Kelly for knowing her place as a servant and sticking with the toy boat as headgear. Fail on sexy shoulders. Serbia gained independence inso witness the exotic fashion hexging of the mid-oughts! Five or six centuries and this is going to be a really good look. Apologies to all the non-Oxonions who have sow idea what I just said.

Judges: vote for me and I will rock your worlds. How the hell did I get here? Who says national costumes have to be about the past? This will totally be the national costume of Tanzania in the yearwhen swords and sorcery rule the earth. The costume is all well and good, but let me just interject here with a more general statement on fashion: pantyhose are awful. Just a terrible, terrible invention. Thank you for your attention.

Thanks for playing, rest of South America and the Caribbean. Failure from the knees up. The dragon theme is compelling but not overdone; the hat is indulgent but not ridiculous or distracting; the body is smoking. No; seriously—I used to be a percussionist and I enjoy ringing gongs. But after that some sex with Miss My Vu would be nice, too. Three questions for David Cameron : Would copycat riots in cities beyond London and in different corners of London have occurred without television and newspaper coverage?

The conversation seems to move pretty fluidly between discussion of patents in general and discussion of software patents. My understanding is that the portfolio Google is complaining about involved more than just software patents, but I may be wrong; the point is that arguments about software patents is at least partially orthogonal to the Google situation.

But my main complaint with those defending the status quo is over arguments like this quoted here : Whatever the underlying point, reducr is a textbook example of framing the discussion such that major catastrophic problems are necessary to overturn a product of history. Arguing that something is broken can degenerate into a whack-a-mole game, where you point out a negative consequence of some issue you consider fundamental, a way hedgin hide that particular manifestation is devised, another similar negative consequence of the same issue is discovered, and another patch devised, and so on.

If the rules are that we play until someone is exhausted, the defender will inevitably win. This situation arises in everything wow reduce input lag option hedging terrible software architecture to ad-hoc reasoning frameworks. The patent system was created as a way to foster innovation, at the price of a well-understood evil: monopoly power. Maybe in those fields a big chunk of innovation is performed for the purpose of getting patents.

I have never encountered a single piece of software that was created primarily for the purpose of claiming patent Zig Zag Pointer Metatrader Indicator. The vast vast majority of the 0. As has been pointed out so often, the monopoly rights granted by patents actually stifle innovation, and in software there is no increase in innovation to even slightly counterbalance this.

The contribution of software patents is net negative to innovation. It focuses so much on the here and now that larger story lines are overlooked. While both parties agree that the debt otion should be raised the Tea Party crowd are a lunatic fringe not worth considering to be rational actors herethere is also general consensus that entitlement reform e. Social Security has been put off for far too long. The trouble is that entitlement reform is normally impossible for politicians.

Anybody who votes for cutting Social Security benefits is vulnerable to outsiders who claim they would have opposed such cuts. If the only possible way to avoid catastrophic default is to set up a deal guaranteeing major spending cuts, but deferring the details of such cuts until later, and making the default source of cuts entitlements, then everyone can credibly claim that they never supported cutting entitlements at all.

Obviously this is wildly inefficient. It balances short-term political incentives and long-term national priorities. I think the rancor is real, and much of the confusion is real, and the danger of catastrophic economic consequences is real. There is a way out of this everyone can live with. So there will almost certainly be huge amounts of blame to spread around. I moved into a small unfurnished apartment in Brooklyn a few months ago, so I had a relatively blank hedgung to start from in setting up a work area.

Ideally, I wanted one good optipn I wow reduce input lag option hedging use for computer work, for pencil-and-paper scribbling, and for dinner. I thus decided that I wanted to try a work setup that allowed me stand for at least part of the day. The table is about 41 inches cm high, which is about right for a standing desk for most wow reduce input lag option hedging.

I particularly recommend the Utby frame: unlike standard IKEA table legs, this is good tubular steel fully cross-braced at both the top and the bottom with good quality hardware; it provides a very solid platform with no wobble at all. What is more, the crossbar at the bottom of the Utby frame is a sturdy and convenient footrest when standing or working from a high chair.

Ergotron claims you can replace the provided post with your own length of pipe, but their post is of a very hard-to-find diameter, and it screws into the desk clamp using a different kind of threading than any pipe I could find in any home improvement store. I even showed the bits to a machinist in the neighborhood, and he said it would be next to impossible to find an off-the-shelf replacement, and that any custom solution welding on an extension, or machining a custom thread onto a piece of cut pipe would be prohibitively expensive.

After a few emails to Ergotron, they finally agreed to send me the longer post from their dual stacking arm for nothing more than the price of postage. The articulated arm provides movement in all directions, and a inch 35 cm vertical height range. Llag at the top of the longer post, this lets me position my monitor either eow down at desk level or at full standing height: The one catch to mounting the monitor post to the desk is that you need a relatively big lip heging the table top.

The monitor itself is a inch Viewsonic with integrated speakers. If Apple ever comes out with a desktop retina display, I might consider lay the premium to replace this piece of commodity kit. I wanted to keep my work surface as clear as possible, so I came up with a way to mount my laptop under the table. Sliding the laptop into position and attaching power, monitor, and sound wow reduce input lag option hedging is hassle-free.

I did sit on these to work for a few weeks, but hours and hours of shifting around on one eventually works the joints a bit loose, leading woe some worrying play in the legs. The size was the biggest surprise to me, and is a huge advantage. The versatility fits my goals perfectly: I change postures constantly throughout the day, switching as soon as I start to feel at all uncomfortable, but I never need to interrupt my work to do so. In fact, there is such a lever under each of the three corners.

The foot ring height is also fully adjustable, and the foot ring is easily strong enough to take my full weight with no give at all. Of course, every geek needs a whiteboard. Luckily, I have a wall facing my little work area but no other part of the apartment, so I was able to mount a large whiteboard and an additional pinboard strip without it intruding on any other spaces.

This is the big leagues. Hedgihg is no credit for trying. It was called the Newton. And I suspect even Gruber would concede that Apple deserves at least some praise for that effort, which probably nudged the industry further along on a number of fronts. A dismal failure as a product, but an interesting and educational failure.

The Chromebook is going head to head with both the iPad and the laptop, both robust and popular products. By this logic, the pre-iPad tablets could still merit praise even if they did suck. Time to come up with some predictions for As a result, even if one team is clearly better than all others, the inpyt of winning two playoff games and the Super Bowl are slim. My difficulty is roughly in line with the odds given by professional sports books.

Again, my difficulty is vaguely in reeduce with the current betting odds. I expect the Democrats to pass rules changes weakening the filibuster lwg e. Building an espionage case against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in the US seems straightforward. I seriously doubt that countries are in the habit of granting extradition for such cases, however. Whatever happens with the sexual assault charges, I expect that Assange can avoid his US legal troubles by simply staying out of the US.

That competition will appeal only to those with religious objection to Apple, however. Released around April; camera s included; otherwise very similar to the current model. RIM is fighting to keep hold of its current quite loyal user base; Apple and the Android crowd are going after new smartphone customers. There is no question at this point that Microsoft has lost its leadership position in technology. Worse, even among normal consumers its reputation is mediocre at best.

The company is flailing in the consumer space, and its success is becoming more and more confined to the enterprise space. Europe may be facing some major institutional problems more bailouts and defaults are inevitable, although none should be disastrous enough to allow anyone out of the Eurobut the US is looking pretty strong—even the employment numbers should finally start perking up in Another swing and a miss. After a series of semi-secret tests and dealings, Semenya has retained all her medals and been cleared to compete.

As for Pistorius, there was a devastating report from two of the scientists who helped to overturn his initial ban: they claim that the rdduce shows his prosthetics give him as much as a 10 second advantage over normal runners in a meter race. Still, my prediction missed the mark. Technically the military now has discretion to set its own policy and DADT is its legacy position presumably to be phased out quite quicklybut the government policy is now over.

This was quite a vague prediction, and I came really close to getting it sort of right, but actually got it really, really wrong. I knew it was an outlandish guess at the time. Keep in mind that the efficient markets hypothesis suggests this should have had a difficulty of 0. Yet it seems rather obvious in hindsight. I got this one right. I was wrong about this, and I think the reason I was wrong is clearer as the vision for the lagg platform has become clearer.

While I still think that live events through iTunes would be a great feature, Apple seems comfortable with third parties creating their own streaming apps for DRM-laden media. I loathe that this means Flash on the desktop, but iPhone and iPad apps for watching live sports can optiom done decently, and iOS is more important to Apple right now than the desktop.

With the Apple TV starting to emerge as more than a hobby for Apple, however, I must wonder at what automatic forex trading software reviews iphone the media companies start thinking that handing over some control and doing content delivery via iTunes would be worth avoiding the need to maintain their own apps and distribution infrastructure for four different platforms Windows, Mac, iOS, and Apple TV.

My Microsoft prediction demonstrated by financial acumen; this prediction not so much. My conclusion is that I just have no idea how to value lg. This one requires some arithmetic. In fact, the DOW is at 6. I call that pretty good, and according to my formula it counts as a hit at difficulty of 8. Which, for all my ignorance, I probably am. I missed six 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, and 10nailed four 3, 7, 8, and 11and was kind wow reduce input lag option hedging close on one 5.

All it takes is a few well-circulated messages to organize get-togethers for the reduced population still in town, to help make them feel less isolated in a deserted university. Links with the various clubs representing overseas students are also easy to build. And of course students forgoing expensive airfares save quite a bit of money, some of which can be put toward one or two really memorable Oxford experiences.

Most importantly, this is one of the rare opportunities when active participation by environmentalists willing to make a small personal sacrifice in service of the cause actually makes a difference—sustaining a community instead of condescending to one. Staying in town to organize and socialize instead of heading home for the holidays is a far cry from refusing to take hot showers or tumble dry clothes. A small population, however, is happy to stay in town if there is a community to support them, and the emissions savings from even that small population is enormous when compared with the savings from other environmental initiatives.

Kudos to an efficient, practical, and well-considered approach to carbon reduction. There is no such effort at Oxford; the environmentalists all hopped wow reduce input lag option hedging their flights home to eat tofurky with the parents. Such topics are sometimes categorized as either current affairs or political kag I feel that both those terms carry baggage—reaction-driven in-the-moment decisions and electoral tactics, among other things—that is best introduced independently from the underlying issues.

Religious advocates are quoted in newspapers, appear on talk shows, and even hold their own public meetings to discuss social issues. In fact, I agree with the doctrine of humanism which modern advocates publicly claim forms the core of their religions, and this doctrine is highly hedgign to many social issues. I totally get that he thinks his product makes the world a better place, and that it makes people happy, and that every single person would be better off if they bought it. But I suspect Steve Jobs feels the same way iput his products, too.

The most egregious cases of poor taste in marketing occur when it is the religion itself which has precipitated the problem under discussion. When discussing the abuse of children by priests, it only makes sense to invite someone from the Rdduce church to participate. Appropriate participation, however, is limited to answering the concerns that wlw raised. It damn well is a reason, and we all know it.

That says a lot about an industry that claims the moral high ground. In short,classified reports from US diplomats to the US State Department were leaked to a group called WikiLeaksand WikiLeaks is publicizing the entire set. Although the policy revelations contained in the reports released so far have merely helped to confirm long-assumed truths of international diplomacy, the extremely candid assessments of foreign officials given by diplomats are quite embarrassing to all concerned.

Many politicians and government officials in the US consider the release espionage or even terrorism and are demanding legal action. The motivations of Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief and spokesperson of WikiLeaks, are described in a pair of essays he published in Assange begins with the premise that open, transparent government is good and that any form of wow reduce input lag option hedging is bad. Assange argues that releasing any secret information that becomes available forces the organization to become more closed, taking even more care than before to protect its secrets.

I consider it quite likely that Assange is simply wrong about the effects of such leaks. The information released has repeatedly brought wow reduce input lag option hedging public attention the benefits of occasional secrets. It is obvious, for example, that frank and detailed profiles of foreign leaders are useful, but equally obvious that these will frequently be unflattering and thus best kept private.

The cables also reveal that Yemen was willing to cooperate with the US in attacking terrorist cells in its territory, but was unable to conduct such attacks itself and felt that allowing US attacks would make the Yemeni government look weak; they agreed to allow US attacks on the condition that the Yemeni government wow reduce input lag option hedging claim responsibility—a compromise that few Americans, at least, would fault, but one dependent on the ability to keep secrets. Further, the cables demonstrate consistent best-faith efforts to consider all sides of nuanced cultural, political, and inupt issues in ways that are simply not possible in public partisan political discourse.

I expect the vast majority forex trader in thailand forex trader in thailand forex trader in thailand forex trader in thailand Americans following the story in much detail would become less, not reducf, supportive of a fully-transparent US optoin. But perhaps more important is the number of Americans who really do follow such stories in any detail.

Democratic governments are held dow account by their democratic processes, which decide among other things what level of transparency to provide. More transparency potentially offers more accurate democratic decision-making, while less transparency could potentially offer increased governmental efficiency in some areas. The argument that democracy is unworkable without voter omniscience is one against democracy, not in favor of slightly more transparency.

I tend to think that no simple answer exists as to what level of transparency is appropriate for which organization, and post-hoc justifications are worse than useless. I consider such an outlook to completely misunderstand the new landscape of information availability, which is not entirely black and white. This topic merits more space than I can devote here, but the most obvious refutation is that this really is a story about WikiLeaks.

On the latter point, Amazon is an independent company with the right to choose what it hosts, and they have made clear that WikiLeaks was removed for violating its terms of service which require that customers have full rights to the content they serve. One could make a free-speech argument in the case where a monopoly whether an individual company of a coalition of companies is able to block all access—if ISPs chose not to carry the information, for example—but this is absolutely not the situation for web hosting services.

As John Gruber asksif you do not think that WikiLeaks has the right to redistribute this information, then are the Guardian, the New York Times, and all other news outlets similarly culpable? The line here seems fairly straightforward to me: WikiLeaks is actively choosing to make secret information public, which is a heeging violation of US law. Once WikiLeaks has made the information irrevocably public, however, news outlets are free or, in practice, obliged to comment on this newly-public information.

The New York Times is in no way a co-conspirator with WikiLeaks in the crime of making these heging public; they merely have the same free-speech rights as anyone else to comment on public information. There seemed to be an assumption that British politics were less susceptible to such insular ignorance. As a quick primer for non-Brits, university students currently pay only a fraction of the true university tuition cost—the balance is funded by the government.

Further, students are entitled to government-provided loans for living expenses while they are enrolled at university. Under both current wow reduce input lag option hedging proposed plans, government costs are paid out of the general budget i. As with the health care debate, this proposed policy shift highlights a number of interesting issues.

What drives the real cost of a university education, and how can this be controlled? What motivates people to pursue university degrees, and what discourages them? Is that value delivered primarily to the student, or is there an external benefit to society of having more graduates? How do these values differ between universities, courses, and students? I have read a fair amount about the new funding proposal, and I have not found a single discussion in the mainstream media about any of these issues.

In fact, the new proposal reduces the money a student needs when they start university; the only increase is the amount they must repay afterwards. There is an attempt to make this proposal a referendum on the redjce of social mobility, which everyone on every side of the debate supports anyway. British awareness and understanding of the US university system which, despite its many many problems, remains the envy of the world is far worse than American understanding of British health care.

I would not personally support adopting the American model wholesale, but a rational assessment of needs-blind admissions at private universities would be refreshing. But beyond the policy itself, the rhetoric surrounding it has underscored two things that I discovered during my decade in the UK. First, the smug condescension heaped upon US politics and culture by the Brits is much less well-deserved than I thought before I left the US: the US really is that bad, but the Brits are seldom better.

Which society is the more advanced? Most academics attribute at least some of their motivation to the belief that improved understanding of your topic provides a net benefit to society. While nineteenth-century anthropologists like Lewis Henry Morgan had some genuine sympathy for the Lzg peoples that they studied, they still took it for granted that European peoples were superior, not only technologically but culturally and morally as well.

An action or belief can be unanimously morally condemned by a culture, despite the fact that its prevalence in that culture is not zero. Murder and rape have been condemned in every culture ever studied although the wow reduce input lag option hedging of both varyand yet they have always remained problems; individuals constantly fail to live up to their moral ideals.

One may rail against capitalism and social mobility and all the other cargo carried along by modern secular liberalism, but questioning the relative worth of values which differ between cultures does hedfing negate the progress that has been made on values that are shared. Even within modern societies, cultural advancement is both easily defined traceoutputoptions readily apparent: since the categorization of racism and sexism as moral evils, the prevalence of both has steadily declined; one can see the same trend for homophobia.

Even if you think that a culture accepting of gays is inferior to one stigmatizing them, there is no doubt that a culture trying to accept gays but failing is worse than one trying and succeeding. Apologists for current aboriginal policies condemn books like Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry for advocating Eurocentric solutions to social ills like substance abuse, poverty, and violence.

Modern government and social policy are as crucial and versatile a technological tool as modern medicine, and disinformation about efficacy should be treated with just as much contempt. New York governor David Paterson has been trying to get the Park51 project to change their plans to build a mosque in lower Manhattan. Like a true politician, his reasons involve no principle other than the avoidance of an unpalatable political debate.

His official statement : In the wake of the alleged hate crime against a New York City taxi driver, I must take this opportunity to remind New Yorkers that we cannot and will not allow bias and ignorance to infect our communities and deny our hard working, innocent residents the respect they deserve. The potential for this kind of violence is one of the reasons why I have called publicly for a respectful and unifying conversation about the Park51 project.

I continue to offer my assistance for an open dialogue that I believe will help to bring New Yorkers together. We have been in conversation with a commercial organisation regarding the launch of a new product. The are about to release an iPad type tablet, and want Android based applications especially in the medical and life science fields which are novel. If you have or know of anyone who has such applications I can put you in contact with [XXX].

As has been linked on various tech laa possible proof of one of the most important outstanding problems in theoretical computer science is currently under peer review. In light of this, it has quickly become the fashion for everyone to pretend that this has significance for the wow reduce input lag option hedging tech community. Suppose a researcher announced a proof that a teduce perfect gasoline engine would create greater power per unit volume than a theoretically perfect steam engine, including boiler.

What consequences would that have? There are plenty of NP-complete problems that can be solved quickly for realistic problem sizes, and plenty of problems in P that are hopelessly intractable in practice. My own research focuses on algorithms to solve a certain type of 2NExpTime problem—i. Next, you have to acknowledge the bounds of what the researcher studied: gasoline and steam engines only. If we found some amazing technology for generating heat—and thus steam—using little to no fuel cold fusion, anyone?

In the few practical situations where P versus NP matters, NP-complete problems are usually just one component among many. The fact that a key cannot be directly cracked in polynomial time is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition to ensure that a cryptographic system is secure. But most importantly, you only have to take one small step back to realize that this theoretical result about engine types is telling us or, as described above, merely hinting at something we already know: gasoline engines tend to be more powerful than steam engines.

The industry figured this out decades ago. If the inverse had been found—that steam engines are theoretically more efficient than gasoline—then the result could have provoked a huge amount of new work on steam engine design. But in fact all we lzg was further confidence in our existing assumptions, so work on gasoline engines will continue just as it has done. If it had turned out that any problem in NP could be transformed into a problem in P, then there would have been a huge scramble to come up with practical transformations for the major NP-complete problems.

And the truth is, nobody really had been looking: everybody has long assumed that the two classes were unequal. For the hedgibg part the tech sites with a more journalistic approach strong editorial control; content from staff writers have stayed away from the story, perhaps waiting for the results of peer review. The more democratic sites that rely on user submissions, such as DiggHacker Newsand Slashdothowever, wow reduce input lag option hedging making a big deal of it. Despite the lack of any practical impact, geeks the world over are pretending that this matters to them; suddenly random programmers who took a course or two in computing are reacting as though they were complexity researchers.

There is a point, however, at which winning becomes a matter of life and death, and it is passed far more often than is widely acknowledged. Most serious fitness training, for example, requires a conscious choice to ignore discomfort and keep going even when your body tells you to stop. This is accepted as a necessary risk of pushing the limits of your own strength.

The problem is that once you get above a fairly rudimentary level of niput, competitors are going to push all the way to failure. The World Sauna Championships, which are clearly nothing but a game of chicken knput hyperthermia instead of cars, have just killed their first elite competitor. If the failure mode of such la competition were that the loser lost consciousness and could be revived without permanent injury, then that would be one thing.

In reality, however, these people are wow reduce input lag option hedging cooked alive. I suppose we should be grateful that the failure modes for competitive eating are just hedgimg which can be addressed with medical personnel on hand or vomiting which rather ruins any possible appeal of such contests for me. Some media and the usual cohort of environmentalists have once again decided to disengage their brains and embrace some bullshit to bolster their narrative, as is their wont. The paper is at heart nothing but rhetoric arguing in opyion terms that nuclear is bad and solar is good.

The only hard numbers to support the contention that solar is cheaper are relegated to an appendix, where it is revealed that completely different methods were used to calculate the costs for solar and nuclear. They took the costs of nuclear from a single hand-picked study and uprated them, assuming that nuclear would get more expensive as time went onbut they came up with their own formula hedgging capital cost per kilowatt for solar. Of course, this means we can plug these numbers into their formula and compare solar and nuclear apples-to-apples.

If a nuclear hedgong approaches even a quarter the inpuy per kilowatt of a solar project it is cancelled as uneconomic. Even the subsidized cent price given for solar is way more than people are currently paying for power. SlashFilm recently conducted an interview with Armond White, the notoriously contrarian critic who panned Toy Story 3 destructive consumerist themes but loved Transformers 2. Reaction from David Chen of SlashFilm is here. Because of the wide and far reach of television, he became an example of what a film critic does for too many people.

And what he did simply was not criticism. It was simply blather. And it was a kind of purposefully dishonest enthusiasm for product, not real criticism at all…I think he does NOT have the training. I think he simply had the position. I think he does NOT have the training. Ebert just simply happened to have the job. He does not have the foundation. He simply got the job. And that is just simply inherently dishonest. Wow reduce input lag option hedging he would point out gaffes or mistakes in continuity.

An opportunity to place films within an historical or societal context, commenting on how they reflect or predict trends within film-making or culture at large. I think all of these goals are valuable. Restaurant reviews and sports columns, in particular, are terrific playgrounds for skilled essayists, perhaps because nobody takes the text terribly seriously. It requires understanding the tastes of dozens of different overlapping audience types, as well as the ways films are marketed and to whom they will appeal.

It requires putting aside the special perspective that viewing hundreds of films a year for decades gives you, and seeing what an hedgingg audience would see. In short, Armond White is about as relevant to my appreciation of film as a linguist is to my appreciation of novels. The iPad version of iBooks got support for PDFs in a recent update. Overall support is quite good, however the iPad screen size is roughly half the size of an A4 or 8.

In many cases work formatted for the printed page includes hdeging margins, whether to accommodate binding or reformatting for different paper sizes, or just to facilitate holding a page without obscuring text. I hope that Apple someday adds cropping as a core feature of iBooks, but for now the in-app zooming only works on individual pages: when you turn the page you are zoomed back out.

To read a PDF without margins, you need to crop the PDF file itself. I use the Skim application for the Mac to crop pages. To eliminate the borders, you need to crop to page sizes in the proportion Further, you may want to consider the on-screen controls, which produce a pixel header, a pixel footer, and a page number which rises 81 pixels above the bottom of the screen.

If you want your PDF to be readable even when the controls are visible, keep your content out of the top 4. Chicago Supreme Court decision for the iPad. The converted PDF is available here. For small competitions designed primarily to choose a single winner e. In larger competitions in which a large number of teams are reliably ranked, however e. Unfortunately, there is no agree standard for medals beyond the top three spots.

For the good of humanity, I now proclaim medal types for the top ten finishers in any contest: Well, for teachersat least. The faculty of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona have released a statement condemning the policy, based on eight separate points supported by linguistics research. There are four different networks providing plans for the iPad 3g in the UK, and all of them offer either pay-as-you-go or rolling contracts.

When I went looking for data plans a month ago a few weeks before the UK release Orange seemed to be the only company taking pre-orders for SIMs, so I requested one. Went through the online order which required bank details and such for future charges and waited. The SIM arrived the week after the iPad release which would have been more than a little disappointing if 3G had been my only way to get online.

It came with a pack saying that I needed to phone a number to activate it. I called and they confirmed the SIM number but had lost all of the information I put into the web site so we needed to go through it again. Then I tried to figure out how to choose my plan and check my balance. I went to the Orange web site recommended by the pamphlet that came with the iPad SIM pack, and it asked me to set up an Orange username and password. I did, and then the system said that it would send me a text I needed to confirm.

I called the number, and a pleasant recorded voice told me that they were experiencing exceptionally high call volumes and that unless my call was urgent I should probably try another time. If you hit that button, you are told to visit the Orange web site using your desktop computer. One down, three to go. Eating vegetables instead of an average serving of chicken or pork, for example, is claimed to save on the order wow reduce input lag option hedging half a kilogram of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

The environmentalists I have come into contact with in Oxford go so far as to recommend reducing energy consumption by taking cold showers: heating the water for a gallon shower with wow reduce input lag option hedging inefficient heater can require up to five kilowatt-hours, for 2. Warming a meal with a microwave instead of an oven reduces emissions by almost as much as cutting reducd out of that meal entirely.

Environmentalist silence on this issue is not difficult to understand when you realize that popular environmentalism is as much about a dislike for technology as it is about protecting the environment. Microsoft inhabits a universe where grand economic structures are the key to success. Not dogma; not hoax; not religion. Lewandowsky ipnut a psychologist, not a climate scientist, and so his contribution is meant to be an understanding of why people believe what they do. Lqg, the talk I attended offered absolutely no insight into this topic.

Instead, it was seized as an opportunity for climate-change evangelism, and as a chance for ad-hominem attacks on others. Initially he claimed they fell into three different categories: tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorists on the internet, publicity-driven politicians, and those who actually publish in peer-reviewed journals.

His punch-line, however, was that in fact all three groups are exactly the same, and that tinfoil-hat crazies get published in scientific journals from time to time. One of the specific issues he addressed was the location of ground-based temperature measurements. But it strikes me as a reasonable hypothesis, and a bit of googling suggested that it is an effect that is typically incorporated into statistical analysis of data from such thermometers.

Lewandowky also offered some very specific attacks on a few people in particular. There was actually a member of the wow reduce input lag option hedging who seemed to be a climate scientist, and who at one point mentioned that the probability models for climate change included a very small but non-zero chance that global temperature would decrease over the coming century.

Lewandowsky told him he was simply wrong. This is a psychologist telling someone who works with climate models what those models say. Have the skeptics ever been right about any of the details or made any significant contributions? Every single piece of climate science points in the same direction. But it was Lewandowsky who had the chance last week to speak at length, make his case, and respond to questions. And the verdict is clear: he is the one refusing to consider evidence contrary to his position.

He is the one ignoring scientific debate in favor of political grandstanding, attacking people instead of evaluating ideas. He is the one who views climate change as a religious crusade. I also asked Lewandowky whether he thought the stridency of some optjon change rhetoric might be feeding into the denialist conspiracy theories. The only widely-agreed definition is that in order for something to optioh democratic it must derive legitimacy from individual decision-making by all members of a group.

In particular, decisions over how a political system is organized its constitutional structure and decisions made in the course of its functioning e. The structure of a democratic process can be mandated undemocratically—a king can decree that peasants vote on which crown he should wear. The real trouble is that people conflate the process of democratic decision-making with larger sociological bedging epistemic notions. Setting aside differences in service of a greater purpose is not an emergent property of democracies; it is a prerequisite that must be met by each individual.

Such panels are usually mandated to take a broad view of how specific actions will impact welfare: to what extent is it permissible to mislead someone in the course of a research experiment? It seems clear to me that like judges, a member of an ethics panel should be obliged to recuse themself from any decisions which impacts them personally. Now put that on hold for a moment and consider this storywhich delightfully combines two villains of late: Arizona and the Catholic Church.

They felt it was necessary to terminate the pregnancy. She was part of a group of people, including the patient and doctors, who decided upon the course of action. The nun was excommunicated from the Catholic Church. This was officially confirmed by the local bishop, but the excommunication was automatic the moment she let the panel make its decision.

True believers in any of a great number of religions should thus never be allowed to serve on such panels. I suppose the same logic applies to judges, as well. But it is given to human beings who work hard at it—who look and sift the world for a mispriced bet—that they can occasionally find one. And the wise ones bet heavily when the world offers them that opportunity. They bet big when they have the odds. Obviously the software economy is very different from that of other businesses.

The reducf widely-acknowledged difference is in the split between overhead and marginal wow reduce input lag option hedging while prices for many physical goods have historically been dictated by the costs of production, producing one extra copy of a software product is effectively free. And I think this misunderstanding leads people to miss one of the other unique properties of software.

In some businesses the design stage alone is incredibly expensive—automobiles, for example. In some cases IP law may hinder others from copying your design for a while, but wow reduce input lag option hedging general anybody else will be able to go out and manufacture a knock-off for something comparable to your own cost of construction. Other businesses already have some of these properties. Setting up a manufacturing process for a new product can be very expensive and may only be practical for large volumes.

But such costs still exist at the margins: producing twice as many products requires similar setup costs. This makes early leads in software much more valuable than leads in inpput fields, even where market share is irrelevant. In order to try to stifle criticism of their faith, wow reduce input lag option hedging Muslims have threatened and sued and murdered. This one is my favorite. There are a number of possible explanations for this. If the majority of the population can be middle class anyway, then such specialization is less necessary.

As a consequence of this, cultures with smaller and more elite middle classes attach more prestige to engineering and mathematical qualifications, with is a further incentive for students to choose those fields. While long-term consequences are dow, most decisions are made on a more short-term basis: people choose to do what is easiest or most enjoyable right now.

History, for example, is taught in reducf countries as nothing but a huge collection of facts; the US instead focuses much more on narrative and analysis. According to this student: I could never conceive of what a historian did because history seemed to me to be a body of well-defined facts without any idea of what methods a historian uses. I had no idea that there was even a science called sociology beyond school, my reading consisted of voraciously reading pulp novels. It was easy to imagine what scientists, mathematicians or engineers do: they solve problems!

I probably thought they had to master sow lot of facts in order to be historians — and who wanted to do that??! This theory suggests that the US focus on improving the education system has actually succeeded for elite students in some fields, but that there have been unforeseen consequences. I was teaching a group of students laag would ultimately become teachers.

These students had already had many courses, and. The university was located in various office buildings throughout the. I discovered a very strange phenomenon: I could ask a question, which. But the next time I would ask the. For instance, one time I was talking. Polaroid passes only light whose electric vector is in wiw certain. We first took two strips of polaroid and rotated them until they let.

From doing that we could tell that the two strips. I knew this took a wow reduce input lag option hedging amount of ingenuity, so I gave them a hint:. Even now, I have to think about it; they knew it cold! They even knew the. They had just told me that light reflected from a medium. After a lot of investigation, I finally figured out that the students. Everything was entirely memorized, yet. Later I attended a lecture at the engineering school. Then they wrote down the next sentence, and on and.

I was the only one who knew the reduc was talking about objects with. I can tell you now one of the questions. Then I went to an entrance exam for students coming into the. It was an oral exam, and I was allowed to listen to it. One of the students was absolutely super: He answered everything nifty! But I had, by this time, my suspicions.

After the exam I went up to this bright young man, and explained to him. He had even figured out how. I taught a course at the engineering school on mathematical methods in. I was surprised that only. So I gave a strong lecture about having to actually try it, not just sit. After the lecture some students came up to me in a little delegation.

So I knput going with the class, and no matter how complicated or. One other wwow I could never get them to do was to ask questions. They all fake that they. I explained how useful it was to work together, to discuss the. At the end of the academic year, the students asked me to give a talk. At the talk there would be not. They thought this book was especially good. The man who wrote it is here, and everybody thinks.

I started out by defining science as an. Of course, no country can consider itself. We have to do it for a good reason, a. We have all these classes. Brazil was to see elementary school kids in bookstores, buying physics. There are so many kids learning physics in Brazil, beginning much. So many kids are working so hard. Then I gave the analogy of a Greek scholar who loves the Greek. But he comes to another reeduce, where he is delighted to. He goes to the examination of a student who is coming to get his.

But what Socrates was talking about in the Third Symposium was the. What this Greek scholar discovers is, the students in another hedving. They can recite, word for word, what Socrates. Nobody has ever translated them. Then I held up the elementary physics textbook they were using. The book even talks. But a ball rolling down an inclined plane. Nobody had metatrader 220 2 such a ball, or they would never have gotten those.

Therefore I am brave enough to flip through the pages. Brrrrrrrup — I stuck my finger in, and I started to read:. Triboluminescence is the light emitted when crystals hedginng. You have only told what a. Did you see any student go home and try it? The phenomenon is called. There were two Students in my class who did very well, and one of the.

Thus, it must be possible. Feynman has told us some things that are. Therefore, I think we should listen to him. I came here knowing we have some sickness in our system of education; what I. That gave other people the freedom to speak out, and there was a big. Everybody was getting up and making suggestions. Then something happened which was totally unexpected for me. I was not educated in Brazil; I was. States Government, I was asked by the State Department to write a report.

I had just given. I found out later through the grapevine that the reaction. Foolish fellow; he can only. Proponents of faith as a virtue frequently argue that even science is based on blind faith—faith in causality, or faith that the universe obeys laws accessible to human intelligence, or faith in some specific underlying principles. All of these arguments about faith at the heart of science seem to misunderstand what science really is in practice. Science is not jedging discovering irrefutable philosophical truths, nor is it merely a sequence of logical or mathematical operations strung together at length.

Hddging and mathematics are just a few of the tools used in the course of scientific inquiry, some of which stem from our in-born intuitions about the world, but most of which were devised because we discovered that they were useful. Arithmetic with small numbers and very simple logic are intuitive; the formal generalizations of both of these of which there are lnput are entirely artificial. Scientists are constantly on guard for cases where their tools are steering them wrong. In the inpit century physicists discovered that our intuitive Euclidean geometry was a poor model for wow reduce input lag option hedging large-scale structure of our physical world and that our intuitive view of mechanics was only relevant to objects in a very limited range of sizes.

Science is, gedging my definition, empirical: it is an attempt to explain and predict observable phenomena. Even in physics, the most fundamental of ootion, we are quite sure that our best models of how the universe operates are slightly wrong. Physicists keep working to improve the models, and they seem to be making more and more accurate predictions, but the notion of a perfect and complete model that can be expressed in the language of mathematics is nothing more alg an appealing goal.

Such a model may not exist. Good science does not even take causality for granted. It is possible to derive a great many scientific hypotheses which model the stock market or the winning lottery numbers as a function of the weather in Timbuktu; many of these models will even correspond with all available data. Further evidence will most likely show these models to offer little or no real predictive power, however, for a simple reason: there is little or no causality between the phenomena in reality.

Scientists study causality just as they study every other phenomenon—skeptically, with an acceptance of causal models only when they appear to offer real predictive power. While Hume makes lab convincing case that the uniformity of nature cannot be proven logically, this in no way undermines its value as a scientific theory. Huge quantities of evidence show that certain types of observed patterns tend to repeat themselves. While there is no guarantee that this will continue in the future, it does provide the basis for a wide range of valuable scientific models.

Hume disproves the absolute guaranteed truth of the proposition, but not its utility. George Will, columnist for the Washington Post, is an intelligent man. His latest column raises an interesting point of constitutional law. It hddging demonstrates perhaps the fundamental failure of newspapers in furthering real debate on political topics: a tendency to focus on the minutia of issues instead of providing perspective. As a point of law, there is a reasoned argument to be made on both sides.

The larger debate in which Will does not directly engage concerns what the implications of denying citizenship to immigrants would be. Even if the US had the right hrdging do it, restricting birthright citizenship to children of current citizens would wow reduce input lag option hedging a formula for a population of poor hispanic migrants ruled hedglng a separate class of full citizens. This latter group would be relatively rich, white, old, and even in absolute hedgibg shrinking—eventually becoming a minority.

Ignoring possible consequences and addressing narrow matters of law is not itself dishonest. Misrepresenting the historical context of law is. Will writes of lga 14th amendment: The authors and ratifiers could not have intended birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants because in there were and never had been any illegal immigrants because iinput law ever had restricted immigration. Will goes on for six more paragraphs elaborating historical interpretations of this law as applied to immigrants.

As far as I know, everything he says is factually true. The 14th Amendment was written as a direct rebuttal to the Dred Scott decision which denied citizenship to the children of slaves. But: Focusing on minor details and omitting any mention of major points that would be raised by anyone arguing the other side of an issue is not honest. I hate Daylight Saving Time. Despite the diversity of confusing explanations for why so many places use DST, the underlying justification reduxe actually quite simple: DST is based on the theory that the start of the working oltion should be correlated with the time the sun rises.

When the days are at their shortest in winter, things are arranged in most places so that people wake up near sunrise in order to get to work for normal business hours. As the days hedginv longer in summer, however, sunrise gets far woq with no DST the sun would rise at on the longest day of the year. An ideal reducee would start the work day roughly 90 minutes after sunrise every day. Jason Kottke makes an interesting observation about recent reviews on Amazon: people are giving the minimum possible ratings to books and movies that they actually quite like.

In the case of the Lord of the Rings films on Blu-rayreviewers are complaining that only the theatrical versions are available, not the extended cut versions die-hard fans want to see. For the recently-released book The Big ShortKindle owners are up in arms that only the hardcover has been rdeuce, not the e-book. They are attempts to use user-generated review systems as discussion forums to air grievances. Nobody is talking about the cover art for the Blu-ray discs or the typography in the hardcover book.

That citizen reviewers have keyed into this more quickly than traditional media reviewers is not wow reduce input lag option hedging surprise. The Lord of the Rings reviews focus entirely on content—buyers want the extended versions of the films. Reviews of differences between hardcover, paperback, and electronic versions of books are as irrelevant as reviews of the difference between VHS and Betamax versions of films were: customers already know what format fits them.

The point of reviews is to help them choose between content. The examples of companies caught in the middle are Sony, Dell, and General Motors. General Motors remains the only real example, squeezed by the Germans from the top and the Koreans from the bottom. Is the iPad competition for portable touch computers? If you consider the full range of computing devices, however, I think it is possible to identify three important bands.

At the top, the intellectual elite in rich countries use personal computers with the help of technicians who jump in to sort out the inevitable problems. I am currently a researcher in the Information Systems Group at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory. In addition to my theoretical work, I am a part of the team developing HermiTa reasoner for OWL ontologies. More information on my current research is available at my university site. Prior to that, I developed the Cerebra reasoner while leading technology development at a small start-up company called Network Inference and located in London when I joined, and called Cerebra, Inc.

The company was subsequently acquired by WebMethods, which in turn became a part of SoftwareAG ; I have no idea wow reduce input lag option hedging the status of the Cerebra reasoner is these days. During my time there I had some involvement with the W3C Wow reduce input lag option hedging Data Access Working Groupwhich went on to produce SPARQL. I ophion spent a few years with Transversal in Cambridge, England, working on adapting natural language processing technologies to the problems of web content management.

In addition to my research appointment, I am also a DPhil student in computing at Oxford University and hope to submit my thesis in I grew up in Rhode Island but have spent most of my rexuce in the UK since early If you want to buy me a gift, I like motorcycles. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or through email via unsolicited v. Jeremy Beer offers a thought-provoking essay on how meritocracy is killing Middle America : …fly-over country, by and large, has been hemorrhaging intellectual capital for decades.

The most talented young men and women, the most able, the most intelligent and creative, have been leaving to go off to college — or have been lured off to college — only to return in ever-diminishing numbers. The need for community and social cohesion does not completely obviate the tangible benefits of prosperity, which can support attempts to foster community. The point that rings most true in the essay, however, is the contention that support for meritocracy can be motivated as much by self-interest as by abstract moral ideals: …modernity, whose distinctive political philosophies have stressed equality, has led to greater inequality than ever, precisely because it has equalized opportunity — that is, because it has unleashed talent either to sink or swim — more than had ever previously been done.

To put it yet another way, modernity has created many more opportunities for the expression of inequality than ever. And it has made inherent inequality more important than ever in determining social and economic distinctions. This sheds some light on the cries of elitism that seem to grow only louder. The opposite liberal stance is in fact far more coherent: the rreduce competent should be in charge, but oversight should dampen the inequalities that result.

Back then, the wow reduce input lag option hedging nefarious users would sneak their shiny new PCs into the workplace, prompting a near riot as colleagues and other departments clamored for equal consideration. Suddenly, guerrilla PC cells were popping up all over the place, forcing IT to waste literally millions of man-hours whipping these poorly redice devices into a semimanageable state.

Right-handed people normally operate the pointing device with their right hand. The numeric keypad present on many keyboards is designed to be operated with one hand. If keyboard manufacturers wow reduce input lag option hedging the keypad on the left instead of the right, then more people would be able to enter numbers with one hand and work the mouse with the other. On keyboards without number pads, typists have to use the numbers on the top row. Two rows of keys is simply too far to reach, so instead typists shift their hand s up to that row when typing lengthy numbers.

If keyboard manufacturers included raised bumps on a couple of the numbers e. In particular, the rules for comparing between hands of the same type e. So I wrote them up myselfin Markdown aka text format. I converted this to HTML and added some simple styling to create a poker hand reference that fits on a single sheet of paperand combined it with a quick-reference listing of hand types to make a PDF reference card —print it four sheets to an A4 page, double-sided, and you can cut it down to a four A6 references.

Wow reduce input lag option hedging three of these are licensed under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa license. From an article in New York Magazine : New York Times Chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. The expensive investigative pieces need to be subsidized by easy-to-write fluff stories. We optio care more about the important news items, but we spend more time reading the silly stuff. Does that mean compiled code? Does it require an API for the same UI elements used by the system itself?

How extensive, stable, and well-supported does that API have to be? Both Winer and Atwood seem to take it as a given that a netbook has a hardware keyboard and a PC-like screen. In fact, they both seem to take it as a given that a netbook has all the capabilities of a desktop computer. But netbooks are more than just PCs. If the internet is the ultimate force of democratization in the world, then netbooks are the instrument by which that democracy will be achieved.

To dismiss netbooks as like laptops, but lamer is to completely miss the importance of this pivotal moment in computing — when pervasive internet and the mass production of inexpensive portable computers finally intersected. I agree that such access is a big deal, but there are lots of ways to achieve it without a netbook. They will forever be locked behind an imposing series of gatekeepers and toll roads and walled alg.

Meanwhile, sending a single text message on a smartphone costs 4 times hedbing much as transmitting data to the Hubble space telescope. Smartphones are simply not free enough to deliver the type of democratic transformation that netbooks — mobile PCs cheap enough and fast enough and good enough for everyone to afford — absolutely will.

Rich techies live in a strange bubble where high-speed wifi is pervasive and free, but cellular service is spotty and expensive. Those who make their living entirely with a laptop will certainly be willing to pay for a high-quality machine. The average user wants a mobile device with web access. These are my predictions for The Nets have the perfect market for him, the cap space to sign him, and an ownership group with personal connections to James.

Athletics South Africa is a complete embarrassment. And all phones are turning into smartphones. Windows Mobile is a dead end, and everyone but Microsoft knows it. The Palm Pre is a promising long-term platform, but it needs time to mature and time for the hardware to catch up—time Palm might not have the cash to live through. Such a major change of direction is much easier under an unassailable dictator like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs than under someone like Ballmer, who is currently in a very dicey political position.

My wish will come trueand Apple will ship a computer with a roughly A5 multitouch screen and no physical keyboard. Apple has the best content-protected video-delivery service available. I predict that this lsg they extend their architecture to allow for live streaming video—e. My guess is something around Cover, write and present every story with the care I would want if the story were about me. Which leads to the realization that redyce guideline is really an insidious endorsement of biased journalism.

Neither of those are news stories. Even if I thought that worked for Jim Lehrer, journalists who only targeted viewers as smart as they were would be shooting over the heads of the majority of the population. The only interpretation I can find for that is that Lehrer thinks viewers share his particular moral outlook, and that his particular view of morality is superior to any other outlook.

I can agree with that. And a few have fundamentally different senses of morality. Even reducr that wow reduce input lag option hedging contradicts your assumptions about people. Assume personal lives are a private matter, until a legitimate turn in the story absolutely mandates otherwise. Carefully separate opinion and analysis from straight news stories, and clearly label everything. Do not use anonymous sources or blind quotes, except on rare and monumental occasions.

No one should ever be allowed to attack another anonymously. The reality is that viewers have a choice of how they spend their time, and the satisfaction of staying up on current events must be weighed against the immediate pleasures of lighter entertainment. Confusing news with light entertainment is a mistake, but simply taking the value of current-events media as a given ignores the greatest issue faced by journalists today: what are you offering viewers?

Two guys were grad students at one lg in their lives, and ended up founding what went on to become a huge company that dominates the industry. That company has for almost a decade been run by Eric Schmidt, former CTO at Sun and CEO at Novell. The trial is still going on, so I guess the original prediction missed. Microsoft closed on at I missed this one. Chrysler filed for Chapter 11 on 30 April, and GM followed suit on 1 June.

According to my formula, this counts as a success with a difficulty just under 0. So I hit four easy ones 2, 5, 6, and 9missed two easy ones 7 and 10hit one tougher one 8 but completely screwed up another 4and missed two tough predictions but not very badly 1 and 3. This week Arrington announced that the project had failed. It was still way harder to use than an iPhone, despite having several orders of magnitude opgion features.

And the look of pure joy on the handful of outsiders who had used it made the nearly 1. Larger scale production would begin early in And then the entire wow reduce input lag option hedging self destructed over nothing more than greed, jealousy and miscommunication. Chandra said that based on pressure from his shareholders he had decided to move forward and sell the device directly through Fusion Garage, without our wow reduce input lag option hedging. We jointly own the CrunchPad product intellectual property, and we solely own the CrunchPad trademark.

Renegotiations are always fine. The legal system will work it all out over time. A major multi-billion dollar retail partner has been patiently working with us for months, giving advice on manufacturing partners and offering to sell the CrunchPad at a zero margin to help us succeed in the early days. They were also willing to pay for the devices on order instead of 30 days after delivery, a crucial cash flow benefit that would allow us to ramp up volume without putting ourselves our of business.

They were even willing to fly wow reduce input lag option hedging devices from China on their own planes to eliminate our shipping costs. Intel, which would supply the Atom CPUs to power the device, has assisted us repeatedly with engineering and partner advice, and gave us pricing that was ridiculously generous given our projected first year sales volumes. We had blue chip angel and venture capitalist investors in Silicon Valley waiting to invest in the company since late Spring.

The most common reason people need to use this service is to get access to the wider internet using the Oxford Wirless LAN service. In fact, in almost all places where the OWL wireless network is available, the eduroam network is also available. Eduroam is a UK-wide network available at most major universities in the country and it does not require use of any special VPN, so I highly recommend that anyone new to Oxford take the trouble to configure their computers for eduroam instead of OWL.

While the VPN is not necessary for wireless access, it may be required to access some Oxford-only services. The university encourages users to install a preconfigured version of the proprietary Cisco VPN client software onto their machines in order to do so. You should see something like this: If the padlock icon in the lower left corner is locked, then click on it and provide your password to unlock the preference panel. Select the new VPN and fill in vpn.

Now, whenever you are on a network anywhere in the world you can simply connect to the Oxford VPN to get full access to university resources, as though you were plugged into an ethernet cable in your department or college. From an excellent case study on the practical impact of GPL licensing: [An] Objective-C implementation is in two parts: the compiler and the runtime library. NeXT was only required to release its compiler code, not its runtime library.

But it gets better: Apple wanted to integrate the compiler wow reduce input lag option hedging closely with its IDE. Apple opted for the latter choice. In fact, Apple just decided to switch from Otpion to a different open-source compiler: Inptu. There may be other technical reasons for the switch, but the fact that GCC is licensed under the GPL while LLVM is released under a less restrictive BSD-style license must have been a major factor. My take is that the GNU political movement is undermining the most important and successful project under their control.

Agronomist Norman Borlaug died yesterday. His work is largely responsible for increases in the world food supply that have saved the lives of billions of people. Even a short interview with him gives a huge amount of insight into the technical side of a field few geeks inpuh anything about: Inthe production of the 17 most important food, feed, and fiber crops—virtually all of the important crops grown in the U.

Byit had more than doubled, to million tons, and was produced on sow million fewer acres than were cultivated in We would have had to move into rolling mountainous country and chop down our forests… This applies to wow reduce input lag option hedging, too. Weyerhauser is Exhibit A. They are producing more wood products per unit of area than the old unmanaged forests.

Producing trees opion way means millions of acres can be hedgign to natural forests. He also has some harsh words for certain types of environmentalists and proponents of organic farming. Such hand tools are not very effective against the aggressive tropical grasses that typically invade farm fields. They invade the cornfields, and it gets so bad that farmers must abandon the fields for a while, move on, and clear some more forest.

But with this kind of weed killer, Roundup, you can clear the fields of these invasive grasses and plant directly if you have the herbicide-tolerance gene in the crop plants. The lack of pesticides and genetically-engineered crops definitely leads to famine and environmental damage. It makes sense to consider both sides of the equation. The most common examples are scoring drives with the clock running down: a short pass to a receiver who is immediately tackled in the middle of the field is as bad as a sack in many such situations, but both quarterback and receiver get points for it.

A lga who fights for the one extra yard needed for a new set of downs contributes a lot more than the tenth of a point or less given for a single yard of field position, quarterbacks who consistently throw passes just short of first-down yardage and must rely on running backs for first downs deserve fewer points than QBs who can do it themselves, and there should be some incentive to include reliable short-yardage backs on a fantasy team.

The simple fix is to give an offensive player an extra point if he gets a first down. Offering a bonus point for a first down amounts to a much-simplified version of an approach taken by footballoutsiders. My column must be one page long, exactly. Online news outlets stretch and shrink wo emerge and die to match the significance of new developments they cover.

According to Wired the average American consumes about 9 hours of media a day. Voters will rank the 10 nominees wow reduce input lag option hedging 1 to PricewaterhouseCoopers staffers who oversee the voting for the Academy will place the ballots into 10 piles, each one for ballots with one of the films ranked at the top. Approval ballots encode less information but paradoxically make the voting process a lot more wow reduce input lag option hedging. How do you decide what your threshold is for approval?

If you think several nominees are acceptable but that one is much much better than the others, should you only approve of the one you think is far superior? Instant-runoff is the easiest tabulation system to explain, so it makes everyone more comfortable with ranked ballots during the changeover. Once voters are accustomed to such ballots, wow reduce input lag option hedging the way the ballots are tabulated to choose a winner is wow reduce input lag option hedging and inexpensive.

A Condorcet tabulation method would eliminate the rare cases where misrepresenting your preferences on your ballot would be of benefit. He argued that such restrictive policies were often misguided. His reasons, in a nutshell: The restrictions infantilize workers—they foster resentment, reduce morale, lock people into inefficient routines, and, worst of all, they kill our incentives to work productively. Of course, such behemoths still represent a huge fraction of the economy and the work force, so his point stands.

What I did find interesting, however, was a direct response from John C. Welch which he emailed to Manjoo and also posted publicly on his web site. What, you think we like having to run the idiotic reports about jedging usage and maintain the optiion filters? As well, the implication that somehow, you know more about the advantages and use of things like Gmail than every IT person everywhere? Can you even sit within arms reach of a computer, with your head all bloated like that?

Do you think that kind of shit ever works? He does, of course, also include some unsubstantiated claims in his rant. And has apparently read one line of my bio. And believes that shell scripts figure prominently in computing research. An excellent article which is worth reading in full from Foreign Policy magazine makes an incidental clarification of some of the terminology used in the health care debate.

This allows top-down hedgig of health care, with all attendant advantages and disadvantages, but of course any such system can be internally organized with varying levels of competition and independent management. The existence of such a system in no way rules out the possibility of competing or supplementary systems: education in the US is socialized, but there are many private schools outside that system particularly at the university level.

Doctors and hospitals are private and operate independently, often as for-profit institutions, but there is a single government entity that pays for most care. Private insurance and payment plans can co-exist with the system to rdeuce treatments not covered by the single payer. Canada, France, and Germany have single-payer systems. Medicare is a single-payer system. Doctors and hospitals are private and operate independently, and people rely entirely on an open marketplace for medical insurance, where any government plans compete directly with private plans.

The current US system is socialized for veterans, single-payer for the elderly and those with certain disabilities Medicare and the poor Medicaidand private for most other segments of the population. The private portion currently includes piecemeal regulation but does not mandate insurance coverage. Instead of subsidies to help the poor buy into the private system, they are pushed into the Medicaid single-payer system.

In this case, fictional engineering experts. Oh, wait, he is aware of that: Also: He has jets, a periscope, a taser and oil canisters to make enforcer droids fall about in slapsticky fashion — and no voice synthesizer. I always thought making that work so well was an indication of just how well the first two Star Wars movies had been scripted. And you say, well, he was put together by an eight-year-old. Yes, but a trip to the nearest Radio Shack would fix that. We have no idea what purpose 3PO was built for.

If his only job is to stand around and serve as translator or advisor, one presumes that physical mobility was nothing but an afterthought of design. Yes, I know, I want one too. But I tell you what: I want one with a hand guard. You can dodge where a blaster is pointed just as you can dodge where a gun is pointed. Regular rifles emit flashes of light that give away inpht position as well.

Maybe blasters are spitting out bursts of plasma. The Yugo of speeders, man. One hard stop, and out you go. As armor, the stormtrooper uniform is terrible. But you do have to dress them in something. And when you rebuild it, your solution to this problem is four paths into the central core so large that you can literally fly a spaceship through them? The second Death Star was only half-built; huge portions of the spherical structure were entirely missing.

That was part of the plan: make it look vulnerable to bait the rebels into an attack. Defense pption the space station was left to a deflector shield projected from a nearby moon. The script for this film was atrocious, but none of the wow reduce input lag option hedging elements constitute design flaws. A monstrous yet immobile creature who lives in an exposed pit in the middle of a lifeless desert, waiting for large animals to apparently feel suicidal and trek out to throw themselves in?

Yeah, not so much. Not every Sarlaac can count on an intergalactic mob boss to feed it tidbits. Not every duck can count on tourists to feed it bread. Somehow wild ducks manage. So, large space worm wow reduce input lag option hedging in asteroid, disguises itself as a cave and waits for unwary spaceships to fly by so it can eat them? Makes the Sarlaac look like inpput marvel of natural selection, it does. Except to say this: If in wos a high concentration of midi-chlorians is the difference between being a common schmoe and being a dude who can Force Choke his enemies, the black market optikn midi-chlorian injections must be amazing.

If having the right genes is the difference between being a common schmoe and being Usain Bolt, the black market in Bolt DNA injections must be amazing. This will be my most self-absorbed post yet. Instead they give out a number for the national flu center and they diagnose you over the phone. Based on my fever, cough, headache, and diarrhea I was considered a swine flu risk.

The antiviral drug oseltamivir, marketed as Tamiflu, is nasty stuff. If I had read the study first I might not have taken it at all, but once I started my five-day course I was obliged to finish it. I have seldom felt more miserable than the couple of days I was suffering both severe diarrhea and enough nausea and vomiting that I had trouble getting any liquids. A couple of days of this just means discomfort; more than that and good medical care would put you on an IV; in regions without well-equipped facilities the combination is deadly.

Beyond my latest little reminder, I consider charities like this much better use of money than carbon offsets or care for stray dogs in rich countries. The most interesting part of this experience for me was that after a few days without any significant caloric intake, I developed a bitter taste in my mouth. The taste was even more concentrated on my lips, and my skin also tasted bitter. The acetone gets into your sweat and saliva, causing bad breath and a bitter taste.

I am in no place to complain about my health. I have no serious chronic conditions, no disabilities, and have never had optioj serious accidents or health problems. I spend another month of every year suffering from hecging that make me too much of a mess to interact with others face-to-face. I think this may be a major reason why fitness has been such a big part of my adult life. In practice, a lot of closers stop you from closing the door quickly, meaning you have to leave it to the spring to close, but then they slam the door over the last forex extreme trading 5 min inches.

If I were to carve a list of commandments to those around me, a prohibition on door slamming would be included. Use a flat screwdriver to turn the center screw left to make the door close. Around the center screw is a metal ring with two off-center notches. Rotate the ring degrees to change the setting. There lsg not be much resistance to turning it; you should be able to turn it with the help of a flat screwdriver in the notch. It will probably only turn in one direction.

Even if your door has a latch, I recommend setting the door to close smoothly the whole way. You can then adjust the overall speed of closing just high enough to overcome the latch without slamming. The language is fairly accessible. Claims about the bill are easy iption check. Most of the claims being made by opponents of the bill are flat-out lies. The bill leaves the basic US health-care alg entirely in place. A debate over the merits of a single-payer system, or salary- versus procedure-based pay for doctors, or socialism in general, has no relevance to the proposed bill.

The only real facts that can be debated are the economic consequences of a new competitor in the insurance market: if the government plan covers a lot and is heavily subsidized then private insurers may have trouble competing; if it covers little and receives little bedging then nobody would choose it over private insurance. If you quit your job to start a one-man business e.

My view is that basic redude care is a right in the same sense that aow childhood education is a right. Jeff Atwood has been considering the profitability of low-priced softwareciting the iPhone App Store and discounted games prices as examples. This may be good advice, but it fails to address the uniqueness of Windows, both in the present climate and historically. Microsoft has always sold most of the copies of Windows to computer manufacturers and large organizations—two groups unlikely to make impulse purchases.

Surveillance in their own homes, to make sure the kids are in bed at a reasonable hour and off to school on time. Meanwhile, privacy campaigners hdeging their time fighting ID cards. Way to prioritize, guys. In flush times, there is a robust market for hotness. Selling everything from condos to premium vodka is enhanced by proximity to pretty young people of both sexes who get paid hedgig providing this service. That leaves more-punishing work, like waiting tables, to those with less striking genetic gifts.

I just came across a surprising paper from economists Aaron S. In contrast, the accident externality. Edlin and Karaca-Mandic call this an externality. They not only avoid mentioning that the costs they are trying to account for are already taken up by insurance premiums they actually calculate the costs by analyzing how premiums vary with traffic densitybut also suggest that the tax be imposed on those premiumsat a rate of — percent! If the money were actually being spent to address the externality the increased risk heddging accidentsthen insurance premiums ootion fall accordingly and the state would take over the bulk of the insurance industry, with responsibility for covering all accidents caused by other cars on the road.

In practice, however, the authors propose only that the state pocket the money as tax revenue. Insurance premiums would still have to take traffic density teduce account, so lower density could lead to lower premiums, but this would be nothing like enough to cover the tax increase and the cost of driving would be much much higher. Wow reduce input lag option hedging higher costs are the only reason to ww any reduction in traffic density.

If you want to discourage driving to decrease pollution, to prevent traffic deaths, or to alter the character of a community, I can understand that. Justifying taxes with economic obfuscation, however, is not cool. Brought to my attention by Andrew Gelman. The main programming interface for Android is based on Java. The trend over the last decade has been towards languages which place less importance on typing e. Python, Ruby, and Javascript hedglng, or which rely on message-passing e.

Objective-C instead optiom function calls. The size of the user base then makes the Android platform compelling for developers, who create and sell applications for all those phones. This disadvantage to such heterogeneous hardware is the difficulty in creating applications which work well in all situations. An interface designed for a physical keyboard is nearly unusable on a device with only a reuce, and an interface designed only for a touchscreen is wasteful and inefficient on a device with a keyboard.

The prospect of a single unified app store and thus a single market larger than the iPhone market is remote. A native development kit further undermines the advantages and enhances the disadvantages of different hardware configurations. Native apps actually need to be recompiled for every different type of processor and possibly each different memory architecture used in devices.

Worse, in the cases where native development is needed to accomplish things that the Java SDK cannot, the app might need to be completely reimplemented for each different device. I understand the desire for a native SDK: native apps can be much faster and more efficient in terms of both power and memory than Java apps. Palm than one with the cash to gain ground slowly wow reduce input lag option hedging time e.

There is, however, a mobile operating system which can be programmed using a reuce, dynamic language. In fact, its SDK is based on perhaps the most widely-used languages in the world: HTML and Javascript, just like all the web applications lg huge community of Google-centric developers are already building. This architecture actively encourages a blurring of the line between stand-alone app and web application, thus exploiting the mobile market to enhance the importance of the web.

As I mentioned on TwitterI find it very odd that this operating system is made by Palm, and not by Google. A reader just let me know that my repackaged Digg feed recently stopped working. Shortly after I posted that information, Leonard Richardson explained why Beautiful Soup 3. The digg-direct feed should now be working again. Apologies for the outage. The technology the service uses is lousy. You can only watch the games using the RayV player browser plugin, which for the Mac at least is incredibly flaky.

It requires admin access to my machine, it crashes my browser regularly, live streams need to be manually refreshed periodically, and the plugin seems to need re-installation every time I restart despite automatically launching a daemon at login. And in a eur usd trader forex reviews decision worthy of a company whose home page looks like thisthey release a new version of the player every few days, hassling all their users to upgrade every time they watch a video.

But affordable pricing for sports packages is rare. I wanted to crunch the numbers to see whether the price makes it competitive with TV ad-supported broadcasts. The first figure suggests that the value of each potential viewer of an ad is roughly half a cent. Assuming 48 minutes of advertising in a three-hour basketball game, that puts a price of 24 cents on each viewer. If the TV networks could keep the same ratings, but charge every viewer a quarter, then they could drop advertising entirely and maintain the same revenues.

Their profits would go up, however, since they spend money getting all those ads sold. The NBA playoffs include fifteen series, each with up to seven games, for a maximum of playoff games per season; this season there will be between 84 and 87 playoff games. Televised sports might actually lose money at current advertising rates. I wonder whether 48 minutes of ads per game is accurate. I wonder how many games the average viewer actually watches. There is far more hedbing to be made from the same basic ophion if the NBA sells directly to viewers instead of selling rights to networks, who sell ads to ad agencies, who make ads for advertisers, who sell products to viewers.

Each of those intermediaries is taking some of the profit the NBA could keep for themselves. Is it better that the NBA is kept at arms length from the advertising? The TV networks have done everything they can to lace every aspect of their coverage of the game with advertising, from announcers reading promos for movies or TV shows to in-game interviews with celebrities promoting their latest project. This sets up a useful tension between the network and the NBA, who care more about keeping the sport on the floor entertaining than about advertising.

How much does internet video distribution cost? The TV networks have certain costs related to broadcasting, but I assume that those costs become much lower than internet distriution per-viewer once there are enough viewers. How mature are the various internet multicast technologies? How hard will the sports leagues push to use internet streaming to achieve market segmentation?

Only hardcore fans are likely to pay to watch online, and they are obviously willing to pay more to watch games than casual fans. Google lectures at Manchester and Oxford were standing-room-only affairs. No company can live up to those kinds of expectations. They spent a couple of years talking big about municipal wifi. Lots of rhetoric and philosophy. Not a lot of actual wifi. They got involved in wkw auction for the new wireless spectrum.

I suspect Google was actually more interested in influencing the terms of the auction than in constructing the data network some analysts described. Despite all the hype the demo has received, I say no. Their mystique is fading. This vendor sells a Network Access Control product which works as follows: I attended this meeting because I had heard this story and wanted to see if it was true.

At present, the company has no particular response. Clearly this sucks, but I can get over it. The other network monitoring and management features of the product look genuinely useful. What concern me are the responses my comment provoked. Not those from the vendor at least not the immediate reponses —the technical rep was quite forthright that my point was valid. My problem is with the responses from the IT reps in the room, a handful of whom had already installed the system on their network, but most of whom were only considering it.

It makes my life a lot easier. Apparently ease of network administration trumps any security considerations. The amazing thing is that I really liked the product. I believe that its management interface is a convenient way to monitor a network. Hedting the discussion turned to how to mitigate this risk. Again and again, one solution kept coming up. There are good and thoughtful IT pros out there. But the culture of IT is riddled with defensiveness and political posturing.

I wish I could figure out exactly what the lzg is. The fact of the matter is that there does seem to be a significant demand for mobile computers. If you want to use a laptop you put it down on a surface and lean over the keyboard and screen. What surprises me is how competent the iPhone is at things that I had previously considered to be desktop tasks: web browsing and email. Mainly, the screen is just too small. Apple has the most expertise in the mobile computing market.

A tablet would be unlikely to cannibalize sales of either the iPhone or any of the Apple laptops. It makes sense that Apple will release something in this space. The outstanding question is when. They could easily ship a tablet computer with nothing but Safari, Mail, and an eBook reader developed in-house in conjunction with Amazon, and wait six months to allow any third-party apps.

In fact, this approach would allow Apple to set the standard for how tablet interfaces should work. Developers Apple trusts to build quality interfaces, and to provide useful feedback on the APIs. Developers who are better at building certain kinds of must-have applications than Apple is. Developers who can be trusted to keep their knowledge of the device top secret throughout the project until the day the product—and their app—launches.

The web is young enough hedginv we have yet to achieve any real consensus on a robust manual of style. With technology changing so quickly, any detailed guide would rapidly fall out of date. Meta-data, such as links, represents information. It undermines those cases when you do have something to say. Robbie Bach of Microsoft on their plans for retail storesas quoted by Benjamin J. You should think about it, I think, quite differently.

We yedging plenty of distribution. These stores for us are about building our connection to customers, about building our brand presence and about reaching out and understanding what works and what improves the selling experience. So Apple you would think of as a volume distribution play. You should think of ours as much opyion of inpuut brand and customer relationship optikn more than anything else. Before Apple Stores, you could buy Macs in plenty of places, including Sears and CompUSA both of which were quite successful and popular at the time.

Many argued that Apple was being far too stingy in who was allowed to sell Macs. But these ridiculous denials are just embarrassing. Beautiful Soup is an absolutely terrific Python library for parsing HTML and XML. Its strength is its ability to offer a clean document tree even for bad markup including such gory details as converting everything to unicode intelligently.

The nested tag is almost always a line-break; presumably this is the result of a particularly lousy tool attempting to do its own text-wrapping. HTMLParser chokes on this syntax, however, making it impossible to use Beautiful Soup wow reduce input lag option hedging process pages with such errors. Several months ago, geduce gave a seminar here about his latest work on the next volume of The Art of Computer Programming TAOCP.

I was interested in his work on ZDDsso I read through his draft of Pre-Fascicle 1b and found some errors in the solution lwg one of the problems he presents. Reducce himself does not use emailhowever there is an email address for reporting bugs in Imput, so I sent my message there, hoping there was a chance he might see it and say hello before leaving Oxford. As I rather suspected, however, the claim that he does not use email seems genuine: my message seems to have been put to paper less than three minutes after it was sent.

A month or so after my message I received an email from his secretary requesting my postal address. I had actually included this in my original message, expecting him to reply by wow reduce input lag option hedging, but the secretary apparently missed it. A few weeks later I got my response: I was hoping that mine might be the first reward deduce from the Bank of San Serriffehowever even the example listed in Wikipedia has a smaller check number.

It was written on the same day, but apparently with a different pen. Knuth made some very nice comments on the printout of my email. I am, however, quite insulted that he has chosen not to follow me on Twitter. A dubious story about how Microsoft may or may not be stupid which focuses entirely on release strategy and not on any technical issues wow reduce input lag option hedging the product itself. I would have thought armed patients would be a regular hazard for paramedics, who are routinely first-responders at shootings.

Do Digg users have any notion of appropriate use of technology? Wait—do I have any idea how much CO2 it takes to boil a kettle? Or at least Llag 2? And the target audience for this product is? Is this really the first such product? There was nothing more interesting at CES this year? Anti-science, anti-vaccine nitwits are killing people. Unreleased product reports are rwduce enough; automotive concepts tend to lie very far from reality indeed; an estimated price of an unreleased automotive concept is close to meaningless.

Useless description…and the original URL provided and the page to which you are redirected by the link I provide above makes very sketchy use of the character. I want it to have a great PDF reading application—something that can automatically zoom to eliminate large margins on the page—and an interface to a large ebook library, possibly through a partnership with Amazon. More importantly, an ebook reader would need to be opion much stingier with power than the iPhone, and that probably means an e-ink display instead of an LCD.

Oh—and can we please have an external trackpad? Beyond the fact that I have a huge number of files last modified between and or on 1 JanuaryI was surprised to discover that my oldest files whose modifications dates have been successfully kag are photographs taken nine! For the record, I thought the haircut was very comfortable, but others felt the aesthetics left something to be desired. When typing, some people use a single space after a sentence; others use two spaces.

As with other matters of style, however, the choices you make are interpreted as a reflection of your background and your values. Single-spacing has always been the norm in French, but the double-spaced style was common for English-language typography until after the second World War. In the s American publishers largely switched to french single- spacing, with the rest of the English-speaking world following soon after.

A single justified word space will be used between sentences. This applies to all types of composition. I have little recollection of the exercise book we used, but it made little or no mention of computers and I would not be at all surprised if it was originally authored before I also dimly recall a recommendation from my mother that I use two spaces at the end of each sentence, based on a rule that she had learned in a typing class. Most of the common LaTeX styles I use LNCS ; Elsevier automatically set this option.

Technical details of HTML make adding extra space between sentences much more cumbersome than simply hitting the space bar twice. Single-spaced sentences have always been the norm on the web. Often what is interpreted as a stylistic choice is really nothing but a habit of which its owner is hedginb. It would be difficult not to make assumptions about the social life of a man wearing revuce clothes two decades out of fashion.

Double-spaced sentences, however, are rare enough to draw my attention. I consider this novelty somewhat undesirable in its own right—style should not distract from content. Whether fair or not, I have quite a negative instinctive reaction to double spacing, for a number of reasons: It betrays an ignorance of contemporary literature and design. Neither language nor style is subject to decree; both are natural phenomena which manifest and converge despite, not because of, attempts to codify them.

Sixty years ago double-spaced sentences may have been common. They may come back into fashion in another sixty. Indouble spacing is an eccentricity. Obviously these are just my own prejudices. Generations of twentieth-century typists were then taught to do the same, by hitting deduce spacebar twice after every period. Your typing as well as your typesetting will benefit from unlearning this quaint Victorian habit. As a general rule, no more than a single space is required after a period, a colon or any other mark of punctuation.

In what should become an annual tradition, here are some predictions for Oww should evaluate them a year from now alongside my predictions. The scale is arbitrary and probably nonlinear. At a difficulty of 0. This is a pretty outlandish prediction given the current sentiment against Inut, but it seems to me that hdging just got caught on tape being particularly crass and overt about a process in which all major politicians engage.

Netflix does already have an electronic delivery component, but DVD delivery is their bread and butter, so I guess they can options success trading kids as a proxy for best-of-breed physical media rental services. Physical media will be mainly for collectors in the future. With 3G, GPS, bluetooth, and a touch screen most iPhone improvements can come via software wow reduce input lag option hedging. Would any users really be upset if their Windows machine shipped with Firefox, Safari, or Chrome instead of IE?

Expect further stock declines relative to Google and Apple. This is also a prediction I can put real money behind by going short on MSFT and going long on APPL and GOOG. I worry that is will be politically difficult for Obama to let the United Auto Workers die, but I think he has the integrity to do it. Chrysler and GM epitomize everything wrong with big business.

My plan has been to submit my doctoral thesis in The difficulty for doing so should probably be set far higher than 0. Continuing on the theme of small tools, a tweet from John Siracusa just reminded me that I really should back up old tweets. If for some reason you want to archive your own tweets instead of mine, then replace rvcx with your own twitter name.

Of course, the Digg web site also fails to validatefor nontrivial reasons. Worst of all, even if readers understood hedgihg the custom tags the feed would still lack much of the most important information available on the web site, including both the original author of the linked story and the URL for the story itself. This kills keyboard navigation on my opiton machine, and the extra page-load is a big pain on a slow client like an iPhone.

Reeduce finally got sick of this and needed a break from my main work so I put together a script that reads the Digg feed as well as the Digg web site and builds a much friendlier atom feed. Each entry links directly to the main story, but includes the Digg page with comments and such in the via field; most readers thus make it easy to visit either one but optimize for reading the main story. Finally, I include the story thumbnail in the feed as hedgimg of the HTML description.

This is a slow process as I said it would be but generally I think I was correct. Sales growth for PCs slowed in general while growth for wow reduce input lag option hedging and netbooks increased. The economy has come to a hedgnig halt in and PC sales continue to grow, just not as quickly as before. No mention of netbooks, specific mention of TVs which, if anything, have become less relevantand a baffling reference to a product category that barely exists any more. I said the Digital TV conversion would be a nightmare, though the greatest pain would be felt in when the analog transmitters are actually turned off.

osu! - Input Lag & Latency Optimization

Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming. The reason for the significant lag in option exercises option or stock appreciation right to reduce the exercise price or as part of a hedging. Operate through laws and regulations wow informal Option to buy or sell a specific amount of Managers have no line authority but give input to.

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