Forex trader in the 80s

What methodologies should you consider? Realism — to not think you are going to get rich quick and understand the reality of the market and trading. The gold standard was dropped around the beginning of World War 2 as major European countries did not have enough gold to support all the currency they were printing to pay for large military projects. Niah Wow that was amazing. Although the gold standard was ultimately dropped, the precious metal 800s lost its spot as the ultimate form of monetary value.

One of My Friends Sent Me This Video Series. Please take the time to watch this cool video series, I am sure you will enjoy it. On June 4, the Enterprise cameras focused on the international daily forex trading volume definition market. Three traders, one each in New York, London and Hong Kong, are followed through one typical day. The stress, the responsibilities and the dedication of each man is forex trader in the 80s as they ttader through a day of trading fored Pounds Sterling, U.

Dollars and German Marks. Just come across this video. Fascinating and alot 80x fun. Amazing how things have changed-especially technology wise. Look at the way technology has allowed small retail traders to play in these markets. What a fascinating insight! Boy have times have changed! NOT a way i want to spend my time trading!

Trading desk and the style has not changed at much and the traders still speculate, buy and sell the same way. Mode of communication and information gathering have completely transformed though. Shows the odds are stacked. Risk management is key to survival. What would you say are the lessons to be learnt out of this Niall That was a good video!!!!

I remember one of my trading friends telling me that anyone who thinks of making a living trading currencies after working in a bank that literally trades within million blocks will not survive for long. After watching this video I would gladly be a piranah than to go against a shark. Great videos Nial, the UK and the Asian are the big guys that push the price around. We would rather feel like the US guy, who dorex around.

The UK guy took 30 pips and the US guy is looking longer term. The UK guy say that even though in the daily they could move the market for their profit, it is the longer term that is important. Thank you NIAL for the videos. There is a marked difference. We must be grateful to the Developers of latest technology, that the trading has become for easier on charts. Videos are the eye-openers for Retailers to watch the quantum of volumes being traded in the market.

Nothing has changed, this still is the best way of trading, the only difference is that now you have more noise. If you like there is a thread on FF about this called Pit Bull Trading. Always pays to look at history. Hey nice one, no candle sticks or bar charts either! I wonder what those guys are doing now? Makes you realise how important timing the entry is- something I need to greatly improve on….

Haha look at me mum, no charts!! Such a different world back then, makes for a very interesting video series. Thanks my Prof Nial. This looks a great way different with what we are having today. Technology has made tradrr easy and affordable. Time and distance has been as well removed in trading. Most of all anybody can now become a trader with a token. It can be true that the big player who bet millions dollar on forex is taking a profit from all small trader.

Niah Wow that was amazing. I can see how much emotion is involved with a lot of these teh from the chain smoking and chewing their thumbs forex trader in the 80s in anticipation. Also good in the second part to see the two characters on opposite sides of the trade. Would not be able to see this elsewhere so thank you very much Nial. Diet may be important due to metabolic influence on high execution success rates.

Price Action requires exceptional focus of an extraordinary level. Price follow through must be realized before entry and close before house out. This occurs within 1 minute. Any distraction whatsoever causes the highest losses, because the trader missed the cut-and-reset opportunity. Digesting food and forex trader in the 80s news to understand where the price should be fundamentally is not a viable short-term strategy.

Price action trading and rolling profits into a long-term strategy account is good if you enjoy break-even trading. Especially, a long-term position with a supporting contraian hedge. This is a eye opener! Nial thank you for the information. Regards As it mentioned on the video the hongkong trader bet mill but take profit only USD20, So for us a small trader betting win pips is always ending up as a loser trader. Thank so this amazing video. This video is defienately an eye opener to how much the big players influence the market.

Please keep them this coming! Are the big guys still trading like that these days, no chart, no indicator? Thanks Nial for showing us these vids. It shows us how lucky we are with charts these days. This remains the same even with forex trader in the 80s the changes. If our ego gets in the way we will loose money. Nial, very insightful videos, you need to post more of the like…thus gives us little guys insight into the real world of trading, i.

Thus, that is why I hear the smart money sells when they really are getting ready to buy big…funny how the market works, but these kinds of vids give us little clues we would not otherwise get elsewhere, if u know what i mean. Again, thanks Nial, please share more of this kind of stuff. It definitely can make a difference. Good leason on keeping ego. Cool trading, looks the most pure form of price action, they traded with only price and nothing else, not only no indicators but also no charts.

The best: a bunch of others money to play around…. Thanks Nial for the video, the news trading part made me realize something while traeer the video. Just following very recent momentum accordingly to fundamentals? I like the Hong kong sting. Trxder ma or rsi. GrahamD Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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