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The person who appeared to be calling in the competition was actually a Blue Peter Team Player who was visiting that day. Film projection: Les Vacances de Le Corbusier. On the occasion of the Leipzig event, you can find more information of the Russian fair, which will be organized in November Retrieved July 21, Retrieved January 18, World Report on Monuments and Sites in Danger.

The s pronounced "two-thousands" or "twenty-hundreds" was a optikns of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1,and ended on December 31, The growth of the Internet contributed to globalization during the decade, which allowed faster communication among people around the world. Some people read "s" as "two-thousands", and thus simply refer to dogital decade as the "Two-Thousands", the "Twenty Hundreds", or the "Twenty-ohs".

Some read it as the "00s" pronounced "Ohs", "Oh Ohs", "Double Ohs" or "Ooze"while others referred to it as the "Zeros". Others have advocated the term "the aughts", a term widely used at caall beginning of the 20th century for its first decade. Forthe winner in the "least likely to succeed" category was "Any name of the decade —, such as: Noughties, Aughties, Oughties, etc.

The option "aught-seven", for whatever reason, has never caught on idiomatically. When the "" is retained, two options are available in speech, both of which have idiomatic currency: "two thousand seven" in American English "two thousand and seven" in the UK or "twenty-oh-seven". During the s decade, it was more common to hear the first pattern than the second. Optionz this influence, it became a bit more common to refer to the individual years of the decade as "twenty-oh-seven" or "twenty-oh-eight" than it had been during the s, although the "two thousand seven" pattern is still dominant.

A Rheab States-led coalition invaded Iraqand the Iraq War led to the end of Saddam Hussein 's rule as Iraqi President and the Ba'ath Party in Iraq. Al-Qaeda and affiliated Islamist militant groups performed terrorist acts throughout the decade. The European Union expanded its sanctions amid Iran 's failure to comply with its transparency obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and United Nations resolutions.

The War on Terror generated extreme controversy around the world, with questions regarding the justification for certain U. The greatest loss of life due to natural disaster came from the Indian Ocean earthquakewhich caused a tsunami that killed around one quarter-million people and displaced well over a million others.

Cooperative international rescue missions by many countries from around the world helped in efforts by the most affected nations to rebuild and recover from the devastation. An enormous loss of life and property value came inwhen Hurricane Katrina flooded nearly the entire city of New Orleans. The resulting political fallout was severely damaging to the George W.

Bush administration because of its perceived failure to act promptly and effectively. InBarack Obama was elected President of the United States and became the first African-American U. Note: Names of country leaders shown below in bold face remained in power continuously throughout the entirety of the decade. Antibiotic resistance is a serious and growing phenomenon in contemporary medicine and has emerged as one of the eminent public health concerns of the 21st century, particularly put call parity digital options rehab it pertains to pathogenic organisms the term is not especially relevant to organisms which don't cause disease in humans.

The outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the United Kingdom in caused a crisis in British agriculture and tourism. This epizootic saw 2, cases of the disease in farms across most of the British countryside. Over 10 million sheep and cattle were killed. Between November and Julyan outbreak of Severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS occurred in Hong Kong, with 8, cases and deaths worldwide 9.

Within weeks, SARS spread from Hong Kong to infect individuals in 37 countries in early Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus : the Office for National Statistics reported 1, MRSA -related deaths in England and Wales duringindicating a MRSA-related mortality rate half the rate of that in the United States foreven though the figures from the British source were explained to be high because of "improved levels of reporting, possibly brought about by the continued high public profile of the disease" during the time of the United Kingdom General Election.

MRSA is thought to have caused 1, deaths in in UK up from 51 in The H1N1 swine flu flu pandemic is also considered a natural disaster. On October 25,U. The study authors suggest physician evaluation via contrast enhanced CT scans for the presence of pulmonary emboli when caring for patients diagnosed with respiratory complications from a "severe" case of the H1N1 flu. Starting May 11,many residents of the community of about 5, people began to simultaneously experience bloody diarrheagastrointestinal infections and other symptoms of E.

Seven people died directly from drinking the E. In a similar outbreak in North BattlefordSaskatchewan caused by the protozoan Cryptosporidium affected at least 5, people. At least 29 human stampedes occurred in the s. The most significant evolution of the early s in the economic landscape was the long-time predicted breakthrough of economic out Chinawhich had double-digit growth during nearly the whole decade. To a lesser extent, India also benefited from an economic boom [99] which saw the two most populous countries becoming an increasingly dominant economic force.

The economic developments in the latter third of the decade were dominated by a worldwide economic downturn, which started with the crisis in housing and credit in the United States in lateand led to the bankruptcy of major banks and other financial institutions. The period takes its name from Gordon Brownthe then UK Chancellor of the Exchequer who later became Prime Ministerwho decided to sell approximately half of the UK's gold reserves in a series of auctions. As a result of this growth, many of these developing countries accumulated capital and started investing abroad.

Other countries, including the United Arab EmiratesAustralia, Brazil and Pagity, benefited from increased demand for their mineral and energy resources that global growth generated. The hollowing out of manufacturing was felt in Japan and parts of the United States and Europe which had not been able to develop successful innovative industries. Opponents point out that the practice of offshore outsourcing by countries with higher wages leads to the reduction of their own domestic employment and domestic investment.

As a result, many customer service jobs as well as jobs in the information technology sectors data processingcomputer programmingand technical support in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have been or are potentially affected. While global trade rose in the decade partially driven by China's entry into the Diital inthere was little progress in the multilateral trading system.

International trade continued to expand during the decade as emerging economies and developing countries, in particular China and South-Asian countries, benefited low wages costs and most often undervalued currencies. However, global negotiations to reduce tariffs did not make any progress, as member countries of the World Trade Organization did not succeed in finding agreements to stretch the extent of free trade. Init was determined that the G20originally a forum of finance ministers and central bank governors, would replace the G8 as the main economic council.

Events in the confidence crisis included recalls on consumer goods such as pet foodtoystoothpastelipstickand a ban on certain types of seafood. Also included are reports on the poor crash safety of Chinese automobiles, slated to enter the American and European markets in This created adverse consequences for the confidence in the safety and quality of mainland Chinese manufactured goods in the global economy.

The decade was marked by two financial and economic crises. Inthe Dot-com bubble burst, causing turmoil in financial markets and a decline in economic activity in the developed economies, in particular in the United States. Indeed, Alan Greenspanleader of the Federal Reserve untilcut the interest rates several times to avoid a severe recession, [] allowing an economic revival in the U. Inthe rise in interest rates and the collapse of the housing market caused a wave of loan payment failures in the U.

The subsequent mortgage crisis caused a global financial crisisbecause the subprime mortgages digitla been securitized and sold to international banks and investment funds. Despite the extensive intervention of central banks, including partial and total nationalization of major European banks, [] [] the crisis of sovereign debt became particularly acute, first in Icelandthough as events of the early s would show, it was not an isolated European example.

Economic activity was severely affected around the world in and[] with disastrous consequences for carmakers. Addressing financiers: "A new world rehzb has been created", Everyone needed to follow the City's "great example", "an era that history will record as the beginning of a new Golden Age". The end of the decade was characterized by a Keynesian resurgence[] while the influence and media popularity of left-wing economists [] Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman Nobel Prize recipients in andrespectively did not stop growing during the decade.

The G became in and a major organization, as leaders of the member countries held two major summits in Washington in November and in London in April to regulate the banking and financial sectors, [] and also succeeding in coordinating their economic action and in avoiding protectionist reactions. These events and disasters included North Korean missile tests, the conflict between Israel and Lebanon, worries over Iranian nuclear plants in and Hurricane Katrina.

Bysuch pressures appeared to have an opptions impact on oil prices given the onset of the global recession. The recession caused demand for energy to shrink in late and early and the price plunged as well. However, it surged back in Maybringing it back to November levels. However, a side-effect of pkt push by some industrial nations to "go green" and utilize biofuels was a decrease in the put call parity digital options rehab of food and a subsequent increase in the price of the same.

It partially caused the food price crisiswhich seriously affected the world's poorer nations with an even more severe shortage of food. The new currency was put into circulation in and the old currencies were phased out. Only three countries of the then 15 member states decided caall to join the euro The United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden. In the E.

Two more, Bulgaria and Romaniajoined inestablishing a union of 27 nations. In the calk, the Internet became a mainstay, strengthening its grip on Western society while becoming increasingly available in the developing world. In late and earlycame a significant increase in reported incidents linked to laser pointers — see Lasers and aviation safety. The wave of incidents may have been triggered in part by "copycats" who read press accounts of laser pointer incidents.

In one case, David Banach of New Jersey was charged under federal Patriot Act anti-terrorism laws, after he allegedly shone a optiions pointer at aircraft. Gangs are turning to Bluetooth wireless technology to transmit card and personal identification number PIN details to nearby laptops and using increasingly sophisticated techniques to skim cards. More conventional smash-and-grab pput are also on the rise, says Enisa, the European Network and Information Security Agency.

It blames the increase on gangs from eastern Europe. Stenger[] Lawrence M. What is wrong with everyone nowadays? Why do they all seem to think they are qualified to do things far beyond their technical capabilities? This is to do with the learning culture in schools as a consequence of a child-centred system which admits no failure. People think they can all be pop stars, high court judges, brilliant TV personalities or infinitely more competent heads of state without ever putting in the necessary work or having natural ability.

This reab the result of social utopianism which believes humanity can be genetically and socially engineered to contradict the lessons of history Predictions tools made significant progress during the decade, UN-sponsored organisations such as the IPCC gained influence, and studies such as the Stern report influenced public support for paying the political and economic costs of countering climate pur.

The global temperature kept climbing during the decade. In Decemberthe World Meteorological Organization WMO announced that the s may have been the warmest decade since records began inwith four of the five warmest years since having occurred in this decade. One of the deadliest heat waves in human history happened during the s, mostly in Europe, with the European heat wave killing 37, people over the summer months.

While the fires are believed to have been caused by arson, they were widely reported as having been fueled by an excessive heatwave that was due pht part to climate change. It has also been alleged that climate change was a cause of increased storms intensity, notably in the case of Hurricane Katrina. Climate change became a major issue for governments, populations and scientists. Debates on global warming and its causes made significant progress, as climate change denials were refuted by most scientific studies.

Decisive reports such as the Stern Review and the IPCC Report almost established a climate change consensus. NGOs' actions and the commitment of political personalities such as former U. Vice President Al Gore also urged to international reactions against climate change. Documentary films An Inconvenient Diital and Home may have had a decisive impact. As of Novemberstates have signed and ratified the protocol. However, the representatives of the then member countries of the United Nations gathered in December for the Copenhagen Conference failed to reach a binding agreement to reduce carbon emissions because of divisions between regional areas.

However, as environmental technologies were to make up a potential market, some countries made large investments in renewable energiesenergy conservation and sustainable transport. Many governments put call parity digital options rehab national plans to promote sustainable energy. Inthe European Union members created an emission trading schemeand in they assembled a climate and energy package to reduce further their carbon emission and improve their energy-efficiency.

Inthe United States Obama administration set up the Green New Deala plan to create millions of jobs in sectors related to environmentalism. The Household Waste Recycling Act requires local authorities in England to provide every household with a separate collection paritty at least two types of recyclable materials by This just shows how much the marketplace is divorced from the true values of art. In Asia skyscrapers were constructed in IndiaChina, ThailandSouth Korea, and Japan.

Usage of rehb imagery became more widespread in films during the s. Documentary and mockumentary films, such as March of the Penguins and Super Size Mewere popular in the s. Online films became rehag, and conversion to digital cinema started. December 's Avataran American epic science fiction film written and directed by James Cameronmade extensive use of cutting edge motion capture filming techniques, [] and was released for traditional viewing, 3D viewing using the RealD 3DDolby 3DXpanD 3Dand IMAX 3D formatsand for " 4D " experiences in select South Korean theaters.

In Julyit was reported that the Scottish actor and producer Sir Sean Connery had decided to retire, due to disillusionment with the "idiots now in Hollywood"' Telling the New Zealand Herald : "I'm fed up with the idiots Tolkien 's The Lord of the Ringswas nominated for eleven Academy Awards and won all the categories for which it was nominated. With high ticket and DVD sales, several new superhero films were released every year. The X-MenBatman and Spider-Man series were particularly prominent, and other notable films in the genre included DaredevilThe League of Extraordinary TehabHulkHellboyFantastic FourPut call parity digital options rehab ManThe Incredible Hulkand Watchmen Some media commentators attributed the increased popularity of such franchises to the social and political climate in Western society since the September 11 terrorist attacks[] although others argued advances in special effects technology played a more significant role.

GladiatorA Praity MindChicagoThe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingMillion Dollar BabyCrashThe DepartedNo Country for Old MenSlumdog MillionaireThe Hurt Locker The 20 highest-grossing films of the decade are in order from highest to lowest grossing AvatarThe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestThe Dark KnightHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's StonePirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndHarry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixHarry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceThe Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersShrek 2Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireSpider-Man 3Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursHarry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsThe Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingFinding NemoStar Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the SithTransformers: Revenge of the FallenHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Shrek the Third.

The Internet also allowed more artists to distribute music relatively put call parity digital options rehab and independently without the previously necessary financial support of a record label. Music sales began to decline following the yeara state of affairs generally attributed to unlicensed uploading and downloading of sound files to the Internet, a practice which became more optjons prevalent during this time.

Business relationships called deals —an arrangement in which a company provides support for an artist, and, in exchange, the artist pays the company a percentage of revenue earned not only from sales of recorded music, but also live performances and publishing—became a popular response by record labels to the loss of music sales attributed to online copyright infringement. Other popular hip hop artists included Jay-ZNasKanye WestLudacrisOutKastCam'ronPharrellSnoop Dogg50 CentNellyLil WayneT.

The genre was extremely diverse stylistically, including subgenres such as gangsta rap and Hyphy. Many hip hop albums were released to widespread critical acclaim. American recording artist Michael Jackson died on June 25,creating the largest public mourning since the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in On October 30,Jason William Mizell Jam Master Jay rehaab the Run-D.

C hiphop group, was shot and killed in a Merrick Boulevard recording studio in Digitla, Queens. Innovator, inventor, performer and guitar virtuoso Les Paul also died on August 12,at the age of In Alternative rockthe garage rock revival and Post-punk revival entered the mainstream, with bands such as The StrokesInterpolThe CalArctic Monkeys and The White Stripes seeing commercial success. Other genres such as post-grungepost-Britpopnu metalpop punkpost-hardcoremetalcoreand, in particular, emo rockalso achieved notability during the decade.

The s gave rise a new trend in popular music in the proliferation of Auto-Tune. Recent advents in digital technology have fundamentally altered industry and marketing practices as well as players in unusual rapidity. Pioneers of the style include English rappers Dizzee Rascal rehah, Wiley, Roll Deep and Skepta. In Julythe release of English musician George Michael 's rrehab " Shoot the Dog " proved to be controversial. It was critical of George W. Bush and Tony Puy in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

The video showed a cartoon version of Michael astride a digutal missile in the Middle East and Tony and Cherie Blair in bed with President Bush. The Dixie Chicks are an American country music band. During a London concert ten days before the invasion of Iraqlead vocalist Maines said, "we don't want this war, this violence, and we're ashamed that the President of the United States [ George W.

Bush ] reyab from Texas". They were timed to precede the G8 conference and summit held at the Gleneagles Hotel in AuchterarderScotland from 6—8 July ; they also coincided with the 20th anniversary of Live Aid. Run in support of the aims of the UK's Make Poverty History campaign and the Global Call for Action Against Poverty, ten simultaneous concerts were held on 2 July and one on 6 July. Half of the money was to go to Africa.

More than 1, musicians performed at the concerts, which were broadcast on television networks and 2, radio networks. In Decembera campaign was launched on Facebook by Jon and Tracy Morterfrom South Woodham Ferrerswhich generated publicity in the UK and took the Rage Against The Machine track " Killing in the Name " to the Christmas Number One slot diital the UK Singles Chartwhich had been occupied the four consecutive years from by winners from the TV show The X Factor.

Rage's Zack de la Rocha spoke to BBC1 upon hearing the news, stating that: " We want to thank everyone that participated in this incredible, organic, grass-roots campaign. It says more about the spontaneous action taken by young people throughout the UK to topple this very sterile pop monopoly. This new culture has much more emphasis on live performances and record releases than the demoscene and tracker culture, of which the new artists are often only distantly aware.

The original five members reunited in the early s. On February 23,Simon and Garfunkel reunited to perform in public for the first time in a decade, singing "The Sound of Silence" as the opening act of the Grammy Awards. The band's comeback album, Beautiful World, entered the UK album chart at no. According to Guinness World RecordsLed Zeppelin set the world record for the "Highest Demand for Tickets for One Music Concert" as 20 million requests for the reunion show were rendered online.

The decade has since seen a steady decline in the number of sitcoms and an increase in reality shows, crime and medical dramas, such as CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationHouse M. Comedy-dramas became more serious, dealing with such hot button issues, such as drugs, teenage pregnancy, and gay rights. Popular comedy-drama programs include Desperate HousewivesUgly Bettypht Glee. The decade also saw the return of prime time soap operas, a genre that had been popular in the s and early s, these include; Dawsons Creek — The O.

The series was repeated in along with a new show. It tackled paedophilia and the moral panic in parts of the British media following the murder of Ca,l Paynefocusing on the name-and-shame campaign conducted by the News of the World in its wake. The WWE inmade a split for the brands Raw and Smackdown! This resulted in the WWE's purchase of their two biggest competitors, WCW and ECW.

The brand extension would last until It also saw the rise of names like John CenaRandy OrtonDave BautistaJeff Hardy and Brock Lesnar. The World Series between the New York Yankees and Arizona Diamondbacks became the first World Series to be played in the month of November in pkt wake of the September 11 attacks. Super Bowl XXXVI between the New England Patriots and the St. Louis Rams became the first Super Bowl to be played in the month of February, also in the wake of the September 11 attacks.

The X Factor in the UK has been subject to much controversy and criticism since its launch in September The incident, sometimes referred to as Nipplegate, was widely discussed. Along with the rest of the halftime show, it led to an immediate crackdown and widespread debate on perceived indecency in broadcasting. The most complained about television event ever. The intensity of the advertising was unprecedented in British renab history.

This led to many members of the population finding the crazy frog, as its original name suggests, immensely irritating. The person who appeared to be calling in the competition was actually a Blue Peter Team Player who was visiting that day. The put call parity digital options rehab pretended to be a caller from an outside rhab who had won the phone-in and the chance to select a prize.

The competition was rigged due to a technical error with receiving the calls. Get Clal Out of Here! In its series, celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo killed, cooked and ate a rat. The Australian RSPCA investigated the incident and sought to prosecute D'Acampo and actor Stuart Manning for animal cruelty after this episode of the show was aired. A trend seen in several sitcoms of the late s was the absence of a laugh track.

The critic Daniel Mendelsohn wrote a critique of Mad Men [] in which he also claimed this last decade was a golden age for episodic television, citing Battlestar GalacticaThe Wireand the network series Friday Night Lights as especially deserving of critical and popular attention. The PBS series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood aired its final episode on August 31, Two years later, its host and creator Fred Rogers died from stomach cancer. Tomorrow's World was a long-running BBC television series, showcasing new developments in the world of put call parity digital options rehab and forex breakout trading system metatrader time. First aired on 7 July on BBC1, it ran for 38 years until it was cancelled at the beginning of That '70s show was an American television period sitcom based on the s decade.

The s retro style permeated the s decade. The show ended on May 18, Brookside is a British soap opera set in LiverpoolEngland. The series began on the launch night of Channel 4 on 2 Novemberand ran for 21 years until 4 November In Januarythe BBC cancelled the Kilroy show which had run for 18 yearsafter an article entitled 'We owe Arabs nothing' written by its host Robert Kilroy-Silk was published in the Sunday Express tabloid newspaper.

Friends is an American sitcom which aired on NBC from September 22,to May 6, Friends received positive reviews throughout its run, and its series finale ranked as the fifth most watched overall television series finale as well as the most watched single television episode of the s put call parity digital options rehab U. Frasiera spin-off TV series of Cheers that ended inis an American sitcom that was broadcast on NBC for eleven seasons from September 16,to May 13, only a week after the broadcast of the final episode of Friends.

It was one of the most successful spin-off and popular series in television history, as well as one of the most critically acclaimed comedy series. On 20 Juneafter 42 years, British music chart show Top of the Pops was formally cancelled and it was announced that the last edition would be broadcast on 30 July Grandstand is a British television sport program. Broadcast between andit was one of the BBC 's longest running sports shows. After 30 years, British television drama series Grange Hill originally made by the BBC was cancelled and the last episode was shown on 15 September The Flower Pot Men is a British children's programme, produced by BBC television, first transmitted inand repeated regularly for more than twenty years, which was produced in a new version in Absolutely Fabulousalso known as Ab Fab, is a British sitcom.

The show has had an extended and sporadic run. The first three series were broadcast on the BBC from tofollowed by a series finale in the form of a two-part television film entitled The Last Shout in Creator Jennifer Saunders revived the show for a fourth series in Gadget and the Gadgetinis is a spinoff of the classic series Inspector Gadget todeveloped by DiC in cooperation with Haim Saban's SIP Animation and produced from to There are 52 episodes.

Basil Brush from toThe Basil Brush Show optioons to Basil Brush is a fictional anthropomorphic red fox, best known for his appearances on daytime British children's television. He is primarily portrayed by a glove puppet. Shooting Stars is a British television comedy panel game broadcast on BBC Two as a pilot inthen as 3 full aprity from tothen on BBC Choice from January to December with 2 series before returning to BBC Two for another 3 series from until its cancellation in Doctor Who is a Optlons science fiction television programme produced by the BBC.

The show is a significant part of British popular culture. The programme originally ran from to After an unsuccessful attempt to lptions regular production in with a backdoor pilot in the form of a television film, the programme was relaunched in Family Fortunes is a British game showbased on the American game show Family Feud. The programme ran on ITV from 6 January to 6 December before being revived by the same channel in under the dlgital of All Star Family Fortunes.

Revived episodes are currently being shown on ITV on Sunday evenings and have been presented by Vernon Kay since Gladiators is a British television entertainment series, produced by LWT for ITVand pug between October 10,and January 1, It is an adaptation of the American format American Gladiators. The success of the British series spawned further adaptations in Australia and Sweden. The series was revived inbefore again being cancelled in Nesbitt is a British sitcom which began in The first series began on 27 September and continued for seven more, ending on 18 June and returning with a one-off special on 23 December The s saw a decrease in the popularity of radio as more listeners starting using MP3 players in their cars to customize driving music.

Satellite radio receivers started selling at a much higher rate, which allowed listeners to hp trading workstations pictures a subscription fee for thousands of ad-free stations. Clear Channel Communications was the largest provider of radio entertainment in the United States with over calll nationwide. Many radio stations began streaming their content over the Internet, allowing a market expansion far beyond the reaches of ca,l radio transmitter.

During the s, FM radio faced its pht competition ever for in-car entertainment. CD players had a steady decline in popularity throughout the s but stayed prevalent in most vehicles, while cassette tapes became virtually obsolete. The put call parity digital options rehab of video games reached the 6th generation of video game consoles including the PlayStation 2the Xboxand the GameCube which started technically in with the release of Sega's Dreamcastalthough some consider the true start in digitzl the release of Sony's PlayStation 2.

The 6th gen remained popular throughout the decade, but decreased somewhat in popularity after its 7th gen successors released technically starting in November with the release of Microsoft's Xboxhowever, most people agree that is a 6th gen year since most games being released still released on 6th gen including the Xbox even though the was already released, and the PlayStation 3 and the Wii didn't release until late which most people consider to be the true start of the 7th gen.

It reached 7th Generation in the form of consoles like the Wiithe PlayStation 3 and Xbox by the mids. The number-one-selling game larity of the decade, the PlayStation 2was released in and remained popular up to the end of puut decade, even after the PlayStation 3 was released. The PlayStation 2 was discontinued in January MMORPGsoriginating in the mid-to-late s, become a popular PC trend and virtual online worlds become a reality as games such as RuneScapeFinal Fantasy XIEve OnlineStar Wars Galaxies: An Empire DividedWorld of Warcraftand Everquest IIThe Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning are released.

These worlds come complete with their own economies and social organization as directed by the players as a whole. The persistent online worlds allow the games to remain popular for many years. World of Warcraftpremiered inremains one of the most popular games in PC gaming and is still being developed into the s. The Grand Theft Auto series sparked a fad of Mature-rated video games based on including gang warfare, drug use, and perceived "senseless violence" into gameplay.

Though violent video games date back to the early s, they became much more common after Grand Theft Auto IV is a Open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North. Prior to and since its release, the game has been subject to a great deal of controversy. Controversies surrounding Grand Puf Auto IV. The Call of Duty series was extremely popular during the s, the diverse shooter cwll released multiple games throughout the s that were positively critically reviewed and commercially successful.

Gears of War was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful third-person shooter franchise that released two games during the mid-late s. Gears of War 1 was released in and was the first installment to the franchise, it was universally critically acclaimed and went on to sell over 5 million copies. The second installment to the paritu Gears of War 2 was released in and received widespread critical acclaim and also went on to sell over 5 million copies.

October 29, — Manhunt 2 — a controversial stealth-based psychological horror video game published by Rockstar Games was suspended by Take-Two Interactive Rockstar's parent company when it was refused classification in the United Kingdom, Italy and Ireland, and given an Adults Only AO rating in the United States. As neither Sony nor Nintendo allow AO titles on their systems, this effectively meant the game was banned in the US.

The 6th generation sparked a rise in first person shooting games led by Halo: Combat Evolvedwhich changed the formula of the first person shooter. Halo 2 started sigital console gaming and was on top of the Xbox live charts until its successor, Halo 3took over. Some other popular first-person shooters during the s include put call parity digital options rehab Medal of Honor series, with Medal of Honor: Frontline 's release in bringing the first game in the series to 6th generation consoles.

In the late s, motion controlled video games grew in popularity, from the PlayStation 2's EyeToy to Nintendo's successful Wii console. During the decade 3D video games become the staple of the rehah industry, with 2D games nearly fading from the market. Partially 3D and fully 2D games were still common in the industry early in the decade, but these have now become rare as developers look almost exclusively for fully 3D games to satisfy the increasing xigital for them in the market.

An exception to this trend is the indie gaming community, which often produces games featuring 'old-school' or retro gaming elements, such as Minecraft and Shadow Complex. These games, which are not developed by the industry giants, are often available in the form of downloadable content from services such as Microsoft 's Xbox Live or Apple's App Store and usually cost much less than more major releases.

Dance Dance Revolution was released in Japan and later the United States, where it became immensely popular among teenagers. Another music game, Guitar Herowas released in North America in and had a huge cultural impact on both the music and video games industries. It became a worldwide billion-dollar franchise within eehab years, spawning several sequels and leading to the creation of a competing franchise, Rock Put call parity digital options rehab. Japanese media giant Nintendo paritt 9 out of the 10 top selling games of the s, ditital establishing the company's dominance over the market.

As ofa successful arcade game usually sells around to units worldwide. Sega previously optiojs and manufactured its own brand of home video game consoles from tobut a restructure was announced on January 31,that ceased continued production of its existing home console, effectively exiting the company from the home console business. The brand originated in with the release of an arcade system, the Neo Geo MVS and its home console counterpart, the Neo Geo AES.

The Neo Geo brand was officially discontinued in The Sydney Gamesheld infollowed the hundredth anniversary of the Olympic Games in Atlanta in The Athens Gamesinwere also a strong symbol, for modern Olympic Games were inspired by the competitions organized in Ancient Greece. Finally, the Beijing Games saw the emergence of China as a major sports power, with the highest number of titles for the first time.

The Puh Lake City and the Turin Winter Put call parity digital options rehab Games were also major events, though less popular. A number of concerns and controversies over the Summer Olympics surfaced before, during, and after the Summer Olympic games, and which received major media coverage. Leading up to the Olympics, there were concerns about human rights in China, such that many high-profile individuals, such as politicians and celebrities, announced intentions to boycott the games to protest China's role in the Darfur conflict, and Myanmar, its stance towards Tibet, or other aspects of its human rights record.

Paeity a TIME magazine article entitled "Why Nobody's Boycotting Beijing", Vivienne Walt wrote: 'Leaders in power are more mindful cxll China's colossal clout in an increasingly shaky world economy, and therefore of the importance of keeping good relations with its government. As of August 2,Put call parity digital options rehab has broken thirty-seven world records in swimming. Phelps holds the record for the most gold medals won in a single Olympics, his eight at the Beijing Games surpassed American swimmer Mark Spitz 's seven-gold performance at Munich in Usain Bolt of Jamaica dominated the male sprinting events at the Beijing Olympics, in which he broke three world records, allowing him to be the first man to ever accomplish this at a single Olympic game.

The rise of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the decline of the WWE started to bring wrestling fans away from wrestling and say wrestling was not real and was only for entertainment. As a result, the World Series would be played in November for the first time and the Super Bowl would be played in February for the first time. The Fox hunting sport is controversial, particularly in the UK, where it was banned in Scotland inand in England and Wales in November law enforced from Februarythough shooting foxes as vermin remained legal.

Ron Atkinson, is an English former football player and manager. In recent years he has become one of Britain's best-known football pundits. Ron Atkinson's media work came to an abrupt halt on 21 Digihalwhen he was urged to resign from ITV by Brian Barwick after he broadcast a racial remark live on air about the black Chelsea oarity Marcel Desailly ; believing the microphone to be switched off, he pparity, " Rugby increased in size and audience, as the Rugby World Cup became the third most watched sporting event in the world digiyal the Rugby World Cup organized in France.

Bloodgate is the nickname for a rugby union scandal involving the English team Harlequins in their Heineken Cup match against the Irish side Leinster on put call parity digital options rehab April It was so called because of the use of fake blood capsules, and has been seen by some as one of the biggest scandals in rugby since professionalisation in the mids, indeed even as an argument against the professional ethos. The name is a put call parity digital options rehab on Watergate.

The New York Yankees won the first Major League Baseball World Series of the decade inas well aprity the last World Series of the decade in The Boston Red Sox won their first World Series since in and then again in The Pittsburgh Steelers won a record sixth Super Bowl on February 1,against put call parity digital options rehab Arizona Cardinals. In SeptemberChelsea F. Michael Schumacherthe most titled F1 driver, won five F1 World Championships during the decade and finally retired inyet eventually confirming his come-back to F1 for Lance Armstrong won all the Tour de France between andalso an all-time record, but was later stripped of all his titles when evidence emerged of his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer won 16 Grand Slam titles to become the most titled player. The Italian football scandal involved Italy's top professional football leagues, Serie A and Serie B. The scandal was uncovered in May by Italian police, implicating league champions Juventusand other major teams including AC MilanFiorentinaLazioand Reggina when a number of telephone interceptions showed a thick network of relations between team managers and referee organisations.

Juventus were the champions of Serie A at the time. The teams have been accused of rigging games by paroty favourable referees. It was later discovered through interviews that Materazzi had insulted Zidane's mother and sister that last moment which is what led to Zidane's heightened anger and reaction. November 29, — Portsmouth F.

He later privately apologised to FIA race director Charlie Whiting for having lied to the stewards. Inthe World football transfer record optoons set by the Spanish football club Real Madrid C. Manchester United veteran Sir Bobby Charlton said the world-record offer shocked him: "It's a lot of money, it's crazy really. If you want to be in the race, you have cwll pay the price, it seems sometimes a little bit vulgar. Players such as Barry BondsMark McGwireSammy Sosaand Alex Rodriguez.

Put call parity digital options rehab Pan ; or, the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up or Peter and Wendy is J. Barrie rehzb most famous work, in the form of a play and a novel, respectively. Fashion trends of the decade drew much inspiration from s, s and s styles. Hair styles included the bleached and spiked hair for boys and men and long and straight hair for girls and women continued, as well as many other hairstyles from the mid-late s. Kelly Clarkson made chunky highlights fashionable in on American Idol and lasted until about Both women and men highlighted their hair until the late s.

Bell-bottoms were the dominant pant style for women until reyab when fitted pants began rising in popularity. The s saw a revival of s fashion trends digiyal as velour tracksuits in the early s an early s fashionand tapered pants in the later years put call parity digital options rehab late s fashion. Skinny jeans became a staple clothing for young women and men by with the Jerkin' movement playing a large part in the popularization of skinny jeans.

Mass brands Gap and Levi launched their own lines for skinny jeans. The glasses- worn with non-prescription lenses or without lenses —quickly became the defining aspect of the trend, with the media identifying various celebrities as "trying geek" or "going geek" for their wearing such glasses, such as David Beckham[] Justin Timberlake [] and Myleene Klass. Followers of Hip Hop wore oversized shorts, jewelry, NFL and NBA jerseys, pants, and T-shirts.

By the late s this gave way more to fitted and vibrantly colored clothing, with men wearing skinny jeans as influenced by the Hyphy and Jerkin' movements. I do think that he and the newspapers he's run have introduced an uglier side, put call parity digital options rehab abusive side, into journalism and life in general in this country. He says this Murdochisation of national discourse, which pput at its height in the UK with The Sun in the s, has now migrated to the US.

During the Gulf Warfor instance, we didn't see real buildings exploding or people fleeing, we saw a sterile Space Invader battlefield, a bomb's-eye view of concrete targets — there and then none. Who was in those abstract polygons? We never found out. Law-abiding Iraqis want that. It's only the gangsters and put call parity digital options rehab fanatics who don't.

Shoot looters to kill, and aim well. And that's The Memo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see s. Main articles: List digotal wars — and List of wars —current. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Pope John Paul II. Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. See put call parity digital options rehab Category natural disastersCountries affected by the Indian Ocean earthquakeHumanitarian response to the Indian Ocean earthquakeand Economic effects of Hurricane Katrina. Main article: s in economics See also: List of countries by GDP nominalList of best forex traders 2014 olympics by past GDP nominaland List of countries by GDP PPP. Main article: s energy crisis.

See also: Euro and Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union. Main article: s in science and technology. New Cells for Old. Cancer in the Crosshairs. Banner Year for Bose-Einstein. CMB structure and polarization. Genes for mental illness. Sex cells from stem cells. Genetics of brain disease. ITER nuclear fusion experiment. LTP process for record new memories. Beyond silicon: oxide interfaces. Calll spin Hall effect.

Watching Proteins at Work. Fat of a Different Color. Opening Up the Gamma Ray Sky. Live Long and Prosper. An Icy Moon Revealed. First X-ray Laser Shines. Insights of the Decade: survey that looked at the 10 insights aprity have changed science since the dawn of the new millennium. Main article: Timeline of computing — Further information: Irreligion in the United Diigital.

See also: Categorys architecture See also: s in film. See also: s in music and s in the music industry. See also: s in television. See also: s in video gaming. Main article: s in sports. See also: s in literature Main article: — in fashion. Total EUR currency coins and banknotes in circulation Archived PDF from the original on February 22, Retrieved December 13, Federal Reserve Statistical Release. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Archived from the original on December 9, Table 5: Not Seasonally Adjusted Components of M1 Billions of dollarsnot seasonally adjusted, October Currency: Archived from the original on The newness of globalization: A schematic view of the historical zones of territoriality University of Pennsylvania. Retrieved December 30, Archived March 31,at the Wayback Machine. The French challenge: Adapting to globalization.

Tokyo: Japan Center for International Exchangepp. Local governments adapting to globalization. National League idgital Cities. Archived January 5,at the Wayback Machine. The Pht Street Journal. Retrieved November 30, The New York Times. Retrieved February 13, Retrieved April 21, Say, goodbye to the aughts, zeros, s, whatever. Archived April 12,at Archive. Retrieved March 3, Barnhart January 8, Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved Rehan 18, Archived from the original on September 9, Retrieved September 11, The Security Council today, following what it called yesterday's "horrifying terrorist attacks" in New York, Washington, D.

Archived from the original on January 24, Retrieved January 11, Losing War on Terror". Retrieved June 1, Retrieved February 11, Archived from the original on April 29, The State of Israel. Retrieved April 17, The Security Fence is being built with the sole purpose of saving the lives of the Israeli citizens who continue to be targeted by the terrorist campaign that began in The fact that over men, women and children have been killed in horrific suicide bombings and other terror attacks clearly justifies the attempt to place a physical barrier in the path of terrorists.

It should be noted that terrorism has been defined throughout the international community as a crime against humanity. As such, the State of Israel not only has the right but also the obligation to do everything in its power to lessen the impact and scope of terrorism on the citizens of Israel. Retrieved April 16, Fewer Israeli civilians died in Palestinian attacks in than in any year since the Palestinian uprising began in Palestinian militants killed 23 Israelis and foreign visitors indown from a high of in during the height of the uprising.

Most significant, successful suicide bombings in Israel nearly came to a halt. Last year, only two Palestinian suicide bombers managed to sneak into Israel for attacks that killed 11 people and wounded 30 others. Israel has gone nearly nine months without a suicide bombing inside its borders, the longest period without such an attack since [ Noa Meir, a spokeswoman for the Israel Defense Forces.

Archived December 2,at the Wayback Machine. Archived October 6,at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved January 27, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. Retrieved March 19, Archived December 3,at the Wayback Machine. Archived from the original on May 1, Retrieved April 7, Retrieved 19 January Retrieved July 15, CRS Report for Congress: Mexico's Drug Cartels PDF. Retrieved November 26, Retrieved April 1, Relations: Issues for Congress".

CRS Report for Congress: Mexico and the th Congress PDF. Miller Llana, Sara August 16, The Christian Science Monitor. Archived from the original on June 3, Retrieved July 13, Retrieved May 20, Archived May 6,at the Wayback Machine. Role in Angola Arms-for-Oil Scandal". Archived from the original on January 5, Retrieved February 10, National Geographic Magazinep.

Douglas parify the following figures: "Nepalis killed by Maoists from to 4, Nepalis killed by government in same period: 8, Koreans Taped At Syrian Reactor". Retrieved April 24, Russia's President web site. Archived from the original on September 2, Retrieved August 26, Retrieved February 24, BBC, June 11, Put call parity digital options rehab March 9, Archived December 15,at the Wayback Machine. United States Capitol Police. Retrieved March 9, Archived March 26,at the Wayback Machine.

Archived from the original on April 30, Retrieved December 11, Archived from the original on June 1, Retrieved October 14, put call parity digital options rehab Worth; Nazila Fathi June 13, Archived from the original on July 11, Retrieved June 19, Retrieved March 8, June 25, Archived October 23,at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved November 25, In House of Commons Library ; Pond, Chris. Golden Cal PDF.

Westminster: Queen's Printer published January 13, Archived from the original PDF on June 5, Retrieved December 18, Retrieved February 9, Archived August 31,at the Wayback Machine. Archived from the original on October 29, Retrieved October 26, AJR Am J Roentgenol. Retrieved October 16, Archived from the original on November 19, Archived from the original on May 22, Archived from the original on October 13, Digktal July 19, Archived June 23,at the Wayback Machine.

Retrieved February 19, Archived January 3,at the Wayback Machine. New York Times Company. Retrieved February 26, London: Telegraph Media Group Limited. Retrieved February 16, Retrieved Put call parity digital options rehab 14, Gross domestic product Archived from the original PDF on September 12, Retrieved Optjons 7, Archived PDF from the original on May 26, Retrieved December 27, Retrieved October 2, Report for Selected Countries and Subjects". London: Guardian News and Media Limited.

Pht January 11,Creditwritedowns. Retrieved January 11,NYtimes. Retrieved February 14, Archived April 22,at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved July 25, Genomics Comes of Age". Small RNAs Make Big Splash". Illuminating the Dark Universe". On Mars, a Second Chance for Life". Archived from the original on November 21, Retrieved November 21, Preliminary data from NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, indicates the mission successfully uncovered water in a permanently shadowed lunar crater.

Archived from the original on November 16, International Mathematical Union IMU — Prizes. Retrieved April 30, Archived from the original on April 6, Archived from the original PDF on September 4, Growth of Broadband Users:June total:4, Retrieved December 16, Retrieved October 13, Retrieved 28 November Retrieved September 2, Transportation Secretary Slater celebrates inaugural run of Acela Express high-speed rail service".

Archived from the original on October 26, It is also improving the technology it employs in constructing new lines and developing new rolling stock in an effort to increase train speeds". Retrieved 3 May — via HighBeam Research. Retrieved 15 November Archived May 22,at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved February 17, Retrieved February 22, Retrieved March 16, Retrieved July 23, The Arabs and the Holocaust: The Arab-Israeli War of Narrativesp.

Canadian Islamic Schools: Unraveling the Politics of Faith, Gender, Knowledge, and Identityp. Retrieved July 21, Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division Archived July 9,at the Wayback Puh. Census Bureau World POPClock Projection Archived February 1,at WebCite. Retrieved February 12, Archived December 24,at the Wayback Machine. Archived from the original on December 1, Retrieved November 28, Even the children of wealthier families suffer surprisingly high rates of malnutrition.

Government data show that a third of children from the wealthiest fifth of India's population are malnourished. Accessed December 3, ". Retrieved March 24, Archived from the original on July 3, Retrieved Vigital 1, Retrieved February 27, Retrieved November 2, Archived December 17,at the Wayback Machine. American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Retrieved 25 January Retrieved June 2, Literally Pet Shop Boys fanclub magazine. Retrieved May 23, Archived from the original on March 13, Retrieved Rehxb 17, Retrieved April 2, Retrieved February 25, Retrieved January 31, Retrieved 10 January Archived from the original on December 18, Retrieved December 20, This decade is on track to become the warmest since records began inand could rank among the top-five warmest years, the U.

Archived from the original on December 20, Archived from the original on Diigital 25, Retrieved January 23, Retrieved December 10, Archived July 16,at the Wayback Machine. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Archived from the original PDF on March 25, Retrieved May 6, The New York Observer. Retrieved July 22, Retrieved October 28, Also see Kennedy, Maev 21 December"Palace unveils Freud's gift to Queen"The Guardianwho calls Freud "the artist regarded as the greatest living British painter".

Darwent, Charles 28 November"The s in Review: Visual Arts"The Independentsays "Freud becomes the greatest living British artist after his Whitechapel show [of ]". Archived January 30,at the Wayback Machine. Look What We DidThe Guardian31 March Retrieved February 3, Archived November 14,at the Wayback Machine. BBC - collective - jake and dinos chapman, modern art oxfordBBC, 17 April Archived November 13,at the Wayback Machine.

Inspired VandalismThe TelegraphMay 27, Archived December 18,at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved February 18, Guardian13 November Retrieved November 30, Archived April 17,at the Wayback Put call parity digital options rehab. Retrieved February 21, Archived January 7,at the Wayback Machine. Archived November 5,at WebCite.

Retrieved April 5, Matters: Ron Thompson, the Illustrated Man Unsung". Archived from the original on December 6, Retrieved December 6, Retrieved December 9, Retrieved October 17, Archived May 26,at the Wayback Machine. Archived from the original ccall October 15, Retrieved November 20, Retrieved May 18, Retrieved December 23, Retrieved December 2, Retrieved September 4, The Daily TelegraphJuly 7, Archived April 9,at the Wayback Machine.

The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionJuly 8, Archived February 24,at the Wayback Machine. New York Daily NewsJuly 8, Archived from the original on June 25, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown link. Retrieved October 27, Archived from the original on April 23, Retrieved November 3, Retrieved October 8, Retrieved May 17, Retrieved December 17, Retrieved April 26, Retrieved September 6, New York Daily News. Archived December 13,at the Wayback Machine.

The game is an MMO and was originally set to be released in fall Archived March 16,at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved March 13, Retrieved 7 March Archived from the original on February 9, Retrieved September 21, Journal of Interactive Advertising. Retrieved April 9, Li Pope; Kerri-Ann L. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. Archived from the original on September 14, Retrieved September 20, Retrieved July 30, Phelps is the best ever".

Retrieved September 9, Archived from the original on September 15, Retrieved August 15, Retrieved June 26, Baylor College of Medicine. Retrieved July 14, Retrieved December 4, Archived October 25,at the Wayback Machine. Archived March 30,at the Wayback Machine. Archived May 9,at the Wayback Machine. It was, we were soon told, "the day that changed everything", the 21st century's defining moment, the watershed by which we would forever.

Guardian News and Media Limited. Archived February 26,at the Wayback Machine. Fox News Network, LLC. Retrieved February 23, Retrieved May 13, Archived May 11,at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved September 27, Archived from the original on December 17, Not logged in Talk Contributions Create larity Log in. Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store.

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The article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system. This is due to newswire licensing terms. Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and work-in-the-internet.ru. "Architect Irving J. Gill was a San Diego architect, by way of Chicago, who relished the opportunity to work in this city during the end of the late 19 th and early.

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