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Don't know if this a bug or not, but the "BOA" plate set from the vendor is BOP This is the final level of this building. If you complete the Trading Post quest for the AH vendor, then replace the Trading Post with another building, would you get the AH Vendor back if you re-built the Trading Post and upgraded it to lvl 2 at a later time? Level 3: Unlocks Specializations. This achievement is account-wide. The five items that are needed to construct the auctioneer in trading post wowhead level two trading post are: Arcane Crystal Module "Parts to construct this module are found in Draenor invasions, raids, or sold on the auction house. Probably a good building if you want to use the AH for making gold : Comment by Mitchpriest.

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Laughing Skull Reputation Guide The Garrison Campaign Troubleshooter - Fixing Incomplete Campaigns! Wrath Timewalking Guide Warlords of Draenor Follower Guide Cathedral of Eternal Night Dungeon Strategy Guide Comments. I tried killing a few mobs in Shattrath, but didn't tradinh any rep. My follower bodyguard did, though. The trading of supplies like herbs and ore and such for garrison resources isn't quite what you may think.

The trader only tradng one random particular item that day and it is done on tradinh order system. So if you have extra ore but he wants herbs, you're out tarding luck. You basically have to dumb luck yourself into his needs matching your extras. IMO, this system is crap. The vendor sells materials like herbs and ore and such in exchange for garrison resources. At the beginning of the expansion, everyone is short on garrison resources, so this vendor isn't of much value.

Down the road, when you have nothing better to do with these garrison resources, this vendor will be trading post wowhead. This building is great when you have dinged max level, you need resources have all gathering profession buildings, It's great for when you don't want to comit too much to your garrison but like it's advantages, best paired with the barn and one or two gathering professions across alts in my case herbalism and skinning.

I also practicly doesn't require you tradinh leave your garrison for materials once it's level 2 and you have the auctioneer, trxding that means podt more trips to ashran. Looks like you need traeing be level to complete the quest to get the Auctioneer Comment trading post wowhead Phoenixsong. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere - the cost of trade goods from the vendor ranges from 20 to 50 garrison resources per stack of ppost, and the prices change daily. Level 1: Allows the trade of crafting reagents for garrison resources and vice versa, for a profit!

I just made this building on one of my alts and buying a thing and then use it for work order is not profitable at all. I lost several resources by doing it. So it's "good" for buying a few extra items for resources, but I feel this building is pretty much useless on lvl 1. The overall bonus to reputation on lvl 3 is probably the only reason to build it I just got an abrogator's stone from trasing 1 trading post work order in addition to the usual resources.

I wanted to say that this is pretty damn good for getting resources. Herbs and Ore are just so plentiful at this point it is easy to turn in the max work orders. Yes some RNG if you get something you do not have, but usually pretty easy to get done! This guide is near worthless. The "What's it good for? And what does crafting reagents have to do with raiding? Also, where do you mention work orders and what they produce? I found the trading post helpful wowheead a few things early on.

Trading post wowhead just in general to get stuff built up because it is resource draining since upgrades can cost for Tier 3 2. Once I had my buildings upgraded to lvl 3 it was helpful to have access to mats to finish leveling cooking for the few things you may not have to finish it out. Once I completed my Stable achievements stables gives 8 mounts all told I switched over to bunker building for follower upgrades and this can be a little resource draining until you are built back up again since these work orders require garrison resources.

Once Trading Post was leveled to 3, the rep boost is amazing, and I will remain at this level until my reps are maxed and resources are maxed. It has been nice to rarely be low on resources so that I was easily able to switch out buildings as needed and raise building levels when blueprints became available without tradnig for the last powt required. I would like to also comment that during this phase I have also maintained my Lumber Mill with again my intention being to max out resources at which time I will switch to a different building.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting! Edit: I have now decided that this building is a definite keeper. With the Inn have "recruited" a few more Scavenger trait followers. This gives a phenomenal amount of resources which now gives trdaing a LOT of freedom to buy items for my prof dailies without having to switch to a gathering alt for say. Just wohead after thoughts Comment by SweetJohnnyCage. Does anyone know if I remove the building after starting the Sha'tari Defense rep grind, will I still be able to get rep for it?

This building is kinda useless to me until I get the auction house bot up and running, but I'd still like to grind out the rep and trading post wowhead the ttrading in the future. I was wondering if there was a way, list, somewhere that will show us what item Fayla Fairfeather will want to trade tomorrow?

Much like Jogu the Drunk at the Tillers. Build up a rep with something and then ask, what's going trading post wowhead be traded tomorrow? Just wondering so, when it's random herb, Trxding can have my level 2 herb garden with follower plant that item to be harvested the next day. Well, just thanks Blizzard for making an item that is not easy to make use of, if you don't pvp not every player, Blizzard, enjoys pvp play-don't you understand your player base YET?

The five items that are needed to construct the auctioneer in the level two trading wpwhead are: Arcane Crystal Module "Parts to construct this module are found in Draenor invasions, raids, or sold on the auction house. They can also be bought and sold on the auction house. For those of us who don't raid, do dungeons, pvp, or have the extra cash just wowheax around. Say, for instance, Arcane Crystal Module drop from creatures in Frostfire Ridge and Gorgrond.

Cyclical Power Module drop from creatures in Spires of Arak and Gorgrond. Universal Language Module COULD also drop tradong Nagrand, Auction Control Module could drop in Gorgrond and Spires of Arak. The only two that wiwhead actually available to all players are Cyclical Power Module and the Super Cooling Module. Of course, appropriate zones for Alliance players. Whoever thinks of these things needs to look at it from ALL player's perspectives, not just pvp players.

Because, basically, with the one module Universal Language Module that is ONLY available in Ashran wowheav auction house, trsding item is ONLY available to pvp players since, most players gouge the auction house with outrageous prices. Even when you get someone who puts a fair and reasonable price on an item, those who don't, buy it and turn around and sell it frading the higher than trading post wowhead price.

I may be the last one to have noticed this, but And then i learned that faction rewards in WoD are very different from those in MoP, and entirely optional. Yes, this building does have some benefits, but it's not what i expected. Buying mats can be quite nice, but i get so many herbs and even more ore anyway.

Or even food stuff. Maybe for posr dust? Probably a good building tradung you want to use the AH for making wowhed : Comment by Mitchpriest. Sha'tari Defense plate BoA transmog set, each piece costs 1, Comment by Findakin. Hands down one of my favorite buildings in the Garrison. Okay, I do need at least one of the herbs as a Tailor, but my Inscriptionist or Alchemist alts could have provided those easily enough. I was very annoyed to learn that in order to activate the AH vendor I would have to participate in game activities that I do wowhaed currently, i.

Trading post wowhead makes the AH vendor part of the Trading Post useless to me, and hopefully those requirements will change in the future. Compiling a list of traders to see if trading post wowhead is any pattern. It doesn't seem to be working on any of my alts and my main has a level 3 Trading Post. Does anyone know if the account-wide rep factor stacks?

I'm thinking in regards to having lvl 3 trading post on 2 characters if the bonus then gets doubled or if the second trading post just doesn't give the rep bonus :. Don't know if this a bug or not, but the "BOA" plate set from the vendor is BOP Did some testing of Smuggled Sac of Gold myself. Coin tradkng always between 13 and 17g. Wowheead macro for quick and easy buy: youtu. If you opst the Trading Post quest for the AH vendor, then replace the Trading Post with another building, would you get the AH Vendor back if you re-built the Trading Post and upgraded it to lvl 2 at trading post wowhead later time?

I haven't been able to find information about this anywhere, so it's possible I've just been encountering bugs, but I found that I cannot even see the trader NPC in other people's garrisons on lower-level toons. I just went into a wowheaad garrison on a level 92, did not see trader. Switched to level and was able to interact with trader. Thinking it might be something only s can do, I switched to my level 97 and was still able to interact with her.

Thinking it might have been a bug, I got back on my 92 and still did not see her. To check with a different toon, I tried again with a level 91 and did not see her. It seems as though there is a level cutoff, perhaps 95, where you can't use the trader in other garrisons. This is somewhat bad news for those of us who maintain alts simply for their professions, but it seems like they're going to stay at poost cap until I'm bored enough to level them.

Has anyone else found information about this? Or had similar experience? The trader npc; Krixel Pinchwhistlewill only appear to those aowhead a trading post of their own and the daily random exchange rate is the same from one npc to another. In Legion, all of the Garrison and Shipyard missions that reward gold will instead reward extra EXP or garrison resources. This means, the Treasure Hunter trait will become more or less useless, and that we won't be able to farm gold as effectively before through missions.

But that doesn't mean the Garrison will just be a complete waste, since the item "Smuggled Sack of Gold" as of my writing this post has not been changed. Traxing, going by the data, the consensus seems to be that each bag gives roughly 15g. Not a whole lot in exchange for 50 garrison resources If we say that you had ten alts that you just checked the garrison cache on every three days or so until all of them had 10k resources Well, 10k resources equals roughly 3k gold.

If you trading post wowhead ten alts, that comes down to 30k gold. That's not a bad sum of cash. I mean, it's nothing earth-shattering, but given how little time and effort you need to put trading post wowhead "farming" resources, I'd say it's more than worth it. So, when Legion rolls around or just before it doesit might be worthwhile to build a Trading Post in each of your garrisons and respec your followers into Scavengers, rather than Treasure Hunters.

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