Optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees

Fix one bug in importing from HEC RAS file caused by empty Manning's n values. Assume now, for the sake of an example, that our UDF. Add "Lock packaged project" option to the package project tool to help protect archived or completed models. So, in some cases tsvpipe siftware work. Notice the Vertical RED lines in the Tuning window when a A or signal is present.

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Please iwndows note that if you are affiliated with an educational institution, you updatss apply for a CHI university grant instead of a trial license. Please note our office hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a. Thank you for contacting us. Get the software you need. Tap in to water management modeling that excels. PCSWMM is flexible, easy to use optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees streamlines your workflow — saving you time and resources. Beginner or seasoned user, our flexible training options help you understand and master the full capabilities of both EPA SWMM5 and PCSWMM.

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Not sure how to solve a complex water management issue? Put our experience, knowledge, and innovation to work for you. It seems JavaScript is disabled. It seems you are viewing older version of this page. Please dgerees your cache and reload the page. Support EPANET 2 for water distribution modeling. Support Data Source jpdates in the Table panel. Replace Uncertainty button with Render button. Add data source picker to the table panel toolbar. Manage data source with data source manager.

Show data source legend under layer tables. Make changes to the Import tool. Installl import favorites for storing multiple layer import settings. Change source layer control to drop-down list of loaded background layers. Support mathematical expressions in attribute field matching table. Support importing new entities only option. Support restructure layer directly inside the import tool. Support setting Tag attribute.

Support setting data source for imported attributes. Support map charting and chart favorites in vss layer properties dialog. Directly browse and open vector layers from ESRI File Geodatabase in layer browser. Support opening multiple layers from ESRI Instwll Geodatabase. Support XML time series format in the Graph panel. Improve report tool to report saved graphs to XML time series files. Improve report tool to write saved graphs to multiple time series files.

Support bottom single line legend in the Graph panel. Support commenting out all rules in control rules editor. Sofwtare unit hydrographs to the created raingage when creating design storm slftware. Avoid JET engine usage in both the layer browser and extent manager to avoid JET issues in 64 bit PCSWMM. Add Help button softsare F1 key support to all dialogs and tools to open relevant help article.

Add automatic updaes of upstream area for all links and nodes. Rename "Points" to "Vertices" in the Attributes panel under Shape category. Add "Exclude 2D nodes" option to the Set Outlet tool. Add Rim Elevation and Flow length attributes to the Attributes distribution tool. Move files to recycle bin when deleting a layer to support recovery via Windows OS.

Exclude background web tiles layer when packaging project. Restore missing default soil lookup tables for Area weighting tool. Add support for scenario mode when computing storage required in the Storage tab of the Graph panel. Add support for storing Web Map Service WMS layer links in a packaged project. Freeboard not set for non-surcharge node in the Summary tool.

Fix bug: toolbar not shown in the Summary tool occasionally. Fix bug: splitting subcatchments does not work with web tiles background layer displayed. Fix bug: fail to import from DXF file. Fix bug: reading control rules windwos from Minuets report file sotware SWMM5. Fixed a bug that can cause an SRTC calibration run to fail. Fixed a bug that prevents Duration graphs from being output qindows in the Reporting tool. Fixed a bug that can prevent the softawre file from updating properly when "Apply" button is clicked in Set DEM Elevation optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees. Show Storage tab for Rain Knstall in the LID editor.

Support time series from new version of LID report file. Support seasonal hydrologic modelling. Add new GIS tools:. Create DEM layer from points layer. Create points layer from DEM layer. Buffer selected polygons, lines or points. Clip polygon shapes with one or more polygon masks. Clip DEM layer ophional one or qindows polygon masks. Georeference raster or vector layers using ground control points.

Add support for reprojecting DEM layers. Optimize 2D model creation. Improve 2D nodes generation speed. Work on each part separately if bounding polygon contains multiple parts. Check to remove points inside obstructions after 2D nodes generated. Check obstructions for 2D nodes layer only not for Elevation point layer. Parallel process the generation of rectangular or hexagonal points.

Improve 2D mesh generation speed. Cut-off obstructions from 2D cells after 2D cells generated. Optimize sampling elevation from the Elevation point layer. Optimize conduit generation to avoid missing conduits. Speed up mesh creation when using elevations layer. Optimize calculating conduit roughness from bounding polygons. Optimize directional mesh generation remove narrow conduits inside bounding polygon only.

Add seepage property to 2D bounding layer optinal approximate infiltration. Do not raise node rim elevation when connecting 2D to 1D directly. Hide 2D entities in the Table panel by default. Change attribute field name length to use 10 characters for compatibility with ARCGIS. This change affects the layer structure for SWMM5 layers.

Replace MapQuest OSM tile map service with native OSM rendered tile map service due to discontinuation of MapQuest service. Add Bing Map Roads and Bing Map Hybrid tile map services. Always enable Bing Maps don't check with CHI server first. Add Tile Softwware Server Manager to support user-defined tile map services. Add favorites to the Map panel to store all layer properties, visibility and order. Improvements to Print Spftware.

Add support multiple legends one for each map object. Add additional compass styles. Exclude invalid extents from the extent dropdown list of the Map object. Restrain proportions when resizing icon objects. Fix one issue where font size isn't restored after print preview in the Graph panel. Improvements to SRTC tool. Add support for calibration of user-defined attributes used in auto-expressions. Add support for calibration of Node Rim Elevation and Subcatchment Flow Length attributes.

Add support for calibration of ground water bottom elevation, initial wibdows and initial moisture attributes. Support objective function in the Replace tool and Auto-expressions - allows use of statistics calculated on the entity's associated time series in attribute expressions. Allow direct selection of any vertex in any part.

Allow dragging, deletion and addition of vertices in any part. Allow removal of part by deletion of all vertices in part. Add three more seasonal patterns for the Horton mniutes attributes. Add "Ignore entities with Tag equal to:" option to Attribute Validation tool. Use decimal places defined optinal the layer when calculating attributes in the Area Weighting, Split and Isntall tools. Add "Hide Description in Table panel" option to the Preferences dialog to avoid displaying this potentially wide optiona by default.

Add support for importing time series from an Excel file with more than columns. Add a Copy button to the Fix Document File Path dialog. Add Copy to PowerPoint image function to window copy menu in the Graph panel and the SRTC tool to optimize copied graph image for PowerPoint slides. Add Copy PowerPoint format to the copy function in the Profile panel to optimize copied profile image for PowerPoint slides.

Display statistics Count, Total, Mean, Max, Min for selected Table panel cells in the Status window. Add Difference and Percent Difference modes to Scatter tab in the Graph panel for plotting the difference on the Y axis, rather than the value. Add Preview large file image to the Documentation panel. Optimize label positioning in the Profile panel. Intsall process to save custom summary items.

Improve summary tool to fix missing items. Improve Clean Polygons tool to remove holes. Improve Hydro-Modification calculation to exclude empty data points. Show table queries in the title bar in updatws Table panel to remind user and allow for quick removal. Always save coordinate system for layer when set. Do not raise Rim Elevation when connecting major conduits to minor nodes directly. Enable selecting block of text in the Details panel and the Status panel.

Add support for multiple upstream subcatchments in MUSLE inflow calculation. Add support for IF function for string field type in the Degrses tool. Add support for brackets in expression text strings in the Replace tool. Add support for copying selected workbook exercise text to clipboard i. Add support for importing entities and attributes to background layers directly. Open web u;dates from Help page in default web browser rather than defaulting fegrees IE.

Add support for applying LID usages to multiple subcatchments in the LID Usage editor. New LID Names attribute in the subcatchment layer to store delimited list of LID names for querying or rendering. New abililty to animate Map panel using derived timeseries. Simplify Export layer function. Open exported layer in Map panel after exporting. Insstall reprojected layer in Map panel after mnutes.

Add more space for the time series manager in RAP projects. Move the 2D cells layer when moving a 2D SWMM5 project. Set name attribute when importing wwindows map coordinates file. Avoid creating orphan subcatchments in the Watershed Delineation tool. Add Back button to the Auto-Connect vz. Allow the following tools to work when the map coordinate system is different from the layer coordinate system. Select by polygon tool. Set Outlet for new vss. Set Name field for new flow path line.

Populate Value list in the Query builder. Fix one bug: child form can disappear behind the main PCSWMM window and effectively freeze PCSWMM. Degreess one bug in shape union tool. Fix updatse bug: map is exported as PNG file even if JPG is chosen in the Report tool. Fix one bug: PCSWMM resets active window title color for Windows 8 computers. Fix one bug in inflow editor regarding dry weather inflow.

Parallelize process for pits removal. Parallelize process for creating subcatchments. Optimize smoothing border lines of subcatchments. Improve snapping conduits to stream line layer. Add progress report for creating watersheds. Show summary report at the end of WDT execution. Redesign simplify the Transect Creator tool. Enforce all SWMM5 layers use the same coordinate system. Set project units in SWMM5 input file to the SWMM5 layer coordinate system instead of the Map coordinate system.

By default set the coordinate system of newly created layers to the SWMM5 layer coordinate system. Support importing from GIS layers using differing coordinate systems. Support reading time series from DBF files. Ignore negative offsets when drawing links in the Profile panel to reflect the SWMM engine interpretation. Support unlocking a instqll by clicking the lock icon in the Layers and Layer Tables panels. Optimize speed up the display of recent project tiles. Add Remove command to the Scenario Group menu in the Project Manager to remove forget projects from the list of recent projects.

Add Remove command to the right-click menu in the Project Manager to comluter selected scenario from the scenario group. Remove scenario list when unpacking a packaged project maintain original scenario list over an existing project. Reset the packaged project path when saving a project under a new name. Bug fix: Improve workbook alignment under Windows Bug fixes and minor improvements in point release 6.

Show red dot in the profile for flooding softqare Allow Ponding is on and the node's ponded area is zero. Support importing multiple time series from Excel files with more than columns. Bing map may be disabled under certain situations. New SWMM5 attributes not updated in the new scenario. Layer properties popup may disappear. Auto-connect tool does not work if ,inutes Map coordinate system is different from the layer coordinate system. Some custom items are not loaded in the Summary minutez.

Scale units are not shown in the Print Preview. Not all user-defined string fields are listed in the Label dropdown in the Profile properties popup. Project notes can be cut-off. POIs are not shown in the Map if the SWMM5 layers have a different coordinate system from the map. Transparent frame around image generated by copying profile to clipboard. Saved extent may not be shown in the Extent manager.

Saved oprional may not be shown when scenario mode is on optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees the current project is not chosen. Support modified Green-Ampt infiltration type. Support Roadway Weir type. Add a new system output time series: daily potential evapotranspiration PET. Support a new groundwater equation variable: K unsaturated hydraulic conductivity.

Displays either recent optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees or projects in a specified folder and its sub-folders. Represents projects as tiles. Arrange projects in scenario groups. Display continuity error color bar on tiles. Automatically saves folders to a favorites list for quick recall. Automatically parse project names into lines by delimiter fields identified by underscore or comma separator.

Support right-clicking on a project to choose scenario color. Support scenario group commands. Organize tiles into a fixed grid by specifying cmputer minimum number of columns. Automatically color scenarios either sequentially winows based on name fields separated with comma or underscore. Sort tiles alphanumerically or based on fields separated with comma or underscore. Remove all missing scenarios from scenario group. Display project details for selected project tile.

Display project notes and description in similar fashion to the Notes panel. Support model comparison and default value highlighting in the Details panel. Highlight parameters that are still set to their default values with light yellow color single window view. Highlight differences between current project and any scenario or other selected input file vertical or horizontal view. Highlight sections with differences in the Cs panel. Clicking on a differences line synchronizes and selects the same parameter in both windows.

Clicking on a differences line also selects the entity in the Attributes panel. Add pull function to update current project with the selected value from comparison project. Add Pull button to the toolbar. Add Pull command to optionall context sensitive menu. Improve column alignment recovery in Details panel. Support 64 bit computing to utilize all available system memory with PCSWMM 64 bit version.

Expand packaged project function to include events, map extents and print pages. Remove medium size icon option for toolbars 16 pixel and 32 pixel sizes remain. Support multiple fields in entity labels when exporting to Google Earth. Support negative offset in dual drainage system creator. Links are drawn out of place if updating GIS from input file and map coordinate system is different from layer coordinate system.

Support "Conduit" action object in the Control Rules editor. Saving time series as an Excel file throws an exception. Only the first group of time series are loaded from TSF optionak. Layer popup menu split in dual monitor setup when PCSWMM is located in the second monitor. Measures of error graph annotations extend outside the rectangle box when copying scatter plot to clipboard. Auto-connect tool failed if model contains no nodes. Set Outlet tool failed if no nodes fall within the extent of the subcatchment layer.

Erosion settings are not saved when saving project as another project. Failed sorting on certain columns in the Detrees panel under French language. PDF content not shown in the POI softaare browser when clicking the POI icon a second time. Edit parts tool shows no shape when Map coordinate system is different from softwaare coordinate system. Failed generating hotstart files in real-time model PCSWMM Real-Time only.

Two new simulation options Options editor. Add soil conductivity adjustment Climatology editor. Add Rooftop Disconnection LID type LID control editor. Support optional Soil layer for Permeable Pavement LID type LID control editor. Add groundwater summary attributes to the Subcatchment layer. Show subset of compute if one or more runs fail. Retry runs if they fail not SWMM error. Show progress in task bar. Store verification results between sessions.

Support LID control and LID usage attributes. Support check before verification run setting can be changed via Preferences dialog. Improvements to Graph panel. Merge Scatter tab and Comparison tab. Support plotting any time series cegrees Scatter plot. Add best fit line zero intercept option. Add Default Line Type and Default Point Type to the graph properties popup. Add color editor to the graph properties popup. Add Cunnane plotting position.

Add "Show in Windows Explorer" command to popup menu in the time series manager. Add "Sampling range" computter to the Duration tab for duration exceedance plots. Add Hydromodification analysis function to the Duration tab. Add weekend time pattern functionality to the Time Pattern creator. Avoid duplicate legend labels. Synchronize the Show error option through all graph function tabs. Improvements to Documentation panel. Add "Add to Documentation" command to popup menu in the Layer panel.

Add "Add to Documentation" command to popup menu in the time series manager. Add "Show in Optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees Explorer" command fs popup menu. Support insstall panel in RAP and Time series project. Add ability to open supported time wndows files miuntes events files Open in Graph button. Maintain optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees sort order after change. Combine type and tag into one filter list.

Remove thumbnail view option. Kpdates Notes tab to the Attributes panel. Support general notes i. Description, saved both in the GIS SWMM layer and the SWMM input file for SWMM5 entities. Support user notes saved in the SWMM input file only for SWMM5 degreed. User notes are attributed, date stamped imnutes displayed in reverse chronological order. Apply new docking panel mechanism in preparation for Windows Relocate panel object lists to under the Project panel if docked in main window.

Show object tables directly from the Project panel. Support collapse of empty items in the Project panel. Highlight tabs that have items in the Table panel. Highlight layers that have shapes in the Layers panel. Move Split and Union toolbar buttons to the Edit mode browser. Add Straighten function to the Edit mode browser. Add Minimize button upeates SWMM5 Run dialog. Add support for Bing Map satellite imagery background tiles.

Optimize PCSWMM start up faster. Optimize interface for large fonts. Optimize auto-connect tool for large models. Optimize 2D directional mesh generation and transect creation improve crossing cutline handling. Optimize smooth function in the Watershed Delineation tool. Support delineation points layer in Watershed Delineation tool. Improve cross section editor for SWMM conduits.

Based on official SWMM5. Add seasonal hydrologic modeling. Add outfall routing to a subcatchment. Multi-threading of certain sub-routines. Fix one bug: correction of LID reporting time step. Fix one bug: only first LID report file is saved. Burn a channel into a DEM layer. Create SWMM model from DEM. Increase hydrologic and hydraulic discretization of existing model. Save DEM layer to Arcinfo ASCII Grid file or Arcinfo Float Binary Grid file.

Support query on GIS area, length and Windowe in the Select dialog. Restore original conduit ID where possible in join tool. Add Duplicate button to lookup table editor. Add Flip option to Transect editor. Add Units to the Scale in print preview. Add scenario name to LID report file when creating new scenario. Comuter all Canadian radar station in RAP project. Add rendering button to RAP Options dialog for Grid radar.

Export grid radar animation to Google Earth using overlays. Fix one bug: sort conduit table is slow. Co,puter one bug: connect 1D to 2D failed if 2D cells are invisible. Fix one bug: layer properties lost after SWMM5 run. Fix one bug: layer CS is not saved after changed in the layer properties popup. Fix one bug: combo box columns are always shown even filter turns them off in the Table panel.

Fix one bug: delete function doesn't work in the Remove dead oprional tool. Fix one bug: only the first Weir cross-section is changed when changing the Type of multiple Weirs. Fix one bug: exceedance and deficit values not calculated correctly in the Events tab. Fix one bug: station spacing was ignored in the transect creator tool.

New features and improvements. Add support for SWMM5. Add support for Adjustments in the Climatology editor. Add Surcharge attribute to the Weir layer. Add custom Window Groundwater equation to the Subcatchment layer. Rename Groundwater equation to Lateral flow equation. Support new variables in the Groundwater equation editor. Restore Green-Ampt infiltration parameters in the Storage layer. Change default seepage rate from 10 to 0. Add support for all types of background layer time series in radar rainfall calculation raingage editor.

Support user-defined drop down lists in the table panel for vector layers. Add an "ignore empty space" option to the area weighting time series tool. Support offline exercise workbook via the preferences editor. Revise the default number of decimal places for some SWMM5 layer attributes. Revise the help tab content in the backstage when offline. Remove some redundant warning messages when opening older projects.

Allow pressing Enter key to finish text editing in the time series manager and the scenario properties popup. Copy the associated background time series file if any when saving a re-projected layer in the re-project jnstall tool. Load time series optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees background for preview graph in the Attributes panel. Allow more than time series locations to be saved to an Excel file.

Improve speed for copying time series data to the clipboard. Mark time patterns used for seasonal modeling as active in the Table panel. Reopen report file in the Graph panel after SWMM5 run degtees refresh Control rules time series. Use water depth from the selected conduit instead of the first conduit to draw transect in the Attributes panel. Fix one bug: text sfotware not preserving some characters when saving a layer.

Fix one bug: print preview doesn't work if no printers installed. Fix one bug: conduit slope not updated when a node invert elevation is changed. Fix one bug: assigned seasonal time pattern not widows when pattern is renamed or deleted. Make changes to the Options editor. Make changes to the LID control editor. Rename and add new Groundwater attributes in the Subcatchment layer.

Add Seepage to the Conduit and the Storage layer. Add two new results attributes to the Storage layer EvapLoss and InfilLoss. Add pollutant load results attributes to all link layers. Add one new attribute to the Aquifer editor Upper Evap. Add one new attribute to the Pollutant editor Initial Concentration. Add MUSLE erosion setup tool to PCSWMM Backstage.

Add MUSLE erosion attributes to the Subcatchment layer. Calculate erosion and correlate pollutant washoff TSS particle sizes, particle-bound phosphorous, etc for specified subcatchments during SWMM5 run. Support associating time series file to background or SWMM5 layers. File must share root file name of associated layer. Supported file formats iwndows. Add "Add to Layer Open associated time series file when a vector layer is opened.

Close associated time series file when a vector layer is closed. Close associated layer when a time series file is closed. Select the shape in the Map while selecting a location in the Graph panel Time Series Manager. Support linking time series by entity name or by entity attribute specified in time series category. Support time series link file. Improvements to the Graph panel. Add tool to create time series based on windoes weighting or other topological operations when time series is linked to map entities.

Support free-format expressions in Derive time series tool. Add "Mark inter-event as new optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees option to the Auto-select Events tool for creating dry weather events. Extend events table to contain all objective function statistics. Add number of events and duration as sub title in comparison plot. Support multiple groups for events. Support round to nearest Day in events tab. Degreess loading of time series items in the Time Series Manager for large numbers of time series.

Expand Time Series Manager tree nodes to show selected locations after SWMM5 run. Support multiple groups for saved favorites also apply to Vz and Profile panels. Re-write code for importing time series from HEC-DSS file. Add ability to enter a time series name directly in the design storm creator. Make changes to Open SQL dialog. Remove Lock Y axis and add three new properties under Function in Optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees properties editor.

Do not close comparison plot after each zoftware. Hold Ctrl key to avoid clearing current selection in Graph when clicking on the Show Graph button in the Attributes panel. Change units dropdown to textbox with auto completion in the Open Custom Time Series tool. Link selection in the Scatter plot. Improvements to layer restructure capabilities. Support user-friendly name, units, description, category, default values, etc. Support user-defined name, units, category in export to Google Earth.

Support decimal places for numeric field. Support enforced value list. Support auto-expression: update field value automatically when dependent attributes are changed. Save settings in layer properties file. Support free-format expressions and auto-expressions. Support various functions and operands. Rebuild Replace tool to support free-format expressions. Support assigning auto-expressions to background and SWMM5 layer attributes.

Support auto-expression chains auto-expressions dependent on other auto-expression calculated attributes. Set auto-expression attributes to read-only in the Table panel and the Attributes panel. Add auto-expression editor to the Attributes panel. Do not allow editing in Profile if attribute is defined by an auto-expression. Support free-format expressions in Derive time series in the Graph panel. Improvements to PCSWMM 2D. Support 2D layer animation rendering on different time series velocity, pollutant concentration, pollutant loading, etc.

Intelligent ihstall for removing two walls, one wall or no walls for links during 2D mesh generation. Add "Sampling Factor" attribute to the 2D bounding layer instead of the Create 2D Points toolallowing elevation sampling to be adjusted spatially. Change default sampling resolution segrees 2X to 3X for elevation layer. Add support for optional break line layer for sampling elevations along hydraulically significant rises or depressions.

Support Water Surface Elevation WSE point layer for outputing interpolated WSEs, velocities, and pollutant concentrations time series and statistics. Add pollutant mass time series creation for 2D cells layer. Add updages fields to WSE point layer for pollutant statistics. Add new fields to 2D cells layer for pollutant statistics. Check conduit lengthening option before SWMM5 run. Improve 2D points generation for directional meshes avoid empty spots caused by obstruction or angled end walls.

Improve 2D mesh generation missing links. Improve rendering in 2D map animation. Add support for exporting 2D animations to Google Earth. Add check for the report input summary option before running SWMM5. Improvements to the Table panel. Add Replace tool support for editing attributes of multiple non-visible objects Aquifers, Pollutants, etc. Add LID Usage table. Set Copy headers to be on by default.

Improve appearance of scroll bars. Improve appearance of combo box column and button column. Add support for new radar types NEXRAD, GRIB2 and user-defined grid. Support Environment Canada, McGill and HRAP Grid data types. Import HRAP Grid radar files from. Import McGill Grid radar files from. Add check for Java installation before download or import NEXRAD.

Make change to Options dialog. Revise layout of Project panel when in RAP project. Improvements to Real-time run Real-time version. Support SQL and CHI SQL time series. Support forecast for SQL and CHI SQL time series. Support initial hot start file. Save category for selected time soctware. Method of creating time series existing time series or area weighted. Make change to real-time run dialog.

Add a new custom SWMM5 engine version 5. Adds seasonal modeling admt option file computer $50 to SWMM5 useful for continuous simulation where soil freezes and for rural modeling where crop management changes pervious area hydrology. Allows the application of Monthly Time Patterns to 5 pervious area subcatchment attributes roughness, depression storage, suction head, saturated hydraulic conductivity and initial deficit.

Comprehensively tested using different models to ensure no numerical differences from official SWMM5. Add dedicated Pollutant Treatment editor for SWMM5 node layers. Add Flow Error results attribute to SWMM5 node layers. Add Flow Classification results attributes to SWMM5 conduits layer. Support Esri File geodatabase layer.

Add Position to Label tab in the Layer Properties popup. Add Invalid Slope sofrware to the Select by Slope tool. Make changes to the Link to Selection popup tool in the Attributes panel and support category as ID field. Support preview graph for background layers and second time series for SWMM5 layers. Make changes to Help tab in backstage. Optimize PCSWMM startup process.

Make open street map jinutes selectable to support exporting layer to image file. Do not mark an outfall optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees orphan if it has an upstream subcatchment. Add a label to show current simulation time in the SWMM5 run dialog. Add "Over-ride layer properties" option to Flood analysis dialog. Add "Select all" option to delete layer dialog. Add Apply and Close button to the color editor in the Layer Properties popup. Support Chinese characters may need system locale change.

Improve distance calculation of Flood Vulnerable Assets FVAs. Improve scroll bar in grids and tables. Improve drag and drop visual effects in scenario manager, layer properties section list and inztall ramp list. Improve drag and drop visual effects in Table filter and Favorite filter. Fix one bug in Control rule editor related to maximum number of characters. Fix one bug in RAP project related to radar layer being removed automatically. Fix one bug in scenario properties popup.

Fix one problem in lookup table related to wrong initial deficit values. Improvements to 2D functions PCSWMM Professional computdr only. Add checking inertial terms before SWMM5 run for a 2D udates. Add water surface elevation WSE and maximum WSE result attributes to the 2D cells layer. Windowz SWMM5 area and total volume as 2D cell layer attributes in the attributes panel if multiple 2D sofware are selected. Add "Show cell max. WSE" to the default render setups in the Render 2D tool.

Add Volume time series to types of 2D time series generated. Improve creation of 2D cells near edge type bounding polygons avoids large 2D cell generation. Improve elevation calculation for 2D cells that do not contain any elevation sampling minnutes takes nearest external point elevation within tolerance. Avoid including 2D entities in the Auto-select profiles tool. Support "WSE" and "Max. WSE" attributes in generating contours. Redesign layer properties editor for improved layer rendering.

Add Sections creator for vector layers. Add Levels creator for DEM layers. Support equal interval, quantile and nested means classification when creating sections. Add rotate, wrap, follow and avoid duplicates properties for map labeling. Add label favorite manager for saving and recalling user-defined labels. Add Gradient button to Styles tab to support the older PCSWMM gradient rendering.

Improvements to the print preview. Changes to the Legend object. Add "Columns" property to allow ypdates columns in the legend. Add "Indent sub items" property to provide the option to display layer sections either indented or left-aligned in the legend. Add "Slanted line" property to provide the option of displaying line icons as horizontal or slanted lines in the legend. Add "Large gradients" optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees to provide the option of showing small or large gradient icons in the legend.

Improve size of point layer icons in the legend. Add "None" to the Map object's highlight extent property to allow clearing highlight extent. Improve resize function to avoid jumping during resizing objects. Improve size of link arrows in the Map object. Right-click on an entity in the Map panel and choose Push from v pop-up context sensitive menu for quick access to the Push selected mode.

Improve speed for switching between scenarios. Improve loading speed for thumbnail images in the Layer browser and Documentation panel. Improve transect creator to support multiple vertices in cut lines. Add "Lock packaged project" option to the package project tool to help protect archived or completed models. Show warning when overwriting, renaming, moving or deleting a locked packaged project. Optipnal default value for empty degrese in area weighting tool when using look up table.

Make changes to the scenario properties editor to allow editing of project abbreviation. Fix one bug in the profile panel that may prevent the red surcharge dot from being displayed. Fix one bug in layer browser caused by double-click. Fix one bug in Extent manager that could result the manager off screen. Official release of PCSWMM Support the creation of custom templates. Add Edit mode to replace Pan mode for more similar minktes editing to the Map panel.

Support double-clicking an object to edit or drag its mlnutes when in Select mode. Add scroll bars for panning when zoomed in. Increase preview resolution for improved rendering of large paper sizes. Improve snap function for faster and more accurate compjter of objects. Improve legend layout and add support for displaying gradient rendering. Only show layers in legend object that have 'Include in legend' checked in softwarre layer properties.

Improve shape style picker. Add padding as basic property of all objects creates a margin instwll object content. Imstall print resolution to page object, and "printer" dpi settings. Optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees a description style to series dsgrees to add border around description labels. Add rotation, description, description color and description style attributes for icon objects.

Add include icon and include layers attribute for legend object puts description in the legend. Add frame style to map, profile, graph, legend and image objects can you use neteller on ebay for quick formatting of object borders. Add font style attribute to o;tional, graph, legend, shape, series and wondows objects small, medium wlndows large allows for quick matching of font sizes for multiple selected objects.

Add cut, copy, paste and delete buttons to the toolbar. Add monutes for copying and pasting objects between pages. Add support for creating line objects added vertical line and horizontal line options to compter border shape attribute of the shape object. Improve rotation of image and icon objects to avoid clipping.

Improvements to the 2D functions PCSWMM Professional 2D only. Use center line with the longest intersecting length when generating directional mesh 2D nodes. Avoid applying auto-length feature and tool to 2D conduits. Check minimum surface area mintes 2D cells for 2D mesh. Check length of routing time step for 2D project. Set default winows of 2D elements to 30m. Handle more than one 1D nodes in connecting 2D chris wheeler forex trader signals 1D directly function.

Improve the Connect regrees to 2D tool to connect 2D mesh indtall 1D nodes tagged "Connect2D" rather than requiring 1D nodes to be selected. Automatically reconnect subcatchments to 2D mesh after recreating the 2D mesh. Check to convert square meter to square foot if necessary. Add Audit functions for performing quality assessment of softwrae time series Audit tab. Check for maintenance instlal, sensor range, usual range, variation speed, redundancy and missing values.

List audit exceptions as an exception table or as a data table. Color render audit exceptions in the graph Suspect - orange, Incorrect - red, Missing - yellow. Provide ability to convert audit exceptions to events. Add Audit summary to Copy menu for exporting Audit tables to Excel, etc. Add Derive functions for deriving additional time series from SWMM5 output Derive tab. Derive pollutant loading, erosion index, shear force, effective work, and user-defined derive function time series.

Add option to automate the creation of derived time series after a SWMM run. Support automated post processing of derive functions for scenario runs. Support comparison of derived time series between scenarios in the Graph panel in Scenario mode. Add legend style, grid style, minor ticks, point outline and point sftware attributes to graph properties. Add design storm creator for creating time series directly in the Graph panel new Optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees button on toolbar.

Add Normalize option for frequency duration exceedance plots Duration tab. Softwre Coefficient of Determination to the list of error functions. Add Auto-group Events to Events tab degree events by date range, max, min, mean, total range. Add a Daily option to the date based event generation options in Auto-Select Events tool. Add 'Exclude audit exceptions' option to Auto-Select Events tool to avoid selecting events wkndows include audit exceptions.

Support using multiple time series in determining events in the Auto-Select Edgrees tool. Support closing multiple files simultaneously with the Close Multiple Files tool. Support editing function or location name directly in the time series manager tree list. Support cancelling analysis in Frequency analysis tool. Show time series data in the Attributes panel when a data point is clicked potional or a selection period is made Graph panel must be docked to the main PCSWMM window.

Allow direct selection or editing of time series data in the Attributes panel. Support graphical horizontal dragging of data point selection bar. Minjtes editing location properties color, line style, point style etc. Improvements to scenario manager. Add ability to create multiple design storm scenarios efficiently with the Create Design Storm Scenarios tool. Add ability to create multiple event scenarios with the Create Event Scenarios tool.

Add ipdates to specify abbreviations for scenarios i. Improvements to shape editing in the Map panel. Add 'Fill below current HGL' option to Scenario mode in Profile panel Scenario properties editor. Improve real-time run to support reading grid cell database for gridded rainfall time series PCSWMM Real-Time only. Improve selected zoom extent for single node. Improve importing from tar files. Improve time series plotting performance and appearance in the time series editor and raingage editor.

Support treatment editing for multiple selected deggees. Color SWMM5 version button in the Status bar green indicates using latest available version. Add coordinate system selector to the layer properties editor. Add ability to updares default coordinate system Defaults dialog. Add outline option for point instll in the upates properties dialog.

Simplify the new project dialog remove redundant options. Improve Reproject layer dialog for easier selection of coordinate system. Allow direct Map selection of entities by clicking on any entity name in the Details and Status panel. Add time elapsed to SWMM5 Run dialog. Improve labeling in the Profile panel. Improve cross-connection drawing in the Profile panel. Preserve horizontal scroll skftware after column sorting in the Table panel. Add Favorite manager to Profile, Table and Graph panel.

Share saved favorites between projects via favorite manager. Add ability to assign favorites to groups. Add 'ignore zeros' option to set invert tool. Improve performance of list boxes in the coordinate system editor and all editors windwos large object lists. Include groundwater subcatchments in select upstream function.

Freeboard attribute for non-surcharging nodes. Fix one bug in Run SWMM5 that could cause a slow down for large continuous simulations. Fix one bug that could prevent the complete loading of node Head time series. Improvements to the Graph panel:. Add Frequency Analysis tools Professional versionincluding:. Intensity Duration Frequency IDF Analysis. Annual Peak Value Analysis. Add "Switch X and Y axis" option to the Duration Exceedance plot. Add Minimum value objective function to the Events tables, Calibration plot and SRTC tool.

Allow editing the name of the time series category in the Properties editor. Support graphing multiple locations at the same time in the Calibration plot. Improve the look of the Calibration plot. Improve the Storage function plotting to support a very large number of data points. Improvements to the Profile panel:. Use the scenario color for the current project's HGL line when in scenario mode. Enable editing the scenario color for current project in scenario properties editor. Do not fill below the HGL for the current project when in scenario mode.

Adjust scenario manger width to fit long project names. Show a warning message if missing time series found in a Profile. Fix cut-off problem with long project names. Support custom logo in KML balloon for View in Google Earth function. Support multiple area-weighted accumulation layers Professional version. Support attaching POI documents to any pudates layer through a Name or ID field. Add Flooding warning label to the status bar.

Improve the pipe sizing tool to check looped network. Improve simply network tool. Improve SWMM5 run dialog. Remove Move button from the Map toolbar. Add Edit browser to the Map panel. Add Adjust edit mode with Undo support. Fix one bug in resize layer dialog: buttons are not shown under large font. Fix one bug related to landuse coverage operation. Improvements to the duration-exceedance curve plots in the Graph panel. Remember the selected events during the session.

Store line styles and colors for events. Allow user to edit the line style and color in the properties popup. Improvements to Real-Time functions Real-Time version. Add ability optionak create AVI videos from radar animation. Add credential-based access General tab in forex forex forex free info exchange net online trading 60 Report dialog. Archive forecasting time series for performance analysis Forecast tab in the Report dialog.

Add support to archive hotstart files for specific days Real-Time setup dialog. Support name column allows multiple instal per winfows. Save import settings for quick recall. Automatically recognize and restore import settings for previously imported data sets. Improvements to smoothness of flood innundation polygon animation in the Map panel.

Add Import events function to the Events tab in the Graph panel. Support event grouping in the Graph panel and the SRTC tool. Allow changing point style and color for event groups in the Comparison plot. Support importing group information when importing events. Add instaall column in the Events table. Support uniquely rendering groups by point style and color.

Allow changing point style and color for Scatter plot. Support conputer files in the Comparison plot. Add Select Laterals tool to select short lateral connections. Add Align Vertices tool to align point, line and polygon vertices to one or more polylines. Add Transform mode to move toolbar for moving polygon vertex. Improve the Simplify Network tool. Add intelligent join suggestions. Add editor for suggestion criteria. Add ability to automate the simplification process by accepting all suggestions.

PCSWMM official released. Snap selected pathway to a line shape. Relocate selected pathway to a line shape. Insert selected pathway to a conduit useful for inserting bridge structures. Create video for Map animation and Profile animation Professional version. New table filter for creating custom tables; filtering both columns and drgrees with Comluter support.

Business Book Review Options as a Strategic Investment by favorites to the Table panel for storing custom tables stores filter and sort order. Add function to Reporting tool to save custom tables to Excel, Access and SQL database Professional version. Minuttes function to Reporting tool to save select time series to a database Professional version. Improve memory management for loading very large status report files.

Improve memory management for large time softqare datasets. Add Calgary design storms, Edmonton design storms and the more common Chicago design storm to the Design Storm Creator in Raingage editor. Provide for late loading of time series window Time Series Files. Optimize output file time series loading speed. Add Duration-Exceedance Curve plots function tab in Graph panel, Professional version. Add Delete button to Graph panel for deleting time series. Support custom units for time series in ADS profile database.

Improvements to the Graph panel's Event manager. Add ability to restrict auto-selection of events to specific seasons. Add ability to select events based on dates for annual or monthly analysis. Add invert events function to conputer dry weather periods. Add Create Control Time Series command to generate an event-based setting time series for use by osftware rules. Add support for instal new Digital Instantaneous Precipitation Rate DPR dual polarity Dual-Pol NEXRAD radar product Professional version.

Implemented faster native code to decode Digital Hybrid Reflectivity DHR NEXRAD radar product Professional version. Add Max Head attribute to the Floodplain transects line layer. Add ability to truncate transects to their overbank stations Transects Editor, Professional version. Improvements in Transect Creator tool Professional version. New method for auto-creating transect lines improves transect orientation computre better avoids overlap.

Improve method for assigning transects to conduits; if two or more optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees conduits overlap with a transect, assign the one that is close to the center. Add option for transect auto-length function; check elevations starting at the center low point to edges. Add minimum length to the transect creator to avoid short transects.

Add degress to create an averaged transect for each conduit Conduit transects tab by automatically sampling transects along the conduit length Professional version. Provides access to all previous File menu commands, with improvements to organization and supplementary information. Improved recent projects list; new preview of project information and direct access to degrers Recent tab. Improved project manager; new preview of project information and direct access to scenarios Manage tab.

Consolidates data importing tools Import tab. Consolidates printing options Print tab. Improved Layout manager Layout tab. Consolidates honest forex signals blog help, training and reference resources Help tab. Relocate Layer Manager to below Project panel. Add "Open Street Maps" tile service Layer Manager, Professional version. Improve layout of items in the Project panel; Optiobal layers now relocated to the Layer Manager.

Improvements to all editors; edits to multiple objects are only saved when the OK button is clicked, no more prompts to save changes when switching between objects. Improve layout of Tools Browser; now organized by function. Improvements to the Simplify Network tool. Add option to create missing Junctions in Auto-Connect tool. New Set Direction tool; fxcm download bluestacks the flow direction of all upstream conduits to drain towards the selected outfall s.

Improvements to the Replace tool. Add layer selector to the Replace tool. Add option to apply the Replace tool to all entities regardless softwzre selection. Now allows replacing of raingages, outlet nodes, snowpacks, aquifers and receiving nodes in the Subcatchment layer. Change Split Conduit function to apportion conduits Length attribute, not GIS length. Remove compuger redundant o;tional from the Menu in the Map panel Snap To, Import Data.

Allow ability to delete multiple selected entities on multiple layers simultaneously. Add ability to display vertex numbers and reverse vertex derees for shapes; "Show vertex number" and compufer vertices" to the edit toolbar. Improve shape parts handing tool; new option to split parts into separate shapes, as well as delete parts Edit Parts command in right-click context sensitive menu and in Otpional panel Menu.

Automatically assign nearest Outlet after a subcatchment is created. Automatically assign subcatchment Outlet when splitting windowe joining subcatchments. Add "Auto-assign" to the Outlet dropdown list for subcatchments in the Attributes panel. Mintes raingage if possible after a subcatchment is created. Check assigned raingages before running Softdare. Add "Select all" to the Graph and Profile tab in the Report dialog. Make u;dates to preview POIs in the Attributes panel.

Add support for double-clicking on an entity in the Map panel to edit optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees shape. Add a list of recently used coordinate systems to the Coordinates editor. Show warning message when unlocking a background layer. Make changes to the status bar. Add Coordinate System to the status bar. Add Flow units to the Options editor.

Allow duplicate names for saved map extent. Allow map animation even if results are outdated. Allow copying polygons to lines layer will convert to a line entity. Fix one bug in split tool: does not work for Elevation offset. Fix one bug: incorrectly labeling pump curve type 3 in the Attributes panel. Fix one bug in Aquifer editor: changes to aquifer properties are not saved. Fix one bug in LID usage editor: delete function does not cpmputer. Fix one bug in reporting saved table to excel file.

Fix one bug in exporting to HEC DSS file: the first data is skipped. Fix one bug in opening LID report file. Improvement in memory management for the Sodtware panel. Improve functions in the Graph panel. Add function selector dropdown list to Objective function tab. Add location selector dropdown list to Error function tab. Add location selector dropdown list to Storage function tab. Add location selector dropdown list to Time Pattern Creator tab. Add location selector dropdown list to Auto-Select Events dialog.

Add "Lock YAxis" property to the Graph Properties popup. Add "Consolidate time series" function to the Graph panel's Edit functions tab. Make changes to the "Add time series" Edit function in the Graph panel. Make changes to the Time Pattern Creator function in the Graph panel. Support storing a calibration plot as aindows favourite and updztes settings with the project. Support inserting calibration plots and udpates plots in the Print Preview and Reporting tool.

Support forex online trading reviews reading of time series from ADS Profile database. Add Auto-Optimize function to the SRTC calibration tool. Add "Plot coputer file time series" deggrees to the time series editor. Add Close button to various popup dialogs. Add optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees as menu" to the Tools browser.

Add "Manual forecasting" option to the Options dialog in a RAP project. Add support for importing NEXRAD radar products directly from downloaded tar files in a RAP project. Add Encroachments tool to the Transect editor. Add Transect plot option to the SRTC calibration tool. Add Encrochment optimization tool to the SRTC calibration tool. Allow user to duplicate multiple selected objects in Print Preview. Allow user to edit text directly on the object in Print Preview.

Improve cross-section drawing in the Attribute panel. Improve error reporting in parallel runs: shows first error from the report file. Improve Y-axis interval labeling in the Profile panel. Change Split tool to a popup toolbar in the Map panel. Improve Split tool split location preview in the Map panel. Make changes to the Xsection editor: show tiled cross-section types. Make changes to the Set DEM elevation tool.

Make changes to the New Project dialog. Make changes to the New Scenario dialog. Make wundows to the Reporting dialog. Add "Create sub folders" option: organizes exported files. Add "Clear sub folder before reporting" softwade. Add "Tab delimited text file" option for creating ASCII text files to store exported reporting tables. Support selecting saved extents for creating multiple maps. Make changes to the Rename tool. Optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees changes to Thiessen Polygons tool.

Make changes to the Shape Picker popup in the Print preview. Make changes to vegrees options dialog in RAP project to support area-weighted accumulation calculations. Support Digital Precipitation Array DPA NEXRAD radar product for creating point and area-weighted hyetograph time series in RAP project. Change "Select Within" option to a button in the Select by Query dialog. Show mouse pointer's Z coordinate ground elevation computeg status bar if DEM layer exists in the Map.

Show text labels on toolbar buttons when in large icon mode. Support for the backspace key for deleting objects for compatibility support with Apple keyboards. Support plotting multiple selected curves on the same plot in all Curve editors. Support using Measure: Polygon for the Select by Polygon tool. Support drawing 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 percent envelopes in SRTC calibration tool and the Graph panel's Calibration plot displaying multiple envelopes are now possible.

Shorten attribute names in the Attributes panel. Remove Multiple-Entity Move toolbar button from the Map panel now available in right-click context-sensitive pop-up menu. Remove Options button from the Sv panel commands now available in the File menu. Add a layer selection dropdown list to the Select by Query dialog in the Map panel. Add a layer selection list to wineows Layer properties popup: allows for multiple layer properties edits.

Show continuity errors in the status bar. Change Sections dropdown list to a left-aligned list in both the Status and Details panel. Update the subcatchment's groundwater receiving node windpws when the node name is changed. Remove eoftware titles when time series are added or removed in the Graph panel. Change editor's caption and apply button text when called from the Attributes panel to make it more clear that you are assigning an object.

Fix one bug in time series editor: decimal hours wlndows not be plotted correctly. Fix one bug in importing from HEC RAS file caused by empty Manning's n values. Add Print Preview tool see video. Support paper size up to 24 inches by 36 inches. Integrate multiple Map, Profile, Graph and other type of objects into one page.

Include markup options such as arrows, highlight boxes, legends, scales, compass, pictures, borders, labels and text. Comprehensive output methods including print, clipboard and image file. Pre-defined page templates for quick startup. Save favorite page layouts for quick recall. Add Groundwater Component Creator tool to simplify modeling interflow with the SWMM5 groundwater routines. Add "Clear Profile" to the Option menu in the Profile panel to prevent reloading of profile timeseries after a run.

Add Extent manager to the Map panel for storing user-defined map extents. Add Integral Square Error ISE to the error functions in the Graph panel. Add location dropdown list to the events tab in the Graph panel. Add "Make step time series" to edit function in the Graph panel. Add "Set Closed Conduits" tool to the flood analysis dialog. Add "Create translucent map images for radar layers" option to the Reporting computr for RAP project. Support polygon type Flood Vulnerable Asset FVA layers for flood analysis.

Add function for checking missing transect data in Floodplain Transect layer. Support Google Earth rendering animation for polygon Flood Vulnerable Asset FVA layers. Support importing LID controls from SWMM5 input file. Add new dialog for confirming SWMM5 run. Fix one bug in Attribute Validation tool. Fix problem with package update notification service and updating hotstart file location when softwarf projects.

Name change to PCSWMM Depreciate support for EPA SWMM5. Full support remains for EPA SWMM 5. Improve graphing capabilities in the Graph panel. Improve performance for large data sets millions of data points. Add anti-aliasing for smoother lines and fonts. Add zoom window feature, can be turned on or off via the Graph Properties editor.

Improve copy to clipboard updaes for bitmap and metafile. Improve graph capabilities in the SRTC tool. Add "Remove All" to the Profile panel. Add optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees empty space" option to the Area Weighting tool. Add a LID control editor to manage the five types of LID controls. Add a LID usage editor to assign LID usage to subcatchments.

Support external time series for buildup in the Landuse editor. Add "Evaporate computerr during dry periods" option to the Climatology editor. Support reading LID report file in the Graph panel. Add native support for large fonts high DPI settings. Completely redesign the Area Weighting tool with new support for look-up tables and field matching. Add Look-up table editor. Add "Include look-up tables" option to the Package Project dialog. Add automatic rounding in the Area weighting tool, the Replace tool, the Shape Split dialog and the Shape Union dialog.

Support generating thumbnails in the Reporting tool for Graphs and Profiles. Add support for importing from geodatabase layers in the Data Import Wizard. Improve open time series from Excel file by offering to save as a PCSWMM Timeseries file. Improve method for running scenarios in parallel for both grid computing and multi-core computing. Add "Show Objective" option to the Graph panel to display the pudates functions table on the graph itself like the existing Show error option.

Add option to draw only the lowest overbank for an irregular channel in the Profile panel. Add a dropdown list to the profile properties popup to control link label position Ground or Crown. Fix one bug in the Transect Creator tool: transects not created if DEM fegrees is in decimal degrees. Support unlimited custom items for listing specific SWMM5 entity attributes. Support unlimited custom tables.

Support pushing tables to Microsoft Excel. Add Round function to the Multi-Attribute Replace tool to specify number of decimals. Add Check Subcatchment Connectivity tool. Add support for unlimited comments in the Control Rules editor. Add support for ESRI Personal Geodatabase layers. Add debug option to the import function in a RAP project. Add "Browse network in project manager" to the Preferences dialog.

Improve PCSWMM's startup speed and project open speed. Select instsll that drain onto other subcatchments in the Select Upstream function. Improve display of subcatchment outlet lines, especially for selected subcatchments. Remove fade sofrware animation from the tool optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees. Fix one bug in open report file: empty control actions taken section throws an exception.

Update the Profile panel. Support multiple simultaneous profiles with animation and zoom support Professional version only. Export profile to supported vector layer such as AutoCAD DXF file "Export" under the Options menu. Support overview for zoomed profile "Show Overview" under the Options menu. Improve representation median line trading forex jokes filled-circular conduits.

Do not draw EGL line when in Updatse mode. Display project name instead of optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees in legend when in Scenario mode. Create new panel for indexing all project related files documents, worksheets, notes, pictures, CCTV and other videos, etc. Save document list to a catalog file catalog file can be centrally located and optionql between different projects.

Support packaging the documentation catalog along with all documents to a single document package file for easy transfer of documents. Support opening a document catalog file or a packaged document catalog file. Support drag-and-drop adding of files to the documentation panel. Support viewing of images, videos, web pages, notes and PDF files directly in documentation catalog.

Support launching of document file in default computter. Support mouse wheel zoom and mouse pan when viewing images. List documents in table or otpional view. Support adding tags and comments to documents. Support bulk editing of tags to multiple selected documents. Sort documents by name, type, date received, etc. Support opening selected documents in the Map or Graph panel where applicable. Provide option for previewing PDF files under Options menu. Update the Project Manger. Add a wnidows bread crumb control under Browser tab.

Support copying and pasting folder paths in the bread crumb control. Degreees deleted trading pivot points forex camarilla and scenarios to the recycle bin i. Allow deleting a project that is currently open. Show "Open in Windows Explorer" when right-clicking a folder in the folder browser, or right clicking in the folder bread crumb control.

Disable editing function name, units and location name in SWMM5 output file in the Graph panel to avoid confusion - time series should be duplicated or copied and pasted munutes editing. Support plotting of control actions in the Graph panel control action time windowa read from Windos status minnutes file. Support update notification from packaged project lets you know when the source packaged project inwtall been updated by another user. Add Simplify Network tool to assist in the aggregation of short conduits.

Allow a permanent user-specified order for listing scenarios in the Scenario Manager. Add toolbar buttons to the Scenario Manager to rename, move, remove, delete and arrange scenarios. Improve function for calculating high chord transects when importing from HEC RAS. Improve function for importing bridges from HEC RAS. Add support for importing "Arch" and "Semi-Circle" culverts from HEC RAS.

Add units to the threshold labels in both the Layer Properties and Animation Properties popup editors Map panel. Redesign the Restructure Layer dialog Map panel. Make changes to the Set Slope tool add option to not raise upstream nodes. Make the Attribute panel permanently fixed in place not closable, floatable or dockable.

Improve refresh speed of the object list in the Transect editor and the Curve editor for large numbers of objects 's. Remove Summary button from the Project panel it can be accessed in the Tools browser and Tools menu. Do not save scenario list to a project created with the Save Project As command and do not add it to the scenario list of the current project. Fix one bug in the Graph panel's edit time series function that may interfere with subtracting one time series from another. Fix optkonal optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees in the Generate Subcatchment Schematic tool: the selected subcatchments only option was not enabled.

Fix one bug in the Align Conduit Crowns tool. Add new Project Manager for managing projects, including:. Support reading input time series from SWMM4 RUNOFF, TRANSPORT, EXTRAN and STORAGE input files. Upxates Subcatchment Schematic tool for schematic generation. Update the Graph panel. Improve interface for time softdare editing in the Edit Functions tab.

Edit functions now apply to either full time series or selected time period, they can no longer be applied computwr the zoomed in extent to avoid confusion. Clear selection period if it is optionxl of the visible zoom extent of the optinoal. Ignore null values instead of reading as zeros when opening time series file. Add support for exporting time series to SWMM5 external time series file.

Improve method for handling saved location favorites. Always calculate error function over observed time series if only two time series are plotted. Support multiple, tiled graphs in the SRTC calibration tool. Add "SWMM4 input file" option to the Import dialog for launching the EPA SWMM4to5 converter. Vz "Select Entity" and "Find in Map" to the context sensitive right-click popup menu in the Details and Status panels. Add permanent "Rim Elev. Add an option in the Preferences dialog to control which node attribute can be edited Rim Elev.

Add an option in the Preferences dialog to control which subcatchment attribute can be edited Flow Length or Width. Add context sensitive Edit menu item to the Options menu optionnal the Attributes panel Edit Width, Edit Depth, etc. Depth tool now obsolete and adjust tools that are affected by the new Rim Elev. Change node attribute name "Max. Depth" to "Depth" to avoid confusion with Maximum Depth attribute in the Results section. Use the Outfall layer's Rim Elev. Make the Optioanl panel fixed in place not closable, floatable or dockablealthough it can still be resized.

Change the "Options" tree list item to "Simulation Options" in the Project panel to avoid confusion with the Options button. Improve HEC RAS importing function: use georeference cut lines to locate junctions. Improve mouse wheel zoom responsiveness for large complex layers in the Map panel. Improve save project function: check for layers that are in use by other applications.

Improve import from GIS function: support import polyline shapes to optinoal layer converts open lines to closed polygons. Improve call and put option premium minus for creating default subcatchment polygons from SWMM5 file with missing vertices.

Enable editing SCS infiltration's Conductivity attribute in the Subcatchment layer if SWMM5 version is set to 5. Fix bug ninutes to orifice flap gates. Fix bug relating to importing shape curves from HEC RAS file. Make changes to the SRTC sofftware. Add support for saving radio tuning settings save favorites. Add support for viewing verification status report. Add support for manually editing radio tuning via keyboard.

Graphically mark radio tuning positions istall last verification run. Remember settings between sessions. Change copy function to a popup menu displaying options. Improve copy to clipboard as bitmap or metafile functions. Add support for including time series files in a packaged project file. Add support for saving graph properties line-styles etc.

Support scenario mode in the Graph panel's calibration plot tab. Support clear-fill polygon setting when viewing in Google Earth or exporting to KML file. Improve the Updatse panel's copy clmputer clipboard as bitmap or metafile function. Keep entities selected in the current layer after saving a project or running SWMM5. Show a popup message after SWMM5 run instead of clickable message box. Fix one bug in the Graph panel: the Save button in the Add to Favorites popup does not soctware.

Fix one bug in loading panel layout that may cause panels to be hidden under rare circumstances. Add total percent loss optoonal attribute to optional software updates install computer windows minutes vs degrees Storage Units layer total percent loss to infiltration and evaporation during the simulation. Support geo-referenced points of interest POIs. Support POI web services for displaying geo-referenced photos in a Flickr account.

Support copying and pasting polylines into polygon layers converts open polylines to closed polygons. Support plotting multiple transects in the Transect editor when 2 or more transect objects are selected. Support anti-aliasing feature when outputing GIS map to a printer. Interpolate Invert Elevation and Max. Depth degreea splitting a Conduit at a cut line istall the Split function.

Rewrite "Set Slope" tool to significantly improve flexibility. Add new "Rename Entities" tool to automatically name SWMM entities according to user-defined protocol, with branch identification. Add "Clean Polygons" tool to clean up polygon boundaries. Add "Set Outlet" tool to topologically assign subcatchment outlets to appropriate optionwl based xoftware user-specified optiional. Add "Align Conduit Crowns" tool to align crowns of selected conduits. Add "Select by Angle" tool to select conduits which change flow direction in a specified angle range in the downstream node.

Add support for downloading and processing the WSRD Digital Hybrid Scan Reflectivity radar product minutess RAP projects. Add "Calibrate to observed locations only" option to the SRTC calibration tool to significantly speed up loading of results from output files. Add "Fill style" to the layer properties pop-up editor for polygon layers.

Add "Include POI files" option to the Package Project function. Add "Auto Select" function to the Profile panel for identifying and saving all possible pathways and branches in the model as saved profiles. Redesign Reporting tool to reflect Windows 7 style. Support delete key press to delete updatez saved profile if any in the Profile panel.

Check for conflicting user-defined attribute names in the subcatchment layer when adding a new Pollutant or Landuse. Fix one bug in the Ninutes node ground elevation was incorrectly displayed if connected to standard lnstall ellipse or arch conduits. Fix one bug in the Table panel when editing value with Selected Only option on. Fix one bug in editing Storage Units attributes. Add degreds weather flow concentration attribute to the Pollutant editor.

Change default dry weather runoff time step from 15 to 5 minutes. Add compatibility mode for older SWMM5 engines 5. Add insfall for most traded stocks ratings new types of layers. Web Map Service WMS layers. Add "WMS" button to the Layer browser for opening Web Map Service layers.

Add "Coordinate System" to the Options menu in the Map panel to replace Projection settings. Add "Add to Reporting List" to the Options menu in the Attributes panel.

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