Forex trading styles pros and cons using wen

How it Works Thanks for your time. Actors target businesses and obtain business' bank account. Does Algorithmic Trading Work? Buyer beware big time Reply.

Let's Do a Joint-Venture Trading Webinar Together. To Help Traders and Generate New Sales. What To Include in Your Offer Slide s :. Be sure to have a specific special offer slide that includes some unique offer price discount or added bonus along with a deadline and, preferably, a unique landing page for the offer you'll be presenting to traders. For example you could reference www. Bad examples — What to Avoid:. Most importantly, be sure that whatever you offer traders can genuinely help themand isn't rehashed basics or non-working made up usinf like much of the trading industry hawks to traders.

I want to do this right, amd that traders come to recognize the value of working together, and I can bring actually good resources in front of traders that they will sytles valuable over the long term. I want to bring authentic industry experts in front of traders that can actually make a real difference in their personal success as traders. Let's do this right. As my colleague and role model Brian Tracy says, your reputation is a sacred thing and should be guarded carefully.

So working together to build a reputation of excellence, teamwork and solid trading "how to" resources in front of traders has been, and will continue to be, a core value for the JV Trading Webinars that I offer our Daytrading Stylea family of active traders. I look forward to working with you for shared success! Develop and deliver trading products and services that provide both outstanding value as well as content to traders.

That's one of the reasons I've earned the trust of so many thousands of traders over the years, while watching competitors drop. I'm in it for the long term. FAQ: JV Joint-Venture Trading Webinars. These FAQs are for potential JV partners who would like to pursue the idea of potentially working with me for JV Trading Webinars. You must be a well-known Trader's Expo speaker or author with high credibility.

No-name internet marketers need not apply. I only want the best for my traders. Question: "Ken, I'm a trading educator, how can I do a JV Trading Webinar with you? Answer: I'll be approaching the dozens of professional trading colleagues I already know for first chance at doing these with me, during 1Q -2Q So I do not have availability in the near future to do one with you, til summer most likely.

Exceptions may be made if you're extremely well-known and respected in the trading industry. I won't promote content like that to traders. Question: "Ken I'm a well known trading industry author or Traders' Expo speaker, or I represent a major brokerage or institutional trading firm that's listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ and would like to forfx the possibility of working together, how do I get started? Answer: Just provide your contact information and brief notes in the "support" tab at top left of the page or contact me using this support ticket link and I'll get back to you I love your presentations as they are pertinent and pithy.

Assesing different styles of trading can be thought provoking especially when experienced traders fofex presenting. Short and to the point is tradinb. I commend you on offering this well thought out concept. Two presenters always add to a topic as they will almost always identify small factors that the other presenter misses. It is like a summary of all info that we want for our trading.

I'm especially encouraged when you highlight something that I saw for myselfas a result of studying with you. Thanks" - Gregory R. I would like to listen a dual presenter webinar. I find the synergy of two presenters usually exceeds the value of information presented in two separate webinars. I think 2 presenters can be benefical. Wej another person can relate the same ideas with a different twist that can help the student have an eye opening just because of the different approach.

I like the idea of two professionals making succinct presentations in a shorter time frame. It's easier to stay focused on the material being presented and I agree that long drawn-out sessions should become a thing of the past. Cheers" - Tony L. Your webinars are always outstanding! Your presentation style and the energy you put forth in each webinar is what keeps me coming back. Two presenters providing comments, ideas and opinions, whether mutually supportive or opposing, should prove very interesting and provide your viewers with plenty to think about.

The best thing about having 2-Presenter Webinars is being able to forex trading styles pros and cons using wen different complementary approaches to trading. The two pronged attack works! I've bought Steve's materials over many years and since it was clear he was willing to JV with you and I know he wouldn't JV with just anyone, it was like a ringing endorsement. Some ttrading waffle on and by the end of the presentation they have brought nothing new to the webinars they have done in the past.

With you it is continuous feeding and the desire to hang in there. Different opinions also make one think more and learn to make clearer decisions for oneself. Two educators with ideas to help everyday traders make better decisions in their trading. Differing interpretations of a given trade is highly possible and the audience will benefit from the give and take of both parties" - Saliem A.

The two, 30 min. I believe two opinions are better than one. What a great practical and useful informations for fored trading. Your insights are really helpful. I look forward to your latest technical approaches. If the two presenters mesh well in topic and presentation style, it could work. Would 30 minutes per session be sufficient for each presenter to provide good training content?

Certainly worth a try. I like the Best about watching the market with two experts view. It's pratical and very useful, Wow, Thank you! Looking forward to pickup some great tips. I am keen to cut down to one or two good ones and ignore the rest. Main goal is to provide valuable, actionable tips that traders can use during the webinars. Two perceptions on how to reach the goal of profitable trading can only expand my thinking.

I think the more ways a trade can be explained and the reasons behind it, the greater likely hood that I will be able to understand it. It will also provide the different perspectives of the 2 presenters. Your plans is a great traxing for me to jump on board with. Regards" - Noel D. I especially liked your co-hosted DVD's package with Steve Nison. Each complementing the other East meets West.

It can only be a win win situation. To make you a better trader" - Phillip B. I also like the synergies between approaches that you highlight. When Ken presented an entry or exit Adrienne provided comments relating to the psychological aspect of the trade. Trading and pysch were merged in an excellent presentation.

Your recommendations have been right on. I think the most important thing is the message and methodology being presented in the webinar. It will be interesting to hear two different presenters relate on their. Two, with different slants, will be more rewarding. Various ideas are always welcome. I can not say anything more.

Ideally they would agree on certain strategies as confirmation of their shyles potential. Looking forward to your new concept. This gives me multiple perspectives to aproach my trading with. The idea of the two moderators are good, but it also requires that both are well together and not have mixed messages that create confusion among the participants. We all forex trading styles pros and cons using wen you and your skills to make money. Now it's up to you to show that you can also choose a good teammate.

Reply from Ken: Hi Owe, I agree completely. I'm very careful about who I work with, so I'll continue to make sure that I co-present with credible industry experts whose training complements my own, and shows traders new strategies that fit in with the approach I take to trading, too. Point well taken - thanks. It will definitely enhance ahd while energizing the traders.

I'm just launching these as a new way to work with a handful of other worthwhile trading instructors, so forex trading styles pros and cons using wen both of us can present to our traders together, as a team, on occasion. So I may do webinars a month for traders that feature just me, plus 1 or 2 others at most that are JV Trading Webinars.

The attendant will retain more" - Suchia C. When both are at the top of their game. They feed off each other, and as the chewing gum ad says "Double Your Pleasure". Looking foreward to hearing the event. Want to see dual-presentation of how to trade old fashioned market selloff in the weeks ahead! I learned that the key to trading success is to identify and confirm market trend and forex trading styles pros and cons using wen follow the trend until the trend pauses or end, or you reach your profit target.

It shows things from a different perspective. I especially liked the one you did with Steve Nison" - Naveen G. The expert recommanded by Ken or the one who does a dual presentation with Ken should no doubt be called an expert, as Ken himself is an expert. I am looking forward to your future webinars so I can reach Cone level in my trading.

This joint presentation will be interesting and informative to all traders. Waiting to see your webinar. I always heard that two heads were better than one. Swing v scalp trades, money management, etc. Pls send email so that we can get your videos and the Sat meeting. I have set aside time to watch a webinars that I thought might have some value only to leave after a few minutes. This gives us twice the chance of hearing a concept or tip that might be of value.

You cant take just any system that might work well for any other trader. You have to take good ideas like your cup breakout strategy or Nisons work and aand a trading plan around them. Dual Presenter webinars offer just that! Regards" - Chris S. If both present different views of the same theme, then they can be good.

It will keep the audience's attention and give them twice the bang for the buck. There really informative and to the point. I love your webinars and would like to see more webinars in the future with you and Peter Bain or Steve Nison. Your experience made me a better trader and I wanna thank you for that! It keeps the discussion lively and doesn't get bored. I especially liked the one you did with Steve Nison. I wish that you rather show techniques that can be applied to any market.

I'm looking forward to broker stock xertigny your presentation. Good luck" - Tomas L. Ken's stuff is always great" - Joel A. Won't miss the opportunities to attend! Stylees from Ken: Thanks, Mike. Agree; having another presenter can make for a variety of top-quality trading instructors. One thing I'll continue to do is only work with the best of the best out there, so traders have something useful to look forward to, to improve their training.

See you in the webinars! We are able to absorb forex trading styles pros and cons using wen from experienced traders. You are a great teacher. It's also good to see how some of the co-presenters trade. You get 2 different visions on how to go about trading the right way. Thanks for your time. Thankyou for an absolutely brilliant idea. What I like is that I am able to take whatever pieces of information I like from each of you and mould it to suit my own style I like your no BS approach.

Also, that the two presenters will try to look their best alongside their co-presenter" - Usihg B. Reply from Ken: Good points, Jim - I agree that having 2 presenters keeps things more lively; if you've been to some of the snooze-fest webinars that some trading companies have out there, it's enough to make you reach for cpns coffee to stay awake By having two presenters, that gives traders more content plus more value; like "changing channels" at the minute mark.

Also it gives others who do webinars with me the opportunity for us to comment on each other's strategies, giving traders the 'best of both' in one single event. Thanks for the post! I recently listened into you and Peter Bain from forexmentor and the information was excellent and the products on offer were also good value. It was definitely worth an hour. Customer Service: The model I've developed for doing this is described on this site, with what I call "Joint Venture Trading Webinars", in which we do a series of 2 webinars that are co-promoted to both of our lists.

If you're interested in this, please contact meor if you have any alternate methods of promotions, let me know your thoughts; thanks. I do not do banner ads or link exchanges, nor work with anyone other than well established trading industry figures. How many times have you done a webinar with another trading industry colleague, only to get little or no sales response? It uses an innovative "dual presentation" approach that helps connect with traders more effectively, leading to better potential sales while delivering suing more interesting, successful webinar experience for active traders worldwide.

Let me be crystal clear about one thing upfront: My most important value is to actually help traders with genuinely useful content stules my webinars which is why my webinars have continued to grow in popularitywhile webinars by others have gotten fewer traders in recent months. If you've seen any of my webinars, you'll know what I mean.

So I do not want to work with people who give little or no practical trading "how to" tips who instead waste traders' time with thinly-disguised pitchfest webinars, particularly for overpriced content that doesn't work in real trading. I want my traders and yours to have the very best webinar experience possible. My webinars are very unique, and I'm interested in finding high-credibility people to do them with. I honestly believe that if you deliver practical, step by step professional training during your presentations, traders will seek you out for more information, and potentially become good customers, since they can trust you to show them useful techniques.

Working relationships are developed over the long term, and trust has to be earned. How Are They Different from Traditional Single-Presenter Trading Webinars? Typical trading webinars use the following format Introduction, a 50 minute presentation by a single presenter, followed by a minute sales pitch. Which doesn't convert well in this economy. They look uzing this:. Traders are overexposed to this traditional "pitchfest webinar" format and are converting at lower rates because they are used to seeing the same approach used over and over again.

Trader familiarity with this overused webinar format leads uwing lower sales, because traders are inundated with similar webinars from dozens of different trading educators. With ever-shorter attention spans, it makes sense to cut the presentation time per person to a more engaging 30 minutes. Additionally, this lets each presenter add occasional comments to each others' presentation optionalmaking for more useful and interesting content for the traders who are watching the webinar.

It also provides a more teamwork-oriented presentation environment, instead of the one-way "guru talking to the masses" approach that traders are tired of seeing over and over again. And by presenting together, it presents a more unified trading webinar that can potentially generate better sales response, because each instructor is seen together in one event. It's time for a paradigm shift — one that's more appealing to traders and trading educators alike.

And one that can potentially generate much better overall sales response while putting genuinely helpful trading resources in the hands of active traders, as well. FAQ: What are the benefits to me? And with the 2-webinar approach, you can also get new leads to market to that register on your platform. FAQ: How do you handle leads? Tradding you send me any lead data directly, or ask for them from me?

Answer: No, I never send out leads or data directly to den, nor do I ask for it from jv webinar partners, because that's not in accordance with my privacy policy. That's why I developed this 2-webinar approach, where we have 2 events, one on my platform and one on your platform, as a 2-event series. So that way they need to register on each of our platforms, which gives us each leads from each other's lists that we can later contact, in accordance with our sites' respective privacy policies.

I've found that there's some trading educators who expect to be able to forex trading styles pros and cons using wen leads; I do not, since I want to keep my traders' emails private. So instead we do a two-webinar series, alternating on each others' platform, so that each presenter gets new leads. FAQ: What kinds of lead-generation should I expect, realistically?

That's not the kinds of numbers my list is able to produce, nor do I have unrealistic expectations from you regarding lead-number production. If we're each able to contribute and get at least leads or so, that's fine. Nowadays, inI'm finding that fewer people are opting in to webinar registrations many traders are burned out on webinarsthough many like to watch the replay, during which we're both presenting And for that matter, I know many people for whatever reason do not email their entire lists; that's ok with me as well.

I just ask that you give things a fair try, to work together and help create a successful webinar experience for each other, and for our traders. FAQ: What type of webinar platform do I need? Answer: Since my events usually get at least attendees, it's good to have a webinar platform that accomodates that quantity. I use gotowebinar; other good platforms include omnovia and adobe connect. A person limit room is likely not sufficient, since we'll get more than that.

Wdn personally have a 1, person capacity gotowebinar room. How it Works These are webinars that we both present during, one at a time for 30 tsyles each, that are co-marketed to both our entire trading lists, so we have traders from both our lists in attendance during each webinar event. The recommended stylws is to do two different webinars, stylfs from weeks apart, sfyles are co-promoted to both of our trading lists via email. If you wish to just start cnos a single JV Trading Webinar, that's fine too, of course.

A sample title might be, for example "Breakout Trading Tactics with your name and Ken Calhoun: 2-Part Webinar Series for Active Traders". And we each send out emails to both our lists to invite them to register on my gotowebinar platform for the first of 2 events, and repeat a week later, to invite both our lists to register on your platform gotowebinar, omnovia, webex or adobe forex trading styles pros and cons using wenfor the 2nd of two events in the 2-part series.

That way, we each capture leads from each of our respective lists, for followup marketing that we do individually, in addition to whatever we do during each webinar with time-limited offers. After you and I initially contact each other via email, we can schedule a brief phone call to strategize how this would work for our presentations. The main process looks like the following STEP 1: We decide on a main trading topic, date and time to hold our first and second webinars.

STEP forex trading styles pros and cons using wen We agree on who presents first and who presents second during each of the 2 webinars, as well as what the offers are that we'll make to the traders during the webinar. Upsells can occur later after you've acquired a customer at a later price point. STEP 3: Wrn schedule a series of 2 email blasts that we both agree to send to our trading lists during the week leading up to the actual webinar dates. Traders from both our email lists will register for first webinar using my GotoWebinar.

Our second anf held weeks after the first one can be held using your meeting software, sending email blasts to both our lists to register on your platform or we can do both on my gotowebinar interface, it's up to you. Recommended other providers in addition to gotowebinar include omnovia, webex and adobeconnect — those are the 3 most-popular webinar interfaces. Revenue-sharing details: I'd recommend that we "keep it simple" for our first JV webinar, in which we make our individual offers to the combined attendees and individually retain full revenue from any sales we get independently.

So you get all revenue from sales generated by the event to the traders for whatever you're selling, and I get all revenue from sales generated by the event to the traders from whatever I sell. So for example if you sell 28 units of whatever you sell trading course, alerts, whateveryou get all the revenue from that, and vice-versa.

We can discuss this during our phone call and come to agreement on whatever makes sense for both of us. Whatever revenue-sharing or other arrangement we have will need to be documented via email, to specifically cover what we will uslng doing. Typical JV Trading Webinar EMAIL Blast schedule and process :. I usually need to schedule at ztyles several months' out, due to my current schedule is booked for the next several upcoming months.

We discuss content, offers, and timing schedule. The goal for this call is to develop a specific plan with dates. I recommend that we send 3 emails total: Email 1 goes out a week or so before the webinar, and Email 2 is sent the day before the webinar, as a reminder. The last blast, Email 3, is sent to everyone with a a webinar replay link and b URL links to both of our sales offers or lead-capture pages, depending on what you want to do.

What We Present During The Webinar:. You can go first, or I can, we can discuss this on our phone call. Email blasts for Webinar 2: We repeat the process several weeks later, to do a second webinar. The reason for doing a second webinar is that it often takes multiple forex trading styles pros and cons using wen to generate sales, to build familiarity between us and each others' lists.

By having two different webinars, we also have a valid reason to email our lists with followup offers as well. Idea for Webinars: We can position the first webinar as "Part 1 of a 2-Part Breakout Trading Series, featuring your name and Ken Calhoun, together for the first time ever", then offer the second webinar as "Part To help build leads uxing you as well, we can alternate our webinars, using my gotowebinar platform for the first event, and your platform for the second event.

And, I'd recommend that as part of your sales presentation for each one, you also direct them to a lead-capture page where they can opt in for your newsletter or other bonus. What's In It For You:. In addition to saving time, you get to work with me during our Joint-Venture partner webinars in a way that gets you and your company's products and services in usin of an ever-increasing audience of traders.

Also since I'm widely published and am an expo speaker, the credibility of working with me can help produce additional sales. I do not work with the low-credibility internet marketers who do affiliate product launches for overpriced low-value content as you know, if you're on my email list. You get to offer one of your company's reasonably-priced products or services to thousands of traders, and it costs you absolutely nothing. And you don't have to pay me affiliate commissions, either.

We just tradihg market to styls of our lists, for each other, to cross-promote, during 1 or 2 JV Trading Webinars together — it's easy. All I ask tradibg that you andd email the invitation to your list, as I will, so that we get all traders in one event, in which we znd present solid trading tips, along with a brief sales offer, to benefit both of our companies, as well as the traders.

Note: I'm very selective about with whom I work in the trading industry ; if you're reading this as a result of our email in which I asked you to read this, then you're on the short list of people I respect and would like to work with. By being someone who I'm recommending learning from to my lists, that can help potentially increase sales and new trader customers for you as well. Also I provide the webinar replay download video done on my gotowebinar interface at my expense, hosting the download on my Amazon S3 server, so it downloads quickly and reliably for traders, at no cost whatsoever to you.

I make it easy to work with me to help produce successful trading events. How Joint-Venture Trading Webinars Help Traders:. People's time is valuable — and our traders know and respect that. By providing two minute presentations during a single minute webinar event, we are adding more value to the trading community.

Traders are not patient, and mentally and often literally "tune out" after hearing 40 minutes or more from a single instructor. By having two of us together, it delivers more value to the traders who are listening, as well as giving them two different offers to choose from. Variety and teamwork is essential for success, especially in an uncertain, fast-paced uskng And they may often end up getting both instructors' offers, or working with both instructors during the months ahead, after the webinar.

Having both of us in front of our traders gives traders those choices, and delivers more leads and value to both of our businesses. Working with credible, respected resources in the trading community during these "JV Trading Webinars" also elevates trader awareness and raises the bar on content delivery. It cond provides strong competitive differentiation compared to the marketers who are still doing single-presentation low conversion approaches.

Working together on these joint presentation webinars is an innovative new strategy designed to deliver more sales for both of us and satisfied traders, who are likely to continue buying from us in the future tracing well. Working with credible industry professionals who are published and recognized, with solid reputationsis a hallmark of credible webinars for active trader education. Let's work together to team up and do what's right for our traders, and our businesses, by teaming up to provide great training to traders.

Instead, fore get in front of traders with solid training at reasonable prices with JV Trading Webinarswhich have a much higher likelihood of selling, and of building long-term customers that trust trqding. Feel free to contact me use the support tab or contact fore via email or leave a message for me at my office phone voicemail at Good examples — What To Do for Best Sales See what other traders are saying August 11, AM.

August 9, AM. August 9, AM. August 8, PM. August 8, AM. August 8, AM. August 7, PM. August 7, PM. August 6, PM. August 6, AM. August 5, PM. August 5, PM. August 5, AM. August 5, AM. August 4, PM. August 4, PM. August 4, AM. August 4, AM. August 3, PM. August 3, AM. August 3, AM. Your Trading " " Determining Your Position Size ". Disclaimer: Site visitors, email subscribers, jv partners, affiliates, and customers hereby agree to all terms found in our complete disclaimerterms of use and privacy policy pages.

Links in this page may contain affiliate offers, for which I receive a commission if a sale is generated. All submissions and postings become the property of Daytrading University and you allow us to post it on this site as submitted. Best wishes for success!

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