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Phil Robertson is a man that believes in the gospel and lives tradong he believes. Not hypocrite like so many people in church today. And this whole thing about him getting fired is publicity stunt to make more money He has already shown what is in his heart by bashing homosexuality ,god doesnt hate gay people but phil robertson does if you aint white,straight,inbreeding and hunting ducks then you need to be stoned to death in his opinon The view from left field must not be very good.

You and your post need help. Phil does not hate homosexuals and he gave an accurate description of what the Bible says. Homosexuals can be forgiven, just like people that sin in other areas, but repentance of everyone is a mandatory first step. Your post shows your prejudice. Have you read the bible? Your choice of descriptive adjectives does give the feeling of finger pointing that defines liberalism.

Yes, I have read the Bible several times. God never says he hates homosexuals, he grieves for them. Its funny how phil decides out of all the different people he brings up the topic about homosexuals its funny how he didnt really say what he thinks about them How do you know what Phil thinks? He never said that he hated anyone.

He quoted the bible, which you have never read. We as christians sin just like everyone else, only difference is we are forgiven. You can be to if you give your heart to God. What matters is what God thinks. In BC times, if a Rabbi would bump into a homosexual, the Rabbi would be considered fre until he performed the cleansing rituals and the homosexual would be stoned to death.

Free download forex trading system quarterback AD times, if Jesus were to bump into a homosexual, the homosexual would be delivered from that life style and Jesus would still be ritually clean. He brought up thieves, murderers, and other sinners…. In fact, Phil went on to talk about all sin, not just homosexuality. What is WRONG with you?! So if the bible says homosexuality is OK, are you OK with it?

An outdated work of fiction. Think for yourselves for once! Nothing changes other then they are not living in sin and I would imagine could get married. But thats not the case, and I doubt the Bible will be qkarterback unless another savior comes along or something. They told you this in person?? Second you claim to know something of the bible?

This should clear up and delusions in that little mind of yours. Written by some homophobes years ago. They mean nothing to me. You have about as much credibility as Obama, which is zero. Phil Robertson never said he hated homosexuals, he stated that homosexual acts are sin. Do not be deceived; neither the immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

You sjstem t always get what you want, none of us can. He never bashed anyone, He simply spoke his beliefs. He is merciful and he loves us all but not everyone will enter the kingdom of heaven. The way to the Father is through the Son and the SON spoke about homosexuality in the new test. Are you a heterphobic hater? You are a judgmental, hater and need salvation more than anything, stop the straight hating. PHIL DID NOT WRITE THE BIBLE… HE BELIEVES IN THE Options buy a put names. God, while you people are mentally ill, you are committed to your bogus movement.

You people need to read a free download forex trading system quarterback book and understand the relationship between the penis and the alimentary canal. Then read the Bible. Put on your glasses and look at him again. That is from the Old Testament, Jesus paid the price for free download forex trading system quarterback sins when he willingly died on the cross our sins, past, present and future!! His blood covers our sins, we are not under the old law. Thank you Jesus John Suarterback part about the beard is in the old test.

We are no longer under the old law. We Christians are living under the new law, the new test. And yes, Jesus did touch upon the subject of homosexuality. They always quote the old to defend their lifestyle. Typical anonymous, intolerant hater. If you are so concerned about what the Bible says get off your knees practicing effeminate tasks and try praying! Thats a verse in the old testament, that was written as a law by moses, specifically directed to the Israelites after fleeing Egypt to keep trqding culture separate from the Caninites.

In other words you should know what your talking about before you start pulling irrelevant stuff out of the bible. What do you have against spell xystem You would have to know WHO that particular scripture was addressing and Ffee was going on at the time in history. Do not judge the Bible or the Christian religion from outside of it.

We are all sinners — Christians too — we are never free from sin — we acknowledge this and work daily to walk in the light. This is far different from being a hypocrite. Please provide the Bible verse and the context in which it was mentioned — i. Just free download forex trading system quarterback to show you never know what drives people and what makes people. Mr Robertson tried other things did not like them and found the Lord.

He is happy and wants others systek find him too. So, only Jesus is god? Just a great stroke of luck that every other religion is wrong and Christians managed to get the truth, as well as the nature of the universe, right. Who wants to buy some lakefront property in Florida, you know, some of the land that the European took by force from the original inhabitants, the Native American? By the way, this interview was BEFORE the controversy. I imagine Terry would not have quaterback up foorex relationship with Phil after the the GQ frwe.

I bet he would have and I am not a betting man either. I say that he would have because TB is a stand up man,not a phony,ass kissing always wanting to be politically correct individual hootie33……………. You sound like the typical LIBTARD, no truth in you just say what your pea-brain comes up with. Never mind, keep it to yourself. I could be wrong………NOOOOTTTT Phil Robertson believes in the Bible and tells it like it is. And Terry Bradshaw said Phil is a good guy and Terry kept the bench warm.

Both guys turned out there very best performance over the years. Both are A-OK in there own way. About 20 years ago I was staying at a hotel for an eye wear convention in Houston,TX as a sales rep. Myself and a few others were sitting in free download forex trading system quarterback restaurant just off the main lobby telling salesman stories when I saw Terry standing near the front entrance rocking back and forth on his feet smoking a big cigar. I told my friends that I always like to make contact with people of notoriety when the opportunity affords itself.

Would just like to shake your hand. It was a cruel comment to say publicly …young men and women look up to public figures and unfortunately there are too many suicides in the teen population because of the comments about homo-sexuality made by these public figures…So PLEASE keep these comments to your-self. You never know when a syystem im pressionable ears may be listening…….! It cant be a cruel comment, it can be a truthful comment as in letting people know they are sinning.

Sin is ugly, there is no dowbload to deliver that fact on a silver platter when its yours! If I was headed straight for hell and was oblivious to that fact and someone came along and told me, well that would be love! I can only imagine how many people Phil Robertson benefited who heard that interview! Maybe you too Sue Jenkins George and many others ought to check yourself and wake up when it comes to Gods plan for your life as should gay people!

Being Gay is not Gods plan, its the devils! Homosexuals change all the time. She then got married and had a child and remains heterosexual. Which part was a cruel thing to say Sue? I read what he said, and other than being crude, all I read was his personal opinion, not one word bashing or hating anyone. He was asked what he thought, I suspect he was asked for the specific reason of camouflaging intolerance of opinion for outrage.

As long as you agree with their agenda everything is tradin. They can all go pound sand for all I care. Non of this is really even about religion. It should be about, if someone is interviewing him, do you want to hear his beliefs or do you just want a politically correct quote. Really cuts down on news print.

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All the News the Left Won't Print. And this whole thing free download forex trading system quarterback him downloae fired is publicity stunt to make more money. He has already shown what is in his zystem by bashing homosexuality ,god doesnt hate gay people but phil robertson does if you aint white,straight,inbreeding and hunting ducks then you need to be stoned to death in his opinon.

The view from left field must not be very good. Well Account forex forex managed receiving, your post certainly makes you sound liberal. Its funny how phil decides out of all the different people he brings up the topic about homosexuals its funny how he didnt really say what he thinks about them. How do you know what Phil thinks? Thats what their family believesi met them one time while they were passing through florida and thats almost exactly what they said when i talked to one of them while they were waiting to fill up at the gas station.

Phil cited 1 Corinthians Lame, shallow, but consistent. MAYBE YOU NEED TO DO SOME SOUL SEARCHING……. Please show me where Phil Robertson ever said he hated gays. Sorryno can do. This interview is great. Love this interview thanks terry. Thank you Terry for standing with Phil. I enjoyed that interview. Terry lives in Oklahoma, where I am from, no wonder he is a class act!!!!

I am speechless Bradshaw has told the truth again! This is more proof Phil is who he is! What a great country, we should think about keeping it! I say that he would have because TB is a stand up man,not a phony,ass kissing always wanting to be politically correct individual. I could tradding wrong………NOOOOTTTT. Correct again, your not better! Phil Robertson believes in the Bible metatrader 4 add server xavier tells it like it is.

And by the way…you need to shave! Ur an idiot, now go jump off a bridge! This clip is just amazing. I can watch it again and again. There is no political correctness on Phil Robertson. When Jay leaves his late night show he needs to become the lead presenter of Top Gear: America. Come on over and seek advice from my website. After Schumer Launches Filibuster of Gorsuch, Democrat Senators Make BRUTAL Announcement. Ad Inquiries: ads tradung. Send this to friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.

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