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I cannot tell you, because your broker is not my broker. Your name or email address:. Trading Performance of Expert Advisors, Signals, and Managed Accounts. Here you fit discuss anything wey no be forex. When Sell When Buy? Forex trust management: traders nigeia account management services, investors fit search for traders.

Date : Thursday, 27 April at PM. Forex day-trading and sports betting are fundamentally fraudulent because they're promoted as a quick way of making money whereas due to mathematical facts, the only people who make money are the middlemen and marketers. The "investors" almost always lose their money. In our experience, it's not enough to warn Nairaland members about the dangers of forex day-trading and sports forumm.

The promise of quick profit is just too strong for thousands of vulnerable Nairaland members to resist. The only way to protect forex trading forum nigeria religions is complete censorship. We believe that the complete ban of such content will make Nairaland a better platform for discussing forex trading forum nigeria religions entrepreneurship and finance. What frading you think? Please click 'like' if you like the idea; thanks. They are already constituting nuisance on Nairaland.

Seun don't you also think it will be a good idea if we can see the monikers of those liking our Posts Click "LIKE" if you second the motion Ogar Suen abeq BAN tht sport betting. Tht thing na scam plus if wan gets addictedaddicted to it, even steal pesin fit go steal jus to com play am Good idea Mr. Nairaland founder, People could be scammed through that Forex trading. But if you ban sport betting, Guys go vex oSome guys just can't do without that.

Dear Seun, I forex trading forum nigeria religions you have a long list of forwx to ban 1. Tiwa and Tbillz threads 3. Tonto Dike threads 5. Linda and Laura Ikeji cum Wizkid threads 7. All misleading threads e. Leverage forex adalah organization thread that calls Nigdria name before the thread has 1 view. We must stop calling the names of our mods in vain The list is endless. I believe rleigions are adults here and can make rational decisions, so take note.

Regards, Concerned NLer Sounds good but i feel its rwligions the very greedy ppl that can fall victim to it. Sport betting isn't leaving this economy soon Dear Seun, I believe that anybody that engage in Forex or game betting is up niegria the age of accountability and can be able to take a good decision for his religionss herself. Kindly note that Forex and game betting are legitimate business as such banning it on your forum will not be a wise idea.

Pls go ahead forex trading forum nigeria religions ban such threads. Also, I discovered a lot of older posts on this forum makes a lot of sense and are very informative, in every section. Can u have your mods go through such threads and religiohs us push to fp? It shouldn't matter if forec threads ever made fp then, but so far their contents are still much valuable today, Pls let's have it on fp, though most of such post never trafing enough attention to make front niberia. Sometimes lots of this celebrity news on fp can be frustrating.

Thank you no don't ban it. People placed bets at spontaneous street fights, and for forkm sports competitions there were organized legalized bookmaker centers. With the invention of the online world many services moved traring land- based establishments to the Web. So, there appeared sports online betting. After that moment the number of bettors greatly increased.

People discovered the amazing benefits of online gambling and started to place bets using the Internet. First of all, online sports betting is accessible from any device connected to the Web — a personal computer, a laptop, a mobile phone, etc. So, you save lots of time with online betting. Besides that, internet-based niteria is friendlier to beginners. If you are a newbie, you would feel embarrassed in the fussy atmosphere of a land-based bookmaker center.

On the web you can become familiar with the basics of online gambling without all that discomfort. Online you can see the results, as soon as the game ends. No noisy crowds of overexcited fans and gamblers, no standing foeex lines. You can use the web to gather information about the forthcoming events and the teams. You can analyze all the factors in quiet home atmosphere.

You can fully concentrate on betting, thus your chances to make the right decision and win money are much higher. Sports betting should be banned. The gambling sector in nigeria is highly unregulated and betting is fast becoming a dangerous trend in nigeria. Besides, none of the major religions support gambling. Gambling is a sin. Seun, I completely agree. Ban both forex trading and sports betting. I have traded forex in the past. I made money and lost a lot too.

It's legitimate though highly risky. Even though I wouldn't encourage anyone to consider forex as an investment, don't force your opinion on others please. But it's would be unfair rdligions punters. I suggest you create a section for it with a warning that religgions engages in such does so at his or her own risk. Thanks Na wa oooo, why don't you just rename nairaland as a monastery. Sports betting is just like the lotto and national lottery that we have had in the past. I see no fforum why NL should ban it.

Why don't you just altogether ban explicit threads on Romanceland and nonsense celebrity gossips since that also ruins personalities and homes. Next thing foru hear is Seun has banned discussion on "fulani cattle rearers as terrorists ". Yeye dey smell It's a right decision at the right time, betting to me is an addicted evil that has damaged the psyche of average Definisi future trading youths and which drastic step has to be taken, it starts now!

This is a very serious Issue, because this two businesses are ventures that tfading been legalise anywhere forex trading forum nigeria religions the world Bro sometimes those free odds dey help ooh Seun It has reduce crime wave oooo. Atleast, boys get hope every weekend Lol Seun : Dear Nairalanders, We are thinking of completely banning the promotion of forex trading and sports betting on Nairaland. The promise of quick profit is just too much for thousands of vulnerable Nairaland members to resist.

Nice move but also ban useless topics from coming to FP like celebrities showing off their clevages and body parts, worthless topics, please. It will also make nairaland a better platform Thread loading!!! Na today and 2moro matches Just stake am N Booking Number: BCS 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 bush stanford computer desk with optional hutch 5 blog

What will be the largest religion in Nigeria in 2050?

Apr 16,  · We are thinking of completely banning the promotion of forex trading and sports betting on Nairaland. Forex day- trading and none of the major religions. HOW TO START, FOREX TRADE IN NIGERIA to start forex trading in Nigeria requires funds and the good thing about it is that you can actually start forex trading. Mar 20,  · Forex Traders Forum by edujoy(m): Make Millions in FOREX Trading!!! Today, nigeria forex. Re.

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