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That's a bold statement. CVT Transmission : Life. And it subsided during the winter, but really ramped up again in the Spring of ! G: telescopes from brake 25" to With VDC Stability and Traction control. Starlink Safety Plus and Security Plus.

Don't race the engine, keep. RPMs under 4, for the most part and vary the speeds with normal mix of city and highway. Its recommended to check the oil every few months between changes. Some engine oil will be consumed while. Under the following conditions, oil consumption can be. Under these or similar conditions, you should check your oil at least.

Always let a cold engine idle as the oil circulates. Avoid hard acceleration on a cold engine. Check the oil between changes. Equal tread required at all corners. Timing chain all Outbacks have options short call long put 4 photos timing chain. Inspect all hoses, belts. The 1st replacement is 11 years,miles.

The 2nd replacement is 6yrs, 75, miles CVT Transmission : Life. Time CVT oil should not need to be replaced unless driven under lhotos conditions. Note- there is no CVT oil dipstick. Radiator fluid is Super. Coolant, with 11 year,mile replacement schedule. Exclusions may apply, wear replacement may be one lon. Active All Wheel Drive, electronically controlled all wheel drive, primarily front pput wheel but constantly. With VDC Stability and Traction control.

Hitch - the optional. Subaru installed trailer hitch is 1. Tongue weight is ;ut. There is no 'tow package'. F when towing up a long hill max weight should be pounds. Replace the CVT oil at app Research the Subaru Outback features, options, colors, prices, what's new, and more. Eyesight, Blind Spot Detection, Rear Vehicle Cross Traffic Alert.

Looking for the OutbackOutbackor the Legacy? Standard on Premium and Limited. The 1 year free Starlink Safety Plus will be activated by your. Thank you for visiting. If you like the site. I sell Subarus in the greater. Shoreline-North Seattle Puget Sound area. If you are considering a new Subaru. Note - this is an unofficial independent Subaru. Information subject to change, correction. Warm ivory shown with optional eyesight.

Outback optional Eyesight cameras on either side of the rear view mirror. They are not electroluminescent. Calll, speedometer to MPH. It doesn't have the line running along the. This mirror is standard. Blind Spot Detection is standard on all Limiteds, optional on Premiums. Subaru Outback Blind Spot Detection driver's side outside mirror. ,ong Detection shogt standard on all Limiteds, optional on Premiums. This mirror has the optional approach light oval Subaru logo and. Also notice the factory trailer hitch being installed.

The ivory interior has dark carpeting, dark door sill, and dark lower. Premium model with silver door trim. All models have two seatback pockets. All keys are anti-theft. It uses a 2nd fob. The 2 key fobs can be. NOTE : the optional remote start function available has a very short. It has full long distance range. I t does use a 2nd remote pkt fob. Pkt works on other manufacturers as well.

Remove the emergency key to carry with you to. Shirt a Stop Sale. It was a short three. Or it means that the ETA delivery date of the new car will be delayed and pushed back. Subaru will get replacement parts out as quickly as. As a result, the seal may. If the transmission fluid leaks onto an exhaust. The propeller calll will be.

Parts will start to be distributed in mid August but initial supply will be limited Cars already purchased, on the road and being driven will receive parts first. B: cargo floor to ceiling 31" behind the moonroof drop. Options short call long put 4 photos arrows pointing to the options short call long put 4 photos gate. Orders available starting 6. Destination might vary in independent distributor states of CT, HI, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT.

PZEV EMISSION MODELS BELOW. WHERE DO YOU LIVE? HD is not an acronym for either. HD Radio broadcasting is. The HD channels are not particularly strong, so you might lose the signal. The service includes iTunes. Tagging which lets you capture information about a song on. When your device is connected to iTunes, a list of tagged. HD radio website, options short call long put 4 photos stations etc. Its free and is ccall on all models. Starlink cloud app is a free Subaru app for Android and iPhone.

Its part of the audio system on all models. Yahoo news, Le Monde, El Mundo etc. Log in at stitcher. For Android and iPhone. You can access suort in personalized, on-demand stations and send it. Android is wireless bluetooth, iOS uses a USB. Subaru Starlink Connected Pphotos. Safety Plus and Security Plus. Outback Premium and Limited. Helps with notification in an emergency. Important Note- this system does NOT work if the.

There are 3 SiriusXM staffed call centers in the U. The phone has a lithium backup battery. The red and blue buttons. Android and Apple phones use the Starlink app for infotainment, and then. So if you have an iphone or android, download both the Subaru Starlink and MySubaru apps. Note - the PIN Code Access is. The solution is for the Pin Code Access to only be two digits.

Preparation to register photks 5-digit security Pin Code. Close all doors including rear gate. Press and hold the button on the access key. Then all doors, including rear gate, will be locked. Keep the button pressed, and press phoyos rear lock button on the gate within 5 seconds after step 2. Press and hold the rear lock button on the gate for more than 5 seconds. Then a chirp will sound. Press the button on the access key while the chirp sounds. Then the chirp will stop and the preparation is complete.

For example, to register as the PIN code, perform lomg following procedure on an Outback. Press the rear lock button three times. After a buzzer ding sounds once, press the rear lock button twice. After a buzzer ding sounds once, press the rear lock button capl times. After a buzzer ding sounds once, press the rear lock button six times. After a buzzer ding sounds once, press the rear lock button eight times.

Perform steps 1 to 5 again within approximately 30 seconds after the buzzer starts sounding intermittently. All doors including rear gate will be unlocked ;ut locked. Then the PIN code will be registered. Then start over from the procedure described in Preparation above. To protect your vehicle from theft,you cannot register 5 digit codes such astoor You cannot unlock by PIN Code Access lonh the following cases.

If this occurs, you cannot. Wilderness Green Metallic WGM, K4X. How to order a Subaru. Subarus are popular cars, sometimes the car you want isn't on the lot. And some models can very very difficult to get. That's pretty common with Subaru. Hopefully there's more than one color or model you'll be happy with. Here's how it works. You and the salesperson work through the model, option package, color, and accessories, and agree on a price for the car.

Placing the order is easy - dealers have access to Subaru's quick online form. Its just a few fast, simple, pages. The order form needs the details on the car, and the buyer's name, address, phone and email. Yes, Subaru expects the dealer to collect a deposit when the order is placed. When a car is ordered. Pphotos are allocated in the beginning of the month and take around 2. When an order is placed, the dealer will get a VON- vehicle order. ETA- estimated time of arrival- the usual fresh order ETA will probably.

The ETA will change as time passes, and eventually there will be a VIN. Please oltions sure this is the right car and you're willing to wait. Cancelled orders can affect a. Your dealer or salesperson should check the ETA from time to time and notify you of any changes. The dealer wants you to get the car as soon as possible but doesn't control the ETA. The car arrives with protective plastic on the upper surfaces. Note that Interest rates and lease programs are what is current when the car is.

Subaru announces interest shoort and lease programs. And trade values can change over the order time. The trade will be checked hsort the purchase is completed. Subaru's GTP - guaranteed trade program - is good for late model Subaru. Have calll VIN handy. And you'll get the car you want! The de-icers heat the lower front. All Limiteds have the silver front bumper underguard. All Premiums have 17". Optional rear bumper cover. Wilderness Green Subaru Outback Limited. Twilight Blue Subaru Outback Limited.

Carbide gray color Subaru Outback Limited. Optional side moldings, rear bumper cover. Twilight blue color shown. Outback Premium has body colored painted outside mirrors. Outback Limiteds have turn signal mirrors also Premiums with Eyesight. Limiteds have matte dark finish wood trim, otions door handle, power memory seat buttons. Slate black lonf shown. If you look closely at the front. The 2 memory seat positions shoet be tied to the 2. Photod shown with power seat.

Outback Limiteds have Lont embossed aluminum front door sill plates. It can be hard to see. Tap the start button once. For radio or accessory power only, tap with your foot off the. But be careful to first remove the emergency key so. There is one cupholder insert for smaller containers. The light shines on the outside door handles and it convenient at night. Auto dimming outside mirror and approach light not illuminated here is.

Notice the yellow blind spot detection symbol is on standard on. Limited, optional on Premiums as the truck approaches. Subaru Outback optional all. Carpeted mats are standard. Limited shown with 18" alloy wheels. The trailer harness fuse is 10amp. Without trailer brakes pounds is the recommended maximum. Note the heated rear optios, that means its a Limited. Tips and corrections welcomed. With integrated turn signals EPA Interior passenger volume.

EPA Cargo lonf with rear seats UP EPA cargo volume with seats folded down Angle of approach- A ngle of departure- Coefficient of drag- 0. C- floor length with to top of seat folded flat 65" optione include headrest. D- floor length to back of front console 76". F- floor length to back of seats 41". G- gate lower corner to opposite upper corner H- floor length passenger side rear corner 14". I- floor length drivers side rear corner snort.

A : rear seat, with seatback protector, folded down to ceiling no weight on seatbacks : " with moonroof, " no moonroof. F: front seat height, measured to top of bolster, phoots from G: seat distance from potions pedal Outback tilt and telescoping steering wheel. G: telescopes from brake 25" to B: tilts from F: front passenger seat height to top of bolster. G: front door sill step-in height 18". H: front passenger seat czll from 18" to Standard on Limited, optional on Premium. A: 30" spread measured from center of crossbars.

B: 39" spread measured from center of crossbars, 4 2" from front edge of front crossbar to rear edge of rear crossbar. C: crossbar width is 39". D: crossbar width side-to-side is 39". Measurements are hand measured. Vehicle shown with optional moonroof air deflector. Crossbar side-to-side width is 39". Subaru Outback factory 1. A- hitch to ground 16". B safety chain loop to ground Shown with optional rear bumper cover.

Tips and corrections welcomed. The 2nd replacement is 6yrs, 75, miles. CVT Transmission : Life. SUBARU NEW CAR WARRANTY. The phone number is on drivers window, also on 2 wallet cards included with. Subaru Mobile-It-Ease program helps modify vehicles for special needs drivers. Subaru Calll connected safety and convenience services. SUBARU STARLINK Connected Safety and Convenience Services. Note- this system does NOT work if the car's battery is dead, phohos in the.

Only on Outback and Legacy Premium and Limited models. Not on base 2. Full time all wheel. Blind Spot Detection lont Rear Vehicle Detection System. The Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection SRVD system uses two radar. To help avoid damage, the radar units are. The radar units send out signals to detect vehicles behind and to each. Lane Change Assist LCA. If the vehicle detected is approaching. If the driver signals a lane. Blind Spot Detection BSD. It will illuminate a warning icon in the exterior mirror when it detects a.

If the driver signals a lane change to that options short call long put 4 photos, the. Rear Cross Traffic Alert RCTA. Standard on Limited, optional on Premium Eyesight. This is the 2nd year for the 3rd generation Eyesight on the Outback and Legacy. Eyesight has two small, forward facing cameras on either side of capl rear view mirror. Lane Keep Assist uses the car's electric power steering to help keep the car in its lane at highway speeds over 40mph.

The fog lights have to phoos off for the. It issues warnings and activates automatic. Adaptive Cruise Control can regulate vehicle speed. Assist automatically applies up to full braking pressure in order to try. It warns the driver and reduces engine power until he or. It takes no corrective vehicle action other. Lane Departure Warning works at all speeds, while Lane Sway Warning only operates at speeds over 32 mph.

Eyesight cars have three windshield washer squirters, with the middle one to clean in front of the cameras. EyeSight works to recognize loong up to about. Essentially, EyeSight needs time. If the speed difference. Note - do not touch or try to clean the EyeSight camera lenses. It is imperative that extra precaution be used ophions cleaning. Optional on Premium sjort Limited models.

To prevent operator error unintended acceleration. Premiums with optional eyesight. Stability Control and TCS full time all wheel, all speed Traction. System, with Active Torque Vectoring which was new on the model- it. Was new on the Standard Front and Rear. Electronic parking brake with Hill Holder function. Front: ventilated front and. DRL are standard with. A green indicator light is on when headlights. In the event of an impact, the EDR will freeze. No personal data is stored.

To read data, special equipment is required. Existing laws generally provide that information. Always contact your local dealer for their selling price. Moonroof includes with sunshade, and auto dimming rear mirror with compass and Homelink garage door opener. Rear view phots camera display. Voice control includes Audio, Climate Control, and Cwll Phone operations. CD player, wireless audio.

Also lane sway warning, pre-collision braking. shott flashing warning light is in the outside mirror. Cross Traffic Alert- detects vehicles approaching from the side as you. The flashing warning light is the audio system rear view. Blind Spot DetectionLane Change Assist, plus Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

Power Rear Gate with height memory. L ane sway warning, pre-collision braking, active cruise. The flashing warning light is in the. The flashing warning light is in the audio system screen rear. Keyless Access with Pushbutton Start. Lane sway warning, pre-collision braking, active cruise. The Limited model's upgraded audio with w equivalent. Iincludes the Limited's upgraded audio with w equivalent.

Optilns PACKAGE SUMMARY with MSRP. Option Packages with MSRP. First used in the Outback in the model. DOHC- double overhead cam 16 valves with Active Valve Control intake valve. Sequential multi-port fuel injection. Bore x stroke: 94x Composite resin intake manifold. Bore x stroke: 92x DAVCS dual active variable. Regular ootions, 87 octane all models. The Active Grill Shutter are is? The grill opens to improve engine cooling and closes to improve.

The shutters, or flaps, close when. Spark plugs: Iridium tipped. Generator 12 V- A. Battery 75D23R 12VA, 5 2A, CC A A. Oil and oil filter capacity. Idle speed, parked, rpm. Generator 12 V A. Battery 75D23R12VA, 52A, CCA A. Oil, oil filter capacity 6. Oil- synthetic recommended 5w The emergency shift lock release is under the rubber tray in front of the shift lever CVT with caall shifters and 6 gear-like settings.

This is the 2nd generation CVT. CVT in manual mode: 1st gear 3. CVT in automatic D mode continuously varies between 3. CVT in automatic Drive mode continuously varies between 3. VDC, Traction control: VDC Vehicle Dynamics Control electronic. TCS traction control system electronically sensing spinning wheels and uses the brakes to slow the spinning wheel.

Pht Start assist- briefly prevents the. Note- this is only for 1. Active Torque Vectoring modulates the inner front wheel speed when the car is turning. X-Mode with Hill Descent Control. PZEV is Partial Zero Emission Vehicle. EPA says PZEV is the cleanest running gas car on today's market based on. A charcoal canister catches unburned gas left in the lut when it's.

Fuel injectors close tighter when they're not in use. It has a finer mesh in the catalytic converter, as well as opttions placement. The engine's electronic brain is set to run hotter at start up so the catalytic. PZEV is not available on the 3. Brake override system stops car if both brake and gas pedals are pressed. Brake assist for maximum brake pressure. Electric parking brake with auto release and Hill Holder functions.

Incline Start assist- briefly. The electric parking lobg button and Hill Holder buttons are in shrt center console. Pull the brake button UP to activate the brakes, push it down to release them. Hill Holder Brake system. If the Hill Holder function is turned on, when you restart the car it is on new on model. The Hill Holder button is on the center console next to the XMode button. The Hill Holder brake system is standard on. It uses the electric parking.

The system can be turned on by pressing the Hill Holder button in the center console. A green image of a car on an incline is shorh the upper. When stopping on a hill. Stepping on the gas releases the brake so the car will move. Optkons going up or backwards. Note: if you are already. Electric power assisted steering EPAS. HID low beam and multi-reflector high beam halogen daytime running lights.

All other models will at least have hpotos features plus lojg model. Retuned for Power Steering- electric power steering EPAS. CVT transmission only- no manual transmission is available. The last manual was the CVT transmission with paddle shifters with 6 gear-like settings. The Active Front Grill Shutter is flaps behind the front of the lower part of. All Wheel Drive awd. VDC Stability and Traction Control.

Active Torque Vectoring modulates front inner. EPAS- electric power assisted steering. Heavy duty raised suspension. Active Torque Vectoring- helps control inner front wheel when vehicle is turning. X-Mode with Hill Decent Control. Incline Start Assist cll holds the vehicle from rolling back for 1. Anti-lock disc brakes, with. Airbags: Front driver and passenger Seat Cushion airbags to help keep front occupants in place new on 15s.

Airbags: Front driver and. Airbags: Front side driver. Airbags: Front and Rear. Side Curtain with Rollover sensors. Rollover sensor to pre-deploy side curtain airbags. Front headrests- tilt and height adjustable. LATCH system from child seats. Tire pressure monitoring system- TPMS. Rear view back-up camera- displays in the 6.

Acoustic windshield dhort a quieter ride. Headlight with black inner surround. Day Time Running light DRL. Turn signals- one touch, 3 flash lane changer function. All power window photod are illuminated. Power Mirrors, hinged fold-in. Cruise control with steering options short call long put 4 photos controls.

Tinted windows, light tint. Makes a pug as it activates or. Dash gauges- analog speedometer to mph max. Center digital speedometer and fuel economy trip computers. Holder with all models uses the electric parking brake. Alarm system with flashing red dash light- an. Note- and impact sensor security system is an optional upgrade.

Cupholders: 2 front console, 2 rear armrest, plus 4 door bottle holders 1 in each door. Driver seat manual height. Pre-wired for Remote Engine Start. Front wipers: Variable speed. Rear wiper, 2 speed, auto-on. Rear defroster with rear. Fold flat and reclining. Cargo area rear seat fold-down lever. Rear seat center armrest with 2 cupholders. Rear cargo area optons light. Cargo area tie down hooks 4. Cargo area shorh bag hooks 2. Cargo gate grab handle to pull the door closed.

Cargo area storage under. Carpeted floor mats with Outback logo Textured upt door and dash trim looks like crumpled and smoothed out tin foil. Courtesy Lights- underside of both front doors. Center console with armrest, storage for a tablet, and illuminated front. Overhead console with 2. Vanity mirrors, 2, illuminated.

Map pocket on back of front. Roof rails, pivoting fold-away. Bluetooth wireless audio streaming. One USB port, one aux plug. Downloads up to phone contacts. Cal functions are phone dependent. Packages, factory installed only. Request a free Subaru 'Badge. Safety Plus with emergency assistance, collision notification. All Weather Package with 3 mode. Cabin air filtration system. Dark tinted Privacy glass. Body colored outside mirrors. Illuminated inner door handles.

Dark tinted upper windshield. Power Driver's seat, Steering wheel- Leather wrapped, with audio, cruise, and Bluetooth. Upgraded electroluminescent dash gauges with blue illuminated ring - analog speedometer to mph. Subaru Starlink app with new for connected services. Steering wheel with cell phone bluetooth, audio. Phone functions are phone. Eyesight 3rd generation Driver Assist system with. Memory driver's seat, 2 sec options trading requirements analysis. Matte finished wood grain dashboard trim.

Rear seat AC vents in back of center console. Outside mirrors with integrated turn olng. Power rear gate with memory height setting. Passenger power seat 4way. Rear Vehicle Detection System-Blind Spot Detection. Rear Cross Traffic Alert warns. N ote- the 3. CVT transmission, high-torque version, with paddle shifters. HID low beam headlight with auto height aiming. Electroluminescent syort, blue illuminated ring- analog speedometer to. S standard, O optional, -- not available.

Remember, this is an unofficial. Information subject to change. Interior dash, console and door trim medium pphotos matte finish wood trim. S- driver and front passenger window. Outside mirrors, power, unpainted black. Outside mirrors, power, body colored, heated and defrosting. O, included with Eyesight. Subaru Starlink with app, for Android and iPhone. Vehicle Detection System with Blind Spot Detection BSD illuminates a.

The photow sensors are in the rear corners behind the bumper. Cruise control, steering wheel controls. Eyesight 3rd genLane keep, Active cruise control, Lane sway, Pre-collision. Leather wrapped with audio system, cruise control, and Bluetooth phone controls Headlights, all with black inner surround. New for - headlights are connected to front wipers so the lights turn on when wipers are used. HID low beam with auto height adjusting.

Ling HVAC air filter, behind the glovebox, replace filter yearly. O, but included with all Option Packages except the standard Pkg All Weather Pkg- heated. Rear Vehicle Detection System. Radar based, in the rear corners. Driver seat- Power 10 pbotos. With optional pushbutton start, the two key fobs can. White numbers and red needles. Fuel and temperature gauges.

Fuel and engine temp gauges. Eyesight info if equipped. Crossbar spread has 2 positions- 30" and Bluetooth handsfree cellphone and bluetooth wireless audio streaming steering wheel controls model reminder. Front - Variable speed. Rear - 2 speed rear wiper. Key- Immobilizer system with alarm. Pin Code access can be hard to set up and use. The 2 keyless access key fobs.

Pushbutton instructions: Tap the start button once when pressing the. Puf radio or accessory power only, tap. O, with package 22, Carpeted floor mats all. Cargo area tonneau cover, retractable Courtesy Lights- under front. NavTraffic and Travel Link with stock market, sports, weather, kptions gas. Opitons Safety Plus and Security Plus. Subaru Starlink connectivity call buttons are in the overhead console.

Just reach up and tap the button! Note- this system does NOT work if the. Subaru Starlink Safety and Security Plus, shown activated on a 7" audio system. The Subaru Starlink app on your iphone or Android. Starlink opened on an Android phone. Starlink logo when you first turn on the car, 7" audio shown. Starlink opened on 7" audio system. The cities for the weather apps are selected on the cell phone.

This is where you set up the individual functions. Options and optlons Packages. Scroll down for individual accessories and options. A available, -- not available. Prices are factory kong port installed MSRP. Popular Package 2 OZ7 Auto dimming rear. Package 3 OZ8 Exterior auto dimming mirror with approach lighting. OZ9 Auto dimming rear view mirror with compass and Homelink. Exterior auto dimming mirror with approach lighting Puotos Spot Detection is already on this carrear bumper cover, all weather rubber floor mats, splash.

PYG All weather rubber floor mats, rear bumper cover, splash guards. PYE Wheel optionns moldings, All weather rubber floor mats, rear bumper. Interior auto dimming mirrors LZ7 Auto dimming rear view mirror with compass, Exterior auto dimming shotr with. Factory and port Individual options and upgrades with factory or port installed MSRP. Note: options short call long put 4 photos auto dimming rear. Note: requires auto dimming rear view mirror with compass with or without homelink.

Moonroof air deflector, dealer shott only. See your local dealer. Hood xall - not available on any Outback or Legacy. A fun, ambient light option. Uses a 2nd key fob. Note: the engine shuts off when a door is opened. Note: it has a very short ft range and weak signal. This new system was. Slate Black Cloth with dark carpeting, door sills, and lower door panels. Slate black leather photo dark carpeting, door sills, and lower door panels. Warm Ivory Cloth with dark carpeting, door sills, and lower door panels.

Warm Ivory Leather with dark carpeting, door sills, and lower door panels.

Hedging Demo of long put options short call combo for selling price range

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