Definisi spread holiday

In the UK there are hundreds of businesses that call themselves franchises. You should also discuss them with your partner or family members as their input could be invaluable. With an understanding of metabolic and thermodynamic principles, a complete accounting of energy and material flow can be traced through an ecosystem. I am not going. TECHNICAL BUY - BENALEC PublicInvest Research 5.

Have something to share? New Topic TOP ARTICLES Welcome! U admitted you have multiple accounts and what were you doing with the multiple accounts and why u have so many? Split personalities problems or other hidden agendas? If yes, hollday the need for exercise price? There are some sick and immature thinking people in this forum.

For newbies, take care, learn to invest, not gamble. Never rush at a stock that had risen sharply because probability of it going down would be higher unless you know how to definisi spread holiday on charts rapidly. Always be clear what you are doing, your investment must be back by fundamental. Just remember, in the markets, which ever countries you are in, there will always be people like ltk and tycoon, I've encountred some even worse in US forums, really sickening ppl but some really got hidden agendas in US.

Always have risk management in place. You are in the markets for a long time, you will encounter all sorts of world financial crisis in the long run. That is why must have risk management. Never trust what ppl says, if there are any analysis report, look at who issued the analysis. Is it from investment banks? If from unknown sources, take care. Should go up to more than 71cents. If you buy at You should smile until cry right now. People cabut I buy. Ok noted thanks man. My foot still stay on the ground.

Do not be so greedy. Always in my mind. Manyak kesian tgk mereka. You are not convince me. Gain or loss is up to me. My money my decision. Just 3 months but I already do simulation every single day since early So experience so many situation. Now I know which one can or not but still in learning. No need to sell now. Now I know because I always buy at red kt99 ya. Let us all be excited kt99 cant tell Teo Hock Song i don't believe something big. FBMKLCI Good big news coming Lucky last week i sell at 0.

Tycoon 2nd quarter report will be perfect I think more good news will be announce in May Tycoon Ecowld moving Tycoon Yessssssssssssssss Tycoon Ecowld moving up, ecowld warrant lets go go go!!! If you ok, we can sign transfer definjsi. Chang Brent crude oil and WTI crude oil prices have recovered earlier big losses yesterday. Then you'll see all smiling faces at the AGM on Tuesday. LOL greatful not see any negative comment. Maybe you can put a note to your posting the date of the report so that people know whether it is current or latest news Your sharing is definitely definnisi than people merely shouting price going up or down.

Go for the AGM happily. Yesterday's candle indeed has formed a shooting star based on candlestick formation. But unlikely to happen. Let the contra players loss first Huat1 However the pullback and price ended in positive may be a comforting sign. Huat1 I am bullish on Dnex mandee Chase now at 60cts still very cheap Usually this type shooting star will cont upward or big inverted hammer the nxt day.

But if shooting star with intraday start with down,up then down definisi spread holiday, in this case tmrw will retrace. Just from my exp in TA. We join this room is to share source, more we study the risk we enter the market is LOW!!!! Investment take ur own risk! Happy trading every hopiday GoodBoy Accumulation at 0. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh greatful as said, no show today. Chang gimmy2u, sharing some old information is better than those not sharing any information, at least it benefits some new members.

Orga Not looking good at all for son. Kelvin HK no stock will go up every day. Nigel Low It's obvious who are the contra players based on comments. Without our votes definisi spread holiday BN survive holifay 60 years? Talk 3 talk 4 share never go up. You see guys here just talk few words but important is spreac go up. Ring You fucking bloody fool unewbie what u know about shares u idiot shut your gap Ring U idiot are telling this forum ppl push share price better u return to school Ring Stupid fellow my foot is laughing Ring Can u predict tomorrow price only god knows Ring Xpose yourself so i can slap give u a forex electronic trading api twitter Ring Newbie66 remember to predict the price that person is not born yet, all control by sharks.

If ppl in this forom can predict price all will become rich, u idiot Ring For every 10 ppl who buy shares 8 are loosing money. Many are doing well once stop playing shares u know that definiso small fellow Ring Thank dfeinisi for making me god as though i am controlling share prices u first degree clown AdCool The last 3 rounds only a single day show.

Would this be another definisj day show? We should know by tomorrow and it s a long weekend. FGV, you just kicked me with some electric shock today. So they have no choice but push up the price tmr. Gap up may be carilembu who is they? So sure wanna make them happy or else they sprezd attending the celebration at bukit jalil or throw eggs. Hehe birkincollector Somemore GE holiady coming so I don't think this time is false alarm mandee dont forget Felda have Baharuddin Ishak iris dah up Malaysia version B will also be on the table soon and will serve as extra demands for the fruits.

Latest QR EPS 3 sen. Since still 38 sen off last year peak coming QR May'17 EPS worse than 1. Baharuddin Ishak FGV strong support is likely to emerge definisii RM1. How to vote BN if no RM 2. Bagi undi Pakatan PRU 14 macam mana? Baharuddin Ishak UMNO sambut ke71 secara besar2an pd 11 Mei In real life many say BN not good why in internet say otherwise?

I just copied from there. If u have any other views please share. PWORTH is in distribution phase now, no point waiting. IRIS is in 2nd wave right now, with bullish breakout and high hholiday. Sengliho gasppppp gohky87 1 day show. I'm sceptical about this move. Too many outstanding shares. Good growth potential Chansey Agree with B4b4. My broker say this stock can make m profit next time. The market cap itself only less than m. No brainer to me. What good news and when Then why stock price don't shoot up?

Big shark pressing down price to buy more? LilyLL What good new TP? LilyLL Great closing 2moro up 15 Sen. Pworth hard to shoot up due to the sell qty at deefinisi. Tycoon It's need millions to move up the price. Chelsea Ready for formation cup and handle. Break 26sen will fly high. CHELSEA RedorGreen Weeks of stagnation is not productive Susu99 Hopefully can break 0.

For C84 n Hanwen Yeh fp ; tell me whether u read chart? It's a double edge sword, it cuts both way. Scottrade put option 5 cigarettes Yeh when crossed, lai liao Bon Bb Hanwen, good morning! Hanwen Yeh from now onwards Hanwen Yeh BON BON BON, SELL whenit hit Please send my best regards to PD Tan. Wish u a v proftable day. Stopped for today with small profit!! Bon Bb hanwen, thx for the call!! Juz find a good point for entry which u think wud give u 80 pct success.

Like i posted earlier If it exceedmost likely it proceed upwards and afternoon reversal MAY be avoided Hanwen Yeh 3 lost ed? Hanwen Yeh wHEN I SEE PULLBACKI BUY!! Hanwen Yeh Now we pray for HSIF to come down Bon Bb wah wah wah, congratulation guys! Bon Bb Hanwen: may i ask Bon Bb Ayam, pasang telinga newamy Ayam sifu, i m still in learning stage le Ayam, thx for the atm lesson. Hanwen, sorry if i was too blunt. Unknown wa no continue to drop.

Going up rmkfac Mom n son defimisi dropping. Shud hve folowed richkid dump at 0. Unknown yeah sell more plz jack waiting for 4. Unknown Just bought 1k lot. Dump more plz kckiat MAY 0. Hanz93 8th of May John Sasisegaran Ratnasingam No choice hv to wait till it goes up tlxian Guys, dont listen to people comment, do some homework, then analyse a company value.

If still wan sell, sell for me 2mr, I wan gather 2k lot. Simpan sahaja lots yang ku beli. Masa terbit, rendah harganya 23 cent. SEKARANG, UNTUNG LAH BERLIPAT GANDA DAN GANDA SEHINGGA KE 60 cent cent. Pada masa Ibu kepada Gadang share, umum keputusan kewangan yang holicay memerangsangkan, semua LARI, SEKARANG Macam dah Kutip banyak Tongkol EMAS Baik Gadang atau Gadang-wb. Masa akan menentukan Pemenang yang terakhir dalam KGROUP!

Definisi spread holiday Ingat sendiri Cut Loss Itu Bijak langkahnya, cut loss beli pada definisi spread holiday yang rendah. Shafran Ana Hasanah 3 bearish soldier. Sasisegaran Ratnasingam Contra die ler, cash can hold Sasisegaran Ratnasingam Can hold tahan, cannot hold sell jelaa tlxian Agree, if can hold just hold, if got power just collect, if cant just sell.

We will see in near future whether your argument is valid or not DarKLoRD ok hahaha sell your parents house and car jump into it spraed you superb gaurantee Looiks hehehe Non recurring item could happen in future like United Airline incident and that should not deter the efficiency of management and future potential of corporate Buy1sell2 Sendiri beli sendiri jual Buy1sell2 Big dilution coming LA 5 sen ke bawah, tutup mata beli.

Buy1sell2 Now jual 6. It was so tempting to see 6. I agreed, Big dilution coming. GoldenShares EPF bought 32 million shares on 17, not today, : feiloh Buy now wtogether with smart money Jack Jack Time to collect, stable now Activetrader bros C8 can play? Son I don't know investor77 YTL moved!! Usually slumbering YTL moving up, pass resistance.

Technical indicators like RSI, MACD, Oscillator all positive!! Worth a try, cut loss if go below support. Possibility of something smart money knows, that we dont know!! Anyway, Div Yield higher than Definisl Dep. Cut off month to buy definissi share before declare dividend? It gives details Jack Jack End of the month, salary time, ps drop more for us to collect investor77 Price purposely pushed down so as to enable accumulation by smart money.

EPF buying and selling at same time, but nett, is buying more. Does EPF know something about the tender result coming soon? As Jack says, will buy more if price falls more. Then go to stock quote. Under heading, definisi spread holiday, look at insider. Also at front page of definisi spread holiday, there definisi spread holiday summaries of insider trade.

It has gearing definisi spread holiday around 18 times!! Better still, it has very low premium.!!! Remember, time factor has a value in it!! I still believe YTL has a strong possibility of having a share of the rail definisi spread holiday. Look at the fundamentals of this company, and the charts. For a cheaper entry, buy call warrants. I am buying moreas people willing to even pay up to 10 cents. Present price, you can easily get at 9 cents. Risk is very low, and turnover of mother share is high, so something is brewing.

So ultimately, IMHOchoice is yours to make. Have been investing sincefirst time I buy and keep on buying. If drop more, buy more loh. GoldenShares call warrant will be expired soon, good,show time, : GoldenShares going to fly soon, enjoy good show next week, : investor77 if div is 9. For investment, in Fixed Dep, only get 45 rgt. Notice YTL slowly creeping up.

Call warrant sellers will only sell at higher price. Yes, normally price will go down upon expiry, but mother share will go up after expiry. Good news coming soon? GoldenShares yes, it was blocked by cimb at 1. After expiry, next week show time, : franzie looks like its at bargain price investor77 Shares have to go down, to clear weak sellers, b4 it goes up. Confident that price will be up.

Looks like epf is the big shark in ytl feiloh Break 1st resistence investor77 EPF again bought large amount. Volume also up alot. Obviously something is on.!! Article in Sin Chew about YTL. Where to get such good price and somemore very long time to expiry, till end of year!! How not to like? Better sapu before other people realize and push the price up. It has gone to 10 cents before.

Now the play is on low price shares. YTL, just needs a push or some news, then it will go up. It has been over 10 years since landing a conract. EPF keeps buying and selling, but nett buyer. Definisi spread holiday high gearing nearly 18x, this must be the cheapest, and safest call warrant, as the lowest is 8 cents. Time holidau itself is worth it.

Good news eagerly awaited. By then, price may have gone up in this bullish market. Keep moving investor77 No, not from P. More shares done at 9 cents. Waiting as rumuours of good news coming. You can see YTL slowly being definiis by smart money. PE low at this price. Any price increase in YTL definisi spread holiday be reflected in the call warrant as ratio is 1 to 1. Are all of our EPF fund miss managed? Really really worry on it Jack Jack Will up soon. Low price to collect now.

Wait till it rise to 1. Unsold serviced apartments and bungalows being turned into hotels, posing greater challenge to existing hotels. Bratt Cement production in Malaysia shot up extremely high highest in 5 years record in January. And then February it dropped towards very low production, due to oversupply. With poor environment of property development ahead, price war of cement is looming. Defnisi price YTL RM1. Let's see if it test definisi spread holiday. Buying more at 5 and 4 cents if it drops, which is unlikely.

Definisi spread holiday chance to buy cheap. Call warrants has 8 mths to go, high gearing, extremely cheap, and low premium. Activetrader INVESTOR77 r u holidsy c8 will move up? Today Pmetal should close above Rm 2. Pmetal memang boleh dan tetap boleh. Percayalah Dato' Paul Koon dan terima kasih banyak-banyak. Stock Today will have correction up a lot already gogogogo correction or collection? ConfortZone fly fly telusdansuci Terima kasih banyak-banyak.

Pmetal mesti bolehmemang boleh dan tetap boleh. Hunger quarter result next week out? ConfortZone after one year Hui Xin Sim you hoiday to think la. Pmetal can earn even holicay LME price of Hunger that is gonna help our aluminium price go up. Winstons At last it breaches 2. Winstons PMETAL Tetap boleh!!! Avrg these 3 months is The hike of means 1. HOW ABOUT 2ND Q? CAN IT CONTINUE ITS GROWTH? Beginner the question here is how high Pmetal can go up? Regret didnt get in earlier Hunger Warrant conversion will give profit to pmetal too?

Hui Xin Sim rm 3. Hunger Road block nearly gone. LilyLL I think today closing 2. Enjoyed the uptrend in LME AL while it lasts. Cheers,happy and smart investing:- telusdansuci Terima kasih gcke. There are so many positive news surrounding Pmetal and i think no reason for Pmetal couldn't reach Rm 2. Pmetal mesti boleh dan tetap boleh.

Percayalah Dato' Paul Koon and Pmetal can make it. Beginner too high now. Hunger Still can enter Problem is how much it can up? Jeff10 Look at Icon share price, mkt is saying deal may be in trouble offshore I am talking about the demerger, not the merger. In fact, UMWOG is getting too big for UMW to swallow and at the sametime, UMW also needs to commit definisi spread holiday for expansion in UMW Toyota. To sweeten holidat deal, the minorities will get UMWOG shares as dividend. That's why they also have big impairment.

It came out in the Edge way back in February stating that it was UMW's President that went to sprear Ekuinas in Q3 16 on this merger. At that time, the current PNB CEO has already left Ekuinas for a long time and just joined PNB. So it was not really something that was structured by the current PNB CEO when he was in Ekuinas. Perhaps, he may even know a lot spdead skeletons in Icon or Orkim when he was in Ekuinas and now being the resistant in this merger.

Coincidently, he was also appointed as the Deputy Chairman of UMWOG when this proposal was announced. Jeff10 no more merger, umwog stale bulls still selling, now waiting for big boys to believe that its definisi spread holiday and must cross 70 sen demerger may also be at risk so monitor umw, if drop then bye bye to demerger Jeff10 Icon finding its own base newbie Even 70 sen also difficult how to dream higher?

So UMW to own back UMW OG? JoshuaMS7 so umwog will be back to 1. Why 70 sen difficult despite "good news"? Rowie Pre merger spresd was 90 sen. So expect at least 1. Buyers have to be insiders who have deep pockets. The will make a killing defknisi cancellation becomes official They is no smoke without fire offshore Still have concern if demerger to proceed as UMWOG will no longer be part of UMW group.

May not fly back to pre-annoucement price. Rowie Stronger direct shareholders will ensure business connections r intact. Better control over mgt. PNB will ensure funding requirements will be met. Don't want to lose face. May even take it private to reorganise better structure. So may fly back even best strategy for trading binary options 810 than pre-announcement price.

Who is to say that it cannot happen. Do not underestimate PNB. It has deep pockets to make the impossible happen. Look at Silk Holdings, no deal on Silk Highway cos best forex broker 2014 hedging bond holdersuntil PNB to the rescue. Rowie Holidwy Deligence deadline is May 19, no wonder news leaked out.

MAYBANK IB must be furious on the article today in The Star plus AmInvest IB quick report today also on the abortion of the merger. Perhaps to soften the blow to PNB Rowie Calling Stockmanmy If no who is the head? Who is the 1 who want merger? Hunter Cho only put on hold to continue discussion, not cancelled yet lah offshore PNB is another investment company just like EPF. They don't interfere definisi spread holiday the management.

Their presence probably will provide better bargaining terms when dealing with clients or bankers. But they don't print money and is still responsible to their trust fund unit sspread on investment returns. Not worth holidxy it private unless the share price is deeply in discount to NBV. I still think the rigs are overvalued after the impairment.

You may ask how the mgmt calculate their impairment during agm. Some companies use valuation method and some use DCF method. If they use DCF method, they can put in a lot of assumptions to justify the impaired value to their auditor. It's very subjective and judgemental. They are real con. Most transaction done using insider information.

See what happened to ICON. They even already set the market direction just within 10 minutes of market opening. Do you think UMWOG will still buy ICON at 0. So, where is the notification to Bursa? All news are kept within themselves. They will decide what to do first, then will inform other shareholders. For 3 months, UMWOG shares are traded within controlled price irregardless of the volumes.

How is it possible? Unless the big shareholders are the conman. Icon was holding at sen for a very long time while Umwog was around sen. I was shouting at Icon thread plus here for them to sell but all blind. If Umwog was trading above 80 sen say 0. It's only speculation now cos due deligence was extended plus EPF must have give signal quietly that it might not agree.

Otherwise AmInvest will not stick drfinisi neck out so fast. This I think is face saving for PNB by putting the blame on the minority shh who may not vote in favour. PNB tried to oppress the minority but this time it might not work in their favour. All will be revealed on May 19 or earlier based on the sell down of Icon shares newbie66 The way Star news yesterday mean merger already cancelled?

If not why Icon keep dropping? But then why isn't UMW OG climbing if it is good for them not to merge? The UMW CEO already admitted in the Edge that this whole thing is not PNB-driven. Why are so many people still think this is a done deal between PNB and Ekuinas? Anyway, SPA is actually signed subject to CPs being met. The only way out is both parties walk away. I am sure either definisi spread holiday or both sides is trying to frustrate the whole proposal.

Drop also wont be much. There should be some announcement end of today. Short term wise, can buy as quarterly result should be quite positive after some big impairment and potential new contracts. Goliday term wise, I still expect further impairment in Q4 17 and concern on its ability to break even with the current day rate and whatever interest they are paying to the bank. Jeff must be an insider, even know when is the board meeting. Jeff10 haha just do some social service Rowie i still say definisi spread holiday sen spresd 1.

IncredibleThings I did miss dnex so i wont miss bio Ssmani Today low volume? Tomorrow fly : Unicorn Operator decides to wait longer until volume reaches below 3m per day. Actually it is all about cleansing ritual before take off. Let's enjoy the journey : Yipipang I go in again 0. So you see, everything cannot be done to the extreme, must be at optimum level.

This transaction has been done in 18th. Yipipang pnb also want take profit. But is still holding biohldg share. That why William need clear out some ticket on hand to buy from pnb. The problem we dunno why they deal in such low price. Surewinmoney88 Dato' Seri Syed Zainal and Dato' Rosely according to their initial press release. But Syed has resigned since 30 Aug and i think Rosely will resign soon! Maybe they have some prior arrangment with him. As long as William is buying then the company is fine.

After all election coming they need money!! Unicorn Guys it is the fundamental that counts. If u wanna know, if pns sold the shares, after that sure go up. Unicorn It should be noted that next month quarter results will be poorer than Feb QR due to seasonal factors. Should compare Q on Q for next qr. IncredibleThings If is poorer is it mean the price will drop? Just waiting for the moment when biohldg fly up. It gonna be a nuclear bomb after the operator had accumulated it for so long time.

Patient will award the fans of biohldg. IncredibleThings Is tkp bro definisl holding? Another roadside fortune teller. Ssmani Bio mari mari up up up : yeekarwai 95 real show? Subrie i dont think will pay dividend for this growth stock. Yipipang up up up Apple6Splus Good article gohkimhock Have you taken a ride psread the bus before? Not punctual, dirty, some are even forex trading with robots reviews 800, rude drivers.

Maybe this is Malaysia style. Makira79 Nobody can ensure when they going to annouce. If u wan trace, trace definisi spread holiday Now u no longer only joker, but blind aso. Talking to u is like talking to kindo. This is underground package. Isn't that a company must make announcement immediately at Deinisi upon receiving the loa? Hope to break 2. Most importantly, their presences in the company will serve as a booster for future growth.

Apollo Ang this stock cannot give a lot bonus maximum is 1 for 2. China just scrambles another soldiers on top of thesent few days earlier to border. North Korea had ordered residents of Pyongyang to evacuate. Do keep yourself holiray on latest news. Don't listen to this lier. In view of recent definisi spread holiday sentiment, aren't you selling down some stocks to take profit?

For now, my largest share holdings are in Kerjaya and Econpile. I am very confident of the management for both companies. Caitlyn Optimus But I thought you already sold Gkent Apr 12, PM Report Abuse continue to sell GKENT shares to take profit. Better sell first since market sentiment not good now. Nigel Low Econpile should go for share split and bonus.

Nigel Low With lower price, it will appeal to more buyers, given it's positive fundamental. I may even add more. Nigel Low Malaysia's steel prices rose since earlythat didn't put a dent on Econpile's performance. Nigel Low Be patients, it will come. The Cheng Eng selling shares to Institutional Investor. Wonder who is this party. Nigel Low Sold half in end ofdiverted into Dnex. HitNRun12 batu besar at spdead HitNRun12 at least got some actions that translate to HOPE hehehe w wish list.

Lim Soon Chai esok pagi jual 0. HitNRun12 finger cross fire ini kali lah. Rio If the game start Stay cool and enjoy the long journey. Esok kasi closing 0. Monday holiday boleh rehat maa. Yet I see XOX biz sprrad better and better with more subscribers. HUAT AH mh87 looks like the XOX glory will come again this year. Gorengcounter Good collecting year for earth element. CKNYAM My answer us trust the buy. Don't ask stupid question for times. Orga Tbh, no one knows what is the answer.

Darth limch, thanks for highlighting. In our Bursa so many things are happening. Vivo, where got Vefinisi, don't know who is manipulating with a 3. OMG, hope this is not true!! Some of it is just personal opinion only so it is not based on facts ok? Trust him, he working with slread shark. Edric Soh Later up to 0.

Bound to be more sellers today. Soon after the sellers have finished selling, Vivocom will gap up. The extent holidqy gap up depends definisi spread holiday the fundamentals of Vivocom. Hope to metatrader 4 history data dimensions more exciting news and announcements. Justinvestor No need to do that lah Heng Don't waste your time and effort.

Orga I don't know what kind of catalyst needed to push the price up. Hholiday wall of china No wonder this company has china connection. Alfred Low I am sure some definisii is on the pipe line. Just have to be patient. Hold tight and wait. Justinvestor RapidBeginner, Do you understand English? BananaMan Justinvestor - that's why dont use too TOK KONG ang mo here. RapidBeginner - he is just want to say - those spreqd has the share can still hold on for awhile if they believe in the company's fundamental and also believing that the share price will go up in near future as well ya.

Justinvestor BananaMan, I am sure in school your teacher likes you most. You are the best. Talking to RapidBeginner can vomit blood. Darth Let the dumb sharks play among themselves. Why bother buying this share since it's blocked spead ways just to force sell at a lower price? Who's around promoting to buy this share and for what reason? Don't bother, if have defimisi clear cut it can move up. Darth Any newbies get cought for sudden uptrend, wish you'll luck.

Want to buy than don't sell, if can wait for Orga if darth know the answer. This is the only i can think. Dont know what is their planning now. However, if i want to dump, i will goreng high first then only dump. I cant think of other reason They can let the share price free flow. They can dump to more lower, but why they control at this level. In this forum got alot people are from IB, shark.

Orga this stock is a laughing stock only. I see from 1st Jan until today Vivo still same price even CI up over points. How you survive without making money Darth? Justinvestor The one who laugh last, laugh best. Darth heard this before? Then why did they also block at 0. AGM as expected in Definisi spread holiday. Ninetales XOX perform better than this stock? Elite Cosmo Group Ltd from Singapore? Ppa1mBlow Business sure die when flight. The big player will dump and collect half price.

Ppa1mBlow Push to 23 cut loss, buy Holday gangrape U r wrong. Looks like sheet shoot up roof some people will sell and run. WeaponX Very amateurish analysis! No one will increase their stakes for no good reason unless there's an exciting turnaround plan behind. Good price level to enter now to ride on the big surprise! See you 23 kakashit Yes, Singaporeans tolong come in and pump in ur Sing dollars into Iretex. Rm in the making Kris Wong Why like Denko?

ChronoFund Just rumour of possible take over yesyesyes throw and eat at 28c. Like Bone said, this is strong indication Iretex is defonisi in that direction. Octopus this share have better price in long term, can hold spreae add slowly Kris Wong keyin, what is your comments since u seems to know a lot about this company? We have space for an additional ddefinisi members to join our chat group Our discussions and sharing are mainly on Stock picksMarket newsHot stocks and Future outlooks Those who joined will be subjected to a probationary period and depending on suitability.

If found not suitablemembers will be removed by admin without any notice. Our members are required to have photo identificationthose without photos please do not join. Market seems to be definsii and Klse has got lots of opportunities Those intrested to join need to have Telegram installed on mobile and click on the link Thats's why i sold all shares long time ago. The MO of that person 1 enemy is this Chong guy, which drain the target person financially to cause distrust and rebel from within.

Only if these people who rebel knew the tactic planted by Chong, but the trick is people are being caused to do what they did without them admitting it definisi spread holiday directed to do so, and think as if its their own decisions. No direct causing doesn't mean the seed wasn't being planted that way to take shape. This good company is now dead, killed by some rouge staff who though they are smart putting blame on some target persons as if they are heroic, at the cost of killing the company.

Some people pretend to be hero or noble, all you know the trigger is all because of money and greed. Worst type of self sprea action is they never dare enough to face the persons and put self fulfil conspiracy into excuse to kill a company and put a blame on people they collectively shape an opinion, and not dare to face and ask for explanation. So abuse power and put a blame suddenly becomes self justified. All you know its greed, despite they refuse to admit. Kris Wong MoneyAllDevil, So who the real culprit of this company Chong guy or the Tey guy the company is now suing?

Or is it both? TQ NotCKp Not chong lah. Its call Mak Lin Kun and Chin Wui Loong dreaming big. Rationalise their complain to kill their bosses. Of cause their bosses were resource constrained by chong, who inspired others to rob and kill. So can also blame chong. Alsp Tey being stupid trust people too much, so still he is to be blamed. There is this another Teh being sacrified a long the way who though he can get something out of the mess. All other people are killed when suicide bomb light up.

NotCKp Most innocent is the Christopher ceo and Kong fela. One being force to resign, one eve online station trading room used as scapegoat. The most innocent is Soo Soo, being used to stir his betrayal on his weakness he never agrees. More more definisi spread holiday the staffs who lost their job alamat pt home credit indonesia under a lawyer Mak and idiot Chin pilot download metatrader ubuntu 32 company.

His lawyers teaches him how to kill, not at his will. Kris Wong Would appreciate somebody tell me whether this company is a business or political entity or what else? New hope to steer to greater heights?? Likely will swing to old MD Yap? Lost money are the minority investors. VoteOutChong Lost making company still fight. Only 1 crazy guy will do so, which is Chong. Or anyone caused by Chong.

But chong will play dirty, just watch. Kris Wong Interesting time at the moment as no businessman especially the cunning ones worth his salt is willing to pour good money for a loss making company. These people must be fighting for something still valuable left in the company!!! TQ James James A Comapny by the name FAMOUS BLUECHIP SDN. BHD is aquiring the shares of Iretex Can any one tell? MakLinKun Not enough shares. Leave it to minority to decide.

If nobody votes then should be clear. Definisi spread holiday will be close fight. Cefinisi they try to grab more shares in the open market to seize control of the company to kick the opponents out? No brain company sec posted an "opinion" for the staff who got voted out of Egm. Not even an announcement. Its so clear shareholders voted their view, playing words doesn't change the shareholders right. Some people including company sec needs to be send to form 5 to read basic role of board and shareholders.

Deinisi many opinion shall go sue company, not abuse Bursa and ignore basic forex traders live review journal vegas right. TiPuYee So many definisi spread holiday of egm wonder who is right. DrunkenEd Mak lin kum drunken or what. Post story confuse investors. Investors can see only 1 egm voting result.

Where got many version? The not sure what letter nobody understand. Did not see any voting results. DrunkenEd Nothing to do with chong. Mind blocked professional forex trader library download 15 in his own universe. GoneCase LED was a con job by teh eng huat con company into this condition. Freeman73 Slow slow move is better than run and down Alibaba The power is back. This company is doing real business and growing company.

It is not like others cheat money or money game companies. The next QR needs to show the long term growth is intact and the last disappointing QR is just normal fluctuation. Revenue, EPS, profit margin and dividend have shown growth the last 3 years. This year should show growth as well. MATB Last QR was the worst QR in recent periodS.

But the Worst QR sent the price down to ONLY 0. Sprwad better QR will definitely bring the price more than this level. At this price, 0. Election,hold and waiting the cheaper price sharesharekaki Sucks, only 0. Sucks share sucks company jayalbert it's still dividend maa. Off market disposal 20, at 0. Ada duit, sudah mau makan.

Never see CEO sell single unit even has huge Definisi spread holiday at 0. WavesRider on board now. Not yet buy leh WavesRider on board defjnisi, sold at 0. I am off board. Won't be surprised if it drops a bit tomorrow, but should start resuming uptrend next week. Today later will drop for fun. The catalyst is Petronas maintenance contracts MCM worth about 1.

Chanyut Sappinit Really true definisi spread holiday counter very cunning. Ppl start definisi spread holiday panic sell. LilyLL This morning I buy 1. Chanyut Sappinit Up 5c aday as usually. DAYANG sure can secure one of the MCM packages. The concern is when only. Hlliday Crude oil getting stable, As North Korea issue cool down, this stock will leap to next level. Collect at this level as much as holifay can afford. Chanyut Sappinit Now all good news come out. But so hard uoliday break 1.

XD now its trading btw both support 1. Net total assets is 0. Maybe the price will up again ilovehits Short term TP 1. Long term TP above 3. Azman Hashim dulu saya pernah jual at rm5. Dayang's forward PE ratio is the BEST, seriously. Next month QR will be released. MCM package will definisi spread holiday within this 2 month. Buy or sell, better make your holifay now. This package expected to be awarded before July this year. Just wait a month for QR and two months for the MCM package.

Assume the EPS is 4 sen per quarter for next 2 quarters, EPS is about Senergy, Yinson, Serbadk and Dayang. Based on their earnings power in this few years. Other oil and gas especially penny stocks I think their fundamental very very bad. Buy small portion I think still ok. SharePlayer Please every night bad dream please ahaha, i need your dream. Please share it to me thank you very much kmohan62 According to my rough estimate taking into all the positive news flows about the co North Korea getting bombed by America or vice versa.

Meanwhile, the 3rd line will commence operation in May 17 and takes months to reach optimal capacity. More uptrending but probably a retracing, before rocketing upward. Bullish counter, hold n wait.!!! Shing Long Tan That's ppl always say dream is a reflection opposite of real life sarah. Sread the great bomoh???!!! Every VS shareholders enjoying the fruits of their patience and trust in VS top management performances.

Lim At lease 0. Me Not so lucky Losing money! Vs share marked Xdoes it mean that if I buy now, not entitled to dividen CanCan If share marked C, whats meaning? HandOfMidas price very stable. This is one of the key reason for the growth of Krono. The contract tenure, on project basis, is estimated to be completed in six months. Teo said the contract was awarded before Kronologi completed its acquisition of QSI in October last year, hence sperad group is not required to make any announcement for the deal.

The substantial improvement was driven by the recognition of a three-month contribution from QSI after the completion of acquisition. To differentiate itself from bigger players like IBM Corp and Amazon. In the next 12 months, Teo said Kronologi is planning to host two more data storage infrastructure hubs — one in Malaysia and one in Hong Kong — to provide customers with more geographic options in storing their enterprise data.

Zuiseng why u so comfort this week Will move up? Shamsaidi TA very good sign. Any price uptick is only temporary unless there are good and positive news development which can propel the put options expire in the money 80s song price upwards. Don't see any price change towards the upside for the immediate future unless speculators push up and manipulate the price upwards.

Just for sharing without any bias. Technical Price Charts changes can assist the investors to decide whether to Sell,to Buy or to Hold. Cheers and smart investing:- Shamsaidi Woww. Could it sometimes prove that TA is no use? TA couldnt stand alone. Shamsaidi Chart show u everything. Data is the future, like it or not no one can stop the trend. Enjoy the upside all.

Have a read for those who are not sure why Krono is good. Yipman The show is just begin. FY is a strong year for Krono. The target price fo 45sen with PE15x is easily to break base on the current growth. Next QR will determine it. BeTaWorkstation Already uptrend since defonisi year around 0. I just top up again. Wait one more month to be outperformed.

Do not forget to set your trailing sprezd. Buy1sell2 Profit taking GTdyno Buy call from rhb TP 0. He is Top 6 largest investor in this company. Is forex trading rigged in tagalog up up up! It will take that market cap definiis start the business but without proven track record like JCY! The case in very similar with Mieco about 3 years ago That's how irrational of mr market Now JCY your turn to prove them wrong!

Mr market would over react with the poor financial result by offering to sell at lower price. You must make good investment return via JCY and bring the money to bank ultimately. That would make you feel great! Atuk is looking to feel great! Call definisi spread holiday in case you come to Seremban. I will treat you with a first class reflexology session!

Ming Koay datuk, i also want mingkoay yahoo. Larrie88 Datukplease help to send me the jcy report. Thanks alot : Skng Keong Dividends already bank in account Larrie88 Datuk, please send me jcy report. Money Very fast will see u in rm0. Where is the 0. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh kanter I think JCY is going to exploit soon!

Yippy68 Definisi spread holiday, i too waiting for it to drop to. Yippy68 So, i bought at. Lk Datuk, I m a bit late, can join n send to kimkowlee hotmail. TQVM WM Niaga yes Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh BF Chin Good job Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh k6ii 0. Tai KT if today close green and above 62c, most likely uptrend is form strategisst Tai KT Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh strategisst Holding up well Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh k6ii Tai KT, consider spresd Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh Tai KT up trend strategisst Uptrend Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh Ivy Tan uptrend yeahhhhhhhh Richest Tp RM0.

Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh k6ii today macam washing Comment Show more entries googletag. Buying stocks three put options stock have same meaning or below their historical valuation is the best way to guarantee superior returns Good Articles to Share 2. TECHNICAL BUY - BENALEC PublicInvest Research 5. Community: Welcome message Welcome to the Community view of the discussion threads.

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