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Here, you will get an insight about trading conditions with InstaForex. Never, never and NEVER be impatient. A 46 pip stop loss at. We aims to be a place where every forex traders can gain free resources about trading. More information, check about our privacy policy. News: Easy access directiohal the Top 7 Most Popular discussion boards!

Route de Pre-Bois 20, ICC, Entrance H, Geneva 15, Switzerland. Open Binary Account DEMO. Open Current Account LIVE. Daily Stock Options contest. Trader of the year. Signal Provider Grand Prix. Introduction to New JForex 3 Trading Platform in English Sarah Ikumu's Golden Buzzer. Sanju has taken 5th place in Fundamental analysis Contest Aprweek 3.

RanaKhalid has taken 9th place in Strategy Contest Mar Dukascopy Community team is so excited about some of our marathoners, especially about their daily blogs and sports results. Since you are not logged in, we don't know your spoken language, but assume it is English. Please, sign in or choose another language to translate from the list. Your spoken language successfully changed to. View 6 more comments. Woowtwo of my friends are in the top 3!

View comments in English. Posted 6 minutes ago. Posted yesterday at GMT. The US major stock indices are ending the day with gains. The Nasdaq was the big winner, up 0. The Dow was up 0. Pound Gains Some More! Another day and more gains for Cable. The pair continues to trade grind higher. Today a new high of 1. The lack of significant retracement after such gains suggest a continuation of the move higher tomorrow.

Thus I remain long and will likely add more GBP in correlated pairs. Tomorrow is the final day of the contest and with my equity hovering around the k mark, I gotta up my risk a lot in order to hope for a prize. Updated yesterday at GMT. Day 15 : Dukascopy Marathon. My directional forex trading in sa for the contest have started running on auto; my schedule is gradually becoming routine.

I am up at about 5am, and start running somewhere around 6am. After the run, I do my cross-fit routine and set of sit-ups. All these usually go smoothly, except for those mornings when my body just refuses to get out of bed. At those times, it is sheer will and determination that gets me through. Breakfast is now either toast bread and tea, or some fresh orange juice, several cups of it.

I get creative with lunch, making sure it is simple and contains some vegetables. Dinner has been purely fruits or slices of it. Just had a bowl of pineapples, and it was delicious. I am still carefully monitoring my time spent on social networks, I have been able to reduce this to an hour and directional forex trading in sa half a day. I have been keeping it real with my Nigerian culture, as part of my lifestyle changes, I have switched my general attire from casual wears to corporate or traditional.

Today, I wore another traditional design: A brown cap A long-sleeved orange top with intricate designs Black shoes This particular type of dressing can be found in the eastern part of Nigeria, mostly inhabited by the Igbo tribe. These folks are very colorful, as you may have guessed from the pics, and they are not afraid to mix colors. The basic attire is a top, short or long-sleeved, a pair of trousers or a wrap that could be confused for a skirt, and a cap.

Nigeria is full of several tribes with very interesting ethnic …. Trader Contest - Dukascopy Community. The ECB keeps interest unchanged, Draghi keeps open the dovish option. The reference rate in the euro area remained unchanged, as did interest on deposits, while the introduction of liquidity continued at a rate of EUR 60 billion per month. Draghi offered a little more information at the press conference, but was careful not to signal an immediate change in monetary policy in a restrictive sense.

The possibility of increasing QE in the event of a worsening of inflation has also been retained. The markets were surprised, and despite the poor US data, the EURUSD lowered after a short-lived optimism. The initial hopes of a bold message in favor of the Eurozone and monetary strengthening were, apparently, ruined. An error correcting system is functioning on our website. If you find a mistake you are able to send us a notification.

Double your Forex Broker Account with the non directional, hedged, GTM Forex Trading Technique

Analyst Picks. Michael Boutros, Currency Strategist. Walker England, Forex Trading Instructor. My Picks: USD/JPY Pending Breakout Expertise: Technical Analysis. Forex Trading Systems; Forex Strategier Forklaret. Average Directional Movement Index technical indicator (ADX) helps to determine the market trend. Forex Trading: Attractive spreads the signing up procedure for its clients by integrating a modern technology developed by mother company Dukascopy Bank SA.

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